Chapter: 1006

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1006 - Grade Three Shield Attack, Breakthrough, Liu-Li’s Decision

Knowing contentment should be an attitude. It was necessary to be content but one should also continue striving to be better. These two things shouldn’t contradict each other.

Qing Shui was having a random thought and began to worry again. Maybe he should talk to Liu-Li about her problem.

Huoyun Liu-Li knew she wasn’t her parents’ biological daughter. Qing Shui had first found out about it from her. However, he was told by Huoyun Liu-Li’s own foster father at the Firecloud Blacksmith Store about her relation with the Demon Gate. He had also told him that if he was capable in the future, he should bring Huoyun Liu-Li to visit the Demon Gate.

Qing Shui knew that if there was even the slightest possibility, no one would abandon their own flesh and blood. Just like his mother and Qing Qing back then. If there was even the slightest possibility, she wouldn’t have allowed Qing Qing to be taken away.

Qing Shui carried Qing Yu to look for Huoyun Liu-Li after lunch. In the room, he saw Liu-Li standing by the window as she stared blankly outside. It seemed that she didn’t even realize that Qing Shui had entered the room.


Qing Yu called out cheerfully. Huoyun Liu-Li turned around and looked at the fair skinned little lass. Feeling loved and content, she held up her daughter who came running towards her. Her mind was much clearer within a split second.

Even though she was an abandoned child by her parents, her foster parents had treated her as their own. She was as precious as the pearl in their palm to them. But ever since she discovered her identity, there was always this little bit of distance between them.

She knew that even if her birth parents had shown up, she would still be her foster parents’ daughter. This would never change. However, she would also constantly thought of her own birth parents. It wasn’t because she was missing them but she merely wanted to know why they given birth to her only to abandon her later.

Her foster parents had told her before and she had guessed it before too. They must had abandoned her because they had no alternatives. Hence, she only wanted to know the reason. Furthermore, her foster parents had also told her that her parents had probably done this out of helplessness.

Over so many years, she didn’t know what to feel either. She wished to see them. Yet at the same time, she hated them a little. Perhaps she also kind of wanted to meet them.

But she didn’t have the slightest clue except for the Jade Pendant that was hanging around her neck. Her name, Huoyun Liu-Li, was carved on it. Apart from that, there was no other clue. She could only sigh.

She was thinking about all this earlier until Qing Shui and her daughter interrupted her deep thoughts. Her heart calmed down after she saw her daughter. At the same time, she had also understood many things after she had become a mother herself.

Especially the joy in her daughter’s eyes and her clinginess when she entered the room and saw her. It made her unconsciously think of her birth parents. Could it be that they were really left with no choices? Were they still alive? Were they doing well?

All these thoughts flashed across Huoyun Liu-Li’s mind very quickly while she was playing with her daughter. Qing Shui sat next to them, smiling while watching them.

Women with daughters would become stronger. The power of motherhood was enormous, especially on their hearts. So, Qing Shui felt that it was the right time to talk to her.

“Liu-Li! There’s actually something that you should know. So, I want to know your thoughts on this.” Qing Shui smiled as he tried his best to say it in a light tone.

“What is it? There is nothing that we can’t say to each other.” Huoyun Liu-Li smiled and looked at Qing Shui.

“Do you wish to know your parents’ whereabouts or their information?” Qing Shui said while he picked up the little lass who was crawling over into his arms.

Huoyun Liu-Li couldn’t help but tremble but she didn’t speak. Only after a long pause, she sighed and said, “Since they have abandoned me, I have nothing to do with them anymore. I don’t want to break my current parents’ hearts anymore. In my heart, they are my only real parents.”

Qing Shui looked at Houyun Liu-Li. He approved of her way of thinking. Bearing a child wasn’t easy. Raising a child for so many years wasn’t any easier either. But sometimes things could be very frustrating, just like Qing Qing and his mother. If Qing Qing could never bring herself to forgive his mother, his mother would be devastated. His mother was also helpless. For the sake of Qing Clan and herself, she had to do what she had done back then. Even if she hadn’t done that, the outcome wouldn’t be any different, it could even be worse.

