Chapter: 1089

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1089 - A Full Meal, About to Leave the Ancient Ruins

Qing Shui hadn’t expected that the collection of Bei Tanglie and the few elders in their Interspatial Silk Sachets to be this great. Other than six bottles of low grade Sacred Beast Pills and some medicinal herbs, medicine pills, and materials for forging, there were actually quite a number of cultivation techniques and battle techniques. Furthermore, they were at a very decent level.

Lion King’s Li Fire Formation!

Qing Shui was also surprised at his discovery of this formation. He had also witnessed the might and effects of this formation earlier. This kind of formation could definitely be considered as a top ranking formation even among the Lion King’s Ridge. The name of this formation was ‘Lion King’s Li Fire Formation’. As such, Qing Shui guessed that there were other formations under this ‘Lion King’s Formation’. He wasn’t quite certain if they were as powerful. When it came to setting up formations, other than the power of the formation, the strength and coordination of the people setting up the formation played a big role too.

Lion King’s Roar!

Qing Shui knew the Lion King’s Roar before but it was a very difficult technique. Now that there was a book on the technique here, Qing Shui quickly skimmed through it. This was a spiritual battle technique that utilized sound waves to attack. According to the book, if this technique was cultivated to its peak, the sound waves could permeate the three mortal souls and seven mortal forms of a person or a demonic beast like sonic waves and disperse them.

Lion King’s Armor!

This was different to the ‘Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation’. Although it was a battle technique of a similar type to the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation, it didn’t require powerful spirit energy as the backbone, unlike the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. The Lion King’s Armor could be cultivated by even cultivators with the strength above Xiantian. At the small success stage, a ring of energy armor would form on the body and its defense was quite decent.


Qing Shui was looking at all these battle techniques. He was pleasantly surprised but also a little concerned. The roots of Lion King’s Ridge was indeed very deep. It was needless to further discuss its strength within its sect. Regardless of strong or average cultivators in the sect, they were a lot more powerful compared to cultivators of the same level in other sects.

Without anything better to do, Qing Shui decided to cultivate the Lion King’s Imprint and Lion King’s Roar. With the experience of cultivating Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm, the cultivation of Lion King’s Imprint went quite smoothly. Even so, it wasn’t something that could be learned in just half a day.

He carefully studied the Lion King’s Imprint and Lion King’s Roar. Both of these battle techniques seemed to have an extremely intensive Qi aura, the king’s aura of the Lion King. It seemed like spiritual battle techniques were definitely connected to Qi aura. These two types of battle techniques actually had an even more intensive requirements on the user’s aura. Other than that, Qing Shui also realized that his Emperor's Qi was starting to stir when he was cultivating. This caused him to make the decision that to cultivate the Lion King’s Imprint and Lion King’s Roar well.

Raising his cultivation spirit, he channeled a stream of Qi that emitted an aura that could engulf even the mountains and the rivers!

The Lion King’s Imprint belonged to the Seal of Explosion. Explosions were formed by the channeling of powerful spirit energy. This was the introduction of the battle technique. However, in the earlier battle, there was no explosion when the Lion King’s Ridge member used this Lion King’s Imprint. Could it be that the stage of his technique was lacking, or he wasn’t able to make the explosion happen in time…...

Qing Shui didn’t notice that this explosion required a process until the very end of it. During this process, if the target evaded or resisted, then the explosion would not happen.

The Lion King’s Imprint itself had binding effects prior to exploding. When the Lion King’s Ridge people used the Lion King’s Imprint earlier, its binding effects could easily be neglected by Qing Shui, so naturally, the explosion hadn’t occurred. The explosion that came after the bind was the real killing technique. This binding effect could also be coordinated with other killing techniques.

The might of the Lion King’s Imprint had a direct connection to spirit energy. But of course, one must attain the small success stage before they could perform it.

This Lion King’s Imprint shouldn’t be any inferior to the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm. It was one among the powerful battle techniques of the Lion King’s Ridge. Qing Shui took a look at the Lion King’s Roar and the Lion King’s Li Fire Formation next.

