Chapter 970 – Yu Wushuang Has Been Captured!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye had just unrolled it completely when the scroll transformed into a ray of white light that entered the center of his brows. Yang Ye’s mind felt slightly heavy, and then countless pieces of information surged into his mind.

“Death by a Thought. Where the thought can reach, so can your sword….” Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes after around an hour passed.

Only now did Yang Ye realize that the requirements to cultivate this technique was actually so harsh. Firstly, it had to be used with sword intent, so one had to possess at least Quasi Void Rank sword intent to cultivate it. Secondly, the Enlightened Sword Heart was required. Because only a pure heart towards the Sword Dao could remain without any distracting thoughts, and only then could the person’s energy, essence, spirit, and sword intent merge together!

It could be said that even if this technique were to fall into the hands of another, that person wouldn’t be able to cultivate it at all. It was even to the extent that even sword cultivators would dare not try to cultivate it unless they’d attained its requirements. After all, they would suffer from backlash if they tried to cultivate it without satisfying its requirements!

Fortunately, he satisfied all of its requirements!

After he finished reading through it, Yang Ye knew that its strength surpassed the Divine Fist of Destruction. Of course, it was because he’d attained Void Rank sword intent. If he only possessed Quasi Void Rank sword intent, then the strength of those 2 techniques would be on par. However, since he possessed Void Rank sword intent, then the strength of Death by a Thought when executed with Void Rank sword intent would definitely surpass the strength of the Divine Fist of Destruction!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and placed his gaze onto the scroll which contained Stellar Ward.

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and it transformed into a ray of light that entered the center of his brows. It didn’t take long for everything related to the technique to appear within his mind.

The Stellar Ward technique required its user to draw the Stellar Energy from outer space into the body, and then form a stellar ward. Stellar Energy was a mysterious and unfathomable force that surpassed this world, and it even transcended the Heaven Dao. Because Stellar Energy was inexhaustible in the distant and boundless starry sky.

Since time immemorial, worlds had been destroyed and spirit energy had vanished, but Stellar Energy remained eternally in the vast universe.

However, it was rare for anyone throughout the Radiant Dimension to cultivate with Stellar Energy. Because Stellar Energy was far away in outer space, so even if they wanted to cultivate it, they didn’t have a way to do so. There were some experts who occasionally created such techniques, but the might of those techniques was quite ordinary. So, as time passed, the humans of the Radiant Dimension stopped having any thoughts about Stellar Energy.

Actually, the technique, Stellar Ward, hadn’t been created by someone from the Radiant Dimension. According to the introduction within the scroll, it was obtained from outer space by a supreme expert of White Deer Academy. However, for some unknown reason, only this incomplete version had been passed down. In the beginning, White Deer Academy had treated it like a precious treasure, and countless desired to cultivate it. However, it didn’t take long for the students and experts of the academy to abandon it!

Because the Stellar Ward technique wasn’t something that humans could cultivate!

The inhabitants of the Radiant Dimension cultivated with profound energy, and not only was profound energy incapable of merging with Stellar Energy, they clashed with each other instead!

Once Stellar Energy entered the body, the consequence would be that the 2 completely different forms of energy would clash with each other. It wouldn’t be too bad if only a little Stellar Energy was absorbed, and it would merely cause some discomfort. However, if a huge amount of it was drawn down and absorbed, then those 2 types of energy might clash to the point of causing the cultivator to explode apart!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts, laughed bitterly, and shook his head, “I was tricked by those geezers!”

However, those geezers didn’t have any ill intent towards him. Because the scroll had clearly indicated the dangers that came with cultivating the technique. Obviously, they hadn’t intended to harm him, or they would have removed it.

Should I cultivate it? Or should I not? Yang Ye was quite conflicted. The effects of the Stellar Ward technique were absolutely amazing. After all, it could save his life at a critical moment, and he could even rely on it to fight Saints! Because so long as he cultivated it, then even Saints wouldn’t be able to harm him for a period of time!

But if he did cultivate it, then the slightest mishap might cripple him!

Yang Ye hesitated for a long time before he decided to give it a try in the end. Otherwise, he would truly be unwilling to give up just like that!

He acted as soon as he made the decision!

Yang Ye left the room and arrived in the mountains behind the City Governor’s Estate.

Night. The sky was filled with stars, and countless rays of starlight rained down along with the moonlight.

According to the information within the scroll, Stellar Energy didn’t just exist at night. It existed at all times, but it was more effective to cultivate at night.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged at the top of the mountain and started to absorb Stellar Energy.

Of course, he couldn’t just absorb it because he wanted to. One had to possess a special technique in order to do so. Fortunately, such a technique was provided within the Stellar Ward technique.

After 2 hours passed, specks of starlight suddenly started to gradually appear around Yang Ye, and they circled around him for a while before starting to enter his body.

Yang Ye’s expression instantly turned solemn when they entered his body!

Because according to the scroll, the moment Stellar Energy entered his body was the moment that it would clash with the profound energy within him!

Yang Ye immersed his mind into his body, and he watched as the starlight entered through his meridians. It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to watch solemnly as the starlight and his violet profound energy mixed together!


In an instant, a mouthful of blood sprayed from his mouth, and he slumped down to the ground!

