Chapter 914 – How Dare They!?

Almighty Sword Domain

Right when Yang Ye was about to pursue them into the mountain range, Shang Qingying’s figure obstructed his path.

Yang Ye didn’t even hesitate to swing his sword at her!

A ray of sword energy which carried 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent and slaughter intent shot out from Yang Ye’s sword, and it instantly arrived before Shang Qingying and caused her expression to change drastically. After all, how could she underestimate sword energy which carried 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent and slaughter intent? Her profound energy instantly surged into her hands, and her hands actually turned a shocking snow white color!

“Break!” Shang Qingying clawed at Yang Ye’s sword energy. An explosion resounded at the moment of impact, and then Shang Qingying was blasted backwards.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye instantly appeared in front of her, and he was about to swing his sword again. Shang Qingying was horrified and hurriedly said, “Yang Ye, wake up quickly! I’m not a wolf….” Obviously, Yang Ye had taken her to be a demon beast right now.

However, Yang Ye’s sword still descended.

Shang Qingying was blasted back once more, and blood red marks had appeared on her hands.

Yang Ye’s figure flashed explosively towards Shang Qingying again. But right when he was about to swing his sword once more, a soft voice suddenly resounded from his chest.

Yang Ye immediately stopped on the spot when he heard it.

A moment of silence ensued before Yang Ye fell backwards to the ground.

Actually, the army of wolves didn’t know that Yang Ye was on the verge of exhaustion earlier. If they’d joined forces and charged at Yang Ye earlier, then Yang Ye would have definitely been unable to resist them. Unfortunately, they were utterly terrified of him. Coupled with the fact that none of them could resist Yang Ye, they didn’t dare charge at him at all!

Yang Ye was unconscious and didn’t know that he had a new nickname from this day onwards, and it was the God of Death!

The God of Death, Ye Yang!

He’d risen to fame with just a single battle!

Of course, that was useless to Yang Ye, and he didn’t care about it at all!

Shang Qingying heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Yang Ye fall to the ground. Yang Ye’s strength was extremely formidable and coupled with the fact that he’d gone mad with the intent to slaughter, even she was prepared to flee if Yang Ye didn’t faint. Because once Yang Ye utilized the energy of the Laws, then even her life would be in danger. After all, besides a select few, there wasn’t anyone beneath the Saint Realm who didn’t fear 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent, 3rd level Heaven Rank slaughter intent, and the Laws!

“What a madman!” Shang Qingying sighed softly, and then she walked towards Yang Ye. However, she’d just arrived 3m away from him when a strand of sword energy shot towards her. Shang Qingying’s expression changed slightly, and she flashed off backwards in retreat.

“It’s protecting him! It really is Quasi Void Rank sword intent!” Shang Qingying had a solemn expression in her eyes as she gazed at the sword intent which surrounded Yang Ye. She’d suspected that Yang Ye’s sword intent wasn’t just at the 3rd level of the Heaven Rank when she saw him fight earlier. Because there were numerous occasions and especially when Yang Ye killed Half-Saints, his sword intent would suddenly become extremely terrifying. Moreover, it would actually remain there even after it killed those Half-Saints!

3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent could kill Half-Saint Realm demon beasts, but it absolutely couldn’t avoid dispersing and continue killing after it killed a Half-Saint!

At this moment, when she saw Yang Ye’s sword intent protecting him, she finally understood everything!

Yang Ye’s sword intent wasn’t at the 3rd level of the Heaven Rank, it was at the Quasi Void Rank!

Shang Qingying stood silently on the spot for a long time, and then she waved at Yu Wushuang who stood atop the city walls. The latter understood her intentions and flashed over to her. Shang Qingying pointed at Yang Ye and said, “Go over and give it a try!”

Since his sword intent automatically protected him, it represented that Yang Ye had his guard up against her. She could blast it apart because it wasn’t being controlled, so its strength was limited. However, doing so would definitely cause harm to Yang Ye, so she’d decided to let Yu Wushuang give it a try.

Yu Wushuang glanced at Yang Ye and nodded, and then she walked over to him. Sure enough, the sword intent didn’t attack her. A trace of complicated emotions flashed through Yu Wushuang eyes when she witnessed this scene because she hadn’t expected that Yang Ye actually trusted her!

Yu Wushuang carried Yang Ye up, and then she glanced at the white wolf and yellow robed man who were still nailed on the wall, “What should we do with them?”

Shang Qingying pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Just leave them there for now. He can deal with them himself once he regains consciousness!”

Yu Wushuang nodded, and then she took Yang Ye into the city.

Shang Qingying glanced at the corpses and blood which covered the ground, and then she looked up into the sky. At this moment, dawn had arrived in the sky.

The reason the wolf army had retreated wasn’t Yang Ye, nor was it the defenses of Ocean of Clouds City, it was because dawn had arrived! Their strengths would suffer a sharp decline once day arrived, so it was extremely disadvantageous for the wolf army to attack the city during the day. That was why the army had chosen to retreat.

A long time passed before Shang Qingying withdrew her gaze and spoke softly, “The war has only just begun….”

