Chapter: 1082

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1082 - Five Elements Water Jiao King, Tantai Xuan’s World Cleansing Demonic Lotus

“Do you know how strong the Five Elements Water Jiao King roughly is?”

“It shouldn’t exceed 800,000 stars. It’s just that the Ten Thousand Years Demonic Lotus is in the middle of a huge lake. Even though it’s known as a lake, it can be considered an inner sea. The strength of the Five Elements Water Jiao King seems to be even stronger in water…” Tantai Xuan looked at Qing Shui as she spoke slowly. I looked like she was watching Qing Shui’s expression.

Qing Shui wasn’t surprised when he heard Tantai Xuan’s words. It’s just as strong as the Earth Jiao that he had met outside. The two demonic beasts should more or less be at the same grade.

Qing Shui knew that dealing with demonic beasts at this level shouldn’t be a problem for him. Perhaps it was due to his advancement in strength, but he seemed to be quite fond of fighting lately. Furthermore, he had her portrait hung within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Qing Shui really wanted to help her. Naturally, he couldn’t deny that she was beautiful either.

It was the same in his previous life. When looking for jobs, regardless of male or female, those with better physical appearances would often have the upper hand. It wasn’t out of selfishness. Rather, beautiful things would give rise to a joyful frame of mind. It was just intuitive for someone with such abilities to think of misusing it.

Qing Shui wasn’t really close to the Tantai Clan. Even though the old grandpa from the Tantai Clan was really friendly when Qing Shui talked with him, he knew that this was just a result of his performance at that time.

The main reason why Qing Shui wanted to help her was because of the portrait. When someone you often saw in a portrait appeared before you one day, you would have a sense of familiarity or even a feeling of intimacy with them for no reason.

Qing Shui didn’t respond. He remained silent as his mind wandered as he appeared to be thinking about something. All of these were seen by Tantai Xuan. She thought about how she was used to solitude and had never sought help from anyone, let alone this person who she had forgotten. Furthermore, she took Qing Shui’s contemplation as fear. After all, she didn’t believe that Qing Shui could beat the Five Elements Water Jiao King.

“You should leave first, it’s quite dangerous. There is no reason for you to take such risks. I’ll give it another try.” Tantai Xuan continued. She wasn’t used to remaining silent especially with such a young man.

“What benefit can I get by helping you?” Qing Shui suddenly raised his head and asked Tantai Xuan.

Upon hearing Qing Shui’s question, Tantai Xuan’s beautiful eyes looked towards Qing Shui as if she was trying to see through him. She replied,“ Mister, what benefits do you want?”

Actually, Qing Shui himself didn’t really know why he said something like that, or rather, he had said it without thinking. He wasn’t coveting her beauty, he didn’t have time to go after such an extreme beauty. All he wanted to know was what she could offer him.

This was unreasonable, or rather, a sin that one’s heart possessed deep down. Even he himself wasn’t sure of what he was doing, to the extent that he started thinking about what he would do and what he would want if the woman really promised to do whatever he asked for.

“Oh, may I know what you want?” Tantai Xuan asked Qing Shui without the slightest change in her tone.

“Can you really give me whatever I want?” Qing Shui smiled and asked Tantai Xuan.

“As long as it’s something I have and something that I’m willing to give, it’s fine.”

Qing Shui:”...”

“I can help you with this. But I hope that you can get the people from your clan to look after me once I’m at the Four Continents.” Qing Shui smiled and looked at Tantai Xuan.

Tantai Xuan was stunned. An amazed look flashed within her eyes. She wasn’t sure if she was shocked by his words or by the fact that Qing Shui knew about her power in the Four Continents.

“How did you know about my background in the other Four Conti…” As if she had noticed something, Tantai Xuan stopped in the middle of her sentence and shot an annoyed glance at Qing Shui.

“You’re really cunning.” Tantai Xuan knew that Qing Shui was testing her. She was sure that Qing Shui didn’t know her well, yet he was probing her with his previous question.

Qing Shui smiled, “With your ability, you certainly have power in the other Four Continents. Even you’ve been there before, so is it really that strange of me to ask a question like this?”

“That’s true. Aid me this time and I’ll support you when you get there, how about that?” Tantai Xuan said it like she was joking. She sounded a lot more relaxed than before.

“Deal?” Qing Shui asked with a skeptical tone.

“Of course, but I’ll only do what my clan can manage. If there are things that my clan is unable to handle, I won’t be able to help you.”

“Of course, alright then. Will you be heading to the Four Continents this time? Do you need to give me some proof of identity?” Qing Shui chuckled.

“I’ll give you my keepsake when you get me the Ten Thousand Demonic Lotus. Are you sure you can help me finish my mission?” Despite what she said, Tantai Xuan still passed Qing Shui a snow-white colored token.

Qing Shui took it. It was made of warm jade and had the word ‘Xuan’ carved on it. He raised his head and smiled at Tantai Xuan. “It seemed like Miss Tantai has a reputation in the other Four Continents.”

“You’ll know when you’re there.” Tantai Xuan faintly smiled. It was a really plain and simple smile.

Even though she had a veil covering her face, Qing Shui was still able to sense her smile through her beautiful pupils. Furthermore, Qing Shui could estimate how terrifying the Four Continents were from what her words.

“Let’s go and have a look at the Five Elements Water Jiao King you mentioned!”

“Alright, I know how strong you currently are. But you gotta be careful. I have my own means of protecting myself. Therefore, if the situation isn’t good, you should run away quickly and I’ll deal with it myself. I’ll be just fine as far as self-defense is concerned.” Tantai Xuan said.

