Chapter 872 – Soul Ignition Again!

Almighty Sword Domain

Su Qingshi, Xiao Yuxi, An Biru, An Nanjing, Qin Xiyue, Ding Shaoyao….

Yang Ye glanced at them all, and then he smiled, “Can I choose them all?”

The voice replied, “No. That’s the rule. You’re in my territory, so you have to follow my rules!”

Yang Ye said, “What if I insist?”

“Then you’ll die!” The voice continued, “Death awaits those who break the rules!”

As soon as the voice finished speaking, a mysterious force suddenly appeared here, and then the space throughout the surroundings started trembling as if it would shatter at any moment!

That force was extremely powerful, and Yang Ye immediately discerned that he was far from being a match for the force in the surroundings. Because

it was the force of a Saint Realm expert!

The voice said, “This is your last chance! Answer me!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I still insist on choosing all of them!”

A moment of silence ensued before the voice said, “Why? Aren’t you afraid of death?”

Yang Ye pointed at his heart and said, “If I choose any one of them, then it would be equivalent to betraying the rest. Betraying them would be equivalent to betraying my heart and causing me to feel guilty. A man should live without guilt to the heavens, the earth, or himself! So, I choose all of them!”

The voice remained silent for a long time before it said, “The test of the heart is a test of a clear conscience. You’ve passed. You can become the personal disciple of the current Sect Master of the Dao Order, and no one including the Sect Master can refuse!”

As soon as the voice finished speaking, the scene before him changed once more and everything returned to normal.

“20 breaths of time! He broke another record!”

Countless spectators in the surroundings were astounded, and it included Chen Dong and the others. If they weren’t aware that the Dao Order wanted to kill Yang Ye, even they would think that the Dao Order was going easy on Yang Ye and helping him pass through the tests.

After all, the Protector of Order had been trapped in the 4th test for around 6 hours! But Yang Ye had just used 20 breaths of time! So, it made them wonder if Yang Ye was too monstrous, or that fellow, the Protector of Order, was too worthless!

The surroundings were deathly silent as everyone was silently awaiting the Dao Order’s response.

After all, the Dao Order’s Founding Ancestor had said that anyone who passed the 4th test could become the personal disciple of the current Sect Master. Moreover, no one could change that rule, and even the Sect Master couldn’t deny it!

If the Dao Order’s Founding Ancestor was dead, then perhaps the Dao Order’s Master might refuse Yang Ye. After all, Yang Ye was their enemy. However, the problem was that the Dao Order’s Founding Ancestor seemed to still be alive.

A long time passed before a voice resounded from the mountain in the sky, “One not from my own sect definitely carries ill intent. My Dao Order won’t accept you as a disciple. The Founding Ancestor would definitely accept my decision if he finds out!”

The surroundings remained very calm because this response was within their expectations!

Yang Ye had killed so many members of the Dao Order, and he’d even trampled upon the Dao Order’s face in public. If they were to accept him as a disciple of their sect now, then where would the Dao Order put its face? Most importantly, if the Dao Order agreed and Yang Ye refused, then the Dao Order would be truly humiliated!

Because countless people would spread the word that the Dao Order had begged Yang Ye to join them, but Yang Ye refused!

If something like that happened, then the Dao Order wouldn’t just lose face, it would become the laughingstock of the entire prefecture! So, no matter which reason it was, the Dao Order would absolutely not take the initiative to recruit Yang Ye as a disciple of their sect, unless Yang Ye asked himself.

But was that even possible?

If Yang Ye were to ask the Dao Order to accept him, then it wouldn’t just be his reputation that’s destroyed, the Ancient Sword School’s reputation would be destroyed as well. Moreover, Yang Ye would offend the Ancient Sword School in the process. Coupled with the severe enmity between Yang Ye and the Dao Order, Yang Ye might have to face 2 enemies instead of just one!

So, it was impossible for Yang Ye to request the Dao Order to accept him!

Thus, the matter between Yang Ye and the Dao Order still hadn’t come to an end.

Yang Ye wasn’t surprised by the Dao Order’s response. He smiled and was about to continue forward to attempt the 5th test. However, the one-armed man suddenly appeared in front of him.

The one-armed man said, “You’re very strong!”

Yang Ye replied, “You’re not weak yourself!” Even though he hadn’t fought the man, his intuition told him that the man was slightly dangerous.

“I once attempted to ascend the Cloud Ascension Stairs, but I was trash when compared to you.” The one-armed man continued, “I’m really curious. Did you pass with your own ability, or did you use some other methods?”

Yang Ye said, “Is that important?”

The man replied, “To be honest, it felt very uncomfortable to see you pass through four tests with such ease!”

Yang Ye said, “Wouldn’t you know the answer if you attacked me?”

The man pondered deeply for a moment before he nodded, “Right!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he placed his right hand on the hilt of the saber which hung on his waist. In an instant, a terrifying strand of saber intent surged out explosively from within him. Everywhere it passed, space started rippling incessantly, and there were even countless fine cracks spreading through it. It was an utterly shocking sight!

Peak 2nd level Heaven Rank saber intent!