He prepared some copies of these for the few ladies. He had already imparted the battle techniques that were suitable for them since long ago. However, some of the techniques were either still unable to be cultivated by the few ladies or not successfully cultivated yet.

Among these battle techniques of the Lion King’s Ridge, some of them could be instantly cultivated. Other than this formation that they could cultivate, the battle armors that Qing Shui helped them forge and the Spirit Gathering Formation that was engraved on them also brought a very great benefit to them. The Lion King’s Li Fire Formation not being able to last long was a great flaw in itself. Hence, the Spirit Gathering Formation on their battle armors would be a big help.

By the time Qing Shui exited the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, it was already the next day. It was very chilly outside at night. Although it was pitch black out there, Qing Shui still had decent visibility thanks to his current strength.

Qing Shui had gone out for the sake of helping Hai Dongqing tame a demonic beast and at the same time, see how many he could seal. The low grade Sacred Beast Pills were rare, so he should make full use of them.

He didn’t consider helping everyone in the Qing Clan to tame one. The younger generation must rely on themselves. If he made things too convenient for them, they might lose their ambition. Hence, he didn’t want to tame any demonic beasts for Qing Clan’s Third Generation.

If it was possible, he wanted at least his grandfather and mother to have one, as well as Lin Zhanhan. He was going to think about the remaining ones next time again. Qing Shui flew towards a distant place while thinking. His figure disappeared into the horizon in a flash.

Qing Shui’s first choice was still a flying beast. Although cultivators and flying beasts were both capable of flying when they attained the Martial Saint Realm, they were simply no match at all when compared to the natural abilities of flying beasts. But of course, some mutated species of Heaven and Earth were exceptions.

Shadow Demonic Panther!

“It has to be you!”

A dark figure flashed by. Its body length was 30 meters and it could be considered a mini powerhouse. The Shadow Demonic Panther’s strength was only about 10,000 stars. However, its killing power was difficult to be resisted even by someone with 20,000 stars of strength. It had an ancient bloodline and was a natural born predator. It was a dark walker that hid among the shadows.

The speed of the Shadow Demonic Panther was peerless. It was definitely the fastest compared to others with the same strength. Over a short distance, not even flying beasts could match up to its speed. It was an expert in ambush and was able to kill in one strike.

Qing Shui’s heart couldn’t help but flutter at the sight of this ancient mutated species. He even wanted to tame one for himself. However, this kind of demonic beast wasn’t really too useful to him for now, so he quickly gave up on this idea. He believed that his demonic beasts could become powerful very soon.

Nine Palace Steps!

Although the Shadow Demonic Panther was very powerful, Qing Shui’s speed was unfortunately still a lot faster when he was using his full strength. Hence, he was able to successfully seal it. The speed of this Shadow Demonic Panther sprinting on land wasn’t any slower than flying beasts of the same strength when they were flying in the sky. Most importantly, it wasn’t only able to sprint on land. It had four magical clouds underneath its paws. This allowed the beast to sprint in the skies as it could on land. The only drawback was it lacked endurance when sprinting with all its power.

After the Shadow Demonic Panther was successfully sealed, he made his way to somewhere further. His spiritual sense allowed him to detect the location of powerful demonic beasts within the shortest amount of time. Besides, many demonic beasts roamed around at night. The ones that Qing Shui was searching for were all about 10,000 stars of strength because a greater strength wasn’t necessarily good. He could feel that fact when Wenren Wu-shuang and the Golden Cauldron Spiritual Crane used the low grade Sacred Beast Pill.

After consuming the pills, he reckoned that his mother and grandfather’s strengths would be strong enough. His only hope right now was that 10,000 stars was a threshold that allowed Xiantian cultivators to tame the demonic beasts too. Otherwise, he would be wasting a bottle of low grade Sacred Beast Pill.

Twin-Headed White Bear King!

Qing Shui hesitated for a moment before accepting it too. It was extremely unwieldy compared to the Shadow Demonic Panther. The Twin-Headed White Bear King was also known as the Mountain Suppression Beast. As its name suggested, it had two heads. One of them solely cultivated spirit energy. Although it was unwieldy, its battle power was exceptional. Its only drawback was its slow movements.

