Chapter: 1075

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1075 - Low Level Ancient Desolate Beast, The Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Ox

Qing Shui hesitated for a while before he prepared himself. He held the Big Dipper Sword in his right hand and the Sacred Jade Divine Stone in his left. If the situation took a turn for worst, he could at least dodge within a small range. If things still didn’t work out, he could instantly use the Nine Continents Steps to leave the place.

Qing Shui moved forward only after he scanned his surroundings.

Nine Continents Steps!

Qing Shui’s figure disappeared on the spot. When he cautiously reappeared at the place where he had appeared once yesterday, he discovered that the gigantic demonic beast which he had previously seen was gone. However, he couldn’t help but be stunned at the environment here.

Due to the sighting of that gigantic demonic beast, he only managed to get a quick glimpse of this location yesterday. So he had basically used the Nine Continents Steps to return immediately without taking a look at the surroundings. It was only at this moment that he had good look around here.

The spot that he reappeared with the Nine Continents Steps for these two times was actually not entirely accurate, some occasional inaccuracies were unavoidable. However, this inaccuracy would basically be limited to a range of ten li. But when Qing Shui was searching for some sort of cave around the yin wind region, the difference between the location when he used the Nine Continents Steps this time and the location he used the Nine Continents Steps yesterday weren’t exactly the same. Hence, a difference of 180 li would be normal too.

The temperature here was warm like spring. A scene of flourishing life was everywhere. Even the sky was extremely clear and very sunny. The oppressive atmosphere was gone as well.

“This feels good!” Qing Shui couldn’t help but think aloud. He sensed the rustle of leaves in the wind around him with his spiritual sense.

There was still so many demonic and wild beasts here. From time to time, a flock of birds would be seen flying over the sky. Although these birds were raptors from his previous world, they could only be one of the weakest links in the food chain here.

Qing Shui walked around the place unhurriedly. He was actually still thinking about that formidable armored demonic beast right now. He only took a quick glance at that time, so he didn’t manage to get a clear look at it. It was about the size of an average hill and was too frightening. He even wished to tame it or bring it back for Wu-shuang to tame it. But he was merely thinking about it now. He kept having the feeling that he was no match for it.

Within a night’s time, who knew where had that formidable demonic beast ran to. Qing Shui could only extend his current spiritual sense so far while this type of formidable demonic beast would only need a short while to get hundreds to thousands of li away.

Hence, this was only Qing Shui’s wishful thinking because the chances of running into it weren’t very high. It was impossible for him to completely search the surroundings. Moreover, there might be more formidable demonic beasts around here, unless it kept living in this region.

Qing Shui rode on the Thunderous Beast and did a quick search of the area. Even though he only had a quick glimpse back then, he felt that that demonic beast should be a low level ancient desolate beast in this Ancient Ruins that had an ancient bloodline flowing within its body.


Up till noon time, right when Qing Shui was getting ready for a short break, a muffled roar rang out from a distance. This type of sound was deep, yet ear-splitting. It sounded just like muffled thunder.

Qing Shui’s face lit up. He instantly rushed towards the source of the sound. The Thunderous Beast’s speed was astonishingly fast. Within a short period of time, they had already arrived at the origin of the sound. When Qing Shui saw the scene right before his eyes, he was speechless.

That was because two demonic beasts, as gigantic as hills, were in the process of breeding their next generation. Qing Shui was very bewildered. Was it necessary for these gigantic demonic beasts to be this loud while they were at it?

These two demonic beasts belonged to the same species. One of them was the one which Qing Shui saw yesterday. Its body was fully covered in scales that were like a heavy set of armor. Its four limbs were thick like towering pillars and it had a huge, silver and malevolent head. On top of its head was a fiery huge red horn.

