Chapter 867 – The Hidden Path’s Number 1 Expert!

Almighty Sword Domain

The veil of night had descended, and a bright moon rose slowly into the sky, and it hung high above like a disk of brilliant jade.

Only Daoist Gu, Fan Meng, and Fan Li remained outside Yang Ye’s room.

Fan Meng and Fan Li had anxious expressions on their faces, and they wanted to enter his room on many occasions yet had restrained themselves in the end. Because Daoist Gu said that Yang Ye was cultivating, and it might be a critical moment. So, he couldn’t he disturbed at such a moment or it might cause all his efforts to be in vain!

However, if Yang Ye still didn’t emerge from his room, then the Ancient Sword School would really become the laughingstock of the prefecture!

Daoist Gu was much more composed than the two sisters. At the very least, his expression seemed like that.

At this moment, the entire north of the prefecture was in an uproar because the entire north was saying that Yang Ye didn’t dare come to the Dao Order, and the Ancient Sword School feared the Dao Order.

There were many people in the north who admired Yang Ye, and there were disciples of the Ancient Sword School and countless other independent cultivators amongst them. Because Yang Ye was really fierce, ruthless, domineering, and bold!

The Dao Order had existed in the prefecture for tens of thousands of years, and it was an extremely arrogant, overbearing, and cruel sect. Yet now, such a sect had been slapped in the face by Yang Ye. Needless to say, countless people felt extremely pleased by that. Especially the disciples of the Ancient Sword School. As they say, there’s no place for 2 tigers on a hill. The north only had the Dao Order and the Ancient Sword School, so it was constantly in conflict, and the disciples of their sects would always be fighting each other!

So, when they found out that Yang Ye intended to head to the Dao Order and challenge all its geniuses, the blood of all the disciples from the Ancient Sword School seethed with excitement. It could be said that Yang Ye’s reputation had almost caught up to the Sword Emperor, Lu Wan’er!

Since there were those who admired him, there were naturally those who looked down upon him; and where there was hope, there was also disappointment.

Because Yang Ye hadn’t shown himself at the Dao Order. So, those who once admired him instantly felt disdain and disappointment towards him. In their opinion, and it was especially so for the disciples of the Ancient Sword School, the members of the Ancient Sword School could lose their lives, but the Ancient Sword School could absolutely not be allowed to suffer any humiliation!

Yet Yang Ye had chosen avoidance, he’d chosen to lose face!

Numerous disciples of the Ancient Sword School had headed to the Dao Order. This time, even the higher-ups of the Ancient Sword School weren’t able to stop them from going!

Actually, life was mostly about striving for honor and respect, and if one lost that, then what was the point of living?

The Dao Order.

At this moment, more and more people were arriving around the pergola outside the Dao Order. It wasn’t just that area which was filled with people, cultivators covered the area around the mountain as well.

All of them had naturally come here to see how Yang Ye challenged all the geniuses of the Dao Order’s younger generation by himself.

However, there was no sign of Yang Ye at all!

“Fuck! To think that I used to admire him. I never expected him to be a coward! I even wasted my time waiting for him all day and night. Dammit!”

“You only waited for a single day and night. I’ve been here for 3 days and 3 nights! I didn’t even dare to relieve myself during this time because I was afraid that I’d miss the opportunity to witness Yang Ye in battle. I never expected that he would actually shrink back…. Seriously, if you don’t have the ability, then don’t boast so fucking much! Isn’t that like just tricking us on purpose!?”

“Indeed! I’ve been waiting for so long, yet he isn’t coming! It’s so fucking annoying to be in such a situation!”

“I told all of you. Yang Ye was just talking. Challenge all the geniuses of the Dao Order? Not to mention him, even the Sword Emperor, Lu Wan’er, can’t accomplish that!”

“What are all of you getting impatient for? Isn’t there still 2 hours before the day is over? Perhaps he’ll arrive at the last moment? Experts like the element of surprise and suspense. So, let’s just wait!”

“He’s come? He still hasn’t come until now. I think he doesn’t dare! Let me say it right now, I, Ning Tao, will eat shit on the spot if he comes!”

“Look, the disciples of the Ancient Sword School are here!” Suddenly, someone shouted, and everyone raised their heads to look over. They saw a few thousand rays of light tear through the sky. They seemed like a meteor shower that was shooting down towards the Dao Order. Even if they were almost 3km away, everyone here could feel fierce sword intent coming from the meteor shower, and they couldn’t look directly at it!

The rays of light descended and a few thousand disciples of the Ancient Sword School appeared beneath the Cloud Ascension Stairs. Chen Dong, Nalan Ying, and Wu Yanzhong were leading the group.

“Oh my, what made so many geniuses of the Ancient Sword School come to my Dao Order today!?” Suddenly, a slightly high pitched and delicate voice resounded from above the stairs.

Everyone here looked over and saw a man in a close-fitting white robe walking step by step down the stairs. The man had a very petite figure, and the close-fitting robe he wore even revealed a waist that was slim and curved like the waist of a woman. It seemed rather enchanting and sexy. There was a thick layer of powder on the man’s face, and his lips were scarlet red like blood.

The way the man walked was quite strange as well. It was like the way a cat walked, and it was extremely agile!

Covered in makeup, sexy, and enchanting….

This was the first impression that everyone had upon catching sight of him.

