Chapter 955 – You Must Be Dreaming!

Almighty Sword Domain

Leave the city!? Yang Ye’s face fell when he heard Instructor Zhuo. After all, Welkin Wolf Demon King wished for nothing more than to eat him alive now, so leaving the city was equivalent to giving his life away!

Or it should be said that the academy intended to make him give his life away!

The other 2 old men by Instructor Zhuo’s side frowned slightly. Because they hadn’t expected Instructor Zhuo to act in this way. Even though they wished for nothing more than to dig a hole and bury Yang Ye in it, they only thought about such a thing, and they had no intention of truly forcing Yang Ye to death. After all, as far as they were concerned, even though he wasn’t someone who could sit still, he’d rendered meritorious service to the city and academy.

It made them feel that Instructor Zhuo was using this matter to take revenge on Yang Ye!

One of the old men was about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly smiled and nodded, “Alright, I’ll leave right now!”

Yang Ye turned around and walked away. However, he’d merely taken 2 steps when he stopped.

Meanwhile, Instructor Zhuo ridiculed, “What? You don’t dare to leave? If you don’t, then beg me to let you stay! So long as you do, then perhaps I’ll consider allowing you to stay. Of course, it depends on whether your begging pleases me!”

Yang Ye chuckled, “Instructor Zhuo, you must be dreaming!”

Instructor Zhuo’s face fell slightly, and he said, “Is that so? Since that’s the case, then why haven’t you left?”

Yang Ye said, “I just wanted to say that the times change. Instructor Zhuo, perhaps there’ll be a day that you’ll be begging me to come back.”

“You think too highly of yourself!” Instructor Zhuo ridiculed, “Your natural talent truly isn’t bad, and your strength is extremely formidable indeed. But don’t you forget that our academy has Shangguan Yunhai. If you, Yang Ye, are compared to Shangguan Yunhai, it’s like comparing the heavens to the earth. Me, beg you to return? That’s impossible in this lifetime. Perhaps it might happen in your next lifetime!”

Yang Ye didn’t say anything. He just nodded, and then vanished into the distance.

After he left, the black robed old man on Instructor Zhuo’s right said, “Brother Zhuo, didn’t you go a little too far? Not to mention that he rendered meritorious service to our academy, how would we explain it to the Ancient Sword School?”

The old man on Instructor Zhuo’s left said, “That wasn’t a good decision!”

The reason they hadn’t said this in front of Yang Ye was naturally because they were giving face to Instructor Zhuo. Now that Yang Ye had left, they naturally spoke without holding back.

“Do you think he would really dare to leave the city?” Instructor Zhuo laughed coldly, “He offended Welkin Wolf Demon King, so Welkin Wolf Demon King would definitely be paying attention to his whereabouts at all times. He’ll definitely be annihilated if he leaves the city. He’s no fool, so he’s naturally aware of that. So, he wouldn’t dare leave the city. Even if he does, he will just go around the city gates and then return once more!”

The expressions of the other 2 old men eased up slightly when they heard him.

The black robed old man said, “That kid really does act quite lawlessly. Fortunately, this place is quite secluded, and there aren’t any powers or buildings here. Otherwise, it would truly be troublesome to deal with.”

“His bad temper really does need some correcting!” The other old man said, “But I’m quite curious how he executed such a terrifying technique? Even we would be injured if we went head on against it without fighting back! Yet he’s only at the Monarch Realm!”

The others remained silent. No matter how Instructor Zhuo didn’t like Yang Ye, he had to admit that Yang Ye’s strength and natural talent were really heaven defying!

“Shit! He really left the city!” Suddenly, the black robed old man cried out involuntarily.

The faces of Instructor Zhuo and the other old man changed slightly. They were just about to see for themselves when the black robed old man spoke once more, “How could that be possible? How did he just vanish!?”

They hurriedly stretched their consciousnesses out through the city, and everything the city appeared within their vision. Yang Ye who was standing before the city entrance had vanished as if he’d evaporated into thin air.

The 3 of them exchanged glances, and they saw shock and bewilderment in each other’s eyes.

Under normal circumstances, it was utterly impossible for Yang Ye to escape their detection, but the problem was that Yang Ye had vanished right before their eyes.

A long time passed before the black robed old man spoke abruptly, “We underestimated him!”

Instructor Zhuo spoke coldly, “He’ll come running back soon enough!”

Yang Ye shot into the mountain range upon leaving the city. With the Sword Domain to conceal his aura, even a Saint couldn’t locate him if he didn’t execute a powerful technique. The reason he entered the mountain range was because the most dangerous place was usually the safest as well. Welkin Wolf Demon King would definitely not think that he would dare to enter the mountain range at a time like this!

After he entered the mountain range, Yang Ye looked for a rock wall and carved a cave in it.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged within the cave and continued to observe the painting.

He wasn’t doing it because he was determined to attain Void Rank sword intent, and it was merely because he felt that the painting could improve his sword intent. Presently, his cultivation was at the peak of the Monarch Realm, and he could step foot into the Half-Saint Realm at any moment. Actually, he could attain the Half-Saint Realm so long as he willed it. However, he couldn’t do it right now because doing so would definitely bring down a tribulation upon him.

Allowing his tribulation to descend now would be no different than courting death. Because he would be exposed once that happened, and Welkin Wolf Demon King would probably instantly appear before him. So, he had no choice but to suppress his cultivation.

