Chapter 988 – Actually, You’re Too Weak!

Almighty Sword Domain

There were 5 powerful clans of demon beasts in the south, and they were the Welkin Wolf Clan, the Heaven Devouring Python Clan, the Steel Ape Clan, the Bear Clan, and the Snow Leopard Clan that lived in the snowy mountains all year long.

The strongest amongst these 5 clans was the Bear Clan. Especially the Earthen Bears of the Bear Clan. According to rumor, Earthen Bears that had comprehended their innate ability were comparable to the legendary Dragon Clan!

The Bear Clan resided on the Earthen Mountain Range around a million kilometers to the east of Ocean of Clouds City. It possessed almost 10 Spirit Veins, and it was the wealthiest clan of demon beasts throughout the south.

A ray of light tore through the sky, and then it descended like a shooting star into the outer area of the mountain range.

Yang Ye stood on the spot and glanced at the surroundings. He was surrounded by a dense expanse of ancient trees which towered into the sky and blotted it out.

He pondered deeply for a moment and was just about to move forward. However, the ground started to quake violently, and then a completely pitch black bear charged out from afar.

The black bear wasn’t very large, and it was only around 2 to 3 times larger than an adult. Its body was covered in a dense layer of black armor, and its claws were around 30cm long. Every single step it took caused the ground to tremble violently, and it even caused cracks to appear.

After it shot out of the forest, it didn’t stop at all and even sped up as it charged towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed as he slowly clenched his right fist!


Meanwhile, the black bear suddenly leaped up and rammed itself towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye swiftly swung his fist forward!


Yang Ye’s fist smashed against the black bear’s head, and it was instantly blasted flying like a cannonball. It flew for almost 300m before it finally crashed heavily against the ground.


The bear howled with pain, and it held its head with both paws as it started rolling incessantly on the ground.

Yang Ye walked over to the black bear, and the corners of his mouth twitched a little as he watched it roll incessantly on the ground. This fellow really acts like a child.

Yang Ye said, “Stand up!”

The bear paid no attention to him, and it just continued rolling on the ground and howling with pain.


Yang Ye suddenly stomped the ground with his right foot, and the ground quaked while countless trees in the surroundings exploded into pieces.

Yang Ye spoke coldly, “The next one will smash down on your head if you still refuse to get up!”

This time, the bear didn’t continue rolling again. It got up, took quite a few steps back, and gazed at Yang Ye with fear.

After it stopped rolling, Yang Ye finally noticed that a huge bump had swelled up on its head. At this moment, he understood that he’d struck it a little too hard. Even though it was a demon beast, it was only at the Monarch Realm. However, Yang Ye’s current physical body wasn’t inferior to Seng Yuan who was one of the 5 Young Demon Kings, let alone this black bear.

Yang Ye said, “Take me to see your king!”

The black bear’s eyes opened wide, and then it hurriedly shook its head.

Yang Ye waved his fist and said, “I’ll give you a chance to reorganize your words. Oh, I mean a chance to nod in response.”

There was horror in the bear’s eyes as it gazed at Yang Ye’s fist, and then it blinked before leaping backward with the intention of fleeing. However, Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of it, and then his fist smashed against its head.


The bear was blasted flying again.

This time, it smashed a deep hole open in the ground.

A short while passed before Yang Ye appeared in front of it again, “Take me to your king, and I won’t beat you up. Otherwise, we can continue.”

The black bear which had 2 bumps on its head now gazed fearfully at Yang Ye, and its was visibly struggling. Meanwhile, Yang Ye raised his fist again, and it caused the bear’s figure to tremble slightly before quickly nodding.

Yang Ye grinned and put his fist down, “You’re very sensible!” He immediately leaped up and descended onto the bear’s back, “I can’t fly here, so take me there. Don’t try anything or I won’t just beat you up.”

The black bear nodded extremely unwillingly, and then it started moving forward.

After walking for some time, the black bear suddenly spoke, “Human, why are you so strong?”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and then he said, “Actually, you’re too weak!”

“What nonsense!” The bear was furious. However, it had only just finished speaking when its voice grew softer because it seemed to have recalled how terrifying Yang Ye was, “My… my big sister said humans are extremely weak. She even said that I can kill a human Half-Saint with a single swing of my paw. You’re a Half-Saint, so why are you so strong?”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “I’m a little unique. Right, why did you try to ram me as soon as you saw me? Is your Bear Clan very hostile to humans?”

“Not really. I… I never intended to ram against you. I was just running too fast and wasn’t able to stop.” The black bear spoke in a slightly wronged voice.

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

After they moved forward for quite some time, Yang Ye suddenly frowned, “Why do I sense bears in the surroundings, yet they dare not come close to us?”

“Hmph! Of course they don’t!” The black bear’s voice carried a trace of complacency, “It’s because they fear me!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why?”

The bear immediately stopped when it finished speaking, “Because…. Hmm? Human, we’re here!”