Her words made Qing Shui laugh. This woman possessed a kind heart, at least she never thought about treating him like cannon fodder. Hence, he smiled and responded, “Just focus on obtaining your Ten Thousand Year Demonic Lotus. I can deal with the Five Elements Water Jiao King just fine.”

Tantai Xuan was stunned. She didn’t reply and led them into the distance. Below her feet was a Lotus Platform, making her angelic appearance feel more divine and stately.

This was one of the most valuable treasures, a treasure as valuable as a Sacred Object. It seemed to be at least a Sacred Object of Heaven and Earth. It might even be upgradeable.

Qing Shui thought of using the Heavenly Vision Technique to look at the World Cleansing Demonic Lotus on the Lotus Platform. However, he didn’t do so. He was reluctant to do so since it was something that already belonged to someone. If he looked at it with his technique, the owner would be able to sense it. Furthermore, after a Sacred Object recognized their owner, they would often resist being inspected by other people.

In roughly fifteen minutes time, an inner sea appeared before Qing Shui. It was really large—one would only be able to see a vast body of water with a glance. As Qing Shui looked at this area, he realized that he has missed out on many things while he traveled with the Nine Continents Steps.

The water surface was very tranquil and still like a mirror. This could more or less be considered a huge lake, except it’s way too large. Qing Shui also spotted a huge plant in the distance. It appeared very lofty on the lake surface.

A violet colored lotus. Even though it was a bit far away, it was still no big deal with Qing Shui’s strong eyesight. “Is it that the large purple colored lotus?”


Qing Shui soared towards the lotus. Tantai Xuan wanted to say something, but she held it back and similarly followed after Qing Shui. The two of them flew towards the violet colored lotus together.


There was a loud splash as a huge wave of water spurted out of the lake. Suddenly, Qing Shui froze in shock. It wasn’t his first time seeing waves, but he suddenly recalled what was mentioned in the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal. He had to observe the tides, waves and the clouds in the sky more often.

He knew that it was talking about a state of mind, and was most likely the essence of the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal.

In the previous instance, especially the moment when the water splashed and the waves rose up and reached its greatest height, the water carried with it a similarly tremendous power. This was a fusion of might and strength. It even had a burst of explosive strength.

“What’s wrong?”

Qing Shui noticed Tantai Xuan looking at him suspiciously and answered embarrassingly. “I was a bit absent-minded!”

Qing Shui only looked into the distance when he finished speaking. Coincidentally, an enormous wave rose up yet again. This time, there was an enormous light blue body which was covered in enormous scales along with it. Qing Shui saw the head of the demonic beast.

An enormous and fierce Jiao’s head appeared. Furthermore, there were two thick, deer-like horns that emitted a gentle spiritual energy.

A dragon’s horn!

“That’s the Five Elements Water Jiao King. It has a strong body and a powerful recovery ability. Water elemental beasts are gentle, yet they possess tremendous strength. Their attacks are all encompassing and they are able to attack weak points with ease. It’s just like water flowing down a stream. Its endurance and fighting prowess gets significantly raised while in water.” Tantai Xuan softly explained to Qing Shui.

“Don’t worry, it’s really easy. The things that I mentioned before was a joke. Can you tell me what the Four Continents are like when you get the Ten Thousand Years Demonic Lotus?” Qing Shui asked while looking at the Five Elements Water Jiao King from far away.

Tantai Xuan was stunned. “Of course, I meant what I said previously. I won’t go back on my promise. We will meet again when you get to the Four Continents.”

Qing Shui didn’t continue talking and just took out the Big Dipper Sword. He immediately charged towards the Water Jiao King with his Nine Palace Steps.

Thunderous Beast!

Qing Shui never thought of immediately murdering the Five Elements Water Jiao Dragon. Instead, he commanded the Thunderous Beast to use the Thunderbolt from a long distance. This was one of Qing Shui’s habits while battling and it could help build up the coordination between the Thunderous Beast and himself.


The Thunderbolt from the Thunderous Beast angered the Five Elements Water Jiao King. It abruptly soared out of the water and instantly brought up a splash of water with its enormous body. It was almost comparable to the Earth Jiao.

The Five Elements Water Jiao King was also known as the Five Elements Water Jiao Dragon. This was because of the dragon’s horn on its head. However, it was still just a Jiao Dragon, only a grade greater than a Jiao. It could be considered an overlord grade existence in the Five Continents. Reaching this level of strength, it could be considered to be at the top the of the food chain in the Five Continents.


Violet Thunder Spark Chain!

Qing Shui swung the Big Dipper Sword in his hand.

Great Golden Buddha Palm!



There weren’t any effects on the Jiao King. Tantai Xuan, who was not far away from Qing Shui, looked at Qing Shui with calm eyes as she stepped on the Lotus Platform, which was actually the World Cleansing Demonic Lotus.

Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation!

Great Golden Buddha Palm!


Although it was just barely, this time, the confinement worked. However, the Water Jiao King managed to break free very quickly before it even reached a breath of time.

While Qing Shui unleashed the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation, a powerful aura appeared. An amazed look flashed across Tantai Xuan’s eyes. When she saw the Earth Diamond Bear, she got even more shocked.

Looking at the Five Elements Water Jiao King that charged towards them, Tantai Xuan swung her hand and a Demonic Beast Armor also appeared on her body. Qing Shui was stunned upon seeing it. It was an enormous violet colored lotus flower.

Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation was even capable of manifesting plants? That Lotus platform was the World Cleansing Demonic Lotus. Her Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation must be related to the World Cleansing Demonic Lotus!

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