Chapter 891 – Education As A Complement To The Fist!

Almighty Sword Domain

Their faces fell when they heard the woman.

Yang Ye glanced at the 3 of them and said, “All of you encountered danger, and we lent a hand. But not only do you express no signs of gratitude, you intend to rob us as well. Isn’t that quite inexcusable?”

“A sign of gratitude?” The woman and the others seemed like they’d heard something amusing, and ridicule covered their faces. The woman said, “Didn’t all of you lend us a hand because of my cousin brother? If it wasn’t for my cousin brother’s name, all of you wouldn’t just refrain from helping, you would have taken advantage of the situation, right?”

When she spoke up to this point, she laughed coldly, “Since it’s like that, then why should we thank all of you? Alright, cut the crap. If you don’t want to be crippled, then hand over all the Exalt Realm inner cores in your possessions and that little fellow on your shoulder. Remember, I want you to come over and give it to me while on your knees!”

Yang Ye said, “I’d intended to place education as my main focus and complement it with the fist. But now it would seem like I’ve completely failed. So, I’ve decided to try making education a complement to the first!”

As soon as he finished speaking….


The sound of a clear and resounding slap resounded, and then everyone here watched with astonishment as the woman flew over 1km away and smashed through almost 20 trees before finally crashing to the ground.

All of them were utterly dumbstruck.

Firstly, they were shocked by Yang Ye’s strength because they practically hadn’t been able to see how he’d attacked. Secondly, they were shocked that Yang Ye actually dared to attack her. After all, she was Feng Wuchao’s cousin sister!

Is he not afraid of Feng Wuchao’s revenge?

“Do you realize that she’s….” The white robed man who led the group intended to say something, but he hadn’t even finished speaking when he felt sharp pain come from his stomach, and then his figure was blasted flying as well….

He wasn’t able to escape such a fate as well!

They didn’t have the ability to resist at all.

Leng Yuran and the others were beyond shocked, and their gazes towards Yang Ye didn’t just become solemn, it even carried vigilance!

Meanwhile, the woman had stood up once more. At this moment, the right side of her face was completely swollen like the head of a pig….

She was clearly quite dazed, and it took her a good while to return to her senses. She gazed resentfully at Yang Ye and roared hysterically, “How dare you hit me! You actually dared to hit me! My cousin brother will kill you! He’ll kill your whole family!”


Another clear and resounding slap resounded while her figure was blasted flying once more.

This time, the left side of her face had swelled up as well. So, her head didn’t just look like the head of a pig, it was completely like one now.

Yang Ye walked over to her and said, “What’s your name?”

“You….” She glared angrily at him and seemed to intend to say something. However, Yang Ye raised his right hand, and it made her delicate figure shiver. She didn’t dare talk back again and spoke softly, “I… I… I’m Xia Bingwei. Feng Wuchao is my cousin brother….”

Yang Ye shook his head, “You’ve obviously been spoiled by your family, and that’s why you act so fearlessly. If it was based on the way I usually did things, then I prefer to annihilate people like you. However, I’ve decided to educate you properly. Will you accept my education?”

“I….” Xia Bingwei was about to speak when Yang Ye just casually raised his hand, and it caused the corners of her mouth to twitch violently before she said, “I… I accept!”

Yang Ye smiled as he nodded, and then he looked at the other 2 men, “What about the 2 of you?”

The white robed man who led the group spoke gloomily, “Feng Wuchao won’t forgive you for treating Bingwei like that!”

Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot, and he was in front of the white robed man when his figure appeared again. After that, the others watched as Yang Ye grabbed the man’s hair and smashed him against the ground.


The ground cracked apart while a shrill cry resounded!

Moreover, this repeated for over a dozen times. The entire ground had cracked apart, and the man’s shrill cries resounded incessantly.

Everyone in the surroundings shuddered when they witnessed this scene, and it was especially so for Xia Bingwei. Her entire body was trembling. At the same time, she felt fortunate that she’d agreed to be educated by him.

“I… I… I accept….” A weak voice sounded out.

Yang Ye stopped and tossed the man aside. At this moment, his entire body was swollen while blood was flowing out of all of his seven apertures. Fortunately, he was still alive.

Yang Ye patted his hands together and said, “Isn’t that better? Why did you have to force me to use my fists?” When he spoke up to this point, he gazed at the other grey robed man.

The grey robed man shuddered and quickly said, “I… I’m willing to be educated. I’m absolutely willing….”

Yang Ye nodded and smiled, “Very good, you have potential. Now, let’s talk about what just happened. We saved all of you, yet not only did you refuse to express any form of gratitude, you turned on us and wanted to seize our possessions. Tell me, is that the right thing to do?”