Yang Ye looked up and was slightly stunned. A boundless plain stretched out before him, and a grand city that was at least 3 times larger than Ocean of Clouds City stood at the center of it!

“This is Earthen City!” The black bear continued, “They say the largest city in Pine Prefecture is Ocean of Clouds City. Hmph! Actually, Earthen City is the true largest city in the prefecture.”

“It’s huge indeed!” Yang Ye nodded, “So, can we just enter the city like this?”

“It would definitely be impossible if you were all alone!” The bear continued, “But it’s not a problem when I’m here with you. However, since I’m taking you to see the king, can you promise me something?”

Yang Ye said, “Go on!”

“Take me from Earthen Mountain Range!” There was quite a bit of excitement in the bear’s voice, “I, Xiong Baitian, intend to leave and challenge the 5 top geniuses of the human race. I’m going to challenge the other 4 Young Demon Kings as well. I, Xiong Baitian, am going to become the number one genius of the prefecture!”


Yang Ye suddenly slapped the bear on its head, and he chuckled as he scolded, “Wake up! You’ll be roasted alive if you leave like this!”

“You’re doubting my strength!?” The black bear was quite displeased, “Let me tell you that while you’re very strong, I’m extremely formidable as well. I didn’t use my trump card earlier. Even a Saint would have to fear me if I used it.”

“The world outside is very dangerous, so it’s better for you to stay here!” Yang Ye patted the bear on the head and said, “Come, take me to your king.”

The black bear hesitated for a moment and said, “Big Brother, can you go in yourself?”

Yang Ye asked, “Why?”

The black bear replied, “I snuck out from the city. I’ll definitely be punished if I return now. My older sister is horrifying when she starts beating me, and it hurts even more than your punches.”

Yang Ye chuckled, “It’s fine. I’ll help you if she hits you.”

“You… you might not be able to defeat her!” The black bear continued, “My… my older sister is really extremely strong. She’s….”

Yang Ye said, “I’ll start beating you right now if you continue talking!”

The black bear trembled, and he didn’t dare speak another word and just started running towards the city while carrying Yang Ye on his back.

However, right when they were about to enter the city, a black shadow suddenly shot down towards them from above.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. He shot into the air and smashed his fist towards the black shadow!


A huge explosion resounded as the air in the sky trembled.

Yang Ye descended to the ground and shot a glance at his fist. It had actually swelled up while a trace of seriousness appeared in Yang Ye’s eyes. He raised his head and looked over, and he saw a woman in beast skin standing there. She was a little over the age of 20, her long hair hung down loosely to her shoulders, and it seemed quite messy. She wore a beast skin tube and skirt while her legs and stomach were fully exposed.


That was the first impression she gave Yang Ye. He felt a sense of wildness coming from her!

“Big Sister!” Meanwhile, the black bear cried out with surprise, and he was about to flee. However, it was too late. The woman suddenly appeared in front of him, and then she smashed her fist against his head. The black bear howled with pain as his figure was blasted almost 3km away before finally smashing open a deep hole in the ground.

However, the woman didn’t stop there. She shot into the hole, and it didn’t take long for her to fly out while holding the black bear by his tail. After that, she swung him by the tail and smashed him against the ground!


The ground there collapsed in an instant, but that wasn’t the end of it. As soon as that was over, she kicked the black bear’s stomach, and he howled with pain as his figure was blasted flying once more.

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched as he watched this. At this moment, he felt a little pity for the black bear.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The ground shook incessantly while the black bear’s howls resounded without end.

“Big… Big Brother…. Save… save me….” Meanwhile, the black bear’s voice appeared intermittently.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment when he heard this, and then he said, “Err, Young Miss, I think that violence doesn’t solve anything. Both of you should sit down and talk about it.” After all, he’d promised Xiong Baitian that he would protect him, so Yang Ye had decided to lend him a hand.


The woman kicked Xiong Baitian on the stomach again, and he was blasted flying and crashed heavily against the ground once more.

Meanwhile, the woman didn’t follow up with another attack. She turned to look at Yang Ye instead and said, “I think that violence is the best way to resolve problems. Now, it’s your turn.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she stomped her right foot against the ground, and her figure instantly shot forward like a cannonball. She clenched her right fist in midair and smashed it down in Yang Ye’s direction.

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly because her strength had exceeded his expectations a little. So, he didn’t dare act carelessly, and his profound energy surged into his right hand before he smashed a punch forward as well!


A muffled explosion resounded, and then both of them separated. Yang Ye moved around 300m back, and every single step he took caused a deep footprint to be stamped into the ground!

As for the woman, she moved around 30m back!

“Big… Big Brother. My older sister… is one of the 5 Young Demon Kings. You… you aren’t a match for her, and not to mention her own younger brother, she would even hit herself when she flares up. Just… just flee right away….” Meanwhile, Xiong Baitian’s weak voice resounded once more.

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