After sealing the Twin-Headed White Snow King, Qing Shui once again sprinted out…...

He didn’t return until dawn. The few ladies were already up, but they didn’t say anything when they saw Qing Shui, who had just returned. Some of them went for their morning practice while some went to prepare breakfast.

Qing Shui pulled Hai Dongqing aside and passed the low grade Sacred Beast Pill to her.

“Qing Shui, I don’t need this with my current strength.”

“You don’t have any demonic beasts as transportation. Isn’t it inconvenient for you if you have to travel somewhere?” Qing Shui asked her with a smile.


“Don’t tell me you don’t want me anymore?” Qing Shui pretended to look at Hai Dongqing in shock.

Hai Dongqing was startled before she laughed. “How could I?”

Qing Shui summoned the Shadow Demonic Panther. Although it was considerably smaller than the Gigantic Armored Draconic Ape, a demonic beast of 30 meters in size was still extremely huge. However, at this level of strength, its body size could only be considered small. Even so, the flesh and muscles on the Shadow Demonic Panther were akin to steel. There was not a single trace of flabbiness on its huge body. It was as if it had the most perfect body.

The Shadow Demonic Panther was pitch black in color. Seeing it during the day would still make one felt somber. Even so, it was very visually attractive, especially those magical clouds that were faintly glowing underneath its paws. They created an air of mystery around the Shadow Demonic Panther.

Taming it went very smoothly.

When the few ladies came over, they were all extremely envious. However, Yiye Jiange, Luan Luan and Wenren Wu-shuang didn’t really feel that envious since they already had their own demonic beasts.

Little Fattie had his own Golden Light Beast, so he didn’t really have any reaction. Di Chen and Di Qing both owned formidable flying beasts. Although they were not really strong in here, they would be very decent once they exited the Ancient Ruins.

Yu He was the Mistress of Hundred Flowers Valley. She had her own powerful mount too, although it couldn’t be compared to these demonic beasts with 10,000 stars of strength from the Ancient Ruins.

“You like it very much? Do you all want one too?” Qing Shui asked them with a smile. When he said this, he wasn’t even sure if he could really get them each one.

They were not dumb either. They could tell that there were reasons behind Qing Shui’s choices when he gave out the demonic beasts. Most importantly, he didn’t even tame one for himself. It was evident that he didn’t have enough pills on him or had other use for them.

“Hehe, no need for me.”

A few ladies immediately expressed their opinions then gave Qing Shui a smile.

“There are really not many bottles of these. Let’s talk about it when we have returned to Qing Clan. We’ll probably get more on our hands by the time we eliminated the Lion King’s Ridge. Let’s have a meal and make preparations to return.” Qing Shui suggested with a smile.

The speed of their return journey was very fast. They had ample amount of time to travel with the help of Nine Continents Step. Besides, when they had nothing to do during the day, they could also ride on the demonic beasts and hurry on with their journey. It was better for them to hurry back to the exit as soon as possible as it was safer there.

A few days passed in a flash!

When Qing Shui and the rest reached the Ancient Ruins’ entrance, quite a lot of people were flying out. There were also a lot of people wobbling around nearby. Qing Shui could even smell the stench of blood here and there were even a few puddles of it on the ground.

Killing to rob!

Snatching treasures!


Qing Shui and the rest didn’t make it too far before a group of people suddenly stepped forward to block Qing Shui and the few ladies’ way.

When they entered the ten li zone, Qing Shui and the rest thought that the environment here wasn’t bad, so they walked over there. However, they didn’t expect someone to block their way. Seeing the few dozens of people standing before them, Qing Shui wasn’t only calm, he even wanted to laugh.

There were no less than 50 people here and most importantly, Qing Shui saw the people from the Lion King’s Ridge and the people from the Violet Dragon Mountain. As for the remaining ones, he wasn’t sure who they were. He was only able to tell them apart from the way they dressed.

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