Chapter 960 – Return To The Academy?

Almighty Sword Domain

After Seng Yuan charged through the city gates, the Steel Apes behind him howled and followed closely behind him.

In less than 5 breaths of time after he breached the city, almost 30,000 human cultivators had perished before Seng Yuan. He’d completely disregarded his defenses and allowed the humans’ attacks to strike him. However, all of those attacks were of no effect to him at all. Even the strongest wave of attacks had merely forced him to take around 10 steps back!

However, he wasn’t injured at all. But the human experts had a practically 100% death rate upon coming into contact with him!

In the beginning, the human experts still dared to charge forward, but it didn’t take long for no one to dare to do so anymore. If there weren’t Saints standing on the city walls, they would have even started to flee!

The Saints!

All of them shot their gazes towards Instructor Zhuo and the other Saints on the city walls!

There were 5 Saints including Instructor Zhuo standing on the city walls, and Seng Yuan would be instantly obliterated if any one of them were to act against him!

Instructor Zhuo and the others had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces.

At this moment, they thought of the scene that day when Yang Ye slaughtered the demon beasts. At that time, the Saints of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range were in a similar situation as they were in right now. Even though the Saints of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range wished for nothing more than to crush Yang Ye, the Saints of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range could only watch helplessly. Because they were holding the Saints of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range back.

Yet now, their roles were reversed. They could only watch as Seng Yuan slaughtered the humans within the city. Because the Saints of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range had locked onto them and would act immediately if they tried to interfere in the battle. At that time, they would have no choice but to enter the Void Spaces in the sky. Otherwise, they would be pursued and killed by countless Saints of Radiant Dimension!

Saints had to enter Void Spaces when they fought, and no one dared to challenge that unspoken rule of the Radiant Dimension!

Instructor Zhuo suddenly spoke, “Dispatch the Enforcement Team!”

The black robed old man by Instructor Zhuo’s side shook his head, “They won’t be able to stop him!”

Instructor Zhuo spoke solemnly, “It’s better than doing nothing!”

The black robed old man glanced at Instructor Zhuo and nodded.

In next to no time, a hundred cultivators in ink black robed arrived at the entrance to the city, and they obstructed Seng Yuan’s path.

All 100 of them were high rank Half-Saints!

Seng Yuan glanced at them, and then a cold smile arose on the corners of his mouth, “I think that all of you are the strongest defensive team beneath the Saint Realm within Ocean of Clouds Academy. Come! Let me see how weak all of you are!” As soon as he finished speaking, he swiftly stomped his right foot against the ground and shot forward explosively.


A muffled explosion resounded as one of the cultivators from the Enforcement Team was blasted around 3km back!

“Kill!” Someone shouted from amongst the team, and then all the members of the Enforcement Team shot explosively in Seng Yuan’s direction.

It didn’t take long for them to enter into combat.

Countless people immediately heaved sighs of relief when they saw that someone had finally been able to stop Seng Yuan.


But right at this moment, a figure was blasted flying and transformed into mush in midair!

It was a member of the Enforcement Team!

All of them were astounded by this scene. They focused their gazes over and noticed that a member of the Enforcement Team was losing his or her life around every 100 breaths of time. Such a scene caused the relief they just experienced to transform once more into anxiety, and it was even stronger than before!

Meanwhile, the Steel Apes had slaughtered their way into the city as well, and they were in battle with countless human cultivators. Even though the Steel Apes couldn’t compare to the humans in numbers, it was still a one sided battle that crushed the human cultivators!

Because the defenses of the Steel Apes were truly too terrifying. The human cultivators couldn’t break through the defenses of Steel Apes which were in the same realm of cultivation as them! However, the humans merely had to be struck lightly by them and would be instantly injured even if they could avoid death! Coupled with the fact that the Steel Apes were huge, it was an utter calamity for the human cultivators!

“If this continues, the Enforcement Team will be annihilated in an hour at most!” The black robed old man by Instructor Zhuo’s side spoke solemnly, “Seng Yuan’s physical defenses are just half a step away from being comparable to the defenses of a Saint. The Enforcement Team isn’t able to break through his defenses. They were bound to lose the battle even before it began!”

“Once the Enforcement Team is annihilated, then Seng Yuan’s strength would be sufficient to destroy the other 2 city gates in an instant. At that time, we’ll suffer attacks from 3 directions!” Yu Wushuang spoke solemnly, “When that happens, our city will become a city of the dead, and our academy will lose the buffer provided by Ocean of Clouds City. It would have to directly face the combined forces of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range!”

Shang Qingying spoke solemnly, “If it’s really impossible, then we have no choice but to retreat to the academy!”

Yu Wushuang shook her head, “If it were before this, then perhaps that would be possible. But now, taking just a single step back would bring down absolute destruction upon us. Moreover, as soon as we give the order to retreat, the morale of our forces would be crushed in an instant. Once that happens, we would truly be finished!”

Shang Qingying said, “Then are we supposed to watch and wait for death to arrive?”

Yu Wushuang gazed at Instructor Zhuo and the others, “Seniors, I don’t know what exactly happened between Yang Ye and all of you. But at this moment, perhaps only Yang Ye would be capable of stopping Seng Yuan. Only by stopping Seng Yuan would we be able to crush the morale and confidence of the ape army. Only by doing that would the waning morale of our forces be raised once more. Yang Ye can be considered as our only hope!”

“Even though Yang Ye is strong, he’s only at the Monarch Realm!” The black robed old man said, “I’m afraid that his strength isn’t even on par with Yunhai, so how would he stop Seng Yuan?”

