Chapter: 1052

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1052 - Ghost Sect. You can ask three questions

Qing Shui looked down at the golden bells on the floor, then he turned to Wen Jing and watched his expression. For the first time, there was a visible change in that man’s expression. At that moment, Wen Jing had an extremely sinister look. His previously bright lively eyes were now replaced with a menacing and ominous gaze. The man turned around and stared at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was a little surprised that the man would turn hostile so quickly but he soon understood why. The bloodcurdling aura that Wen Jing now possessed was the full blown version of what Qing Shui had faintly detected.

The golden bells not only kept the Yin Qi in this place under control, it also had another function. Right now, Qing Shui could sense the uncontrollable, erratic movements of the ‘Ghostly Qi’ within Wen Jing’s body.

Is this something related to Yin Qi?

Qing Shui was very certain that he was right. When the golden bells fell, and when all that Yin Qi pervaded the air, Wen Jing who previously presented the presence and mannerism of an upright man instantly changed. It was as if he suddenly couldn’t control his aura.

In a similar manner, the two Elders also lost all semblance of control over their aura. Similar to how blood-thirsty men enjoy the sight of fresh blood, the two Elders watched Qing Shui and his companions with a crazed unrestrained thirst.

Everything happened so quickly such that it was beyond anyone’s expectations. Apparently, the golden bells also helped the men appear as normal people. Since their strength would rise in an environment with a heavy concentration of Yin Qi, they could not stay there for too long. This was because, it would drive them mad. Once they became mad, they would do whatever they wanted, no matter how insane it was.

Rumor had it that such people usually use formations like Yin Omen Great Formation...

Wen Jing practiced a very demonic technique. It required the Yin Qi from other humans. The high concentration of Yin Qi here was the leftover from Wen Jing’s absorption sessions. To be precise, he practiced Massacre Techniques, or rather his entire organization practiced them.

Wen Jing targeted Qing Shui’s group and invited them here because he could sense that they all had very rich and complex Qi. He had already secretly informed his clan members beforehand and planned to deal with this group of people by other means rather than a straight out battle. But he did not expect that the golden bells, which formed the ward to keep the Yin Qi controlled, would fall from the ceiling. He inwardly cursed his misfortune and decided that he had to just fight them right there and then.

In fact, everyone who knew Wen Jing was well aware of his licentious nature. From the look in his pair of wicked eyes, his own people knew that the reason he chose the group was largely due to the women. But they would never point that out; they didn’t dare do so anyway.

“Brother Wen, what’s wrong? Are you possessed?” Qing Shui smiled when he saw Wen Jing’s vicious eyes.

Though the women themselves were quite powerful, they were a little taken aback by Wen Jing’s pair of demonic-looking eyes. Those eyes were filled with ruthlessness, perversion, bloodlust and insanity...

“Yes, I am indeed possessed. But you are all so unlucky because I spotted you. And oh, I just can’t resist people like all of you, “ Wen Jing looked at Qing Shui and replied calmly.

The surrounding Yin Qi spread uncontrollably throughout the entire manor. However, it did not seep out of the building as there was a sort of Spirit Sealing Formation surrounding the manor.

He had previously failed to notice it but now, looking at the few men filled with that tumultuous Ghostly Qi, he realized that they were stronger than expected. “I am going to give you a final warning. I don’t care what you intend to do but you better not provoke me. Otherwise, you won’t even have the chance to regret it.” Qing Shui maintained his smile.

There were too many villains and evil people in the world. Qing Shui had no ambition to eliminate all evils and protect peace; he never thought of fighting for the sake of justice. In the end, everyone was just trying to survive. As long as nobody provoked him, he really had no time to interfere in such matters. Anyway, considering the population of World of the Nine Continents, there was no way a person could solve all those problems even if they wanted to. If this was not happening in Northern Sacred Lu Continent, Qing Shui might consider dealing with it but currently, he just wanted to quietly resolve his own matters.

“Haha! You’re really an outsider. Don’t you know that if Ghost Sect wants to deal with you, there’s nothing you can do?” Wen Jing laughed cruelly. Wen Jing appeared vastly different right now even though his facial features had barely changed; the change was mostly attributed to his aura.

Ghost Sect. Qing Shui had never heard of them before. In Northern Sacred Lu Continent, Qing Shui only knew about Lion King's Ridge, Bei Ming Clan and Wan Clan. He knew them for other reasons, but beyond that, he really had no idea what to expect from this continent.

“Ghost Sect?” Yiye Jiange exclaimed in astonishment and gave Qing Shui a look of alarm. Qing Shui recalled that Yiye Jiange had stayed in Northern Sacred Lu Continent for some time. So, she must have heard of Ghost Sect before.

“Qing Shui, Ghost Sect is a powerful demonic sect in Northern Sacred Lu Continent. Most of the influential people in Ghost Sect have the surname Wen. This must be a branch of Ghost Sect. They are quite formidable,” said Yiye Jiange a little worriedly.

“How are they in comparison to the Guardian Clans?”

Though Qing Shui asked Yiye Jiange, he already knew the answer. He could sense that Ghost Sect was definitely stronger than Bei Ming Clan and Wan Clan. However, there was variance between the different Guardian Sects. Wan Clan could easily come down on General Manor, likewise there must be other Guardian Clans which could control Wan Clan and Bei Ming Clan.

