Chapter: 1056

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1056 - The formidability of Nine Palace,The end of Wen Clan,Common Origin City

With the last step, the Nine Palace logic of the Evil Spirits Dragon Trapping Formation was destroyed, along with the formation itself. The entire area was affected by the impact and the eye of the formation was utterly decimated.

Although the old man tried his best to move from his formation position, Qing Shui’s counterattack was fatal. The old man’s life was now hanging on by a thread. He was delaying his death by using his incredible strength, however, he could only live for another two more hours at most. The surrounding people in the formation were all injured and the weaker members even vomited blood.

Qing Shui fell to the ground and a stream of blood poured from the side of his mouth. Using Seven Steps Nine Palace Crush still placed a considerable strain on Qing Shui. The stronger the opponent, the greater the recoil, thus the cost for using this technique was quite high.

Qing Shui smiled at the people in front of him, his injuries were healing rapidly. The members of Wen Clan were stunned. They looked at the old man—the pillar of their clan—and then at Qing Shui. Their eyes were filled with disbelief and fear.

“How can such a powerful person exist here on the Five Continents? The heavens must be playing a prank on me…” the old man howled at the sky, unable to accept this outcome. He howled like an injured wild beast unwilling to accept its fate.

Hearing his howl, the hearts of his fellow members fell to the pits of their stomachs. This old man was a God to the entire Wen Clan. Without him, the Wen Clan would fall. Just as Wen Jing said, the Ghost Sect could not do anything to the Wen Clan because of this old man. Now that this old man and the Old Ancestor were gone, the status of Wen Clan in the Ghost Sect would take a devastating dive.

Even if there were a thousand other lesser cultivators in Wen Clan, there was no way they could defeat the man before them. Fight? With the dire situation laid out so clearly before them, they already had no motivation...

When the Buddha Aura Great Illumination Formation was deactivated, Yiye Jiange walked over to Qing Shui. When she saw the blood on the side of his mouth, her heart ached a little. She instinctively reached out and wiped it away for Qing Shui. Even though she was a pure, goddess-like woman, she did not seem to mind touching that blood.

Her face was covered by a veil, so only her beautiful, unworldly eyes could be seen. She wore a veil to avoid the people from Lion King's Ridge finding out that she was in the continent, even though it had been years seen since she last saw them. It was her beauty that caught the attention of the young master in Lion King's Ridge in the first place.

If there was news that a woman as beautiful as her was on the continent, it might alert the people in Lion King’s Ridge and cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. Money and beautiful women are always sources of temptations.

Qing Shui held her hand, while he used his other sleeve to wipe away all the blood. Almost as if she had realized something, her eyes which usually showed a nonchalant attitude towards worldly affairs turned misty. She pulled back her hand from Qing Shui. “Are you alright?” she asked gently.

Qing Shui held on to her hand which had been tainted by his blood and kissed it lightly. “I am alright. Those people are just laughable jesters.”

Yiye Jiange pulled her hand back and gave Qing Shui a slight glance of annoyance. As she noticed the other women looking at Qing Shui with adoration, she felt her face grow red but it was hidden by her veil.

Qing Shui saw his own team stepping forward, the remaining opponents were still in combative stances. Qing Shui readied himself for a massacre and rushed forward with their Seven-Headed Crystal Beast and their Six-Headed Windfire Wolf.

As a man, Qing Shui knew that he could not afford to be soft-hearted. Indecisiveness would only lead to regret and unnecessary pain. He had to kill his opponents, even if he had to harden his heart to do so.

Although there were many enemies, Qing Shui used his full strength. Furthermore, they had their powerful demonic beasts. The people from his party were also quite good at Nine Palace Steps, so they could coordinate well with him. Overall, his team could not be underestimated.

Qing Shui wanted to take this opportunity to see how his team fought together. Little Fatty was the strongest among them, besides the demonic beasts.

This was a rare battle for both parties.

The members of Wen Clan here were all slightly above 5000 stars, this was quite an incredibly strong group. In addition to that, they had their Old Ancestor and that old man to back them up. It was a fact that not many people in the Five Continents could harm them. Unfortunately, when misfortune befalls, one would die from choking on water. Young men like Qing Shui were rarer than rare in the Five Continents. However, Wen Clan had the misfortune of meeting him and even offending him.

The battle wasn’t short and during it, Qing Shui made sure that his party was safe. After all, a chance to battle all out would be a good opportunity for them to advance and even gain some breakthroughs.

The battle lasted for 30 minutes. Their demonic beasts killed almost half the enemies. Qing Shui also killed quite a lot of people. The women actually killed a few people and Qing Shui could tell that they could coordinate with each other very well. Qing Shui could feel that it was natural for them.

After the battle, dead bodies littered the ground. If other people came to know how powerful those dead men were, they would be shocked out of their wits.

These men symbolized the top of the pyramid in the Five Continents in terms of strength but they were all dead now. Qing Shui kept all the valuables they could find and burned all the dead bodies together. Then, they buried their bones.