Ocean of Clouds City. Within a room.

Yang Ye laid on the bed with his arms wrapped tightly around his chest. Within the blood red clothes on his chest was the violet mink. At this moment, Yang Ye’s violet profound energy had healed around 60% of the violet mink’s external injuries, but her internal injuries were still quite severe. Because she hadn’t just suffered the physical attacks of the white wolf, she’d been bound by the yellow robed man’s mysterious black chains. Especially the black chains, the harm those chains caused her were much more severe than the harm inflicted on her by the white wolf!

It could be said that the violet mink would definitely be finished if it wasn’t for Yang Ye’s violet profound energy!

Yang Ye knew that, and that was why he went into a frenzy!

Yu Wushuang, Yu Wujiao, and Li Qingyi were by Yang Ye’s bedside. The 3 of them had taken the initiative to care for him while he was unconscious. After all, women were much more skilled at caring for others. As for Hao Shuaibo and the others, not to mention caring for others, they couldn’t even care for themselves!

“This fellow is really crazy when he’s angry….” Yu Wujiao spoke softly as she gazed at Yang Ye. She would never be able to forget the scene of Yang Ye slaughtering his way through the army of demon beasts.

Yu Wushuang’s gaze descended onto the violet mink who was resting on Yang Ye’s chest, and a long time passed before she said, “That little fellow should be his ‘reverse scale’. Touching the reverse scale of a dragon would incur its wrath and touching his would bring death! Based on my understanding of him, this isn’t the end of it.”

Yu Wujiao spoke in a low voice, “Would he really attack Welkin Wolf Mountain Range once he wakes up!?”

“It’s entirely possible!” Li Qingyi glanced at Yang Ye with a complicated gaze and said, “This fellow is a truly petty fellow, and he’s very vengeful as well. In any case, only calamity awaits those demon beasts of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range.”

“The Saints of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range will definitely target him if he continues killing like this. We must persuade him to stop!” Yu Wujiao spoke in a low voice.

Yang Ye’s combat strength was truly too terrifying. If he continued slaughtering the forces of the mountain range, then the Saints of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range would definitely be unable to sit still. Once Saints decided to target him, then it was obvious how dangerous it would be!

“Can anyone even do that?” Yu Wushuang shook his head while a trace of bitterness lingered on the corners of her mouth.

Yu Wujiao and Li Qingyi fell silent when they heard her.

Perhaps someone could persuade Yang Ye to stop, but it was absolutely not them!

“Let’s just see what happens and do as we need!” Yu Wushuang sighed softly while her gaze descended once more onto Yang Ye.

At this moment, his slaughter intent wasn’t being controlled by him anymore, so it was completely suppressed by his sword intent. Thus, his hair had returned to normal again.

While 3rd level Heaven Rank slaughter intent was formidable, it was truly inferior when compared to his Quasi Void Rank sword intent. So, his slaughter intent was no match for his sword intent while he wasn’t releasing it intentionally!

Yang Ye and the violet mink were recovering swiftly with the help of the violet energy within Yang Ye.

Around 4 hours passed before Yang Ye woke up. He was only exhausted and hadn’t suffered any heavy injuries, so he’d recovered quickly and regained consciousness before the violet mink.

As for the violet mink, she was still unconscious!

“Are… are you alright?” Yu Wushuang and the others quickly moved closed and spoke with concern when they saw him wake up.

Yang Ye glanced at them, and then shook his head before his gaze descended onto the violet mink. He placed his hand gently on the violet mink’s little head, and his eyes flickered between a blood red and clear state.

Moreover, his sword intent and slaughter intent were constantly surging out from within him in an alternating manner, and this caused Yu Wushuang, Yu Wujiao, and Li Qingyi’s expressions to change drastically as they hastily moved backwards.

Yang Ye rubbed the violet mink’s head, and then he took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed the killing intent in his heart and said, “Little Fellow, you promised me that you wouldn’t get yourself injured. You lied. I’m going to be smacking your butt when you wake up. Right, you have to take human form first. It’s your fault for breaking your promise….”

Besides boundless killing intent, Yang Ye felt extremely guilty and lucky. He naturally felt guilty because he felt that he shouldn’t have allowed the little fellow to fight on her own, and he felt fortunate because he possessed Primordial Violet Energy within his profound energy. That was why the little fellow was fine now. Otherwise, he would have to live his remaining lifetime in regret and pain!

Suddenly, Hao Shuaibo entered the room, and he was delighted when he saw Yang Ye awake, “Boss, you’re alright?”

Yang Ye nodded slightly and said, “Why are you in such a rush? Has something happened?”

Hao Shuaibo hesitated for a moment and said, “Boss… those… those fellows from the secret court took down the yellow robed man and white wolf from the city walls, and they took them away. They said that they need the yellow robed man and white wolf for something….”


A ray of red light suddenly surged out from Yang Ye, and the room was instantly blasted into pieces.

“How dare they release my prisoners!?” Yang Ye’s furious voice resounded, and then a red ray of light shot into the sky!

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