Chapter 953 – I’m Willing To Suffer Eternal Damnation If I Don’t Kill You!

Almighty Sword Domain

All of them finally recovered from their shock when Yang Ye walked out of the hall!

He left just like that?

That was the first thought that appeared in their minds.

“Seniors, allow me to bid my farewells!” Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang bowed lightly to them and hurriedly chased after Yang Ye.

“What a temper!” Instructor Zhuo grunted coldly, “Let me see if he’ll be able to leave the mountain range safely without the protection of our academy!”

“Since he resigned himself, then it just happens to be perfect to be used as an explanation for the others.” Another white robed Saint said, “At least we didn’t have to waste our energy and effort to make an excuse!”

“Does he think that our academy would beg him to stay? He’s dreaming! We’ll allow him to realize that we can still defend the city even without him! Moreover, he wouldn’t even dare to leave the city without our protection!” One of the other Saints spoke coldly.

“Spread the word that Yang Ye isn’t an instructor of our academy anymore, and Little Girl Shang will manage everything within the city!”

All of them spoke in succession, but the dean remained silent.

It didn’t take long for news of Yang Ye’s departure from the academy to spread throughout the city.

“Have all of you heard? Instructor Ye was dismissed!”

“Fuck! Really? Is there something wrong with those higher-ups of the academy? They actually dismissed Instructor Ye!?”

“Alas, I knew this would happen. Instructor Ye slaughtered the entire secret court that day, so it was impossible for that matter to just be forgotten. If he hadn’t defended the city, then he wouldn’t have just been dismissed.”

“Right, since Instructor Ye has been dismissed, then will his promises to us still be upheld? The academy wouldn’t refuse to acknowledge their debt to us once he has left, right?”

“No, the person in-charge from the academy said that everything will remain unchanged. Hmph! If they dare to change their mind, then I’ll leave right now. They can defend the city themselves!”

“Luckily, they intend to keep their word. But what happened to Instructor Ye is truly a pity. If he hadn’t led all of us into battle before this, then it would have been impossible to defend the city. The academy got rid of him as soon as he completed his job!”

“Stop that. That’s the higher-ups of the academy’s business. It has nothing to do with us. It’s fine so long as what was promised to us remains the same.”

Quite a bit of clamorous noise arose from the news that Yang Ye wasn’t an instructor of the academy any longer and had lost all of his authority. However, that was all. In the opinion of most people in the city, it was fine so long as the academy upheld the promises that Yang Ye made them.

As for Yang Ye, while many of them admired him, there were many who hated him and wished for nothing more than to see him leave. In short, it wasn’t really related to them because it didn’t harm their interests at all!

So, the city quickly became calm once more with the academy’s appeasement efforts, and no one brought up Yang Ye anymore.

Cloud Ocean Pavilion.

It was a residential pavilion that Yu Wushuang had bought. It was the place she’d bought so that Yang Ye could recover in peace that day. Only Yang Ye lived in the entire pavilion.

Yang Ye laid on a deck chair in the backyard, and his eyes were closed slightly while a faint violet glow could be seen to be coming from him. Besides that, Yu Wushuang was by his side.

Yu Wushuang who sat on the stone seat suddenly asked, “Have you really decided?”

Yang Ye opened his eyes, gazed at her, and smiled, “Is it very difficult to decide? To be honest, I’ve wasted too much of my time since I arrived here. Fortunately, I’ve obtained quite a bit of gains!” When he thought of the Sword Servants and the treasures that he’d seized from Welkin Wolf Peak, Yang Ye couldn’t help but reveal a slight smile.

“I was all out fault!” Yu Wushuang spoke softly, “You wouldn’t have killed the members of the secret court if it wasn’t for us, and now, you would definitely be the most renowned person in the academy now. Moreover, the academy would do all it could to foster and protect you. Yet now….”

“Perhaps!” Yang Ye laughed without a care in the world, “In any case, if I was given a chance to choose again, I would still kill those fellows! Right, that Saint who perished was from the academy, right?”

Yu Wushuang nodded, “It was. However, an enemy Saint is on the verge of death as well. According to Shang Qingying, a Saint of the academy chose to detonate himself upon suffering defeat, and he dragged his opponent down with him!”

“He detonated himself!” Yang Ye looked up at the sky. How terrifying would the explosion from the detonation of a Saint be?

“There are Void Spaces created by Saints high above in the sky. The Saints have to enter those Void Spaces if they intend to fight. Otherwise, they would be pursued and killed by the entire Pine Prefecture, or even the Saints of the Central Divine Prefecture!” Yu Wushuang continued, “Because the strength of Saint Realm experts is too terrifying. If they don’t enter those Void Spaces, then the entire world would be blasted apart by their strength!”