It had a body akin to that of a bull, yet it was covered by bright red scales. There were some odd-looking rings beneath its four thick limbs. Qing Shui wouldn’t be able to tell what they were if he didn’t look closely enough. He was certain that this was an ancient desolate beast when he saw these rune-like haloes. These haloes were a symbol of the ancient bloodline. Other than its formidable self defense, it also possessed some special abilities.

Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Ox!

Furthermore, there were two of them!

Qing Shui’s understanding on ancient desolate beast was only limited to the records written in the books. There were many books like this in the Main Continent. It wasn’t a secret either. Just like those dragon, phoenix, ancient divine beasts, ancient desolate beasts and the others from his previous world, everyone knew about them. They had even seen their pictures. But no one knew if they were real. As for those who claimed that they had truly seen them before were just making a joke.

Qing Shui had discovered its existence through books all these while. Yet it had appeared right before his eyes now. Fortunately, this was the World of the Nine Continents. The things that had happened to him had been astonishing enough. Hence, he wasn’t really that astonished right now but was instead a little delighted.

The Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Ox was the lowest graded ancient desolate beast in existence. But this lowest graded existence was still a very terrifying existence in the Five Continents. Qing Shui was standing somewhere not too far. He was sensing the aura of these two gigantic demonic beasts and realized that they were nothing compared to the Seven-Headed Crystal Beast without being under the laws of Heaven and Earth’s influence. However, it was far more formidable when compared to the Six-Headed Windfire Wolf.

He stood at a distance while he watched those two gigantic demonic beasts doing the thing that even demonic beasts loved doing. Luckily, it didn’t take too long. Qing Shui, who was standing not too far away, was already setting up a formation at this moment.

Nine Palace Formation!

This was a formation that Qing Shui had altered. As a matter of fact, he had removed the Eight Trigrams Formation from the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation. The Nine Palace Formation could now be considered a trap formation. It had no destructive power, but it had a more powerful ability of captivity.

Qing Shui did not wish to let go of this type of suitable ancient desolate beast. Unfortunately, there were simply too few low graded Sacred Beast Pills on him. Qing Shui wasn’t too interested in demonic beasts of this type of grade. Moreover, he only had four of these low graded Sacred Beast Pills. If he wished to leave with ease, he had to make good use of these four low graded Sacred Beast Pills.

Hence, Qing Shui didn’t plan to keep one bottle for himself at all from the start. He had made up his mind to proceed to the four other continents this time. As long as there was no big incident, he would leave and he still had less than a year’s time.

These two Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Oxen were a surprise to him. Qing Shui felt a little awkward watching them rubbing their heads against each other. He was in dilemma as to whether he should strike right now.


Qing Shui couldn’t be bothered anymore. He had the Sacred Jade Divine Stone and Nine Palace Steps anyway. If things looked bad, he could escape by using the Nine Continents Steps. He didn’t want to kill them either. All he wanted to do was to only lure these two Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Oxen to the center of the Nine Palace Formation.

Qing Shui made a special observation. He discovered that the male Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Ox was particularly fond of the female Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Ox. Despite the smaller size of the female demon ox, it seemed like it was a little stronger than the male one in strength.


The infuriated howl sounded like an ox yet not exactly the same. Four bloodshot eyes turned in the direction of Qing Shui. Those eyes which were larger than water tanks were staring straight at Qing Shui. By now, he had finally understood why they were called a demon ox.

Their thick scaly armors were shining in red. It was obvious that the other party was furious. Then they charged in Qing Shui’s direction. Qing Shui felt delighted in his heart and brought the Thunderous Beast into the Nine Palace Formation. He then waited in the center of the formation for that two Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Oxen to come into the formation.

But when the Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Oxes were tens of meters away from the formation, the rings of rune beneath their feet suddenly shone magnificently. They halted when they saw Qing Shui’s look of surprise and stared at him cautiously.

“Damn! The ancient bloodline of this Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Ox has such ability too? They can sense danger in the surroundings? But there isn’t any murderous aura in my Nine Palace Formation. It’s true it is still dangerous. Can it be that this counts too?” Qing Shui was extremely surprised.

