Chapter: 1041

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1041 - The Price of Insulting Someone

After Qing Shui purchased the statue, he immediately tossed it into the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. Although this Coiled Dragon Statue wasn’t enormous, it was very heavy. He didn’t want to test it at the moment, so he decided to leave it alone, so he had something to look forward to.

He took another look around and decided that there wasn’t anything else of value, so he went upstairs once again. The few women also followed behind Qing Shui, smiling. Qing Shui was in a good mood after getting his hands on the Coiled Dragon Statue. Although he wasn’t sure yet if it was a valuable treasure, he was still very happy about it.

Qing Shui’s eyes lit up when he walked into the third floor. The room had become even narrower on this level, but the number of people here was about the same as in the second floor. The room was filled with the noise of well-dressed people bargaining. Most were cultivators, but there were also some wealthy merchants.

There were only two guards on the third floor, but both were Grade Eight Martial Kings. In Fair Wind City, a Grade Eight Martial King was considered quite decent. Besides, regardless of where they were, cultivators above Xiantian were all respected, because most of the population was made up of ordinary people.

“Tsk, tsk. So many beauties!”

Just then, a voice rang out from the stairs. Qing Shui looked towards the source of the voice, the little lass in his arms. A few young men stood at the flight of stairs. They seemed to have come from upstairs.

The person who spoke was a handsome young man who stood in the middle. He appeared to be in his thirties and had a pair of deep eyes as well as a straight and sharp nose. His eyebrows made him look very heroic. He was a very handsome man. However, he was currently ogling the few women by Qing Shui’s side, not even bothering to conceal the lusty light shining in his eyes.

Qing Shui knew that this youth was either a wealthy person or an influential figure from the way he dressed. On top of that, he had a very arrogant look on his face. He seemed very haughty and conceited, as if he stood on top of the world.

“Young Master Tai, such gorgeous beauties are rare sights. Why don’t we treat them to some wine?” The other young man beside him chuckled. He was also dressed gorgeously.

This youth was taller and more strongly built compared to the first. He had a pair of bushy eyebrows and manly facial features. He was a fine looking man that gave others the impression that he was a gentle and kind man.

Qing Shui smiled but didn’t say anything. The few women beside him didn’t even bother to spare a glance at them.

“Young Master Ding, you see that little girl? I wonder which beauty is her mother.” The young man who was addressed as Young Master Tai laughed lightly. A dim flame was already burning in his eyes. That was the flame of lust.

“Young Master Tai, you’ll get your answer if you ask. Don’t worry, your brother is aware of your interest. I won’t snatch her from you. I have my eyes on that woman who looks like a fairy in the white dress.” Young Master Ding had a very lecherous smile on his face.

Qing Shui ears were very sharp. Although they weren’t speaking really loudly, he still clearly heard it. However, he didn’t have much reaction because these people were nothing more than clowns in his eyes.

The few women didn’t make any moves because Qing Shui was there. They knew that Qing Shui would take care of this. Before Qing Shui even moved towards them, the few young men had come over instead.

“Hello, beautiful ladies. I am the fourth young lord of the City Lord Manor, Tai Kangyan. I’m interested in making friends with you. Why don’t we introduce ourselves to each other?”

Tai Kangyan talked in an overly familiar way, as if fearing that people wouldn’t know that he was one of the young lords from the City Lord Manor. He then pointed at Young Master Ding who was beside him. “This is the grandson of the Fair Wind Antiques and Paintings store, Ding Haiyang. What are your names, my beautiful ladies?”

Qing Shui’s existence was completely ignored and this greatly annoyed him. How could anyone ignore such a handsome man like himself? The few ladies appeared to not hear him as they looked at each other. “My husband, the air here is quite stale, shall we leave?” Canghai Mingyue said with a smile.

Tai Kangyan’s countenance changed at Canghai Mingyue’s remarks. All the things he had said earlier were completely disregarded by these people. No one had ever had the nerve to disregard him, Young Master Tai.

