Chapter 893 – Wolves Cover The Sky!

Almighty Sword Domain

He’s playing dirty tricks on me? Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he gazed at those demon beasts which were charging towards them, and there was a trace of icy coldness in his eyes.

“Flee!” Leng Yuran spoke solemnly. After all, they had no chance of winning against a Monarch Realm demon beast and over 40 Exalt Realm demon beasts.

The man in an embroidered robe and the black robed man nodded with agreement as well.

“Why flee?” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure shot forward, and they watched as he collided with the Monarch Realm demon beast.

Tang Xiaorou and Leng Yuran’s expressions changed when they witnessed this scene, and they couldn’t help but avert their gazes.


Unexpectedly, it wasn’t Yang Ye who was blasted flying. It was the Monarch Realm demon beast instead.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous muffled bangs resounded as huge figures were ceaselessly blasted flying. Less than 10 breaths of time passed before all the demon beasts including the Monarch Realm demon beast were put down!

The black robed man suddenly spoke after he witnessed this scene, “He isn’t human!”

The man in an embroidered robe nodded and spoke in agreement, “Indeed!”

Leng Yuran took a deep and long glance at Yang Ye yet didn’t speak a word.

Yang Ye patted his hands together and was just about to speak when his expression suddenly changed, and he looked up towards the sky.


A powerful roar resounded through the air, and then the entire sky dimmed down.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

After that, countless roars resounded throughout the mountain range, and then the entire mountain range started to tremble while the sound of demon beasts dashing could be heard from all around them!

“The sky has been blotted out and all the wolves have set out….” Leng Yuran’s expression suddenly changed as he spoke with shock, “Shit! The Welkin Wolf Demon King intends to attack Ocean of Clouds City and the academy.”

Suddenly, a deep voice resounded through the sky, “Students of the academy who are participating in the test, quickly return to the academy and….”

The voice hadn’t even finished speaking when it was dispersed by the howl of a wolf.

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “Wasn’t the relationship between Welkin Wolf Mountain Range and the academy considerably friendly?”

“Friendly?” Leng Yuran shook his head and said, “How could humans and demon beasts have friendly relationships? The reason both sides remained safe and at peace was because both sides were unable to do anything to the other, and both sides feared each other. Now that Welkin Wolf Mountain Range has suddenly seized the opportunity when the academy is carrying out its recruitment test to attack, they are definitely very confident in their chances of success…. We might have been dragged into deep trouble!”

Yang Ye closed his eyes slightly while his consciousness swept towards the surroundings. Quite some time passed before he finally opened his eyes once more, and he spoke seriously, “There’s a strange and powerful force all around here, and it’s capable of obstructing Spiritual Energy. My Spiritual Energy is unable to sense anything more than 300m away from me! Looks like Welkin Wolf Mountain Range came prepared!”

Tang Xiaorou suddenly asked, “What should we do now?”

Leng Yuran and the others exchanged glances before looking at Yang Ye. The man in an embroidered robe said, “You’re the strongest here, so you make the decisions!”

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “We’re at the outer-ring of the mountain range, so it’s quite difficult for us to reach Ocean of Clouds City. But we have to get back there. Moreover, we have no choice but to walk because we’ll be moving targets if we fly!”

Tang Xiaorou suddenly asked, “Why must we return to the academy?”

Yang Ye answered, “It’s either the Ocean of Clouds Academy or Welkin Wolf Mountain Range for over a million kilometers in all directions. Where would you flee to during a war between these 2 extraordinary powers? Moreover, all of you can be considered as partial students of the academy. Could it be that all of you intend to flee when the academy is in trouble?”

Tang Xiaorou gazed at Yang Ye with slight fear in her eyes, “I… I didn’t mean that…. I just feel that the city would definitely be surrounded by demon beasts now. Wouldn’t we have to face them head-on if we return to the city now? While we’re all at the Exalt Realm, it’s far from sufficient when facing Platinum Rank powers!”

“She’s right!” Leng Yuran nodded with agreement, “If we return to the city right now, then we will definitely meet those demon beasts head-on. Any Half-Saint Realm demon beast would be able to crush us with ease!”

“Then what do all of you intend to do?” Yang Ye continued, “Look for a place to hide? Or flee? How will all of you escape this boundless mountain range without any ability to scan your surroundings?”

All of them fell silent.

Yang Ye continued, “Our group really isn’t strong, but are we weak? Since we aren’t weak, then why don’t we kill our way back? Weren’t all of you worried about being unable to find Exalt Realm demon beasts to kill? Now they are all around you! Moreover, the academy will definitely dispatch experts to save us if we return to the city. I refuse to believe that Welkin Wolf Mountain Range is so powerful that it’s able to destroy the city and the academy in a short period!”