As soon as those 2 types of energy came into contact with each other, they acted like fire and water, and they instantly exploded apart. If his meridians weren’t extremely tough and tenacious, just that explosion alone would have caused his entire body to explode apart!

I can’t cultivate this thing! Yang Ye decisively decided to give up on cultivating Stellar Ward. After all, it was only just the beginning, and just a little Stellar Energy had entered his body. If more had entered, then it was obvious that even if he could avoid exploding apart, it would definitely be absolute torture. At that time, it would be absolutely impossible for him to cultivate with the Stellar Energy!

However, right when he was about to give up, a strand of suction force had suddenly surged out from the tiny vortex, and then the starlight was completely absorbed into the tiny vortex!

Yang Ye was stunned!

Suddenly, the tiny vortex started to revolve, and then it poured out the starlight. However, the starlight seemed to be quite different this time.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to realize what was different about the starlight. They contained Primordial Violet Energy now!

After that, Yang Ye was overjoyed! Because he noticed that the starlight which contained Primordial Violet Energy didn’t clash with his violet profound energy when they came into contact with each other! His violet profound energy remained on one side of his meridians while the starlight occupied the other side. Both of them existed in harmony. Even if they collided with each other, they didn’t clash with each other and just swiftly split apart again!

Obviously, the tiny vortex had ‘educated’ the starlight!

Yang Ye suppressed the excitement and joy in his heart, and he started to continue absorbing Stellar Energy into his body. His goal was to absorb sufficient Stellar Energy and form a Stellar Core which could be utilized once. Once it was formed, he could use the method provided within the Stellar Ward technique to activate it at the critical moment, and the Stellar Energy within it would form a barrier of stellar energy around him.

However, because the technique was incomplete, the Stellar Energy would vanish after it left the body for some time! Actually, according to the description of the technique, he would have to suffer extreme torment while the Stellar Energy was released from within him. Because some had relied on extraordinary willpower to absorb and store Stellar Energy within themselves, but when they activated the Stellar Core and released the Stellar Energy once more, it had once again clashed with the profound energy within them. Thus, they were crippled before they could even do anything.

But that wouldn’t happen to Yang Ye! Because the Stellar Energy within him wasn’t pure Stellar Energy anymore. Since Primordial Violet Energy had merged into it, the Stellar Energy within him wouldn’t clash with his profound energy anymore!

In other words, he wouldn’t suffer from any side effects from utilizing the Stellar Ward technique!

A slight smile curled up onto the corners of his mouth as he gazed at the stars which filled the sky, and his smile gradually widened. In the end, his laughter resounded throughout the peak of the mountain!

After that, Yang Ye started to cultivate behind closed doors.

Ocean of Clouds City and Welkin Wolf Mountain Range had returned to a calm state. The Welkin Wolf Clan, Python Clan, and Steel Ape Clan didn’t launch another attack against the city, and they just stayed outside the city as if they were waiting for something.

Since the demon beasts didn’t attack, the forces of the city didn’t dare charge out as well. After all, humans truly had no advantage against demon beasts without the protection of a city!

Of course, the main reason was that humans were too selfish. If humans were as united as demon beasts were, then with the methods and intelligence of humans, the demon beasts wouldn’t be able to gain any advantage over them! Unfortunately, every single human had their own considerations, and it was utterly impossible for them to discard their selfish intentions and unite unless they faced a situation of life and death!

After the battle stopped, the first thing Yu Wushuang did was to militarize the forces of the city. Because she possessed the full support of Ocean of Clouds Academy, it wasn’t difficult to accomplish at all.

At the same time, the backup from the Ancient Sword School and Dao Order arrived in succession.

Even then, the entire city was still filled with a heavy atmosphere. Because the roars of beasts were resounding incessantly from the mountain range that surrounded the city, and the ground was trembling at all times as well.

Obviously, more and more demon beasts were arriving at Welkin Wolf Mountain Range!

A storm was arriving!

Time trickled by, and a month passed swiftly.

Yang Ye was standing silently at the center of his cultivation room, and an intent sword condensed completely out of sword intent was in his grasp. Yang Ye’s eyes were closed tightly while the tip of the intent sword was pressed against the center of his forehead, and he seemed like he was in a meditative state!

After quite some time passed, Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes, and he instantly appeared 3km away.


The space in an area of 3km around him instantly shattered into pieces, and a huge black hole appeared around him. But even though he was standing at its center, the black hole wasn’t able to come close to him at all!

There was a trace of excitement in his eyes because he’d merely utilized Quasi Void Rank sword intent just now when he executed Death by a Thought. However, its might was already on par with the Divine Fist of Destruction!

So, if he utilized Void Rank sword intent, he was confident that it was absolutely capable of killing Saints. Of course, the precondition was that the Saint didn’t fight back!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and sword intent, and the spatial rifts around him were instantly repaired.


Suddenly, a huge explosion resounded from outside the cultivation room, and then countless explosions resounded incessantly within the city!

Yang Ye frowned. Meanwhile, the door to his room was suddenly pushed open, and Shang Qingying charged into the room.

“The Saints of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range launched a surprise attack! Yu Wushuang was taken by a Saint from Sky Divine Hall….”

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