Chapter 89 – Instant Annihilation!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye left the gorge and intended to inquire about today’s date. However, to his surprise, he was actually unable to find a single outer court disciple. Yang Ye refused to give up, and he took a circle through the outer court, and he finally found a Labor Disciple that had just joined the Sword Sect. He found out from this Labor Disciple that everyone else had gone to the Life and Death Arena.

Yang Ye immediately rushed towards the Life and Death Arena, and he was shocked when he arrived there. Because there were so many people there. When the senior outer court disciples and new outer court disciples were combined together, there were over 10,000 of them in total. Moreover, practically all of these 10,000 plus disciples had come to the Life and Death Arena, so how could there not be a huge crowd?

As he gazed at the dense crowd, Yang Ye was slightly troubled because he was trying to figure out how to get to the Life and Death Arena. After all, he couldn’t fly yet.

Yang Ye had no choice but to walk behind an outer court disciple, and then he patted that disciple on the shoulder and said, “Senior Brother, excuse me.”

The outer court disciple whom Yang Ye had patted on the shoulder was a new outer court disciple, and he was feeling displeased from being ridiculed by those senior outer court students just now. So, when he noticed someone pat his shoulder, he immediately said without turning around to look, “Senior Brother is furious right now, don’t annoy me!”

Yang Ye couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He rubbed his nose, and then he patted that disciple on the shoulder again and said, “Senior Brother, please let me pass. I’m already late!”

“I already said….” That disciple was slightly displeased and turned around with the intention of flaring up at Yang Ye. However, when he laid eyes upon Yang Ye, he seemed as if he’d seen a ghost, and he pointed at Yang Ye while being unable to speak for some time.

Yang Ye felt slightly annoyed when he saw this disciple’s appearance. Is there any need to act as if you’d seen a ghost?

Right when Yang Ye was about to speak, that disciple suddenly turned around and roared towards the crowd. “Yang Ye is here! Yang Ye is here!!”

Under the boost provided by his Profound Energy, his voice instantly drowned out the clamorous noise in the surroundings.

After that, everyone looked over towards this disciple, and then they disregarded him as their gazes descended onto Yang Ye.

In the arena, Liu Qingyu opened his eyes and looked at Yang Ye who stood below the arena with a gaze that carried undisguised killing intent!

On the other side, Qingxue instantly heaved a sigh of relief in her heart upon seeing Yang Ye. He has finally arrived.

Even though she seemed extremely calm on the surface just now, she was extremely anxious in her heart because this battle was related to the reputation and future of the Sword School, so how could she not be anxious?

This time, Yang Ye finally understood what it was like to be the center of attention. He nodded slightly to those disciples by his side, and then he walked slowly towards the Life and Death Arena.

All the disciples in the surroundings moved backward by themselves and opened up a path for Yang Ye.

In the arena, Yang Ye and Liu Qingyu stood around 15m away from each other, and both of their eyes revealed killing intent.

Cao Huo glanced at the two of them, and then he said in a low voice, “Liu Qingyu, Yang Ye, both of you are geniuses of my Sword Sect, and it’ll be a loss to the Sword Sect no matter which one of you perishes here today. All the other Outer Court Elders and I are willing to help arbitrate the enmity between the two of you. So, can the two of you give up on this life and death battle?”

“The enmity of annihilating my clan is irreconcilable!” Liu Qingyu spoke in a cold voice.

Yang Ye disregarded Liu Qingyu, and he looked at Cao Huo and said, “Elder Cao Huo, let’s begin. The enmity between us is irreconcilable!”

Cao Huo sighed lightly when he heard this, and then he said, “Life and death depends on your own ability on the Life and Death Arena. Begin!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Cao Huo flashed off the arena, and he left the arena to Yang Ye and Liu Qingyu.

Liu Qingyu’s wrist twisted before a sword appeared in his hand. He didn’t waste his breath at all before his figure flashed, and then his figure formed numerous faint illusory images that shot towards Yang Ye.

Even though these illusory images were slightly faint, they were capable of confusing others. Because Liu Qingyu didn’t attack Yang Ye directly and executed the Shadowstep Technique around Yang Ye instead. Because Liu Qingyu’s speed was too swift, so over 20 plus illusory images had appeared around Yang Ye. Moreover, the amount of them was increasing without end, and it was even to the extent that numerous disciples below the arena were utterly unable to lock onto Liu Qingyu’s actual body.

When they saw such a scene, one of the disciples below the arena exclaimed with shock. “The Shadowstep Technique, it’s actually the low-grade Profound Rank movement technique, the Shadowstep Technique! Moreover, Senior Brother Liu has even cultivated it to the point of creating three illusory figures. Yang Ye is in danger this time!”

“Yeah. I never expected that Senior Brother Liu would have cultivated the Shadowstep Technique to the advanced stage. With the Shadowstep Technique at his disposal and the amount of Profound Energy he possesses as a First Heaven Realm expert, Senior Brother Liu can be said to be in an invincible position!”

“Don’t be so sure. Yang Ye is an existence that has ascended to the 22nd level of the Sword Servant Pagoda. He definitely possesses some sort of ultimate move. So, let’s watch and see!”

In the arena, when Liu Qingyu executed this movement technique that confused one’s opponents, Yang Ye slowly closed his eyes. He had no choice but to admit that Liu Qingyu’s movement technique was much better than the Gale Steps he possessed. However, Liu Qingyu was obviously daydreaming if he intended to kill Yang Ye by relying on this movement technique.

