Chapter: 1030

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1030 - Evil Monk Little Fatty, Condition, Little Fatty’s Status

Although many years had passed, Qing Shui could still recognize Little Fatty very quickly. He hadn't changed a lot, but he had grown taller. Most importantly, his fats from the past had now become sturdy muscles, which were like iron.

"You're Little Fatty?!" Qing Shui looked at Little Fatty and asked. There was a hint of weirdness in his tone. To think that the Little Fatty who admired him and was a little slow would become someone with such a high level of cultivation.

"Ahh! Brother Qing Shui, you are Brother Qing Shui!" Little Fatty dashed over excitedly.

Everyone was stunned. Everything had happened too suddenly and no one knew what the situation was. To think that the Evil Monk was addressing Qing Shui as his brother...

Although Little Fatty and the Diamond Reverend were in Diamond Sect, their explosive increase in cultivation had made others address them as Evil Monk. However, Little Fatty had little experience in the outside world. He had spent his years in cultivation. Of course, he would also take part in battles and such. Evil Monk was a name which he had made for himself in those fights.

"You're really Little Fatty!" Qing Shui was still extremely astonished. He looked at the giant standing next to him and he felt especially happy as well.

He had expected that he would meet Little Fatty again one day, especially since that message left with the Qing Clan stated that Little Fatty had left with an expert from the Buddha Sect, saying that Little Fatty had an affinity with Buddha.

It seemed like that had been the case as well. Back then, Qing Shui only felt that Little Fatty was born with great strength and he hadn't expected that he would be able to have such great achievements in less than 20 years.

"Brother Qing Shui, it's really me. I'm Little Fatty! I haven't had the chance to go look for Brother Qing Shui. Qing Clan is where my home truly is!" The eyes of the gigantic Little Fatty brimmed with tears of joy when he saw Qing Shui. To him, Qing Shui and the Qing Clan were his family.

He had his Master as well, but he had always thought of the Qing Clan as his real home. He had always remembered the days he had spent back in the Qing Clan. His life was given to him by Qing Shui, who had cured him of his illness.

"You're really in Buddha Sect. Back then, I heard that you left willingly with a monk who said that you have an affinity with Buddha. It seems like your decision to leave Qing Clan back then was the correct one." Qing Shui was very happy to see that Little Fatty had reached the cultivation he had today.

"Brother Qing Shui, I'm still that Little Fatty. I'll never change. I didn't know that the opponent that we're dealing with today is Brother Qing Shui. With Little Fatty here, whoever wants to deal with Brother Qing Shui must step over my corpse!" Little Fatty didn't care about the situation and made his stance very clear.

His declaration stunned everyone once again. The Buddha Sect was very powerful and had many geniuses. However, Little Fatty could definitely be considered one of the best in Buddha Sect for his generation. A person with his talent and power might not even appear once amongst a billion people at his age. And right now, two such people had appeared together at the same time. This left everyone with an indescribable sense of bitterness, especially Diamond Reverend.

The others looked at Little Fatty and then at the Diamond Reverend.

Little Fatty's actions were traitorous and blatantly challenged the Buddha Sect's authority. The others looked at the Diamond Reverend, wondering how he would handle the situation. Little Fatty was his one and only disciple after all. He was also the one who that Diamond Reverend was the proudest of.

"Little Fatty!" The Diamond Reverend called out.

Qing Shui hadn't expected that the Diamond Reverend would also address Little Fatty like that. What he didn't know was that only Little Fatty's Master could call him that. Moreover, Little Fatty had a high level of seniority. The others would openly address him as Martial Granduncle or Martial Uncle and other things like that but behind his back, they would call him Evil Monk.

Little Fatty turned around to look at Diamond Reverend, then at Qing Shui. He fell silent for a moment before he lifted his head to look at the Diamond Reverend, "Master, back then, when I left with you, you promised me that I'd be able to leave with the Qing Clan anytime. You'd also promised me that if the Qing Clan were to be in any trouble, you'd help them out."

The Diamond Reverend was stunned. Back then, in order to get Little Fatty leave with him, he had promised him a few conditions. Out of them there were those two, ‘If Little Fatty were to want to return to the Qing Clan one day, he cannot stop him’ and ‘If the Qing Clan is in trouble, he'll have to help them’. However, he hadn't expected that the one the Buddha Sect ended up against would be the Qing Clan.

The Diamond Reverend had not paid much attention to the things happening in the outside world. Moreover, they were in Central Continent. Even if he were to hear of a young man by the name of Qing Shui, he wouldn't have expected that the person hailed from Greencloud Continent. Even if he were to come from Greencloud Continent, the Diamond Reverend hadn't expected that he would be from the Qing Clan that Little Fatty had mentioned. He knew of the Qing Clan's abilities back then. It was impossible for a young man who could kill ten people from the Elder Association to appear amidst this group.

However, it had happened and it was really that Qing Clan. He, the Diamond Reverend, had always been a man of his words. The chances of something like this happening was practically zero, but it had happened.

Hearing Little Fatty's words, Qing Shui was stunned. He hadn't expected that Little Fatty still had the Qing Clan in his heart and even came up with a few conditions that were advantageous for the Qing Clan before he left. Although Buddha Sect had never helped the Qing Clan, this was a representation of Little Fatty's feelings.

"Brother Qing Shui, before you left, you've said that Little Fatty must repay whoever treats me well, even at the risk of my life."

