Chapter 957 – Misery!

Almighty Sword Domain

Shangguan Yunhai lost?He lost just like that?

Countless human cultivators on the city walls were utterly incapable of accepting this fact. Especially the students of the academy. After all, all of them believed in him!

As far as they were concerned, the man in beast skin couldn’t be a match for Shangguan Yunhai at all. However, the facts proved that Shangguan Yunhai had lost without even being able to persist for an hour in battle!

Shangguan Yunhai’s defeat was like their beliefs crumbling down before them!

The man in beast skin walked slowly towards Shangguan Yunhai and said, “If it was all those years ago, then we would have been evenly matched and have an equal chance at victory. Yet now, I’m not the same person anymore, yet you are still the same.”


A mouthful of blood sprayed out from between Shangguan Yunhai’s lips.

Shangguan Yunhai’s countenance was pale as he gazed at the man in beast skin who was walking slowly towards him. Shangguan Yunhai’s eyes were filled with a blank expression. He’d thought about the fact that he might lose, but it would be in the Central Divine Prefecture. He was confident that no one beneath the Saint Realm could defeat him. Yet now, he’d lost to someone in the same realm of cultivation.

Moreover, he’d suffered such a crushing defeat!

At this moment, Shangguan Yunhai felt slightly lost.

As she watched the man in beast skin walk towards Shangguan Yunhai from atop the city walls, Yu Wushuang turned to look at the dean and asked, “Senior, are you not going to make a move?”

The dean and the others’ expressions changed, and a long time passed before the dean shook his head. There was a trace of bitterness in the dean’s eyes as he said, “They will act if we act. So….”

Shang Qingying suddenly said, “We’re just going to watch him die?”

The corners of their eyes twitched, and they slowly clenched their fists.

Meanwhile, the man in beast skin had arrived in front of Shangguan Yunhai. He glanced at the city, and then raised his head to look at the people on the city walls, “This is the genius of your Ocean of Cloud Academy? How weak!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he clenched his right fist tightly and smashed it down towards Shangguan Yunhai. However, an invisible force obstructed him when his fist was about to smash against Shangguan Yunhai’s head. A wisp of a cold smile arose on the corners of his mouth as he raised his head to look at the dean and the others, “What? You couldn’t help but act in the end?”

“Shang Yunxi, that’s truly a disgrace to your title of dean. You’re even interfering in the battles of the younger generation! You’re really getting from bad to worse!” A voice suddenly resounded, and then the invisible force which obstructed the man in beast skin vanished without a trace.

“Welkin Wolf Demon King!” Shang Yunxi looked up into the sky with a gloomy expression on his face.

Meanwhile, Shangguan Yunhai’s insane laughter resounded from below, “Haha! A frog in a well! Complacent! And a lack of desire to improve! I never imagined that I, Shangguan Yunhai, would make these mistakes. How sad! How truly sad!”

As his voice resounded, his stomach suddenly started expanding while strands of violent and chaotic energy instantly surged out from him and pushed the man in beast skin a few steps back.

He was detonating himself!

Everyone here had noticed Shangguan Yunhai’s intentions!

The eyelids of the man in beast skin twitched slightly, and he slowly clenched his right fist. However, he didn’t take a step back.

“Dean, I, Shangguan Yunhai, will repay you for fostering me in my next life!” As soon as his voice finished resounding, an explosion resounded from within him, and an powerful destructive force instantly surged towards the man in beast skin!

“Yunhai!” The dean’s eyes almost split apart from rage and sorrow. He’d tried to stop Shangguan Yunhai at the moment Shangguan Yunhai tried to detonate himself. However, the Welkin Wolf Demon King had stopped him. It wasn’t just the dean, even the other 5 Saints by his side had been stopped by the Saints on the other side.

The explosion created from Shangguan Yunhai’s detonation was extremely terrifying. However, since he’d controlled it before he exploded apart, the energy didn’t sweep towards the surroundings but surged completely towards the man in beast skin. The energy from the explosion formed a storm of energy that obliterated the space before it!

However, the expression on the man’s face didn’t change at all. He clenched both his fists tightly and smashed them forward!


Two energy fists flashed forward. They were like a huge explosion that caused the space before them to explode apart!


The energy fists smashed against the storm of energy, and it instantly caused a shocking explosion to resound. The space in an area of 3km around them was instantly blasted into pieces while a pitch black hole that was almost 3km in diameter appeared outside the city. However, it didn’t take long for the black hole to be repaired!

Countless people were astounded!

At this moment, they finally realize how terrifying the man’s strength was!

“Yunhai!” Shang Yunxi closed his eyes slightly while a terrifying force surged incessantly from within him, causing the space around him to be ceaselessly obliterated.

Everyone else on the city walls remained silent.

Shangguan Yunhai, once a dazzling member of the 5 top geniuses of Pine Prefecture was dead just like that. He’d even died from detonating himself! Needless to say, it was a fact that many still weren’t unable to accept. Especially the students of the academy.