They hurriedly shook their heads.

Yang Ye continued, “I know that all of you are unafraid because you have the support of others. But have all of you ever considered how all of you would die a graveless death if you encountered a ruthless person or someone with greater backing? Just like this very moment, my strength is absolutely superior to all of you. Wouldn’t all of you be finished if I refused to be reasonable?”

“Right, you’re right. It’s absolutely right….” The grey robed man quickly nodded with agreement.

Yang Ye gazed at the white robed man and Xia Bingwei, “What about you two?”

“It… it’s right!” Xia Bingwei’s voice was very soft as if she was very afraid of infuriating Yang Ye.

“It’s… right….” The white robed man’s voice was very weak, and he seemed like he was on the verge of death.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Since all 3 of you think it’s right, then tell me. What should you do after being saved by us?”

“We should repay your kindness!” The grey robed man hurriedly withdrew 5 inner cores and passed them to Yang Ye, “A person can’t be ungrateful. Since you’ve saved us, we should repay your kindness…. Big Brother, these are the inner cores I obtained earlier. You must accept them. If you don’t, then it’ll become a burden on my conscience, and it would be like expression disdain towards me….”

Yang Ye was amused and said, “What’s your name?”

The grey robed man spoke hastily, “Big Brother, my name is Ma Sakap?”

“Suck-up?” Yang Ye nodded, “That’s a good name. You have potential!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye gazed at Xia Bingwei and the white robed man. Xia Bingwei hesitated for a moment before she withdrew 5 inner cores as well, and she passed them to Yang Ye, “Thank you….”

The white robed man handed 5 inner cores over with a trembling hand….

Yang Ye took the inner cores and said, “Very good, all of you aren’t beyond saving, and my effort wasn’t wasted as well!”

When he spoke up to this point, he flicked 3 inner cores each to Leng Yuran and the others, “This is our compensation. Don’t be shy!”

Leng Yuran and the others were at a loss for words.

“Tsk, tsk. What happened here?” Suddenly, a voice resounded before a man who held a sword arrived here.

The man glanced at the demon beast corpses in the surroundings and said, “I heard a huge amount of noise coming from here, so I knew that someone definitely encountered demon beasts here. Unfortunately, I was still too late.” When he spoke up this point, he glanced at Yang Ye’s group before his gaze descended onto Xia Bingwei in the end. There was a trace of surprise in his eyes as he said, “You… you are Bingwei?”

Xia Bingwei nodded fiercely and said, “Big Brother Yu Feng…. I….” When she spoke up to this point, tears instantly started flowing down her face, but she didn’t dare speak a word.

The man’s face fell when he saw that, and he said, “Who did it?”

“I….” Xia Bingwei’s tears started pouring down even more quickly.

Yang Ye actually had a slight feeling that he’d committed a sin when he saw the woman’s tears stream down her face. It was like he’d done something to her that would even incur the indignation of the gods.

The man’s face turned completely gloomy. He glanced at Yang Ye and the others before he said, “Don’t worry. You’re Brother Feng’s cousin sister, so you’re my cousin sister as well. Anyone who bullies you is bullying me and Brother Feng! Just go ahead and tell me who it was. I’ll uphold justice for you today even if the top 5 geniuses of the prefecture come!”

Xia Bingwei shook her head while tears continued pouring down her cheeks, and she even tried her best to use her eyes to tell him to stop…. Even though she didn’t know how strong this man whom she’d offended was, he was absolutely not someone who Yu Feng could resist!

Unfortunately, Yu Heng’s face grew even more ferocious. He glanced at Yang Ye and the others before he said, “How dare you! Since you dared to bully her, then do you know who she is? She is Feng Wuchao’s cousin sister! Do you know who Feng Wuchao is? He’s the future number one genius in the outer court of our Ocean of Clouds Academy!”

As he spoke, he glanced at Yang Ye and the others and said, “Who did it? Step forward yourself and cripple your own hands. No! Cripple all your limbs, kneel down here, and wait for Brother Feng to arrive!”

Leng Yuran and the others gazed at Yang Ye. Meanwhile, Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Looks like there’s another one who needs some education. Now, allow me to ask you a question, are you willing to be educated by me?”

The body of the white robed man who laid on the ground there immediately started twitching when he heard Yang Ye.

“Education?” Yu Feng’s figure flashed explosively towards Yang Ye, “I don’t need any education, but it seems to me that you do! Today, I’ll act on your mother’s behalf and educate you….”

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