Chapter: 1058

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1058 - A fated reunion, Her brother, Yiye Tian


In a moment of carelessness, the Fire Leopard’s abdomen which was one of its weak spots, was scratched by the Armored Mountain Boars’ tusk. As a Xiantian demonic beast, the Fire Leopard might be way more powerful than the Late Huotian Armored Mountain Boars, however, the Armored Mountain Boars had a very high defence so their bodies were as hard as rocks.

At that moment, the boy viciously thrust his iron-bamboo bo staff into the Fire Leopard’s left eye and directly into its brain. Despite how powerful it was, the Fire Leopard only was the size of a cow. Most demonic beasts wouldn’t survive having a staff pierced through their brain. Likewise, the Fire Leopard quickly died from the injury. After all, it was only a single headed creature. The boy had a muscular and well-proportioned body for his age. He didn’t treat the affair like it was anything out of the ordinary, so it was obvious that this was not his first time doing this.

The boy had only noticed Qing Shui and his group at that moment. Once he saw them, he was visibly startled. He could tell from their clothes that the group of people before him were not from his village. He gave Qing Shui and the others a puzzled look.

Yiye Jiange and Luan Luan walked forward and removed their veils. A brief moment of delight appeared in the boy’s eyes but he quickly hid it. “What’s the matter?”

Qing Shui could sense that this boy was mature for his age. The boy’s eyes were clear but vigilant as he asked the question in a calm tone.

“Hi, can you tell me your name?” Luan Luan smiled.

“I am Ye Tong!” the boy replied after some hesitation.

Yiye Jiange and Luan Luan were stunned for a moment but they quickly regained their normal composure. His surname was Ye and not Yiye. Of course, it is possible that his surname had been changed, though people don’t usually do that. Unless it concerned life and death, one wouldn’t change their surname. It was a disgrace to do that and could even be considered as the worst form of submission to fate just to survive.

Luan Luan could sense a special aura from the boy. She felt an incredible connection to him, an immense feeling that made her certain that the two of them were related. She couldn’t help but to tremble with emotions as her eyes began to turn misty.

Qing Shui could tell that there was something odd going on. He knew the backstory as Yiye Jiange told him about Luan Luan and herself, however, Luan Luan was not that clear about the past because she was still very young then.

Qing Shui also began to feel very emotional, he hoped that what they had expected was true. If so, Luan Luan’s heart would be complete. After he talked to Luan Luan, they still maintained their father and daughter relationship but it was no longer like when she was young. Furthermore, Qing Shui was usually away. If she could find her real parents, she would be healed. Even if bones were broken, they could still be held together by sinews. This was also the wondrous power of familial ties.

When the boy saw Yiye Jiange and Luan Luan’s expression, he had a strong feeling that they looked very familiar but he knew that this was the first time he met them. Suddenly, he felt that the two women looked a little like his father, one of them also looked like his mother. Something suddenly struck him. He remembered a conversation between his parents that he had overheard once. It was about how old a girl was...

“We have to pass through here to get to our destination. What about you? Do you live here?” Yiye Jiange asked with a faint smile. Due to the Qi in the World of the Nine Continents, people matured and grew up very fast and healthily. Thus, even though the boy was only about eleven or twelve, he was already quite tall.

“Yes, I lived here since I was young.” the boy replied honestly, feeling no ill intent from the woman.

“Are you the only child?” Yiye Jiange looked up at the village ahead.

“Yes. Where are you from? We rarely have visitors here.” The boy said with a grin.

Qing Shui could still see a hint of caution hidden behind the boy’s eyes even now. Qing Shui was secretly quite impressed. He could tell that the boy was quite gifted. This was rare in mountain villages like this and usually meant that the person’s parent may be from another place.

“We have traveled for some time to get here. Is it possible to visit your home?” Luan Luan probed.

The boy hesitated as if he wanted to say something. He scanned the people in the group with some excitement in his eyes. Seeing that Luan Luan looked like his parents, he had a good impression of her even without any rational reason.

“Don’t worry, we don’t mean any harm. I just feel that you look a little like us. We have lost a few relatives, so we just felt that you could be related to us.” Yiye Jiange explained gently.

The boy was still hesitant!

Luan Luan summoned her own Six-Headed Windfire Wolf and laughed, “Don’t worry. We really have no ill intent. I mean if we really want to hurt you, do you think you can do anything against it?”

“Lass, don’t scare him.” Yiye Jiange quickly added.

The boy was shocked when he saw the demonic beast but he still nodded. “Let’s go. Just as she said, you could easily see my parents if you held me hostage and went to the village.”

After he said that, he led the way with his three Armored Mountain Boars while he dragged the Fire Leopard along.

“Oh, did you tame those three Armored Mountain Boars?” Luan Luan exclaimed with some surprise. She started a conversation with the boy as they had nothing else to do while they headed towards the village.

“Yes. They helped me out a lot. If I were to fight with that Fire Leopard myself, it will be tiring. With them, it is so much easier.” Ye Tong was exceptionally happy when he spoke about his Armored Mountain Boars.

