Chapter: 1017

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1017 - Healing Injury, Luo Clan, Heading for Demon Gate, Elder Zhou

"This is the youngest physician who has come. Chen`er, you guys can take your leave first. Let Mister Qing see if I can still be cured." The old man seemed to be very happy.

Ming Chen and Dai Ze both bowed and left with a puzzled look on their faces. They had initially thought that they would need to go through a long persuasion before the old man would be willing to be seen by a physician. They hadn't expected things to go so smoothly.

"Mister Qing, I find you very familiar." The old man looked at Qing Shui warmly and smiled.

Qing Shui knew that the old man might have recognized him. He wouldn't find it weird since back then, he had caused quite a huge ruckus with Demon Gate and Marionette Sect. With his cultivation level, it wouldn't be hard to recognize him.

"Sir, don't you think that you might have mistaken me for the wrong person?" Qing Shui smiled and walked over.

"Across the entire Nine Continents, there are not many who are your match at this age. How could I have made a mistake?" The old man smiled and indicated for Qing Shui to sit down.

"The damage to your meridian channels are not light." Qing Shui said casually.

"Sigh, I was too anxious back then and thus landed in this state now. Why have you come to Fair Wind City and why have you come to treat my condition?" The old man seemed to be especially curious.

"I plan to settle down in Fair Wind City and purchase a manor. I didn't expect that the manor which I took an interest in belongs to you." Qing Shui also found it quite strange, the old man and Qing Shui seemed to have an affinity of sorts.

Qing Shui didn't find it to be very surprising, since he had come across too many surprising and amazing things in this world. The old man had seen Qing Shui before and thus had found him familiar. Primarily, it was because this young man was a demonic level existence.

"Oh, that manor? I'll give it to you. If you were to settle down in Fair Wind City, it would also be a blessing for our city." The old man said happily. He wasn't trying to intentionally bootlick, but seemed to be truly happy from the bottom of his heart.

They say as people grow old they become shrewd. Qing Shui felt that this was the case for the old man before him. However, he still felt very happy and said, smilingly, "Thank you for your kind intentions. I think it'd be best to look at your condition first. If I can heal you, then it won't be too late for you to give it to me then."

"If you don't mind, you can just address me as Elder Brother," the old man smiled and said.

"Elder Brother, then I shan't stand on ceremony."

"Haha, alright, alright!" The old man smiled jubilantly.

"Younger Brother, I know that you're very capable. Can my injury be cured?" The old man asked slightly hesitantly.

"Don't worry, since I dare say this, it means that I have the confidence of curing you," Qing Shui said firmly.

The time taken for the treatment wasn't long. Qing Shui was quite good in the healing of meridian channels. He took two hours, using his Gold Needles to continue strengthening the old man's foundation. However, the latter would still need some time to quietly recuperate.


"Younger Brother, this is really too good, it's unbelievable..."

"Elder Brother, I'll go make arrangements to settle down my family."

"I'll go with you!"

The manor became Qing Clan's residence and when people from Ming Clan realized that the Qing Clan had cured their Old Ancestor, they were extremely happy. The reason Ming Clan were where they are today was all thanks to this old man.

Creating signboards and stuff like that were all done very quickly and the Qing Clan moved into this great manor. Qing Shui was also very happy to see this. In the future, this would be Qing Clan's residence in the Central Continent.

With that, settling in Central Continent was decided by Qing Shui. As it was situated in the center of the Central Continent, it was relatively convenient if they wish to travel to Greencloud Continent, Northern Sacred Lu Continent, Eastern Victory Divine Continent, and Southern Viewing Continent. Moreover, there were a few of his women in Central Continent, namely Hai Dongqing, Lady Duanmu, and Yun Duan. This was also home to Di Chen and Di Qing.

And right now, Qing Shui was having a chat with Ming Clan's old man. Since there was such a suitable person present, Qing Shui planned to ask some questions.

"Elder Brother, you're more familiar with this area, so I'll need your help to tell me some things," Qing Shui said casually.

"Oh, if you have any questions, just go ahead and ask. If I were to know them, I'll tell you in detail." Ming Xian immediately replied.

The old man's name was Ming Xian, and he was the Ming Clan's pillar, grandfather to the current head of the Ming Clan, Ming Chen. In Fair Wind City, they were considered quite a big clan, but they tended to keep a low profile.

"I'd like to know some news about Demon Gate." Qing Shui paused before saying slowly.

"Demon Gate?" Ming Xian's countenance fell.

"Mmm, what's wrong? Are you feeling troubled? Don't worry, I won't get anyone from the Ming Clan involved."

"Sigh, brother, it's not that I'm not willing to say, but I really don't know anything. Our Ming Clan isn’t even able to get a connection to that level." Ming Xian let out a sigh and said.

Qing Shui was stunned. He hadn't expected this. He had thought that the Ming Xian might know some information. However, after giving it some thought, he felt that it made sense. The difference between the two clans was huge.

"Brother, Demon Gate is extremely strong. Elder Brother doesn't know what issue you have with them, but you mustn't be reckless. You're extremely talented and sometimes, there are things that we have to learn to tolerate," Ming Xian said seriously and very sincerely.

"I understand. Oh right, Elder Brother, you should know of Demon Gate's location, right?" Qing Shui smiled and said.

"This I know. It's at the top of the Heavenly Demon Cliff," Ming Xian said. He knew that what Qing Shui wanted to do wasn't something he could stop and thus he could only offer his words of advice.

After finding out Heavenly Demon Cliff's location, Qing Shui sent Ming Xian off, informed his family, and headed out. Right now with Luan Luan and the others around, there was no need for him to worry.

This time around, he had only headed out to take a look and wasn't planning on doing anything.