“Miss, you’re really not giving me, Young Master Tai, face?” Tai Kangyan took a step forward and blocked Canghai Mingyue’s path.

“Who do you think you are? Why do I have to give you any face?” Canghai Mingyue said in a tranquil voice. There was no emotion in her eyes.

Her gaze infuriated Tai Kangyan. He was handsome, from a good family background, and had seduced quite a few women from good clans through promises and threats. Many of them were discarded like old shoes as soon as he became bored of them.

This time the few ladies here were all peerless beauties. His eyes were especially sharp and he had been able to tell that at least two of them were married. Although their body figure was still very lady-like, he was able to tell that they were married women through their temperament.

As they said, lust could cause one to be irrational. Tai Kangyan took pleasure in loving women who had birthed a child. Now that he had met one that could definitely drive him crazy, how could he let her slip away? This was Fair Wind City. He considered himself the rule here.

“Bitch, I gave you a chance to redeem yourself but you didn’t take it!”

Canghai Mingyue lifted her hand. But then, Qing Shui reached out and grabbed her wrist. This caused Canghai Mingyue to look at Qing Shui, who was smiling, in confusion.

Even the other party and the people around them were staring at Qing Shui.

“This man is so handsome, how can he be such a scary cat? His woman has been insulted by someone else and he still doesn’t dare to say anything.”

“Yes. This woman is feisty though. Such a tragedy for her to end up with such a cowardly man.”

“Are you crazy? That’s Young Master Tai and Young Master Ding we are talking about here. Who in Fair Wind City would dare to provoke them? I think this man has a clear view of the circumstances he is in.”

“How can he still be a coward when his woman has been insulted? If it were me, I’d have killed that man long ago.”


All Qing Shui did was grab Canghai Mingyue’s hand. He hadn’t even said anything yet and he was already being looked down upon by the people around them. The voices of everyone around them were mixed up. Even if their voices weren’t too loud, he was able to hear everything clearly.

“Mingyue, hold the little lass. Remember not to let her watch this. I don’t think you should lift your hand against this guy. My heart will ache if your hand is soiled.” Qing Shui passed Qing Yun to Canghai Mingyue.


The people around them choked. What was this? They had thought that this guy was a coward earlier. It turned out that he was worried that his woman would soil her hand from delivering a slap across the faces of those people. This man really was on another level…...

Canghai Mingyue held the little lass in her arms and let her lean on her chest. The face of Young Master Tai, who was standing across them, had already turned scarlet, blue veins popping out on the side of his foreheads.

Qing Shui could tell that the man across him was a typical spoiled brat of a rich and powerful clan. He was an uncultured and incapable spoiled brat. Without his clan’s protection, he was basically nothing.

“You really don’t know what is death. If I can’t make you die today, I’ll change my surname into yours!” Tai Kangyan bellowed in rage.

“Please don’t do that. I can’t afford to be embarrassed by someone like you.” Qing Shui laughed while rolling up his sleeves.

“Finish him! Beat him to his death!”

Tai Kangyan yelled loudly at the few people beside him.

The three people behind him were all dressed like cultivators. Most importantly, the two guards on the third floor were also standing by Tai Kangyan and Ding Haiyang’s sides right now. After all, Ding Haiyang was nominally the young master of this Fair Wind Antiques and Paintings store.

The three people behind him rushed towards Qing Shui. “You’re really not watching where you’re going. You didn’t even bother to ask who exactly our Young Master Tai is in Fair Wind City!” They even shouted loudly.


As soon as the person who took the lead finished speaking, Qing Shui immediately delivered a kick. His words immediately turned into a blood-curdling scream. The two people behind him were also sent flying. Blood leaked out of the corner of their mouths, but they weren’t dead yet. Qing Shui had already gone easy on them.

He had sent a Martial King flying with just one kick. Not only that, he was also half dead. The leader among the three people who had rushed towards him was an Early Martial King. But even so, he had become half dead from that single kick. Just what was the strength of this young man?