Therefore, Qing Shui had been working hard since he was young. He was determined to bring Qing Qing back and compensate her. He would do anything for her as long as she liked it.

“Did you know how I have found out all this?” Qing Shui smiled at her.

“Foster father told you!” Huoyun Liu-Li exclaimed in shock.

“He is a respectable man. Since he had told you all this, he has no intention of hiding anything from you. He didn’t tell you all this while because there is no point in telling you. It will only add on to your worries. He has a coarse appearance but a gentle heart. Liu-Li, you are very lucky to have met him.”

“Father treated me very well. He may be an ordinary blacksmith but he is the greatest father,” Huoyun Liu-Li said happily while thinking about it.

“That’s right. The first time I went there, he told me to bring you to look for your parents if I am capable in the future.” Qing Shui looked at Huoyun Liu-Li. He really wanted to know her opinion.

“I have no intention of acknowledging them.” Huoyun Liu-Li thought for a while before she spoke.

“What if they had no choice but to abandon you back then and are actually suffering right now?” Qing Shui asked with a smile.

Huoyun Liu-Li was taken aback as she looked at Qing Shui expressionlessly.

She had thought of many things. She had experienced a lot from some of Qing Clan’s affairs. She realized that she couldn’t calm down now after hearing Qing Shui’s words. No matter what, they were still her parents. Furthermore, this was her foster parents’ intention. They had never hidden anything from her since the beginning. It had been their wish to reunite her with them.

Besides, it wouldn’t make a difference whether they were reunited or not. She would still forever be their daughter. Just like their own flesh and blood.

“Liu-Li! I am now capable. So, think about it. Your foster father wishes for you to reunite with them. If you have made up your mind, I’ll bring you to investigate it.” Qing Shui smiled. Since it had been so many years, nobody was clear of the exact situation.

Qing Shui carried Qing Yu and walked out of the room. He wanted to give Huoyun Liu-Li some time to think. If she gave it thorough consideration, he would be supportive of her decision. If she had decided to leave things as they were and didn’t wish to know anything, then Qing Shui wouldn’t go. Either way, it would be fine as long as she was happy. However, Qing Shui had a hunch that she would go.

Besides, it wasn’t like they would be going now. It would have to wait for at least half a year later. He had come up with many possibilities. For instance, Liu-Li’s parents were members of the Demon Gate. Or perhaps the enemies of the Demon Gate…...

Since Liu-Li’s foster father had asked him to pay a visit to the Demon Gate, then there must be clues at the Demon Gate. The keepsake ought to be the jade pendant around Huoyun Liu-Li’s neck.

But going to either Demon Gate or Lion King's Ridge would require strength as a support. Qing Shui hoped that the Spirited Snake Turtle’s strength would raise a little over this period of time. In addition, his strength, formation, talisman drawing as well as his techniques had to be upgraded as well.

For strength that exceeded 10,000 stars, 10% of that strength after deducting 5,000 stars was the strength that could break the rules of Heaven and Earth. Hence, Qing Shui only had to increase his strength slightly more and he would have sufficient strength to exhibit a little more. If he increased his strength by ten stars, he would be able to exhibit an additional strength of one star.

Qing Shui’s idea was to be able to exhibit the strength of 7,000 stars, the Nine Palace Steps formation and so on, as soon as possible. He wasn’t sure if he could defeat anyone with a strength of 10,000 stars. In order for the people in the five continents to exhibit strength of 10,000 stars, they would need to have a strength of nearly 60,000 stars.

Qing Shui grew confident when he thought up to this point. He had a feeling that there shouldn’t be many people with a strength of 60,000 stars running around in the four other continents. He wouldn’t be too afraid if he came face to face with a strong opponent. He felt that the Marrow Nibbling Golden Silkworm in the Central Palace Blood Essence Pool was still his biggest trump card.