The Heavenly Demon Cliff was situated on a steep mountain range in the city. Like the Sky City of the past, Demon Gate was situated on the Heavenly Demon Cliff; this was a need. Most sects and aristocratic clans would set up their headquarters on mountains, especially those with extremely strong Spiritual Qi, and it would be even better if there were Spiritual Qi underground.

Demon City!

Heavenly Demon Cliff was in Demon City which had a massive mountainous region in the central of the city. Demon Gate was situated on the Heavenly Demon Cliff in this mountain range. It was said to be the tallest and most dangerous point in this particular mountain range.

Qing Shui rode the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and flew toward Demon City. From high up in the air, he wasn't able to see many people, but the flying beasts and demonic beasts he had passed by in the air or faced would all let out a cry or even stop to let Qing Shui's Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant pass through before they continued on their way.

The cultivators on those rides would also turn pale, because strong cultivators would instantly kill some other cultivators in their way or even turn them into ashes in the blink of an eye. Qing Shui, on the other hand, wasn't one with urges to kill recklessly without a care.

Demon City was situated on the borders of the Central Continent City. Dragon Emperor Mountain, Tang Manor, Buddha Sect, and other influences also had many bases, both in Central Continent City and in the cities surrounding the Central Continent City as well.

It was to the extent that this whole area was also called Central Continent City. There were many names.

Buddha Sect had many branches, and it was rumored that the Demon Gate wasn't as big as the Buddha Sect in comparison. However, the Demon Gate's members were more on the elitist level. They weren't great in numbers, but each of them was extremely strong. Demon Gate was more inclined toward dismissing members who were inferior, unlike how Buddha Sect operated. The latter still had an immense number of external disciples in addition to the elite internal disciples they had. However, even though they appeared to be very big, only the internal disciples were truly considered to be a member of the Buddha Sect.

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant speed was very fast, and in less than half a day, Qing Shui had already arrived at Demon City using the Nine Continents Steps and the terrifying speed of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

Demon City was only about half a day's journey from Central Continent City. Right now, Qing Shui could sense the benefits of a powerful beast ride. It was also very important to have a home in Central Continent.

After arriving at Central Continent, he had yet to go visit his women here. He planned to wait until things had settled down before he went to look for them and let his family meet them as well.

Qing Shui stopped a beast carriage. Since Demon Gate was a great influential sect, no matter how well hidden they were, there should be people who were headed there. Therefore, he stopped a beast carriage and told the driver to head for Demon Gate.

"Sir, to Demon Gate please."

Qing Shui said to the man driving the beast carriage.

The man was stunned for a moment before he said, "My carriage can't reach Demon Gate. How about this, I can send you to a place where you can head for Demon Gate. What do you think?"

Qing Shui wasn't surprised by this. If he were to be heading for Buddha Sect, any random beast carriage would be able to bring him there. However, it might not be the base of the Buddha Sect.

He nodded, "Then I'll have to trouble you to do so."

Qing Shui wasn't stingy in paying the driver and very soon, it stopped before a large manor. The manor wasn't luxurious, but it was very tall and big, much more so than the surrounding buildings.

"We've arrived. This place will make arrangements for people to head to Demon Gate, but it seems to be very difficult to get through." The man pointed to the manor and said to Qing Shui.

"Thank you!"

Qing Shui looked at the signboard on the manor's entrance. The words 'Demon Gate' were written on it. He didn't know what style of writing it was in, but it was a bit similar to cursive script. Just from looking at the words alone, Qing Shui was given a feeling that they were proud and overbearing, with a faint hint of a fierce aura.

There were ten people standing at the door wearing simple cultivator clothes. When they saw Qing Shui walking up the stone steps, the young man in the lead walked up and said, "Sir, please hold on!"

The person was very polite and Qing Shui lifted his head, smiled, and looked at the young man who had stopped him.

"Sir, could I have a look at your invitation?"

Qing Shui was stunned, but he soon understood that the people who came here must receive a recommendation letter from someone familiar with Demon Gate. Strangers wouldn't be allowed entry. Qing Shui smiled and said, "I don't have an invitation, but you can go in and tell the person-in-charge that Qing Shui is here."

The reason Qing Shui said this was because he felt that he should have left a lasting impression on Demon Gate. If he were to come, they should allow him in.

"Qing Shui... Ah, you're that Qing Shui!?" The young man seemed to be especially astonished and anxious.

The young man then threw a look to the people behind him and another young man immediately ran off. The young man before Qing Shui then looked at him uneasily, "Sir, please wait a moment. I've already sent someone to inform Elder Zhou."

Very soon, an old man walked out. This should be the Elder Zhou who had been mentioned. He was only a Peak Martial Saint and his ranking was very low. However, it was considered quite good for him to be able to stay here and take charge of the people heading toward Demon Gate. With the powerful Demon Gate as his backing, no one would dare to create trouble here.

The old man had white hair and beard, and he seemed to be burdened with old age. His black clothes together with his white hair and beard made him stood out. Other than that, the old man actually looked very ordinary.

"You're Qing Shui?" The old man was a little astonished when he saw Qing Shui. Although he hadn't met him before, he had seen his portrait. It was true that this person looked like the person he had seen in the portrait.

"Do you think that there'll be someone who would dare claim to be me?" Qing Shui smiled and said.

"That's true. Oh, right. What matters do you have here today?" Elder Zhou was very puzzled. He would never have expected Qing Shui to come. It was already good that Demon Gate hadn't gone to look for him, but why was he coming to knock on their doors?

Back then Demon Gate had originally wanted to hunt down Qing Shui, but they were stopped by Mo Zitong. He wanted to defeat Qing Shui himself. This was also the reason why Qing Shui had been able to enjoy some peace. It could be said that Mo Zitong had done Qing Shui a great favor.

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