Since his cultivation couldn’t be improved, then he could only improve his sword intent!

Just like that, Yang Ye seemed like a statue which was seated cross-legged in the cave, and he gradually entered into a meditative state.

In the blink of an eye, another month passed by.

During this month, a piece of news had swept throughout the mountain range and city.

It was that Welkin Wolf Mountain Range had formed an alliance with the Steel Ape Clan!

It didn’t take long for a vast army to appear before the city.

In the City Governor’s Estate of Ocean of Clouds City.

“The Python Clan has 5 million Heaven Devouring Pythons placed at the northern gate, and every single one of them is at the Exalt Realm or above. At least 5,000 are Half-Saints while around a thousand are high rank Half-Saints. The wolf army is at the southern gate. The Wolf Clan has probably dispatched all its forces this time. Because there are over 20 million wolves in the army while over 10,000 are Half-Saints, and around 2,000 are high rank Half-Saints. As for the main gates, it’s the Steel Ape Clan that’s situated there. There are very few of them, and they only amount to less than a million forces. However, the imposing aura and strength they revealed isn’t inferior to the Python Clan and Wolf Clan at all!” Yu Wushuang spoke slowly within the hall.

The dean, the other Saints, Shang Qingying, and some of the elders were in the hall.

Shang Qingying suddenly asked, “Why are no forces attacking the eastern gate?”

Yu Wushuang answered, “That’s what I’m worried about. Logically speaking, it’s more effective to attack the city from 4 directions. However, they haven’t dispatched any forces to attack the eastern gate. That’s very unusual! Of course, I’m more worried about whether the Python Clan and Steel Ape Clan has dispatched any Saints.”

“They haven’t!” The dean answered, “At the very least, they haven’t for now. Because they are very well aware that the Dao Order and Ancient Sword School would definitely send Saints here if they did that.”

“If they don’t send Saints, then the Ancient Sword School and Dao Order won’t as well. However, our academy and Welkin Wolf Mountain Range have an equal number of Saints, so both sides are restraining each other. In other words, it’s the forces beneath the Saint Realm who will decide the outcome.” Yu Wushuang continued, “Presently, we’re completely overwhelmed if it’s in terms of forces beneath the Saint Realm!”

The dean said, “The Ancient Sword School and the Dao Order will send 20,000 experts each, and all of them will be at the Half-Saint Realm or above.”

Yu Wushuang stated, “That still isn’t enough!”

The dean continued, “The true decider of the outcome will actually be the forces at the Half-Saint Realm and above. So long as our forces at the Half-Saint Realm don’t lose to them, then we should be able to defend the city.”

Meanwhile, Shang Qingying suddenly asked, “Why aren’t they attacking the city?”

“Psychological warfare is superior!” Yu Wushuang glanced at Shang Qingying, “While their army is camped outside the city, it created a huge amount of pressure for our forces. Presently, the morale of the experts in the city is actually quite rocky. If they hadn’t been notified that the dean and the others are still in the city and that there were Saints to hold down the fort, then many might have started causing trouble and chaos!”

Yu Wushuang spoke solemnly, “Since the academy chose to make Ocean of Clouds City its subordinate city, then it should have taken full control over the city, and not allow others to develop as they please and provide its residents high levels of freedom. That wouldn’t be a problem if nothing happens, but once something did happen, then the residents of the city won’t just be of no help to the academy, they might even cause trouble for the academy.”

“That was out mistake!” The dean glanced at her and said, “If we’re able to defend the city and overcome this danger we face, then your Yu Clan will have full authority over the management of the city. Of course, from this moment onward, your Yu Clan will become a subordinate power of my academy, and my academy will naturally not stand by idly if anything happens to your Yu Clan!”

Yu Wushuang was overjoyed. After all, it was equivalent to her Yu Clan obtaining a city for free. Moreover, it was even the best and largest city in the south. So long as the Yu Clan used it well, it would bring uncountable benefits to her clan! Moreover, from this day onward, it would be equivalent to being tied together with Ocean of Clouds Academy. At that time, even a Demon King wouldn’t dare rashly attack her Yu Clan!

Yu Wushuang stood up and bowed respectfully to the Dean, “Thank you, Dean. Right, I notified my father just now. I presume he’ll be here soon!”

“What a smart little girl!” The other Saints here nodded with praise when they heard her. Besides Yu Wushuang’s ability, the academy had also made that decision because it hoped to obtain assistance from the Yu Clan’s Patriarch. If it was at any other ordinary time, then the academy would really not bother about a single Saint. Yet now, a single Saint might be able to save the academy!

However, the academy naturally couldn’t just openly ask Yu Wushuang to make her father help. After all, they still had their dignity to maintain. So, they had to use such a method.

Such a method would make outsiders think that the Yu Clan had come to seek protection and gain benefits from linking itself with the academy, and it wasn’t the academy which sought the Yu Clan’s help. Of course, all of it depended on whether Yu Wushuang could figure it out.

Obviously, she understood it well.

“Ocean of Clouds Academy’s Shangguan Yunhai, show yourself and fight me!” Suddenly, a voice resounded through the sky of the city.

The dean’s consciousness swept out, and then he instantly frowned, “It’s one of the 5 Young Demon Kings, Seng Yuan!”

The other Saints frowned as well upon hearing that.

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