“Ghost Sect isn’t one of the Guardian Sects and they do not care about the Guardian Clans. There are strong and weak Guardian Clans. The head of Lion King's Ridge also comes from another Guardian Clan,” Yiye Jiange shook her head and explained.

Qing Shui knew that he could not wrap up this incident without a fight. He wasn’t worried since his companions were all very powerful. Yet, his opponents seemed unconcerned with anyone whose strength was lower than three thousand stars.

How could they be so calm?

Qing Shui was a little hesitant. He could sense that all his opponents had the strength of three thousand stars. Weren’t they afraid that he could just kill them with a single blow? Qing Shui created and condensed a Primordial Flame Ball in his hands. He threw it directly at Wen Jing. He wanted to know why that man could be so arrogant.

When his Primordial Flame Ball touched Wen Jing’s body, a black halo appeared around the man’s body. The black halo also surrounded the three men and upon touching it, the Primordial Flame Ball exploded before disappearing.

The ‘shield’ was activated automatically, so Qing Shui knew that it was due to a treasure that Wen Jing possessed. It was some sort of defense-type equipment.

“Take out all the treasures that you have and I’ll leave you with an intact corpse.” The red and black capillaries in Wen Jing’s eyes were very obvious and his voice became even more menacing.

Qing Shui shook his head and looked out into the distance. He had noticed the swift moving silhouettes, of over ten people, rushing toward them.

“So, it seems that Wen Clan isn’t the head of Ghost Sect. Aren’t you afraid that the leader of Ghost Sect will punish you?” Qing Shui did not actually know which position Wen Clan held in Ghost Sect, so he wanted to find out more.

He presumed that Wen Jing would lower his guard since his clan members were rushing over to help.

“Haha! Wen Clan might not head Ghost Sect, but even the leader has to treat us properly. Even if Ghost Sect found out about what I did today, they wouldn’t say anything about it. Besides, you are from Greencloud Continent. Even if all of Greencloud Continent comes for Wen Clan, I am not even a tad bit scared, “ Wen Jing said slowly as he looked up at the ten plus people who were clearly reaching soon.

Qing Shui did not have the time to ponder over Wen Jing’s words. Right now, there were over ten men nearby. Five of them were old and the others were slightly younger. They each had an extraordinary presence but they all had the same creepy aura -- primarily due to the techniques they used.

Qing Shui commanded the women and Little Fatty to stand in formation. Little Fatty and Lin Zhanhan stood in the middle of the formation. They were standing in the position of the Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation but they did not activate it.

After seeing the additional Elders, he immediately raised his strength. He held his Big Dipper Sword and informed the rest to start activating the Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation

The first five Elders were about seventy years old, except for the old man in the center who was so old that he was like a withered tree. The creepy aura of the withered man could scare the wits out of any less courageous person.

“Haha! He has the body of the Nine Yang Spirit Medium. Jing’er, you have done well this time. Let me know what you wish for, I will grant you anything,” said the old man in the center without even turning to look behind.

Qing Shui did not react when he heard the man mention “Nine Yang Spirit Medium”. He felt that the terms Nine Yang Buddha Body, Nine Yang Marionette King and Nine Yang Golden Body all referred to the same thing -- a Nine Yang body constitution. It was just that everyone had their own variation of the term.

“Old Ancestor, please cripple the people behind that man and give them to me, your grandson,” Wen Jing said cautiously.

“You’re still young. Don’t obsess too much about women. If you are powerful, you won’t lack women. Women can cause you to become lazy, they will numb your mind, they will impede your growth and cost you your life.” The old man’s wise-sounding voice was calm and had a sort of infectious charm.

“Yes, Old Ancestor. I know. I just want to absorb the spiritual qi from their bodies,” Wen Jing lowered his head and said softly.

“Alright, I’m feeling happy today so I’ll accede to your request.” The old man shook his head and laughed before looking at Wen Jing for a brief moment.

“Old Ancestor, thank you!” Wen Jing replied delightedly.

One of the Elders besides the Old Ancestor let out a faint sigh. He saw a hint of disappointment in the Old Ancestor’s eyes and knew that Wen Jing had been eliminated as a candidate to take over as head of the clan.

Qing Shui observed them calmly the whole time, there was even a slight smile on his face. The members of Ghost Sect were all so egotistic and so overconfident, that he wanted to sigh for them.

“Young man, you are so composed and collected. This amazes me.” The Old Ancestor kept his eyes on Qing Shui. Even when he briefly glanced at Wen Jing, he did not entirely take his eyes off Qing Shui.

“Can an almost dead man ask a few questions?” Qing Shui laughed and asked.

“No, but I’ll make an exception. You can only ask me three questions. I will take that as the price for your life because I admire your calmness,” the Old Ancestor replied cheerfully.

The old man’s aura may have been creepy but he actually looked quite normal. It was just that he was insanely old.

“Then I’ll have to thank you, sir. Can you tell me who is the strongest in Wen Clan?” Qing Shui asked with a smile on his face. He did not ask if the Old Ancestor himself was the strongest as he might not get the answer he wanted, and he would have wasted a chance.

The old man hesitated for a moment, “Since you asked, I will tell you honestly. It is my uncle. He is quite old and has therefore returned from the Four Continents, for his retirement. You know about the other Four Continents, right? I don’t exactly know how powerful he is, so this is how I’ll answer!”

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