Chapter 87 – Pearl Of Baleful Blood

Almighty Sword Domain

After he arrived at the grey wolf’s cave, Yang Ye hastily called out the violet mink, and the blood red pearl came out along with the violet mink. The violet mink held the pearl in its claws as it passed it towards Yang Ye while its little eyes had narrowed into a line.

As he gazed at the pearl that lay before him, Yang Ye said with shock, “This pearl is for me?”

The violet mink nodded.

Yang Ye didn’t take the pearl, and he stretched out his hand to rub the violet mink’s fluffy little head instead and said in a light voice, “If you encounter any treasures in the future, you must not take a risk like the one you took today. In my heart, your safety is the most important. Understand?”

A trace of a strange glow flashed in the violet mink’s eyes, and then it nodded before it flashed onto Yang Ye’s shoulder and rubbed its little head against Yang Ye’s face.

Yang Ye smiled, and then he looked at the red pearl that floated before him. Right when his hand was about to grab onto the pearl, a gust of cool wind blew over from behind Yang Ye. After that, a white glow flashed as Su Qingshi appeared before him, and Yang Ye’s hand that was about to touch the red pearl had been grabbed by Su Qingshi.

When he saw Su Qingshi that appeared abruptly before him, Yang Ye was stunned, and then he said, “Qingshi, you….”

Su Qingshi heaved a sigh of relief when she noticed that Yang Ye hadn’t touched the pearl. After that, she let go of Yang Ye’s hand, and she gazed at the pearl with a serious expression as she said in a low voice, “You can’t touch this pearl!”

After she dealt with the members of the Ghost Sect with the other members of the Sword Sect, she’d hurriedly come looking for Yang Ye because she was afraid Yang Ye would touch the pearl. Fortunately, Yang Ye hadn’t.

“Why?” Yang Ye asked instinctively.

Su Qingshi said with a solemn expression, “This pearl is called the Pearl of Baleful Blood. It’s a Pseudo Dao Artifact that was condensed from the resentment and blood of a few hundred thousand of people. Monstrous baleful energy is hidden within this pearl, and it’s just unable to escape from the pearl now because it was suppressed by the extraordinary experts of the Ghost Sect. If you touch this pearl, then it’s very likely for your mind to be affected by the baleful energy within it.”

“A Pseudo Dao Artifact?” Yang Ye was shocked. A Pseudo Dao Artifact was an existence that surpassed Heaven Rank Dark Treasures! Yang Ye had never imagined that this pearl before him would actually be a Dao Artifact of legend!

Su Qingshi nodded and said, “This Pearl of Baleful Blood can be considered to be an ultimate treasure of the Ghost Sect. If the disciples of the Ghost Sect who cultivate its cultivation technique possess this pearl, then their cultivations would advance at a tremendous pace. Moreover, if the monstrous baleful energy within the pearl was completely released, then even an Exalt Realm expert might perish in a moment of carelessness.”

Yang Ye was shocked in his heart upon hearing this. He’d never imagined that this pearl the little fellow stole would actually be so terrifying. What sort of existences were Exalt Realm experts? They were existences that countless people looked up to, yet the baleful energy within this pearl was actually able to kill an Exalt Realm expert?

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye’s eyes burned with desire. This is a treasure! If I encounter an expert I can’t defeat in the future, then wouldn’t it be an easy victory if I release the baleful energy within this pearl?

Su Qingshi glanced at Yang Ye and seemed to know what he was thinking. She immediately said in a low voice, “You can’t use this pearl.”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he asked. “Why?”

“The baleful energy within this pearl isn’t something an ordinary person can resist at all. Even those four Spirit Realm experts were only able to slowly release the baleful energy within it to damage our Sword Sect’s Spirit Vein. Not to mention releasing the baleful energy within the pearl, even touching this pearl would probably cause you to lose your mind!” Su Qingshi spoke in a low voice.

“They were damaging the Sword Sect’s Spirit Vein?” Yang Ye was puzzled.

Su Qingshi said, “There’s a natural Spirit Vein beneath the Sword Sect. All those years ago when the Founding Ancestor passed by here while roaming the world, he noticed that there was a natural Spirit Vein here, and in a spur of a moment, he established the Sword Sect. This Spirit Vein is definitely a reason why our Sword Sect could become one of the six great powers. Besides cultivation techniques and dark techniques, the reason the people of the mortal world want to enter a sect is that every single sect has a Spirit Vein. Cultivating where a Spirit Vein exists allows one to cultivate much faster than an ordinary person!”

Yang Ye said with surprise, “Then wasn’t the Ghost Sect’s actions equivalent to destroying the foundation of our Sword Sect?”

A cold light flashed in Su Qingshi’s eyes as she said, “Their objective was precisely to destroy our Sword Sect’s foundation. However, we’d never imagined that they would actually start digging an underground passageway all the way from 500km away in the Nether Wolf Gorge to the area beneath Void Mountain, nor had we imagined that they would actually utilize the Pearl of Baleful Blood to destroy our Sword Sect’s Spirit Vein. Fortunately, we noticed them in time! Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.”

Yang Ye raised a question that was bothering him. “Since this Pearl of Baleful Blood can destroy the Sword Sect’s Spirit Vein, then why didn’t the Ghost Sect dispatch even stronger experts to activate it completely?”

