Chapter 974 – Battle With A Saint!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye appeared in front of Lu Wan’er. At this moment, he was hardly able to recognize her anymore.

Her entire body was mangled, her bones and meridians were shattered, and her aura was weak to the point it was almost unnoticeable.

Moreover, her Dantian was shattered!

Yang Ye’s head had gone blank. He knelt before Lu Wan’er and gazed at her mangled body, and then he shook his head and spoke with pain, “Hatred! I’m truly filled with hatred! I hate my own weakness!”

“That’s what it’s like to be a weakling!” Li Yun appeared not too far away from Yang Ye and spoke coldly, “Yang Ye, I’ll give you one last chance. Surrender to my Sky Divine Hall and you can live. Otherwise….”

“Otherwise my ass!” Yang Ye turned around and shouted at Li Yun. As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished on the spot, and he was in front of Li Yun when he appeared again. At the same time, the tip of his sword was stabbing straight towards the center of Li Yun’s forehead.

“You ant!” Li Yun grunted coldly when he saw Yang Ye attack. He waved his right hand, and a powerful wave of energy rippled forward and instantly blasted Yang Ye 3km away.

Li Yun was just about to attack again when he frowned a little. Because a black clothed figure had suddenly appeared here, and that black clothed figure carried Lu Wan’er on its back and was fleeing towards the city.

“Don’t even think about escaping! Die!” Li Yun roared furiously and was about to attack. However, his expression suddenly changed, and he clenched his right fist tightly and smashed it forward.

As soon as he did that, a sword was already in front of him. An explosion resounded from the point of collision, and then Li Yun took 10 steps back. Even his fist had cracked apart, and blood was seeping out from the injuries!

Death by a Thought!

That attack was naturally Yang Ye’s Death by a Thought technique. When it was executed with true Void Rank sword intent, it wasn’t just capable of resisting Li Yun’s attack, it even injured him!

If anyone else were to find out that Yang Ye had injured Li Yun with just a single attack, his name would definitely become the most dazzling throughout the prefecture because he was only a Half-Saint.

While one couldn’t say that no Half-Saint had injured a Saint throughout the history of Pine Prefecture, such incidents could absolutely be counted with a single hand!

Li Yun’s face was quite unsightly after he stopped Yang Ye’s attack with his fist. Yang Ye’s attack was so strong that even he had to treat it carefully. That was exactly why he’d completely abandoned his intention to recruit Yang Ye. After all, he could only rest at ease when such a genius was dead!

A wisp of ferocity flashed through Li Yun’s eyes, and then a terrifying aura surged out from within him.

“Die!” He roared furiously as he twisted his fist, and Yang Ye was blasted flying again. Li Yun seized the opportunity to follow up with another attack, and he smashed his fist forward from afar. A huge fist condensed out of energy smashed through space before instantly smashing against Yang Ye’s body.

Yang Ye was blasted almost 3km away. However, he was fine because he’d activated the Dimensional Cube at the critical moment, and it had obstructed most of the force within Li Yun’s attack!

“A Divine Artifact!” Li Yun’s eyes narrowed slightly while a trace of surprise flashed through them. He hadn’t expected that the green cube which had saved Yang Ye was actually a Divine Artifact. After all, Divine Artifacts were rare even in Sky Divine Hall.

“You think a Divine Artifact can save you? While it is strong, its owner is too weak. So you’ll still die in the end!” As soon as he finished speaking, a huge palm which blotted out the sky crashed down towards Yang Ye, and it instantly arrived above Yang Ye and seemed like it would smash Yang Ye into bits. Moreover, the terrifying might it carried caused the ground beneath Yang Ye to collapse and form a bottomless pit!

That was how terrifying the might of a Saint was!

A vicious expression flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he watched the palm descend, and the ancient sheath appeared in his grasp. He sheathed an intent sword within it and drew it swiftly!


40 overlapped Heavenrends tore through the sky and instantly smashed against the huge palm.

The sword energy dispersed while the huge palm just trembled violently. However, another beam of sword energy that carried 40 overlapped Heavenrends struck it just a moment later.

After the 5th beam of sword energy smashed against it, it finally exploded apart in midair.

Li Yun’s eyelids twitched when he witnessed this scene. Because he hadn’t expected that an attack he launched while taking Yang Ye seriously would have actually been destroyed by Yang Ye.

He was about to attack again when Yang Ye’s voice suddenly resounded, “Die! You old dog!”

As soon as his voice resounded, a ray of light appeared in front of Li Yun!

Death by a Thought!

Yang Ye had executed Death by a Thought again. However, Li Yun laughed coldly. Because it was quite a threat to him if he was taken by surprise, but if he’d taken precautions against it, then he could practically overlook the threat it posed. But his expression changed drastically at the exact same moment that he was about to launch another attack!

Because an invisible force had suddenly appeared around him!

The energy of a Domain!

At this moment, Li Yun’s expression had finally changed completely. While he knew that Yang Ye possessed the Sword Domain, Yang Ye hadn’t utilized it until now, so it made him forget about it. Now that Yang Ye had suddenly activated it, it had taken him by surprise. However, his reaction wasn’t slow at all, and he’d slapped his palm forward at the same moment that Yang Ye activated the Sword Domain!

However, he noticed to his shock that his hand actually felt like it weighed 500,000kgs. Moreover, Yang Ye’s Death by a Thought’s speed had suddenly multiplied. Just like that, Yang Ye’s sword stabbed against Li Yun’s chest, but it wasn’t able to move an inch further.