“Because he has comprehended Quasi Void Rank sword intent and slaughter intent. He can break through Seng Yuan’s defenses with them!” Yu Wushuang continued, “Moreover, he’d dared to challenge the Dao Order when he was only at the Exalt Realm, and he even exchanged a blow with Qing Daofu. Seniors, ask yourselves this. Is Yang Ye’s strength really limited to what he has displayed?”

Instructor Zhuo and the others’ eyelids twitched slightly. Indeed, Yang Ye seemed to have never revealed his true strength until now. The reason they felt he was inferior to the 5 top geniuses of the prefecture was because his cultivation was only at the Monarch Realm .After all, no matter how much of a monstrous genius he was, there was a gap of a few levels of cultivation between him and the 5 top geniuses.

Moreover, the 5 top geniuses were geniuses amongst geniuses. So, as far as they and everyone else was concerned, it was utterly impossible for Yang Ye to surmount his realm of cultivation to fight them. Because the 5 top geniuses were extraordinary geniuses who could surmount their realms of cultivation to do battle. That was exactly why they’d subconsciously felt that Yang Ye was inferior to the 5 top geniuses!

But was that true? Had Yang Ye fought them? He hadn’t!

Instructor Zhuo and the others pondered deeply for a long time. In the end, the black robed old man and the other 3 Saints gazed at Instructor Zhuo. It could be said that Instructor Zhuo was the reason why Yang Ye had left the city. It was best for the cause of everything to undo it as well. So, making Yang Ye return depended on Instructor Zhuo’s attitude towards it.

Instructor Zhuo looked down the city walls. There were countless corpses there. Some were whole while some were incomplete, and there were many that had been eaten by the demon beasts. There were countless corpses like that!

Amongst them were numerous elders, guardians, and instructors of the academy!

In the end, his gaze descended upon the battlefield between the Enforcement Team and Seng Yuan. At this moment, the Enforcement Team only had around 70 members left, and their numbers were decreasing incessantly!

All of them were the true elites of the academy!

Moreover, there were numerous students amongst them as well.

The members of the Enforcement Team were elites, but they still weren’t on par with Seng Yuan. Because Seng Yuan’s strength had actually far surpassed an ordinary high rank Half-Saint. So, if this continued, then the Enforcement Team would be annihilated. However, not a single member of the Enforcement Team shrunk back, and even if one of them died, there would always be another to charge forward and replace that fallen companion of theirs!

It was heroic yet tragic!

Quite some time passed before Instructor Zhuo withdrew his gaze. He remained silent for some time before he suddenly opened his eyes. He gazed at Yu Wushuang and said, “Little Girl, send him another voice transmission!”

The other Saints by Instructor Zhuo’s side immediately revealed relieved expressions when they heard him. They knew that he’d made his decision.

Yu Wushuang glanced at Instructor Zhuo, and she heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. She knew that Instructor Zhuo had decided to make Yang Ye come back. Of course, she was very well aware that the academy would have to pay a huge price to make him come back.

The reasons he’d made such a suggestion wasn’t entirely for the sake of protecting the city and academy, it was for Yang Ye’s sake as well. She didn’t want the relationship between Yang Ye and the academy to be truly destroyed. After all, it was utterly disadvantageous to Yang Ye. Moreover, if the academy tried to make Yang Ye return now, then Yang Ye would definitely benefit greatly from it.

As for whether Yang Ye could fight Seng Yuan, she’d naturally thought about that as well. She had no knowledge of Yang Ye’s true strength, but she was confident in his ability. Perhaps Yang Ye couldn’t kill Seng Yuan but keeping Seng Yuan busy until Lu Wan’er and Qing Daofu arrived was definitely not a problem for him!

Yu Wushuang withdrew a talisman and started sending a transmission.

Around 5,000km away from the city, Yang Ye who was rushing towards the Ancient Sword School suddenly stopped moving. Because the transmission Yu Wushuang sent him this time wasn’t like the past transmissions. She’d sent him 3 transmissions in succession.

Has the city really been breached already? Yang Ye frowned slightly and waved his right hand to receive the transmission. However, he’d just done that when a mysterious strand of energy shot towards him from that point in space. Yang Ye’s expression changed drastically as he hadn’t expected something like this to occur. He was just about to counterattack, but it was too late. The energy had instantly enveloped him.

In next to no time, a wave of dizziness assaulted Yang Ye’s mind. An unknown period passed before Yang Ye’s mind cleared up slightly, and he was in an illusory pocket of space when he opened his eyes again.

Yang Ye was feeling puzzled when a voice suddenly resounded from behind him, “Stop looking around. This is an illusory pocket of space that I created. Only your divine sense has entered this place!”

Yang Ye turned around and looked towards the source of the voice. There were 5 old men standing before him, and the person standing at the front of the group was Instructor Zhuo!

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and then he revealed a brilliant smile, “So it’s Instructor Zhuo and the other Seniors. I wonder why all of you’ve brought me here?”

The black robed old man coughed, and then he revealed a smile, “Yang Ye, we’ve considered it carefully, and we noticed that allowing you to leave the academy was a huge loss to our academy. So, we’ve decided to let you return to the academy and manage the outer court.”

“Return to the academy?” Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and then he quickly shook his head, “Actually, I did some self-examination on myself after I left the academy. Seniors, all of you weren’t wrong. After all, my character really isn’t suitable for the position of instructor in the academy. Moreover, I like my freedom, dislike being tied down, and I don’t want to make it difficult for all of you as well. So, Seniors, please don’t speak about returning to the academy again. Right, please don’t mention it again!”

The faces of the black robed old man and the other Saints instantly stiffened.

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