Ever since his strength had improved tremendously and especially after he had ingested the Violet Qi Pellet and Hallow Fruit, the strength of Marrow Nibbling Golden Silkworm had also developed rapidly. It had upgraded by directly swallowing Qing Shui’s blood essence. The speed had naturally became indescribably fast. The stronger Qing Shui was, the stronger his blood essence would be.

About half a year’s time would be sufficient!

Qing Shui had taught his family the Four Phases Formation and Ten Paramitas Formation. They would spare some time to practice them daily. When Qing Shui was in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he would also cultivate intensively.

The Bear Form, the Crane Form…...

The Back Connecting Fist! Qing Shui was once again cultivating intensively in Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He wasn’t sure what realm it had attained by now. Just like the Tiger Form which had long exceeded the Grand Perfection Stage.

The Back Connecting Fist was already at the Grand Perfection Stage since long ago. He had basically cleared up all the acupoints from his back to his arms. The image of the Ape King and his punching moves in the middle of Sky Penetrating Mountains kept appearing in his mind.

Qing Shui had been imitating it lately. The acupoints that he had cleared had increased his strength by quite a bit. Most importantly, those major acupoints that had been cleared had brought him benefits. The strength that had been increased would be too little if he was just relying on the clearing of the acupoints.


It was cleared!

Weiyang acupoint!

Before Qing Shui even had the time to feel happy, his Shield Attack technique had automatically activated itself. It went along the course and directly cleared up a few branches of meridians along the way.

So this worked too!

Grade Three Shield Attack!

All this while, Qing Shui had always thought that the Shield Attack technique only had two levels because it hadn’t levelled up for a very long time. Little did he expect it to be upgraded to Grade Three now. This was in fact great news.

The Shield Attack had a powerful knockback effect. There was a definite chance of knocking back an opponent. The Shield Attack symbolized justice as well. Hence, it could be used together with the Nature Energy and also the State of Immovable as Mountains. It was also immensely helpful on techniques’ breakthrough, poison immunity and so on.

Grade Three Shield Attack! Compared to Grade Two, it seemed to have raised physical strength by another 10%. That would be more than 40 stars, which was enough. Qing Shi knew that its potential effect was immense.

This could be considered a pleasant surprise. Qing Shui was very fond of the feeling when using Shield Attack. Being knocked back during a battle was also a type of sudden outburst situation. That was a time when he could seize the opportunity to kill.

The chances of knockback during grade two was very slim, so Qing Shui didn’t even take the Shield Attack seriously since it seldom occurred. Hopefully it would appear more frequently in grade three.

In the period of one month, Canghai Mingyue and Di Qing had broken through within three days of each other. Their strengths were about the same as Yiye Jiange. Qing Shui gave them the weapons he had forged.

Furthermore, Qing Shui had also forged battle armor and battle skirts during this period of time. They were made out of Golden-Back Giant Crocodile Emperor’s skin on its back and he was quite satisfied with the abilities of his forging.

Physical and magical defense increased overall defense by 50 percent. The defense could only be increased by 2,500 stars at maximum!

Battle boots, increases speed by 50 percent!

There was a restriction now!

This immediately increased the women’s initial basic defense by half, reaching to approximately 4,500 stars. The Pentacolor Rainbow Art of Forging’s most important factor was the strong materials. It should be known that only a small piece of the Golden-Back Giant Crocodile Emperor’s skin had fallen off under Qing Shui’s all out attack. This shown how strong its defense was.

Huoyun Liu-Li’s affair had also been decided. She had decided to go to the Demon Gate. The time had been set as well. They had to be prepared to go four months later. This time, it was necessary for Qing Shui to be well prepared.

In the next two years, not only did they need to go to the Demon Gate but also Lion King's Ridge and the Ancient Ruins. Then, he had to go to the other four continents to look for Di Chen…...

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