Chapter 91 – Regret!

Almighty Sword Domain

A wisp of excitement flashed in Lin Shan’s eyes as he gazed at that imposing aura on Yang Ye that hadn’t dispersed completely, and he immediately smiled and nodded before he said, “Not bad, not bad. All those old geezers and I were wondering why your Profound Energy would be so pure while you’re clearly only at the Mortal Realm. Because it’s impossible for even golden element Profound Energy to be so pure. Now, I finally understand. So, it turns out that you’ve comprehended the Sword Intent of legend.”

Yang Ye was stunned. He glanced at Bao’er before he glanced at the old man, and then he seemed to have understood something.

When she noticed Yang Ye was staring blankly at them, Bao’er ran over and gave Yang Ye a kick before she said, “Idiot, quickly go greet your Master!”

He really is that ‘Master’ of mine? Yang Ye recovered from his shock, and then he hurriedly walked over to the old man and bowed in the way a disciple bowed to the master. After that, he said respectfully, “Yang Ye greets Master!”

If the old man didn’t appreciate his ability, then Yang Ye would naturally go where he wasn’t wanted. However, based on the gaze the old man shot at him, Yang Ye knew that the old man was probably satisfied with him. Moreover, this old man might be able to protect his younger sister, so Yang Ye who was already driven into a corner naturally moved immediately to seek refuge from the old man.

Lin Shan’s smile grew even deeper when he saw Yang Ye performing the bow of a disciple to the master. Now, their relationship as Master and Disciple had been truly confirmed. At the same time, he felt lucky that Yang Ye had left Rising Sun City that day and caused those old geezers to be unable to find him. Otherwise, this disciple who was a monstrous genius in both the Talisman Dao and the Sword Dao would belong to someone else.

Meanwhile, Bao’er grinned and said, “Grandpa, this disciple Bao’er got for you isn’t bad, right?”

At this moment, Bao’er was like a child that had done something important and was waiting for her seniors to praise her.

Lin Shan rubbed Bao’er’s small head and said with a smile, “Yes, you finally did something right this time. Grandpa knows what you want. Don’t worry, Grandpa will definitely reward you well.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Shan helped Yang Ye up and said, “Come, let’s return to Talisman Peak.”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment, and then he said, “Master, the Flower Palace….”

Even though Lin Shan had already taken him to be his disciple, Yang Ye was still slightly worried. After all, the Flower Palace’s strength wasn’t inferior to the Sword Sect at all. So, he was uncertain whether this old man who’d just become his master would actually be willing to offend the Flower Palace.

Lin Shan waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, I’m here for you!”

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this. No matter what, Little Yao and I are safe now.

So, he immediately didn’t hesitate to follow obediently behind Lin Shan.

Right when Yang Ye’s group of three were about to walk out of the hall, Yu Lin finally recovered from his shock. His figure flashed, and he left behind a string of afterimages as he appeared before them. Yu Lin cupped his fists to Lin Shan and said, “Master Lin, Yang Ye is a disciple of our Sword Sect….”

Lin Shan glanced at Yu Lin and ridiculed. “Is that so? I even though Yang Ye was a disciple of the Ghost Sect just now, otherwise, why would you, Yu Lin, send him to his death?”

Yu Lin was slightly embarrassed. If it was anyone else that ridiculed him like this, then he would definitely answer that person by stabbing his sword at that person. However, he didn’t dare offend this old man that stood before him. Not to mention him, even the Sect Master didn’t dare offend this old man. Because the old man was someone their Martial Uncle Zui had invited to the Sword Sect.

So, he immediately smiled bitterly and said, “Master Lin, you must be joking. The Sword Sect would absolutely not send a disciple of the sect to his or her death. It was a slight misunderstanding earlier… it was just a misunderstanding….”

Lin Shan waved his hand and said, “Yu Lin, don’t give me that. Out of consideration for my disciple, I’d originally intended to sign an agreement to reside in the Sword Sect for two more years. But now, I think there no need for that at all.”

The smile on Yu Lin’s aged face grew even bitter. Others might not be aware of it, but he knew that the only reason this old man before him had come to the Sword Sect was that the old man owed their Martial Uncle Zui a favor. Otherwise, the Sword Sect was unable to invite a Talisman Master like Lin Shan to reside in the Sword Sect.

However, at this moment, he didn’t have the mood to pay any attention to this, nor did he had the mood to care about why Yang Ye had become Lin Shan’s disciple. Presently, his entire head was filled with a single thought, and it was that he couldn’t allow this young man who’d comprehended Sword Intent to leave the Sword Sect!

As he gazed at Yang Ye, a wisp of regret and a complicated expression flashed in Yu Lin’s eyes. He’d never imagined that this young man had actually comprehended Sword Intent. Sword Intent! No one in the Sword Sect has comprehended Sword Intent in hundreds of years!

If he knew that this young man had comprehended Sword Intent, then not to mention the Flower Palace, he wouldn’t even hesitate to offend the Origin School.

He was very clearly aware of what a young genius who’d comprehended Sword Intent represented, it represented that the Sword Sect would definitely rise in the future. It represented that the Sword Sect would possess the protection of a peerless expert that was even stronger than Martial Uncle Zui in 100 years from now. Unfortunately, his decision from just now had definitely caused this young man to have a bad impression of the Sword Sect.

When he thought up to here, Yu Lin took a deep breath and said, “Yang Ye, I apologize for my actions from just now. So long as you’re willing to stay in the Sword Sect, then my Sword Sect will help you deal with the Flower Palace. Moreover, my Sword Sect will place emphasis on fostering you in the future. What do you think?”