A solemn expression arose in Chen Dong’s eyes when he witnessed this scene. Because the one-armed man’s saber intent was no ordinary 2nd level Heaven Rank saber intent, it was peak 2nd level Heaven Rank saber intent! In other words, the one-armed man might advance to the 3rd level of Heaven Rank saber intent at any moment!

Chen Dong and the others gazed at Yang Ye, yet they noticed that he seemed extremely calm and composed, and this allowed them to instantly relax slightly.

The one-armed man held the hilt of his sword and said, “The moment you arrived just happened to be the critical moment of my charge into the 3rd level of Heaven Rank saber intent. I was 50% confident in my ability to succeed. Unfortunately, you arrived and even killed Fourth. While the elders refused to let me leave my closed door cultivation, and they even asked me to rest at ease and charge into the 3rd level of Heaven Rank saber intent, but how can I possibly stand by idly when my Dao Order is in trouble? Not to mention that I’m the only one amongst the Exalt Realm disciples who can fight you. Come! Let me witness the ability of your Ancient Sword School!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he swiftly drew his saber and slashed it down, “Torrent Splitter!”

A ray of saber energy that was over 10m long shot forward, and it tore through the sky towards Yang Ye. Everywhere it passed, even space was immediately sliced apart, and a huge spatial right was left in its wake. Moreover, the spatial rift wasn’t just unable to close swiftly, it was even growing larger and larger. In the end, it was over 15m wide!

The spectators were beyond shocked when they witnessed this scene!

Because even a Half-Saint would probably be unable to execute such a terrifying attack!

Yang Ye had a serious expression in his eyes because that attack could pose a threat to him. While his body was comparable to the body of a demon beast at the mid rank Half-Saint Realm, it wasn’t invincible. If nothing unexpected happened, then even if he could survive by using his body to forcefully resist that attack, he would definitely lose a limb or two!

So, Yang Ye didn’t dare act carelessly at all. He flipped his palm and the ancient sheath appeared in his grasp. After that, his profound energy surged madly into the ancient sheath while a sword appeared in his right hand. He sheathed it and drew it swiftly!

The sword shattered as a strand of sword energy flashed forward!

It was an attack that carried 20 overlapped Heavenrends!

The sword energy and saber energy collided.


A huge explosion resounded in the sky as countless threads of sword energy and saber energy swept towards the surroundings. Space was instantly torn apart before them while a powerful wave of energy surged out from the point of collision, and it shattered the space in its path into bits.

Suddenly, another strand of saber energy swept through the air, and it shot swiftly towards Yang Ye. Moreover, it completely obliterated the remaining sword energy and saber energy in its path.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he sheathed his sword and immediately drew it in one smooth and swift motion!


The sword shattered as a sword howl resounded, and a strand of sword energy swept forward.

The sword energy and saber energy collided once more. This time, the saber energy instantly blasted Yang Ye’s sword energy apart and continued forward. It instantly arrived before Yang Ye and was about to slash Yang Ye into 2!

Sword energy that isn’t enhanced by sword intent is too weak in the end! Looks like I must restore my sword intent as soon as possible once this is over! Yang Ye sighed in his heart as he took a step forward, and then he clenched his right fist and punched.


Yang Ye’s arm and the saber energy trembled violently before the saber energy was blasted apart. Meanwhile, Yang Ye was pushed over 10 steps back by the force carried by the saber energy.

The one-armed man was about to draw his saber again when Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot. He was in front of the one-armed man when he appeared once more, and then a ray of light flashed as the tip of a sword arrived before the one-armed man’s forehead!

The corners of the one-armed man’s eyes twitched, but his reaction wasn’t slow at all. His figure moved slightly to the side and dodged Yang Ye’s attack while he launched a slanted stab with his saber. It was at an extremely tricky angle, and it shot directly at Yang Ye’s heart!

Yang Ye didn’t try to ward off the attack, and he just twisted his sword slightly and slashed it down!



Yang Ye took 3 steps back while a very deep mark from a saber could be seen on his chest. However, it hadn’t pierced through his skin. But there was a drop of blood on the tip of his sword.

The spectators were shocked by this scene and quickly shot their gazes towards the one-armed man. They saw a blood red mark running down from the man’s forehead to his chin. Blood was seeping out incessantly from within the injury, and it didn’t take long for it to cover his entire face.

“Your body is very strong….” The one-armed man gazed at Yang Ye while his voice still remained very calm. However, there was a solemn and fearful expression in his eyes. Earlier, if he hadn’t dodged instinctively at the critical moment, then he would have definitely been chopped into 2 right now!

“Indeed!” Yang Ye nodded. It could be said that he could rely on his physical body to remain in a practically invincible position during battles with those at the same realm of cultivation as him.

“I have a technique that I practiced painstakingly for 15 years, but I’ve never used it until now. I have no choice but to use it now!” As soon as he finished speaking, a strand of dark blue flames suddenly arose around the one-armed man’s body. At the same time, the aura he emanated started rising madly!

In just an instant, the one-armed man’s hair had turned snow white while wrinkles covered his entire face, and his entire body surged with Death Energy.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed while a solemn expression appeared in his eyes for the very first time during the battle.

Because it was Soul Ignition…. Moreover, his soul wasn’t the only thing that the one-armed man had ignited, he’d ignited his lifespan and blood as well!

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