Qing Shui placed a boulder on their burial site. He hesitated and then carved the three words: Wen Clan Graveyard!

They knew that they could not stay here any longer, they had to abandon their plans to stay for the night. Qing Shui did not have much interest in the items that the Wen Clan owned. He had already taken multiple Interspatial Silk Sachets which was where most of their loot was probably hidden instead of the clan’s storage warehouse. Despite this, there were obviously some things that may not fit in the Interspatial Silk Sachets.

They left the mansion and using their Nine Continents Steps, which could cover 400,000 li each time. After a while, Qing Shui and his group disappeared from Arctic Wolf City.

When the people from the Ghost Sect rushed over, they only found the empty, creepy mansion. There were blood stains and signs of battle. Last, but not least, there was a boulder that indicated that this place was the Wen Clan’s graveyard.

An Elder with low brows and triangular eyes stayed silent. He was completely stunned when he saw the boulder or rather a tombstone. He tried to imagine the battle scene. It was obvious to him that there was a huge fight but he had never expected this outcome. It was a hard for him to accept this.

“Who could wipe out the entire Wen Clan?” the Elder turned to ask the other men behind him.

“Sect Lord, Wen Clan has done too much over these few years, could it be that they offended some mysterious group? After all, who could truly know what kind of experts exist here in the Five Continents?” an old man replied slowly.

“I thought I’ll be bullied by that old man from the Wen Clan for a few more years. Who could’ve guessed that old man wouldn’t be able to retire peacefully after coming back from the Four Continents. Such a joke…” the old man continued, still unable to believe what had happened.

“That is the end of Wen Clan. But I am curious about the culprits. I wonder where they are from, how can they just disappear without a trace?”


Common Origin City.

After four Nine Continents Steps, they reached Common Origin City. Compared to Arctic Wolf City, this was a very normal city. It was underdeveloped in many areas. Different places and different cities displayed different levels of wealth and prosperity. As Qing Shui had been to many different cities, he naturally had a benchmark for this.

Wen Clan had made Qing Shui slightly cautious. Buddha Sect and Demon Gate were slightly weaker than them. This was mainly because Buddha Sect and Demon Gate were on bad terms with people from the Four Continents. If Wen Clan did not have the backing of the old man, it had about the same influence as Buddha Sect and Demon Gate. There was still a limit to how powerful a clan could be.

It seemed that if a clan was powerful in the Four Continents, it was advantageous to their branch in the Five Continents. Just like in the Wen Clan, they could still go back to the Five Continent to lead a leisurely life. However, this was a rare case. The branches in the Four Continents would usually lose contact with their clans or sect in the Five Continents as they established themselves in a new environment and community. Most of the time, their connection would only be in name. Perhaps, only if a person was originally from Five Continents and reminisced their time here would they actually move back to the Five Continents after some years.

Thus, people from the Four Continents would not interfere directly with the people in the Five Continents unless the person of interest travels to the Four Continents. After a few generations, the descendants of brothers do not really have much of a relationship anyway.

Qing Shui was certain that there was no need for him to worry about that sort of possible scenario. Even if the people from the Four Continents wanted to travel to the Five Continents, it would still take them a couple of years. After a few years, relationships would grow weak, thus motivations would also dwindle. Even without the restrictions in place, no one would waste ten years to travel back to the Five Continent for revenge. Besides, if those people couldn’t last in the Four Continents, Qing Shui was sure he could handle them.

Once Qing Shui realized this, he felt very relaxed. He felt his burdened heart and body lighten. They found an inn and stayed there soon after. This time around, everything went well.

Since he had already used up the quota for his Nine Continents Step, Qing Shui decided to go back to his room to cultivate. He had quite a few enlightenments today so he wanted to quickly examine them.

Qing Shui went into his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He did not have to fear that he would run out of time once he entered his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He only needed to use six hours of his time in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, so it was comparatively less taxing for him than before he had that realm.

If one wished to be the best man, they must be prepared to suffer the bitterest of the bitter. Behind every genius was an unspeakable loneliness, when everyone was enjoying life with laughter and women, they were busy practicing. They spend most of their time practicing their art. Instead of seeing the glorious front that they presented to everyone, one had to consider the effort and hard work that they put in, which was not something that just anyone could bear.

Even if Qing Shui had his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he worked very hard. In the morning, they traveled and at night he practiced his martial arts. Even the attractive women around him did not distract him, that was how resolute he was.

After entering the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he looked at the pile of Interspatial Silk Sachet on the ground. These Interspatial Silk Sachets belonged to those powerful men, so there must be many good items in them. Kill and steal. That was the fastest way to make money thus many people risked potential dangers to do that.

Qing Shui actually wanted his group to just distribute the Interspatial Silk Sachets amongst themselves but they wanted Qing Shui to choose the items he wanted first, so they returned the sachets to him. In the end, he kept the sachets, planning to see how he could distribute it back to them.

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