Meanwhile, Chi Huo walked over to stand before Yang Ye, and he said, “Kid, I apologize as well for what happened just now.”

Even the other three middle aged men that had remained silent since the beginning apologized for what happened just now. If Yang Ye was just an ordinary genius or even if he was already at the First Heaven Realm now, they wouldn’t apologize because they had their own pride. However, Yang Ye had comprehended Sword Intent, and they had no choice but to bow before it.

Lin Shan went silent. He knew what Sword Intent meant to the Sword Sect, and if he stopped Yang Ye from staying in the Sword Sect, then he would completely offend the Sword Sect. He wasn’t afraid of offending the Sword Sect, but so long as the Sword Sect had Old Man Zui, then he had no choice but to give the Sword Sect face. So, the final decision lay in Yang Ye’s own hands.

Yang Ye didn’t give it much consideration, and he didn’t have to give it any consideration at all. He immediately said indifferently, “Thank you, Sword Commanding Elder and Seniors, for your good intentions. But allow me to speak frankly, I don’t dare to stay in a sect that doesn’t care about the fate of its disciples. I don’t want to be sent to my death again next time. Not to mention that the Sword Commanding Elder already said that I’m not a disciple of the Sword Sect.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye looked at Lin Shan and said, “Master, let’s go!”

Yes, he didn’t have to give this matter any consideration at all. He knew why these people before him had changed their attitudes towards him, and it was none other than because he’d comprehended that Sword Intent they spoke of. Yes, these people thought highly of his Sword Intent, and if he didn’t possess Sword Intent, then he would be even more worthless than an ant to them.

He understood that these people had given up on him for the Sword Sect, but understanding didn’t equal acceptance. He, Yang Ye, wasn’t stupid to such an extent. So, he didn’t have to give it any consideration at all before directly refusing!

A wisp of praise appeared in Lin Shan’s eyes when he heard Yang Ye. If Yang Ye changed his mind because of a few words and promises of theirs, then Lin Shan’s evaluation of Yang Ye would definitely be reduced. Because it would make him feel that Yang Ye really lacked backbone. Fortunately, Yang Ye didn’t change his mind!

Yu Lin still wanted to say something, yet Lin Shan didn’t give him the chance, and Lin Shan brought Yang Ye along as he directly walked out of the hall.

As he watched Yang Ye’s figure vanish from the entrance of the hall, Chi Huo said in a low voice, “Senior Brother, an extremely rare genius that comprehended Sword Intent has finally appeared in our Sword Sect. We can’t allow him to leave the Sword Sect.”

Yu Lin shook his head, and he said bitterly, “He doesn’t have even the slightest favorable impression of our Sword Sect. If he didn’t have Master Lin, then perhaps he would agree to stay in the Sword Sect because of the Flower Palace. However, he has Master Lin now, so our Sword Sect isn’t essential to him any longer.”

“When did Yang Ye become Master Lin’s disciple?” Meanwhile, one of the middle aged men at the side spoke with a bewildered tone.

“He’s a Talisman Master!” Right at this moment, Su Qingshi walked into the hall, and she glanced at Yu Lin before she said, “Martial Uncle Yu Lin, Qingshi is very disappointed. Qingshi never expected that you would even send Qingshi away just to hand Yang Ye over, nor had Qingshi imagined that Martial Uncle Yu Lin would actually intend to hand Yang Ye over. My Sword Sect’s strength really is greatly inferior when compared to the past, but does it need to fear the Flower Palace?

After she led those members of the Flower Palace away, she’d hurriedly rushed over. But she was still a bit too late, and she’d found out that Yang Ye had left the Sword Sect when she met him outside the hall. She’d originally intended to save the situation, but when she heard Yang Ye say that the Sword Commanding Elder didn’t acknowledge him as a disciple of the Sword Sect and intended to hand Little Yao and him over to the Flower Palace, she decided against persuading him.

Even though she wasn’t really close to Yang Ye, she had a slight understanding of Yang Ye’s temper. Perhaps he wouldn’t feel too much resentment towards the Sword Sect if the Sword Sect intended to hand him over, but the Sword Sect intended to hand his younger sister over as well, and that was no different than touching his ‘reverse scale’. Under such circumstances, it was utterly impossible for him to return to the Sword Sect.

Yu Lin didn’t mind Su Qingshi’s criticism, and he stared slightly blankly as he asked. “Qingshi, you said Yang Ye is a Talisman Master?”

Su Qingshi calmed her feelings and said, “He isn’t just a Talisman Master, he even possesses gold element Profound Energy. Moreover, he’d passed through the 22nd level of the Sword Servant Pagoda, and Uncle Pagoda agreed to allow him to enter freely into the Sword Servant Pagoda. In other words, he’s someone Uncle Pagoda cares about.”

After she finished saying all of this, she said in her heart, He’s even a monstrous genius that can control Darkbeasts!

When they heard this, it wasn’t just Yu Lin who revealed a bitter smile, even the other four middle aged men at the side did the same. At this moment, their intestines could be said to be green with regret. A young man that had comprehended Sword Intent and was a Talisman Master had been expelled by them from the Sword Sect, so how could they not feel regret?

Yu Lin shook his head bitterly and said, “Qingshi, since he’s a Talisman Master and has comprehended Sword Intent as well, then why didn’t you tell us earlier? If you told us about it, then we wouldn’t have made him feel bitterly disappointed in the Sword Sect even if we had to offend the Flower Palace!”

“What?” Shock appeared on Su Qingshi’s face as she said, “He has comprehended Sword Intent?”

“Could it be that you weren’t aware?” Yu Lin spoke with astonishment.

Su Qingshi took a deep breath, and then she turned around and walked out of the hall.

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