The two people at the back were also heavily injured from the impact. Tai Kangyan and Ding Haiyang were dumbstruck by the turn of events. But soon enough, Ding Haiyang roared. “Get reinforcements! Beat him to death! How will I be able to go out again if I, Ding Haiyang, am bullied by someone else in the Fair Wind Antiques and Paintings store?!”

The two guards in the shop unsheathed their longs swords at his shout. They lunged at Qing Shui from both sides. They heard some movements from upstairs, too. Qing Shui’s figure didn’t budge even an inch at the sight of those two people with murderous intent. He immediately delivered two slaps in the air. He didn’t even have to lay a finger on the Grade Eight Martial King cultivators. Just his qi aura was more than enough to kill them.

They came and went very quickly. Just two slaps were enough to make them half-dead.

“Do you know what I hate?” Qing Shui slowly walked towards Tai Kangyan and Ding Haiyang.

The two of them were already panicking, their faces turning pale. Tai Kangyan involuntarily took a step backward. “Don’t come near me. My father is the City Lord. If you dare lay a finger on me, he won’t let you get away with it.


The sound of a slap on the face reverberated. A trail of fresh blood leaked out of the corner of his mouth.

“Is the Fair Wind City’s City Lord Manor very powerful? Trash like you would be shit if you are removed from the City Lord Manor. Tell me, what do you have to show off about? You are trying to hit on my woman and have insulted her. Do you think you can still live after that?” Qing Shui lifted his leg and kicked him.


A blood-curdling scream rang out. The fresh blood of the City Lord Manor’s Young Master Tai sprayed everywhere. Allowing a trash like this to live would only be a scourge in the future. Qing Shui turned his gaze towards Ding Haiyang next.


Just a slap to his face was enough to knock out more than half of the teeth from his mouth and send him flying.

“Don’t kill me! I’ll give you money! I’ll do whatever you want…” Ding Haiyang was really terrified right now. If Qing Shui was able to kill Tai Kangyan effortlessly, then he would be able to kill him too. He was really frightened. Even if he was dizzy from the slap, he was still aware that he could be killed at any moment now, so he got up and started begging for mercy endlessly.

Just then, about ten people came down from upstairs. Qing Shui smiled. There were also Peak Martial Saints among them. Not only that, there were two of them. Among the people who had arrived, there were old men, middle-aged men and young men.

They were led by two old men. A look of anger flashed across their eyes when they saw the few people who had been injured. However, as soon as they saw Qing Shui and the few ladies, their angry looks gradually softened up.

“Sir, the two juniors are immature. If they have offended you, I shall make an apology to you here on their behalf.” The old man was very humble and was even trembling.

It was fortunate that he had witnessed a bit of the battle with the Buddha Sect back then. The moment he saw Qing Shui, he was able to instantly recognize him. He was scared witless. Regardless of the City Lord Manor or the Ding Clan of the Fair Wind Antiques and Paintings store, they were nothing compared to the Buddha Sect.

“Old Sir, I am a person who knows my place well. The two of them were trying to snatch my women in the name of City Lord Manor and Ding Clan. Not only that, they also verbally insulted my women. Sir, how do you think they should be dealt with?” Qing Shui questioned in a calm voice.

The old man’s countenance paled. His body trembled like a leaf in the wind. “I’d smash his four limbs and also his penis before handing him to you, sir.”

The old man’s heart was dripping blood. Even so, he couldn’t afford to let these two people drag the two clans down. They must be courting death to be insulting the women of other people.

“Help, Grandpa……”

“I know my mistake. Spare me this once. Young Master Tai was the one who insulted someone, not me...”


This kind of punishment was worse than being killed. What would life be if one couldn’t move or have sexual intercourse? Ding Haiyang was shouting himself hoarse.

“Sir, spare me this once! I shall work like an ox and work like a horse to repay you!”

“Sir, spare me this once! I will give you a nice painting as a gift! You’ll definitely like it. If you don’t, you can kill me then. Please spare me this once!”

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