“So that’s why!” Yang Ye nodded and said, “No wonder the dean and the others would vanish whenever they fight the Saints from Welkin Wolf Mountain Range. So they entered those Void Spaces.”

Yu Wushuang said, “We’ve obtained news that Sky Divine Hall has sent a Saint to Welkin Wolf Mountain Range. Moreover, the Python Clan has sent a huge group of experts and 2 Saints as well. Looks like Welkin Wolf Mountain Range is determined to defeat the academy this time! Fortunately, the Ancient Sword School and Dao Order have agreed to lend the academy a hand, and they’ve sent a Saint each and their elites. This time, the south of Pine Prefecture is really going to fall into chaos!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “That’s none of my concern.” As he spoke, he flipped his palm, and a mirror that flickered brightly appeared in his grasp, “I’ve looked at this mirror and determined that it’s a defensive Saint Rank treasure. It can alter its size, and it’ll instantly protect your weak points once it’s activated. Moreover, it can even bounce back your opponent’s attack. It should be useful to you!” Yang Ye flicked it over to her while he spoke.

He’d obtained it from the Welkin Wolf Demon King’s treasure, of course. It wasn’t really useful to him because the Dimensional Cube’s defensive capabilities surpassed the mirror!

“A Saint Rank treasure!” Yu Wushuang possessed extensive knowledge and instantly confirmed that it was a Saint Rank treasure.

Yang Ye nodded, “I’ve tested it, and it really is not bad. Even I can’t damage it without utilizing my true trump cards! It should have other abilities, and you can slowly discover them in the future!”

“It’s too precious!” Yu Wushuang shook her head lightly and placed it in front of him. Not to mention a Saint Rank treasure, even a Dao Rank treasure was extremely precious in the Radiant Dimension. As for Saint Rank treasures, they were so precious that countless experts would go mad and risk their lives to obtain one. Just like this mirror. Even a high rank Half-Saint wouldn’t be able to harm her if she possessed that mirror, yet she was only at the Exalt Realm now!

Yang Ye suddenly grabbed her hand and squeezed down slightly, and then a droplet of blood shot out from the tip of her finger and descended onto the mirror. The mirror suddenly shook, and then it transformed into a ray of golden light that entered the center of Yu Wushuang’s forehead.

Yang Ye let go of her hand and said, “Since I gave it to you, then take it.”

She glanced at him while a slight smile curled up on the corner of her mouth, “Right, Feng Wuchao and the others are outside. Do you want to see them?”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I know what they plan to do. Tell them to just stay in the academy and don’t interfere in my business with the academy. It isn’t something they can interfere in.”

“I understand!” Yu Wushuang nodded, “Don’t worry, I’ll deal with them! What do you plan to do now?”

“Become stronger!” Yang Ye’s eyes closed slightly while the Unfettered One’s painting appeared within his mind.

The reason he’d returned the painting to the dean was because he’d gained the essence of the painting a long time ago. After he observed it for 3 days and 3 nights, he’d noticed that he couldn’t just use his eyes to observe the painting. He had to cover his eyes with sword intent. Moreover, it couldn’t be ordinary sword intent and had to be Quasi Void Rank sword intent!

Once he covered his eyes with Quasi Void Rank sword intent and observed the painting, it suddenly appeared within his mind! However, the painting in his mind wasn’t made of paper anymore. It was a landscape painting which was condensed into form with sword intent!

What effects did it have? Yang Ye still hadn’t noticed anything for now. However, he firmly believed that it was definitely extremely useful. Because the painting was condensed from true Void Rank sword intent!

True Void Rank sword intent!

The strands of sword intent from the Unfettered One which he had in the past could only be considered as Quasi Void Rank sword intent at most. However, the sword intent within the painting was true Quasi Void Rank sword intent!

He’d intended to concentrate on studying it. Unfortunately, he had no choice but to put it aside for some time because of the predicament that Wu Yanzhong and the others were in.

“Rest well. I’ll report everything that occurs in the city to you!” Yu Wushuang stood up and spoke softly when she saw that Yang Ye seemed to be busy, and she turned around and was about to leave. However, a furious howl suddenly resounded through the sky above the city — “Yang Ye! I’m willing to suffer eternal damnation if I don’t kill you!”

The voice was like a thunderclap that could be heard clearly throughout the city and the mountain range.

It was a furious howl from the Welkin Wolf Demon King!

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