To be honest, if those two Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Oxen entered just like that and got trapped, they would really disappoint Qing Shui.

Therefore, Qing Shui was uncertain if he should be happy or depressed. He wished to trap these two Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Ox here right now and let Wenren Wu-shuang come here to tame it at a later time when he saw her. As for Mother and the rest, he could go over to the Giant Beasts Mountains to look for a formidable demonic beast. It would be great if he could tame them here by himself, but it would also be fine if he let them and the demonic beast take the low graded Sacred Beast Pill by then.

Qing Shui got out of the formation while riding the Thunderous Beast. Then he had the Thunderous Beast unleash the Thunderbolt once again while he summoned the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. With Instantaneous Dragon Elephant Evasion technique, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant would also be safe within a short period of time.

Regardless, the strength of the Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Oxen across them was still much more powerful compared to the Thunderous Beast and the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. However, it would probably be very easy for the Thunderous Beast and the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant to surpass these Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Oxen when they grew up later on.


That slightly larger Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Ox let out a loud roar. Its huge fiery red single horn very quickly formed a fireball. It was bright and glistening, and swirled like water.

Descending Heavens Talisman!

Vajra Subdues Demons!

Emperor's Qi!

Qing Shui used all of these within a split second because he sensed that this Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Ox’s flames were as good as his primordial flames. These two Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Oxen were precisely in their adulthood. Their strengths had also reached the peak of the beginner stage.

This was blood flame. He would be doomed if his fresh blood got ignited by its flame due to his recklessness. This was the most terrifying fact about the Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Ox. Qing Shui put away the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant in a flash.

Primordial Flame Ball!

Qing Shui had already activated the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation long ago while he was riding on top of the Thunderous Beast’s back. A Primordial Flame Ball the size of a human’s head formed on the tip of his Big Dipper Sword. He didn’t dare to be reckless. At the same time, Thunderous Beast’s Thunderbolt never ceased either.


A bright red fireball as big as a water tank shot towards Qing Shui. Soon after, a lightning-like line of fire unexpectedly shot out from that blood horn. The blood red line of fire caught up to the gigantic fireball from before in a moment.

Qing Shui was shocked. He hurriedly hurled the Primordial Flame Ball towards that huge fireball at once.

Boom boom boom……

A series of explosions rang out. The surroundings were blown up, as a faint shadow that resembled a net could be seen. At the wave of Qing Shui’s sword tip, the Primordial Flame Dragon forged ahead rapidly with a heaven shattering speed.

Just moments before the Primordial Flame Ball had completely melted, the Primordial Flame Dragon resisted that huge fireball. However, the Primordial Flame Dragon was being swallowed instead. Qing Shui had no choice but to raise the intensity of his own Primordial Flames to its peak.

Buddha Form Reveal, Buddha's True Eyes!

The Primordial Flames’ intensity was raised by a fold. This not only this made it possible to withstand the Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Ox’s attack, but also allowed Qing Shui to gain the upper hand. It was at this very moment that the Thunderous Beast had opened its mouth and unleashed a series of Violet Thunder Chain Lightning towards the Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Ox.


The well proportioned Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Ox stamped its four limbs. This beast was slightly smaller in size, yet abundant with Spiritual Qi. A faint halo instantly blocked the Violet Thunder Chain Lightning before it slowly faded away.

Although Qing Shui was fighting, he still managed to catch a glimpse of this scene. His eyes were filled with delight. He didn’t expect that this Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Ox was also the one that possessed the Emperor Bloodline among its group. It was no wonder that the male Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Ox was so fondly attached to it. After all, that male Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Ox would also wish that its descendants would be the most outstanding among all…

Apart from their silvery white gigantic head, the rest of its body was blood red. Not only did they appeared bold and powerful, they were very gorgeous too, especially the slightly smaller and well proportioned Bloodhorn Silverhead Demon Ox.

It seemed like there was a chance to win this battle after all!

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