A long period of silence ensued before the black robed man gazed at Yang Ye, “My name is Hei Sha. I’ll go with you!”

The man in an embroidered robe spoke as well, “They call me Hao Shuaibo, but you can call me Hao Shuai. I’ll go with you as well!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he looked at Leng Yuran and Tang Xiaorou, “I’m definitely heading back to the academy. Both of you can follow me if you want, and you can leave if you don’t. But I guarantee that both of you’ll be blacklisted once the academy gets through this situation. You can take it as a threat!”

Leng Yuran glanced at Yang Ye and said, “I’ll go with you!”

Tang Xiaorou stated, “Me too!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Since you’ve decided, then all of you’ll obey my commands for now. All of you have no objections, right?”

They shook their heads.

Yang Ye said, “Little Leng, around how many are participating in the recruitment test?”

Leng Yuran seemed to have never expected that Yang Ye would call him Little Leng, and he was slightly stunned before he replied, “There were countless in the beginning, but most of them were eliminated during the elimination rounds. Presently, there are around 3 or 4 hundred participants in this live combat test. You intend to gather all of them?”

Yang Ye nodded. He intended to gather them, of course. After all, wouldn’t he have no students if he didn’t save them now? But he really couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. Because he only knew how to kill in the past, yet now, he had to save people, and he was quite unaccustomed to it.

“It’s very difficult to gather all of them!” Leng Yuran spoke seriously, “They are definitely scattered all around the mountain range, so we have to find them in order to bring them together. It’s impossible to guarantee that we won’t be attacked by powerful demon beasts during that time. Especially if they are Half-Saint Realm demon beasts. Just one of them can crush our entire group.”

When he spoke up to this point, he paused for a moment and said, “Even if we find them, so what? They are arrogant and proud people, so they will definitely refuse your leadership! Gathering all of them together might even cause a huge amount of problems instead!”

Yang Ye said, “That’s not a problem. If they refuse to obey me, then I’ll beat them until they do. As for those who look for trouble with me, I’ll beat them until they are obedient.”

“You’re great!” Hao Shuaibo gave Yang Ye a thumbs up.

“Indeed!” Hei Sha nodded with agreement.


Suddenly, a roar resounded from afar. It was like rumbling thunder that surged through the world, and they felt sharp pain in their eardrums even when they were almost 50,000km away.

Leng Yuran spoke solemnly, “It’s a Saint Realm wolf demon!”

Yang Ye frowned, “A Saint Realm wolf demon? The Demon King?”

Leng Yuran shook his head and said, “The Demon King is the Demon King, and the Saint Realm wolf demons are just Saint Realm wolf demons. There are definitely over a hundred Saint Realm demon beasts, and there might even be more. However, there are only 12 Demon Kings. These 12 Demon Kings are existences at the peak of the Saint Realm, and they are only a step away from breaking through and arriving above the Saint Realm.”

When he spoke up to this point, Leng Yuran raised his head and looked in the direction of the city, “If I’m not wrong, the Welkin Wolf Demon King is probably keeping the Dean busy right now. It’s very difficult to kill existences at their level. I’m only worried that since the Welkin Wolf Demon King dared to launch a large scale attack against the academy, it definitely possesses some sort of trump card, and that’s the most terrifying part of the situation!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath while a slightly bitter expression could be seen on the corners of his mouth. After all, he hadn’t even officially taken his position in the academy, but he’d encountered such a difficult situation. Needless to say, he was quite unlucky.

Actually, he could choose to just leave, but he hadn’t. After all, he would definitely not allow himself to be dragged into this troublesome situation if he was all on his own. However, he was representing the Ancient Sword School now.

It wouldn’t be a problem if the academy was destroyed, but if it wasn’t, then wouldn’t the Ancient Sword School be completely disgraced if he left now? He didn’t care about reputation and face at all, but he had to think about it for the Ancient Sword School’s sake since he belonged to it now.

“I have a way to gather all of them together!” Leng Yuran suddenly said, “We’re definitely unable to split up now. So, the only way is to set up a meeting point, and then use others to find even more people and make them gather at the meeting point.”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and said, “That works!”


Suddenly, a huge explosion resounded from not too far away from them. After that, a few figures appeared in the distance, and there was a black wolf demon chasing after them with a ferocious gaze in its eyes!

It was an Exalt Realm demon beast!

Hai Shuaibo laughed coldly when he saw the Exalt Realm demon beast, and he said, “It’s just an Exalt Realm demon beast. Just watch this Young Master crush it!” As he spoke, he started walking towards it.


However, countless black wolf demons suddenly dashed out from the forest behind it, and the forest was instantly torn apart….

There were over a thousand demon beasts in the pack!

Hao Shuaibo’s figure stiffened, and then he walked over to Yang Ye and said, “I think it’s better for you to do it….”

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