Liu Qingyu’s eyes narrowed slightly when he noticed Yang Ye closing his eyes. He would naturally not think that Yang Ye would be stupid enough to fight him with his eyes closed. So, he felt that Yang Ye had probably closed his eyes to avoid being confused by the Shadowstep Technique he’d executed. However, since Yang Ye had closed his eyes, Liu Qingyu didn’t intend to hold back.

A cold light flashed as the sword in Liu Qingyu’s hand stabbed out from behind towards the back of Yang Ye’s neck.

Right at this moment, Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes. He turned around before a strand of an invisible and fierce imposing aura surged out from Yang Ye’s body, and then it enveloped Liu Qingyu.

Liu Qingyu was horrified when he sensed this imposing aura. Because while beneath the effect of this imposing aura, he actually had the thought of being unwilling to fight. Yes, that imposing aura caused him to be utterly unable to arouse any intent to resist. Fortunately, his reaction and strength weren’t weak, so he immediately suppressed such thoughts and continued stabbing his sword towards Yang Ye. However, the speed of his attack had become much slower than it was before this.

Right at this moment, Yang Ye drew his sword.

A cold light flashed in the arena, and then everything froze when Liu Qingyu’s sword was just a few centimeters away from Yang Ye’s throat.

Liu Qingyu stared blankly at Yang Ye and said, “What… what a swift attack!”


As soon as he finished speaking, a strand of blood shot out violently from Liu Qingyu’s neck, and then he fell slowly to the ground.

Everyone in the surrounding was stunned.

Yang Ye disregarded all the people below the arena that were dumbstruck. He walked over to Liu Qingyu, took off the spatial ring on Liu Qingyu’s hand, and then walked down slowly from the arena.

From that battle just now, Yang Ye had understood some uses of the 'Intent’ that he’d comprehended, and that was its ability to suppress and restrain. Earlier, when he utilized that ‘Intent’, he’d obviously sensed that no matter if it was Liu Qingyu’s imposing aura or speed, both of them had been suppressed and restrained.

It was precisely because of this that Yang Ye was able to finish Liu Qingyu with just a simple strike of the sword.

Moreover, Yang Ye believed that the effects of this ‘Intent’ were far more than just this. Because no matter if it was his own imposing aura or the speed that he drew his sword, both of them were much greater than before when he utilized this ‘Intent’. In short, this ‘Intent’ was like a form of amplification, and it caused his overall strength to improve greatly.

When Yang Ye walked off the arena, all the spectators in the surroundings had finally recovered from their shock. After that, the disciples on Qingxue’s side had instantly started cheering with excitement. Earlier, Yang Ye’s late arrival had caused them to suffer a great deal of anger because of those senior outer court disciples. Now that Liu Qingyu had been instantly annihilated with a single sword strike, this was a direct slap on the faces of those senior outer court disciples. So, how could they not be happy? How could they not be excited?

After feeling a wave of shock, Qingxue revealed a smile because from today onwards and for the next three years, the prestige of the Sword School would be something no one in the outer court could compare to!

After Jiang Yuan who stood in the crowd recovered from his shock, a deep feeling of powerlessness arose in his heart. He’d originally thought that the gap in strength between him and Yang Ye wasn’t large, and it was even to the extent that he felt that if Yang Ye didn’t launch a surprise attack against him that day and fought him head on, then he was 70% confident in being able to defeat Yang Ye.

However, the facts before his eyes told him that even though he was at the First Heaven Realm in cultivation while Yang Ye was at the Mortal Realm, the gap between them was extremely huge, and it was absolutely not something he could make up for in a short period of time.

On the other hand, all the senior outer court disciples were still in a shocked state. The 19th on the Outer Court Rankings, Liu Qingyu who was at the First Heaven Realm was instantly annihilated just like that. What did this mean? It means that most of the outer court disciples here weren’t a match for Yang Ye! Yet Yang Ye was only at the Mortal Realm!

This brutal reality caused numerous senior outer court disciples to be unable to accept it!

Yang Ye paid no attention to these disciples. All he wanted to do now was to return to Cool Breeze Gorge and study the ‘Intent’ he’d comprehended, and then participate in the Inner Court Exam tomorrow. In the beginning, after his mother was captured, Yang Ye didn’t care much about the title of outer court disciple. However, after Little Yao entered the Sword Sect, he felt that he had to improve his status in the Sword Sect, because only in this way would he be able to give her even more protection. So, he’d decided to participate in the Inner Court Exam.

Yet right at this moment, a white streak flashed through the sky, and then a middle aged man appeared above the Life and Death Arena!

When they saw this middle aged man, the originally clamorous area below the arena had instantly gone quiet because since the middle aged man could fly on his sword, it represented that he was a Spirit Realm expert! They didn’t dare act disrespectfully before a Spirit Realm expert.

The middle aged man swept the crowd with his gaze, and then he gazed at Cao Huo who was already on the arena and said, “Cao Huo, who’s Yang Ye?”

Cao Huo was stunned. He didn’t know why this middle aged man was looking for Yang Ye, but he didn’t dare ask about it because this middle aged man wasn’t someone he could offend. So, he immediately pointed at Yang Ye who stood below the arena and said, “He is!”

The middle aged man nodded, and then he arrived before Yang Ye. He sized Yang Ye up before he said, “I’m under orders of the Sword Commanding Elder to take you to Sky Hall. Come with me!”

Even though Yang Ye was slightly puzzled, because he’d noticed Cao Huo’s attitude towards the middle aged man just now, Yang Ye didn’t dare refuse and immediately nodded.

The middle aged man waved his right hand, and he took Yang Ye along as he vanished on the spot.

When Yang Ye arrived at Sky Hall which he’d only heard of in the past, his expression instantly became gloomy. Because there were four beautiful women standing within Sky Hall, and one of them was exactly Feng Yi who’d taken his mother away!

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