The man walked down the stairs, glanced at Chen Dong and the others, and then said, “Which one of you is Yang Ye? Quickly step forward so that I can have a look and see exactly what sort of outstanding man you are to actually be able to kill the geniuses of my Dao Order in succession. You even said that you would come to my Dao Order to challenge all of our geniuses. Tsk, tsk. How overbearing, arrogant, and haughty. Oh my, I love that sort of man….”

“I can’t take this anymore!” Wu Yanzhong shook his head and was about to attack. However, Chen Dong stopped him. Wu Yanzhong looked at Chen Dong and saw that there was actually a solemn expression in Chen Dong’s eyes!

Wu Yanzhong was slightly shocked when he noticed this. Who exactly is this fellow to actually make Chen Dong reveal such a solemn expression?

Chen Dong asked in a low voice, “You’re Wang Yinyang?”

A wisp of surprise flashed through the man’s eyes as he said, “You actually recognize me?”

“How could I not recognize the person who was once the number 1 expert in the Hidden Path of the Dao Order?” Chen Dong continued, “You’re already a Half-Saint now, so the Dao Order wouldn’t have sent you to fight us, right?”

“Fight all of you?” Wang Yinyang shook his head and said, “All of you are so weak. How could I possibly do something like bullying all of you? I’ve merely come here to take a look at Yang Ye!”

“Weak? And you’re very strong?” It was a Monarch Realm disciple of the Ancient Sword School who spoke these words. Half-Saints were actually not far beyond his reach because he’d once killed a Half-Saint while he was at the 1st rank of the Monarch Realm!

Wang Yinyang’s gaze descended onto that man, and then he stretched out his hand and clawed at the man. Just like that, everyone watched with astonishment as that man immediately appeared before Wang Yinyang, and Wang Yinyang’s pale white hand was holding tightly onto the man’s throat, “Don’t think that you’re really amazing because you were able to surmount your realm of cultivation to kill a Half-Saint. I killed a bunch of high rank Half-Saints while at the same realm of cultivation as you!”

Suddenly, Chen Dong drew his sword, and it was pointed straight at Wang Yinyang. It was so swift that it instantly arrived before Wang Yinyang. However, Wang Yinyang’s expression didn’t change at all, he just pressed his fingers together and flicked, and it flicked precisely against the tip of Chen Dong’s sword.


Chen Dong’s sword trembled violently before bending like a bow. Meanwhile, Chen Dong’s figure was pushed back repeatedly by the force of the collision, and he took around 20 steps back before he was finally able to stop himself!


The clear and melodious sound of bones breaking resounded. Everyone looked over and saw that Wang Yinyang had broken the neck of that disciple from the Ancient Sword School.

Wang Yinyang casually tossed the corpse away and said, “Trash like you intend to challenge the geniuses of my Dao Order? Aren’t you afraid of becoming the laughingstock of everyone! If those old fellows didn’t prohibit me from bullying all of you, I would have annihilated all of you by now!”

When he spoke up to this point, he glanced coldly at the others from the Ancient Sword School and said, “What? You’re disgruntled? Bite me!”

“Wang Yinyang, when did you become so shameless?” Suddenly, a ray of light flashed, and then a middle aged man arrived here.

Wang Yinyang glanced at the middle aged man and said, “I was wondering who it was, so it’s Shi Sanshui. Oh my, what does the Ancient Sword School intend to do? Could it be thinking of crushing my Dao Order? I’m so terrified….”

Shi Sanshui glanced coldly at Wang Yinyang, and then he turned around to gaze at the disciples of the Ancient Sword School, “All of you return right now!”

“Oh my, they are going back?” Meanwhile, Wang Yinyang said, “Didn’t the disciples of your Ancient Sword School come to spar with the disciples of my Dao Order? Why are they leaving now? Could it be that all of you are afraid? Or perhaps you feel that you’re inferior to my Dao Order?”

The expressions of those disciples from the Ancient Sword School instantly turned livid.

Wang Yinyang smiled and said, “Third, Fourth, come out here and experience the strength of the geniuses from the Ancient Sword School. Oh, it’s just a spar, so you 2 bastards better not use too much of your strength. You must keep them alive, or we’ll be in trouble if they get desperate and decide to destroy our Dao Order….”

As soon as Wang Yinyang finished speaking, 2 men in linen clothes arrived here.

One was at the Monarch Realm while the other was at the Exalt Realm!

The man in the Monarch Realm glanced at the members of the Ancient Sword School before he said, “So long as you’re at the Monarch Realm, you can fight me one by one or even fight me together!”

The other man didn’t even spare them a glance and just spoke directly, “I don’t like to waste time. All of you at the Exalt Realm can fight me together!”

Clamorous noise resounded in the surroundings.

A moment later, one of the disciples from the Ancient Sword School attacked.

Martial Enlightenment City.

The door to Yang Ye’s room was suddenly opened, and then Yang Ye ran out from within. He roared with laughter as he ran, “Hahaha! So that’s what it was, so that’s what it was, so that….”

“That my ass!” Daoist Gu suddenly roared, “I’ve been fucking waiting for you all day and night. Cut the crap and go right now! I hope you’re still in time!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Daoist Gu waved his right hand, and then a spatial rift appeared before them. After that, he grabbed Yang Ye and tossed him into the spatial rift!

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