Chapter 869 –Brothers, Lend Me Your Swords!

Almighty Sword Domain

How strong was a divine dragon?

Yang Ye didn’t know, but he knew that the Dragon Ancestor was definitely stronger than ordinary Saint Realm experts!

Moreover, while this dragon before him was strong, it was clearly not at the Saint Realm. It was around the Half-Saint Realm at most!

Demo beasts was a race that truly placed importance on their bloodline. Especially when it came to those of the same type. Unless the demon beast’s strength was able to surpass its ancestor and allow its bloodline to undergo a transformation, otherwise the demon beasts of the same type would definitely have their bloodline suppressed by the bloodline of their ancestor. Because if a demon beast wanted to grow stronger, then it relied mainly upon its bloodline!

“Yang Ye! Come! Compete in physical strength with this divine dragon!” Fourth’s savage laughter echoed from the sky.


As soon as Fourth spoke, the enormous dragon roared once more at Yang Ye, and a strand of terrifying dragon pressure pressed down towards Yang Ye. Everywhere it passed, even space was squashed to a shocking degree, and it was an absolutely astounding sight!

“Roaring at me? Do you think you’re the only one who knows how to roar?” Yang Ye laughed coldly before he opened his mouth and suddenly roared!

All the spectators watched with astonishment as the enormous dragon in the sky was actually struck down to the ground by Yang Ye’s roar!

The enormous dragon crashed to the ground and smashed a huge hole open, and then it laid flat within the hole while its huge eyes were filled with terror. It seemed like it had encountered something terrifying.

The spectators were simply flabbergasted by this scene.

Yang Ye leaped up onto the dragon’s head. A wisp of rage flashed through its eyes when Yang Ye’s feet descended onto its head, and it was about to flare-up. However, Yang Ye stomped his right foot down.


The dragon’s figure sank over 50m down, and it even started wailing.

That’s a dragon? That a supreme divine dragon of legend? As they watched the dragon lay flat on the ground and allow Yang Ye to step on it, everyone here was quite stunned, and this even included Fourth, Wang Yinyang, and Third who’d stopped fighting!

“Submit or die!” Yang Ye stood on the dragon’s head as he looked down at it from above, and there wasn’t even a trace of emotion in his eyes.

As a divine dragon, how could it possibly submit to a human? While it did help Fourth, it was only acting as an Equipment Spirit, and Fourth had to pay a price in order to receive its help! However, this human before it actually wanted it to submit to him! How could that be possible!?


The dragon opened its mouth and roared, and it was filled with rage.

However, Yang Ye raised his right leg and stomped down once more!


Even its scales were instantly blasted apart while it sunk down over 50m more. However, because it was so huge, Yang Ye was still above ground.


The enormous dragon’s roar that carried sorrow and rage resounded from beneath the ground. It wanted to attack, but it was forcefully suppressed by that indescribable pressure!

Yang Ye tapped his foot against the dragon’s head and said, “I ask you to submit because I recognize your worth, but I’ve actually killed countless existences like you. So, I’ll give you one last chance, either submit or die!” Yang Ye’s foot started to press down against the dragon’s head while he spoke.

As Yang Ye’s foot pressed down upon it, the scales on its head started to crack apart and blood sprayed out like a fountain.

“How dare you!” Suddenly, Fourth recovered from his shock. He leaped into the air and placed his palms over each other before pressing them down in Yang Ye’s direction, “Grand Flame Palm!”

A wave of flames instantly covered the sky, and then the flames transformed into a huge palm that was over 300m long and wide. The palm floated silently in midair for an instant, and then it swiftly shot down from above.


Everywhere it passed, space was torn apart and transformed into pieces, and a huge and long black hole appeared in the sky! It was an absolutely horrifying sight to behold!

It’s at least an Saint Rank technique! Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he didn’t act carelessly at all. He flipped his palm, and a Dao Rank sword appeared in his grasp. The profound energy within him instantly started roiling before it surged into the sword!

“Mortal Sword!” Yang Ye stomped his right foot against the dragon’s head, and then his figure instantly transformed into a ray of light that shot into the sky.


The spectators watched as the ray of light smashed against the huge flaming palm, and then a moment of silence ensued before the ray of light tore through it!


The flaming palm exploded apart in midair, and numerous waves of energy swept out incessantly and covered the sky.

After that, sword howls and explosions resounded. But it didn’t take long for all the noise to die down, and then a figure crashed down from the sky.

It was Fourth’s figure!

A ray of light flashed, and then Yang Ye descended on the dragon’s head again. He glanced coldly at Third and Wang Yinyang before he said, “You can send the next one now!”


As soon as they heard Yang Ye, sword howls couldn’t help but resound from the swords of countless disciples from the Ancient Sword School. The swords had sensed the happiness of their masters and couldn’t help but let out such howls of joy!

Meanwhile, the cultivators from all over the prefecture couldn’t help but cheer for Yang Ye’s display.