Little Fatty's words caused everyone to fall silent. Evil Monk's reputation in Buddha Sect was quite famous and he was a top performer amongst the younger generation. Even the other powerful youngsters in Buddha Sect were far inferior to him.

"Martial Granduncle."

At that moment, Diamond Reverend bowed to an old man who was extremely skinny.

"Hahaha, young man, you're very strong. Has anyone told you that your physique is very unique and that you have an affinity with Buddha?" The old man suddenly smiled and said something which perplexed everyone.

"Someone said that I'm suitable to be refined into the Nine Yang Marionette King, but that person was killed by me." Qing Shui smiled and looked at the old man.

The old man's expression didn't change. Of course, he knew what Qing Shui was implying. He hesitated, "Young man, you wish to take Little Fatty with you?"

Qing Shui was stunned for a moment before he broke out into a smile. He knew what the Buddha Sect was worrying about. Although they had lost ten of their Elders, it was only one from each branch. They could still afford this loss. Of course, this old man who enjoyed a very high status in Buddha Sect did not think too much of this loss either. Right now, what they were most worried about was potentially losing a great talent like Little Fatty.

"Brother Qing Shui, I had actually been missing you guys. Even if this thing hadn't happened, I would also go and look for you guys," Little Fatty said with strong determination.

"Then what about your Master?" Qing Shui smiled and asked.

"Master has been very good to me. He'll forever be my Master. I'll come and visit him when I'm free."

"Little Fatty..." The Diamond Reverend called out to Little Fatty with a complex tone.

"Little Fatty, if you were to stay in the Buddha Sect, I'll leave my position to you in the future," the skinny old man gave it some thought before he calmly said.

This caused everyone in Buddha Sect to freeze. What status did this old man hold? He was the Supreme Grand Elder in the entire Buddha Sect! Everyone, regardless of their branch, would have to call him Old Ancestor.

Just as Little Fatty was about to say something, the old man put up his hand and said, "Little Fatty, there's no need for you to hurry to reject me. This is just a position in name. You'll have to help out the Buddha Sect when it is in trouble. Of course, on other days, you can order all nine branches of the Buddha Sect without any conditions. No one in Buddha Sect will be able to restrict your freedom. You can do anything you want."

When the old man said this, he wasn't looking at Little Fatty but instead at Qing Shui. His gaze had never left Qing Shui from the beginning. Being as shrewd as he was, he could obviously tell how special Qing Shui was and how much Little Fatty listens to him.

Little Fatty didn't say anything. Many years had passed and Qing Shui also realized that Little Fatty was a lot different than before. Although he was still a little straightforward and honest, there was spiritual intelligence in his eyes.

"Sir, now that things have come down to this, let's lay out the conditions first. We'll forget about the things today, and I'll agree to your conditions on Little Fatty's behalf. However, you guys must give Huoyun Peng his freedom," Qing Shui looked at the old man and said firmly.

"Haha, we can forget about the things that had happened today. We'll just take it that we are even now that Little Fatty has agreed. If you wish to free Huoyun Peng, that it isn't impossible. If Huoyun Peng were to leave the Buddha Sect, he'll not be related to the Buddha Sect anymore and will not be considered one of us. Of course, the prerequisite is that you must defeat me." When the old man spoke, he did so very calmly.

Qing Shui wasn't stupid and knew what the old man's intentions were. If he were to lose, he'll just lose his life. Buddha Sect will retain their good reputation and Little Fatty might still stay in the sect when all was said and done. It was because Diamond Reverend had treated him very well and since so much time had passed, anything could happen. Even if he were to lose, the ending would still be good. Little Fatty was a person of his words and with his name in the Buddha Sect, the sect would not have any worries. Moreover, the old man himself would still remain as a silent supporter. If Little Fatty wasn't able to fend off the troubles, he wouldn't just watch from the sidelines. Therefore, no matter what, the old man would be the one winning.

"Haha, I promise you. But I must say this first, I won't be going easy on you. If any accidents were to happen, it wouldn't be something I can control," Qing Shui smiled and said. Nonetheless, the old man could sense a hint of coldness in his smiling eyes.

"That's a matter of course. I won't be going easy on you either!" With that, the old man flew 1,000 meters higher.

Qing Shui rode his Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and moved upward. This time around, he didn't dare to be careless. Although Qing Shui had won in the battle against Diamond Reverend, he had already used up his Area Dominance.

Right now, Qing Shui wasn't very worried. He knew that the old man specialized in spirit energy, something which Qing Shui had the least interest in. Therefore, Qing Shui stored his Violet Star Thunder God.

"Let's start!" The old man looked at Qing Shui and smiled. He then took out a five-colored cane which was only about three feet long.

What a good item!

Qing Shui exclaimed to himself. This was a cane forged from the Five-Colored Stone which seemed to be of a higher quality than the Violet Jade and meteorite. It was especially powerful in raising one's spirit energy and specialized in attacks using one's spirit energy.

There weren't many things which could increase one's spirit energy or spirit energy attacks. Therefore, the Five-Colored Stone was especially precious.

Hearing the old man's words, Qing Shui didn't say anything and threw out a Descending Heavens Talisman toward the old man!

400 stars!

Qing Shui was stunned. This would mean that this old man only had a strength of 8,000 stars. While this was a monstrous level, it seemed as if he shouldn't only be at this level.

Qing Shui guessed that his opponent probably had not used some of his martial techniques, just like Qing Shui himself.

The old man waved his short cane and a huge image appeared around him, one that was like a lion. However, it could be seen very clearly and it encompassed the old man.

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