Ye Tong’s house was right at the entrance of the village as if it served to protect the village.

“Ye Tong, are there many Demonic beasts like that in the mountains?” Qing Shui asked as he surveyed his surroundings.

“Just a few, they will appear every now and then and the people in the village will deal with them. I just happen to meet one today.” Ye Tong said happily, feeling rather accomplished. After all, he was already a Xiantian cultivator even at his young age.

Without them knowing, they had entered the large house. All of the residences in the village had a large courtyard. A house with a courtyard was considered as an expensive property in the cities. Even though the World of the Nine Continents was very large, that didn’t meant that the land was cheap. In fact, land was expensive so only rich people could afford having courtyards.

The doors of the large house was made of jujube wood which was readily available in this particular region. It was stronger than pig iron, so normal wild beasts could not damage them. One of the magenta doors was opened while and the other was closed, and they could look into the courtyard through the opened door. The courtyard was about 660m2. Qing Shui saw a few chickens, geeses and a large dog. There were also a patch of something green, maybe some vegetables. Even though it was winter, some vegetables were like evergreen plants, so this was no longer a surprise for Qing Shui.

“Come in!” Ye Tong welcomed them into his house. His three Armored Mountain Boars had already rushed in. As Ye Tong tied the dead Fire Leopard onto one of his boars midway of the journey, the Fire Leopard was naturally brought into the house as well.

Qing Shui and his group followed Ye Tong into the courtyard of his house. As they were near the entrance of the village, the passing villagers greeted Ye Tong when they saw him. They seemed to get along very well with the boy.

Ye Tong also politely greeted the villagers back, he was quite a sweet talker. He also only introduced Qing Shui and the others as his relatives.

When they had reached the edge of the courtyard, they saw a woman walking out. It was difficult to gauge how old she was. She carried an elegance and a well-endowed body, her simple clothes did little to hide her natural beauty.

Her general appearance looked rather similar to Ye Tong and even Luan Luan. Yiye Jiange was rather stunned when she noticed this but she did not know this woman. When she escaped with her brother, he was not yet married, so she wasn’t sure if this woman was her sister-in-law.

Luan Luan also looked blankly at the woman. She tried her best to run through her memories and recall that face. Yiye Jiange was at a loss when she saw Luan Luan’s expression.

Luan Luan could sense a familiar aura from the woman before her and she suddenly started to cry unconsciously!

The woman was also shocked when she saw the group of people that her son had brought to their house. She didn’t even had the chance to speak when she already noticed a beautiful girl looking at her, crying. Children are like the flesh of their mothers’ hearts. It is said that a mother would be able to recognize her own daughter even if her daughter looked different as a child. Besides, Luan Luan still retained some of her features. The woman trembled as she walked toward Luan Luan. For a brief moment, she didn’t even dare to confirm if the girl was truly her daughter.


“Is your name, Luan Luan?” the woman held Luan Luan’s hand and asked with overflowing emotions as her tears poured on her cheeks.

Luan Luan was dazed. Everything was real. When she spotted that woman from a distance, she could already confirm the woman’s identity. Her Heart of Seven Orifices was very accurate when it came to such matters.

“Mo...mother, I am Luan Luan. I am Luan Luan…” as she said this, her tears started flowing uncontrollably down her cheeks.

Yiye Jiange also started to cry. Just then, a man came into the courtyard. He looked at the group of people and saw his wife hugging a girl as she cried. Before he could even wrap his head around this scenario, he heard a voice which made him froze on the spot.

“Brother, is it really you?!” Yiye Jiange immediately recognized her brother. After all, he was already a grown man when she was separated from him, so his looks didn’t change that much.

“Jiange, Jiange…” the man walked toward Yiye Jiange, unable to believe his eyes.

Qing Shui only saw the man clearly at that moment. He also could not tell how old the man was from his appearance. The man looked like sort of a mature, family man. From his mannerism, one could tell that he had been through alot, he even looked a little down-and-out.

“Haha! This must be a blessing. Yiye family lives.” The man hugged Yiye Jiange as he looked up to the skies and exclaimed. He was filled with happiness and helplessness that he even bent backwards a little.

“Brother, that is Luan Luan. I found little lass and lived with her all these years.” Yiye Jiange pulled Yiye Tian and pushed him to look at Luan Luan and his wife.

“Luan Luan! My daughter is alive!” Yiye Tian was overjoyed when he saw Luan Luan.


When Luan Luan saw Yiye Tian, the memories of that day returned to her clearer than before. She hugged him tightly and cried. Ye Tong looked at them motionless, he was too shocked.

Qing Shui felt a tinge of jealousy when he saw Luan Luan with her actual father. After all, the girl had acknowledge him as her father all these years. It was weird for him to hear her call another man ‘Daddy’. He had fed her, washed her clothes and even wiped her butt. No matter what, he would always treat her as his daughter.

As if she understood what Qing Shui was feeling, Yiye Jiange walked over and asked, “Are you jealous?”

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