“What’s a sword cultivator like? This is exactly it! This is how a sword cultivator should be!”

“How formidable….”

“Right, where’s that fellow, Ning Tao? Didn’t he say that he would eat 5kg of shit if Yang Ye came? Where is he?”

“Ning Tao, show yourself. Start eating shit right now.”

Ning Tao was at a loss for words.

Wang Yinyang gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “You really are extraordinary. If my cultivation wasn’t higher than you, then I would really want to spar with you. Not only can we spar in battle, we can even spar in bed!” As he spoke, he even winked at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye felt utterly disgusted, “It’s not your fault that you’re like that, but you are at fault for disgusting me like this.”


Some of the spectators in the distance couldn’t restrain their laughter, but it didn’t take long for their laughter to stop abruptly. Because their heads had flown into the air.

Everyone here was shocked, and it even included the disciples of the Ancient Sword School! It was because many of them hadn’t even been able to see how Wang Yinyang had attacked!

Wang Yinyang gazed at Yang Ye and said, “What did you say? Say it one more time if you have the balls!”

Yang Ye lowered his gaze to glance at the dragon, and he said, “If you still refuse to give me an answer when I return, then I’ll immediately transform you into a dead dragon!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye looked at Wang Yinyang while a wisp of ferocity flashed through his eyes, “You think the Half-Saint Realm is very great? Huh?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye leaped up into the air and transformed into a ray of light that shot towards Wang Yinyang.

He was naturally not afraid that the dragon would flee. Because not to mention fleeing, it couldn’t even move under the bloodline pressure he exerted upon it!

Clamorous noise instantly arose in the surroundings when they saw Yang Ye attack Wang Yinyang. None of them had imagined that Yang Ye would actually attack Wang Yinyang, and this included the members of the Ancient Sword School!

My god! That fellow’s an expert at the Half-Saint Realm, and he’s even a monstrous genius who once killed Half-Saints at the Exalt Realm! But Yang Ye actually dares to attack him? Has Yang Ye gone mad?”

Chen Dong and the others frowned as well because they felt that Yang Ye was a bit too rash. Yang Ye was strong, and his combat strength could even be described as abnormal. However, Wang Yinyang was a Half-Saint, so there were an entire 2 realms of cultivation between them! Moreover, Wang Yinyang was an extraordinary expert who could surmount his realm of cultivation to do battle as well!

Wang Yinyang was slightly stunned as well. Even he had never expected Yang Ye to actually attack him. As soon as he recovered from his shock, a savage expression instantly crept onto his face because he felt that it was a form of contempt towards him!

“Since you’re so eager to seek death, then I’ll fulfil your wish!” Wang Yinyang’s voice suddenly turned into the voice of a woman, and he lightly pushed his hands forward once he finished speaking. A multicolored ribbon shot out from the center of his palm.

The ribbon struck Yang Ye’s sword energy, and then both attacks trembled violently before a huge explosion resounded and a powerful wave of energy swept swiftly towards the surroundings.

The ray of light dispersed and Yang Ye’s figure was pushed backwards.

The Mortal Sword had been defeated for the very first time!

If only I had my sword intent! Yang Ye sighed softly in his heart. It was naturally impossible for the Mortal Sword to be weak, and the main reason he was pushed back was because it wasn’t enhanced by sword intent. Regardless of whether it was the Mortal Sword or Heavenrend, their strength was many times weaker without the support of sword intent! When 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent was added to sword techniques, it didn’t just raise the strength of those techniques by a little bit!

“You’ve succeeded at infuriating me!” Wang Yinyang started walking towards Yang Ye with a gloomy expression on his face, “All the disciples of the Ancient Sword School present here can dream of leaving today!”

He’d never been insulted like this since he made a name for himself. After all, even some high rank Half-Saints wouldn’t dare go against him. Yet now, this fellow, Yang Ye, had actually insulted him before the eyes of so many. So, even the Saint Realm experts of the Dao Order wouldn’t be able to stop the intent to kill within his heart!

Shi Sanshui’s face changed slightly when he saw Wang Yinyang walking towards Yang Ye, and he was just about to stop Wang Yinyang when a sword howl resounded abruptly. He swiftly turned his head to look over, and he saw that Yang Ye had leaped up into the air while 100 Dao Rank swords were floating around him!

What is he doing? Shi Sanshui’s face fell. If Wang Yinyang had attacked Yang Ye, then he naturally had an excuse to stop Wang Yinyang. But if Yang Ye had taken the initiative to attack, then he had no reason to stop the battle. Moreover, once he tried to stop the battle, the experts of the Dao Order would definitely stop him!

Wang Yinyang grunted coldly, “Come! Let me see what exactly gave you such confidence to actually dare to challenge me!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he waved both his hands, “Brothers, lend me your swords!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a few thousand sword howls suddenly resounded, and then a few thousand swords shot into the air!

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