Yang Ye was shocked by this development, and Yang Ye noticed that Li Yun was wearing a set of golden leather armor beneath his clothes. Yang Ye’s sword had merely caused the armor to sink down slightly upon contact, but the armor wasn’t harmed at all!

It’s a Divine Artifact!

Yang Ye was about to retreat when Li Yun pressed forward and slapped his palm against Yang Ye’s chest.


Yang Ye’s figure curved forward like a bow while his figure was blasted flying!

Li Yun stretched his hand forward and clenched it as he shouted, “The World is my Prison!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure instantly collided with an invisible spatial wall, and then the space around Yang Ye actually transformed into a spatial barrier. The barrier was like a solid cage that trapped Yang Ye within it.

“Shatter!” Li Yun’s voice resounded once more, and then the spatial barriers around Yang Ye actually exploded apart. The explosion of countless spatial barriers caused a huge black vortex of space to swallow Yang Ye in an instant. A few moments passed before a huge black vortex appeared before Li Yun, and Yang Ye was gone.

A wisp of a cold smile arose onto the corners of Li Yun’s mouth as he gazed at the black hole, and he said, “Yang Ye, you really are a monstrous genius. But so what? You’re like an ant before a Saint!”

Suddenly, something unexpected occurred. A ray of dazzling light suddenly flashed from within the black hole. It was extremely swift and instantly appeared before Li Yun who was still laughing coldly.

Li Yun was astounded by this development as he’d never imagined that Yang Ye was actually still alive!

Because he’d thought that Yang Ye was dead, so he’d put down his guard completely. So, he’d truly been caught off guard by this ray of light. However, he was a Saint in the end, so his reaction wasn’t something that an ordinary cultivator could compare to.

He was just about to react, but 2 invisible forces suddenly pressed down upon him!

The Sword Domain and Void Rank sword intent!

Li Yun was horrified. He didn’t have the time to think about anything else right now because Yang Ye’s sword was less than a centimeter away from his head. Li Yun’s head slanted to the side at the last moment….


Half of Li Yun’s face and his left arm were severed from his body, and fresh blood surged out like a fountain!

Even then, Li Yun had still been able to counterattack. His foot smashed against Yang Ye’s stomach and kicked him flying.

Yang Ye forcefully stopped his figure in midair. But he didn’t attack Li Yun again. He just flashed off and vanished into the horizon.

Li Yun didn’t chase after Yang Ye. He could be said to be in a horrifying state right now. After all, he’d lost half his face while even his eye had almost been cut off. Besides that, he’d lost both his arms as well. He was a Saint, so he should have been able to regrow his limbs in an instant. However, Yang Ye had used Void Rank sword intent to sever them, so unless he had the help of external forces or treasures, it was utterly impossible for him to regrow his limbs with just the spirit energy of the world!

Li Yun wasn’t furious this time. He was just calm, extremely calm.

Since the battle between him and Yang Ye had started, he’d started by looking down upon Yang Ye, and then he took Yang Ye to be someone who could put up a fight before considering Yang Ye as someone who could actually exchange blows with him. However, he’d never been truly serious throughout the battle. Even if Yang Ye had severed one of his arms, he still hadn’t really treated the battle seriously, and he merely blamed himself for underestimating his opponent. Indeed, how could a Saint possibly treat a Half-Saint as an equally matched opponent?

That was exactly why he’d paid such a price!

“Yang Ye….” Li Yun took a deep breath while he firmly committed Yang Ye’s name to memory.

Yang Ye had returned to the city. Even though he’d gained the upper hand at the end of the battle, that was only what it seemed like on the surface. In the end, Li Yun hadn’t truly taken the fight seriously, but he didn’t have any other tricks up his sleeve. If he still refused to leave, then he would never be able to.

This battle had allowed him to understand how terrifying a Saint’s strength was. Fortunately, it wasn’t to the point of inducing despair in him!

Yang Ye discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind before sending his spiritual energy out, and then he transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot.

Cloud Ocean Pavilion.

Lu Wan’er’s mangled figure was lying on the bed within Yang Ye’s room. Yu Wushuang, Shang Qingying, and a black robed old man were standing by the bed.

The black robed old man gazed at Lu Wan’er for a long time, and then he shook his head and said, “You can start preparing her funeral.”

Yu Wushuang and Shang Qingying were horrified, and Yu Wushuang was just about to say something. However, the door was suddenly pushed open, and then Yang Ye appeared within the room.

“Get out!” Yang Ye’s gaze was on Lu Wan’er as he spoke in an indisputable tone.

The old man spoke in a low voice, “Mind your manners!”

Shang Qingying was afraid that the two of them would shed all pretenses and start fighting, so she hurriedly said, “Yang Ye, this is Senior Zhu Yuan of the Dao Order, and Senior Zhu Yuan is a Saint.” She was really afraid that Yang Ye would act impulsively, so she’d placed slight emphasis on the word ‘Saint’.

Yang Ye paid no attention to her and said, “I said get out!”

The old man was quite infuriated by this, and he spoke coldly, “I’m not going anywhere. What can you do about that?”

Yang Ye turned around to look at the old man, “How many more geniuses can the Dao Order afford to lose?”

The old man’s face instantly became unsightly when he heard Yang Ye.

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