Shangguan Yunhai’s death represented that only 4 geniuses remained in the prefecture, and the academy didn’t have another genius to represent it.

The man in beast skin laughed coldly as he gazed at the humans on the city walls, and then he flashed over to the city gates and smashed his fist forward.


The entire gate shook violently, and it wasn’t just the gate. Even the walls trembled violently from the impact.

Countless people on the city walls turned ghastly pale!

The man revealed a cold smile as he smashed his fist forward once more.


It didn’t take long for the city gates and even the walls to start shaking violently after suffering successive blows from the man’s fist, and it seemed like the city gates and walls would crumble at any moment!

Shang Yunxi and the other Saints had gloomy expressions on their faces. Any one of them could instantly blast the man into mush. However, the Saints amongst the enemy forces would immediately stop them if they tried to act. So, at this moment, they were the most useless amongst the people here!

Of course, Ocean of Clouds City would have been destroyed in an instant if it wasn’t for their presence.

“Strengthen the defenses on the city gates!” Meanwhile, Yu Wushuang spoke abruptly. Countless people immediately moved to the city gates and poured their profound energy into it.

The city gates were protected by a formation, and it would ceaselessly strengthen while energy was supplied to it. Moreover, it would even ceaselessly repair any damages it suffered. Of course, they were very well aware that it was only a temporary measure. If the man in beast skin wasn’t stopped, then it was only a matter of time before the city walls were destroyed, and it would definitely not take too long!

Every single punch he swung against the city gates felt like a punch that struck their hearts, and it caused their heartstrings to tense up. They could imagine how terrifying it would be once the city was breached, and then the man in beast skin and the million Steel Apes charged into the city!

“Roar!” The huge Steel Apes in the distance pounced their chests incessantly, causing muffled bangs to resound. Obviously, they were cheering him on!

“He must be stopped!” Yu Wushuang spoke solemnly, “Once the city is breached and they are allowed to charge into the city, the consequences would be inconceivable!”

“Even Yunhai died at his hands…. Can anyone in our academy even stop him?” Shang Qingying spoke softly.

All the others fell silent.

Shangguan Yunhai could be considered as the strongest expert in the younger generation of the academy, yet even he had lost to the man in beast skin. So, any other student of the academy would only be giving his or her life away by challenging the man in beast skin!

Shang Yunxi suddenly asked, “Where’s Yang Ye?”

Shang Qingying’s eyes lit up when she heard him, but it didn’t take long for her eyes to dim down once more, “While Yang Ye is strong, it’s impossible for him to be a match for that fellow!”

“No!” Shang Yunxi shook his head, “All of you underestimated him. The strength he revealed on the surface isn’t his true strength.”

Shang Qingying was slightly surprised, “Grandfather, you’re saying that he concealed his strength?”

Shang Yunxi nodded in response, “Smart people never reveal all their trump cards. Yang Ye is no fool, so he naturally wouldn’t reveal his true trump cards. Perhaps all of you aren’t aware of it, but the founding ancestor of both the Dao Order and Ancient Sword School have met him. The formed actually stopped at nothing to draw Yang Ye over to his side and resolve the enmity between Yang Ye and the Dao Order. Moreover, he even gave an inviolable order that no one from the Dao Order should try to seek revenge for Yang Ye. As for the latter, she even didn’t hesitate to lose a portion of her strength to forcefully send her soul down to our world. How could such a person be weak?”

Shang Qingying and the others’ expressions changed slightly when they heard Shang Yunxi. They hadn’t imagined that the founding ancestors of the Dao Order and Ancient Sword School actually thought so highly of Yang Ye. After all, both of them were existences who surpassed the Saint Realm! How picky were they? Yet they actually thought so highly of Yang Ye!

That itself was sufficient to prove how extraordinary Yang Ye was!

Shang Yunxi said, “Of course, Yang Ye’s current cultivation is still quite low, so it isn’t realistic to hope that he’ll be able to defeat Seng Yuan. However, if he doesn’t hold back, then it should be a problem for him to stop Seng Yuan for a few hours. So long as he stops Seng Yuan for just two hours, Lu Wan’er and Qing Daofu should be able to get here!”

The corners of Instructor Zhuo’s mouth twitched when he heard Shang Yunxi, and he had a slightly weird expression on his face.

“Where’s Yang Ye?” Shang Yunxi said, “Why is there no sign of him in the city?”

The black robed old man by Instructor Zhuo’s side said, “He’s gone!”

“Gone?” Shang Yunxi frowned, “What’s going on!?”

The black robed old man glanced at Instructor Zhuo, sighed softly, and described what had happened.

Quite some time passed before Shang Yunxi shook his head, “Brother Zhuo, that was foolish of you! Alas, you should know about that kid’s temper. Asking him to return now? Forget it! I’m better off fighting Welkin Wolf Demon King to the death!” As he spoke, his figure flashed up into the air, and it didn’t take long for loud explosions to resound through the sky.

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