Su Qingshi shook her head and said, “Two reasons. The first reason is that they can’t dispatch experts above the Spirit Realm because all of those experts are within the surveillance of my Sword Sect. If their experts above the Spirit Realm vanished, then the Sword Sect would find out at the first possible moment. In this way, the Sword Sect would definitely be on the lookout. The second reason was that there was no need for experts above the Spirit Realm. Because if they activated the Pearl of Baleful Blood at full strength, then the monstrous baleful energy would definitely alarm the experts of my Sword Sect. At that time, their plans would definitely fail!”

“So that’s how it is!” Yang Ye nodded. He seemed to have thought of something and asked once more. “Is there any way to withstand the baleful energy within this pearl?”

Yang Ye was slightly unwilling to be unable to use it. After all, the might of this pearl was too terrifying.

Su Qingshi pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Only two types of people can utilize this pearl without restraint. The first type of person is an expert with extraordinary strength, like experts at the Monarch Realm that’s above the Exalt Realm. The second type of person is someone with an extremely firm will. Not to mention the Pearl of Baleful Blood, someone with a firm will could withstand even more evil things.”

“How is one considered to possess a firm will?” Yang Ye continued.

When she saw that Yang Ye refused to give up, Su Qingshi’s beautiful brows knit together as she said, “Someone that comprehends the ‘Intent’ of legend can be considered to be someone with a firm will. Perhaps such a person exists in the Origin School and the Grand Qin Empire, but there’s no such person in my Sword Sect. To be more precise, it has already been a thousand years since someone within the Sword Sect comprehended ‘Intent’.” As she finished speaking, Su Qingshi had a slightly dejected expression.

Yang Ye completely abandoned any intention to utilize this pearl when he heard this. Even though he was slightly reluctant to give up, it couldn’t be helped. This pearl was something that would bring him down along with his enemy, and he was truly unable to bear utilizing such a thing.

Su Qingshi hesitated for a moment before she said, “I want to take this pearl back to the Sword Sect and allow the sect to seal it, so as to prevent it from falling into the Ghost Sect’s hands.”

Yang Ye was stunned. He hadn’t said anything when the violet mink on his shoulder moved abruptly. It waved its little claw and took the Pearl of Baleful Blood into its arms, and then it glared fiercely at Su Qingshi as if it was saying that this pearl belonged to it.

Yang Ye rubbed his nose and said, “Qingshi, this thing is something the little fellow stole, and I don’t have the right to ask the little fellow to give it to you. I’ll absolutely have no objections if you’re able to make the little fellow hand it to you. I’m not acting shamelessly on purpose. You ought to be aware that the little fellow and I are friends, and we’re not master and servant!”

Su Qingshi glanced at Yang Ye. She naturally didn’t believe Yang Ye because the mysterious violet mink before her practically obeyed Yang Ye’s every single word. If Yang Ye asked the violent mink to hand the pearl over, then it would absolutely not refuse. However, since Yang Ye spoke in this way, it displayed that Yang Ye didn’t want to hand it over.

This time, if it wasn’t for Yang Ye and the violet mink, she would be utterly unable to notice the Ghost Sect’s schemes, and if the Ghost Sect was allowed to continue, then even if the Sword Sect’s Spirit Vein wasn’t completely destroyed, it would definitely be extremely damaged. At that time, the Sword Sect’s losses would be immeasurable.

So, how could she have the nerve to ask Yang Ye to hand the pearl over to her?

Just as Su Qingshi thought, Yang Ye was unwilling to hand it over indeed. Even though this pearl was only a Pseudo Dao Artifact, it was still a treasure. He might not be able to utilize it now, but it didn’t mean that he wouldn’t be able to utilize it in the future as well. No matter what, it was better to keep such a treasure in his possession. Of course, the precondition was that Su Qingshi agreed.

Su Qingshi remained silent for a long time while Yang Ye remained silent as well. Both of them had conveyed their intentions, and the decision lay in Su Qingshi’s hands.

After a long time, Su Qingshi glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Only I know the whereabouts of this pearl. Don’t expose this pearl in front of anyone in the future, otherwise, even the Sword Sect won’t be able to save you!”

“Thank you!” Yang Ye spoke in a serious tone as he gazed at her.

Su Qingshi’s wrist twisted, and a wooden tablet appeared in her hand. She passed it to Yang Ye and said, “Here’s a total of 10,000 Contribution Points of the sect, and it’s a reward for your contribution this time. You can exchange it for some cultivation techniques or treasures after your return to the sect. However, I suggest that you keep them and strive to obtain even more Contribution Points!” As soon as she finished speaking, Su Qingshi didn’t stay here any longer, and she walked out of the cave.

After she left, Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the wooden tablet in his hand. It was around the size of his palm, and the number 10,000 could be seen at its center.

As he gazed at it, Yang Ye was delighted in his heart. A reward of 10,000 Contribution Points wasn’t a small amount at all. After all, Outer Court Elders merely obtained around 1,000 Contribution Points every single month as their salary, whereas, these 1,000 Contribution Points could be exchanged for low-grade Yellow Rank treasures or techniques.

On the other hand, these 10,000 points could be exchanged for a good low-grade Profound Rank treasure.

In short, Yang Ye had obtained great gains during his trip to the Nether Wolf Gorge this time. No, it should be said that he made a fortune. After all, there were two Profound Rank weapons and a few tens of low-grade and mid-grade Yellow Rank treasures in his spatial ring!

After he put the wooden tablet away, Yang Ye walked out of the cave, and then he flashed towards the Sword Sect.

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