Chapter: 1093

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1093 - Absorbing Dragon Qi, Small Success Stage for the Nine Yang Golden Body?

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant's body glowed brilliantly. That cry that it let out made Qing Shui feel that it was like a dragon's roar. That deep and penetrating voice was able to touch one's soul. It was solemn, commanded respect, and was majestic.

Qing Shui sensed the changes to the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant in the Four Phases Formation while also sensing the movements of the ‘dragon veins’ under his feet. Even the few ladies and Little Fattie who were outside the Four Phases Formation were looking at the formation seriously, sensing the changes and being in anticipation.

Time passed by bit by bit and the prowess of the Four Phases Formation was raised to quite a powerful level. The sounds of the ‘dragon's cry’, the ‘phoenix's cry’, and the ‘tiger’s howl’ were endless. The golden light on the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant's body almost seemed material. Despite this, he still didn't sense any changes to the ‘dragon veins’ under his feet.

"Could it be that the prowess of the Four Phases Formation isn't sufficient?"

Qing Shui was puzzled but he didn't stop and continued to activate the Four Phases Formation. A mysterious power crept downward below his feet through the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and it seemed like it was going through reconnaissance and communication.

An hour passed by. The ladies continued to look at Qing Shui and the few demonic beasts which hadn't change at all. They felt that there seemed to be very little hope. In fact, there was little hope for it to begin with. Yu He, Hai Dongqing, and the rest of the ladies especially felt this way since they knew that that dragon veins were hard to come by.

Only Luan Luan kept on believing that Qing Shui could do it. She didn’t know of the dragon veins and felt that Qing Shui could accomplish anything in the world. She continued to look hopefully at Qing Shui, who was still in the Four Phases Formation.

Quite some time had passed by and under the Dragon's Spirit, the Dragon Elephant Force of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant went through a great distance under the effects of the formation. However, it seemed to be unable to move as much as it liked and its speed continued to slow down. It seemed as if it was going to come to a stop.

If one wished to lure out the ‘Dragon Qi’, one must let the dragon power come into contact with the Dragon Qi and then use this the dragon power to draw it out. It was like how one would draw out underground water.

The dragon power came to a stop!

Qing Shui frowned, unsatisfied with the result. He lashed out his left hand towards the formation, creating a bunch of brilliant light spots in the area. He then used another hand to circulate and channel his Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique.

Four Phases As One!

At the same time, the Fire Bird and the Spirited Snake Turtle also sent out their power. Next, under the effect of the light spots, powers of various colors turned golden and landed on the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

Source of dragon power!


The dragon power which had stopped moving now shot downwards like an arrow. It was even stronger than before, spinning as it went. It felt exhilarating.

Qing Shui didn't know how much deeper it could reach down to, nor did he know if there was truly Dragon Qi underground. However, he wanted to try it, even if there was only a little hint of hope. If he could really draw out the Dragon Qi, he would pay any price.

The dragon power traveled rapidly. After the time it took for about an incense to burn, it once again slowed down. However, following that, it continued to move quickly and steadily again.

The moment it slowed down, Qing Shui felt worried. However, he could only activate the Four Phases Formation at its full power right now. His Fire Bird and Spirited Snake Turtle would also need to extend their full powers. He had even prepared Vital Essence Pills.


Qing Shui suddenly had a feeling, it was as if the strong surges were being blocked. He didn't know if he should be happy or sad to feel this, since this situation would usually mean that he had either reached the end or that he had encountered an obstacle which encompassed the Dragon Qi.

Of course, other than a barrier encompassing the Dragon Qi, it could also be other stuff. For example, it could be some mysterious rocks or rock stratum. However, Qing Shui would rather believe that it was a barrier that was encompassing the Dragon Qi.

Boom boom...

There was a feeling of a consecutive impacting force but it didn't seem as if he would be able to break through. This made Qing Shui feel a little helpless. It would all be for naught if he wasn't able to break through it. The dragon power continued to push against the barrier.

This situation continued on for about 15 minutes and a dense layer of sweat appeared on Qing Shui's forehead. He couldn't accept this. Even if there was nothing behind that barrier, he still wanted to break through it and see it for himself.

Just as Qing Shui was feeling at a loss at when his impacts were useless, the Nine Continents Mountain in his Dantian sudden release a faint and rustic glow. It gradually wrapped around his golden pellet. Before Qing Shui had a chance to feel astonished, he felt a formidable aura dashing out. It headed toward the light spots and charge down, heading deep under the location where the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was standing.

Its speed wasn't very fast but it had an overwhelming impact, as if it was a block of huge mountain pushing downwards. It was an aura that seemed to be capable of destroying everything.

The power of Shield Attack!


This time around, Qing Shui could even clearly sense the power of the collision. He could even sense that there were some clear cracks appearing on the barrier. He felt elated and attacked with an even more powerful strength.


He seemed to be able to see the shattering barrier through his spiritual sense. Then, an overwhelming aura that was very pure and yang in nature soared up, following the trail of dragon power.

Qing Shui squinted his eyes.

Four Phases Protection!

Qing Shui didn't dare to be too careless. Although the Dragon Qi which had charged up was very fine, it was extremely domineering. Qing Shui activated the Four Phases Protection to protect the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was of a dragon's descent. Moreover, the head position was there. It was a place that the Dragon Qi would cleanse directly.

Roar roar!

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant let out ceaseless roars. These roars contained excitement and anticipation!


As a loud and clear cry rang out, an ancient and rustic feeling appeared. It was a feeling that would resonate deeply with one's heart. At the same time, the golden light around the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant shone very brightly.

Qing Shui didn't dare to be careless. Although it was written in books that the Dragon Qi wouldn't harm humans and demonic beasts, it was hard to extract. Moreover, ordinary people and demonic beasts could only absorb a small amount of Dragon Qi. Just this little bit of Dragon Qi would be sufficient to benefit them greatly.

It was a pity that the Qi of Dragon Veins was the Dragon Qi formed from the essence of a dragon after 1,000 years, 10,000 years, or even longer. There was generally not a lot of it and once it was unleashed, it would dissipate after a short while. It was impossible to store and could only be absorbed by living things such as demonic beasts and humans.

After the time it took for an incense to burn, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant left the head position and the Dragon Qi scattered out. Qing Shui's heart ached to see this and immediately stepped forth to take the place of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. He then quickly called for the others to be on the standby.

Once the Dragon Qi came out, there wasn't a need to sustain the formation anymore. Right now, Qing Shui couldn't even concern himself with the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant's condition. The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant seemed to have gone to a quiet place to ‘comprehend’ some things.

The reason Qing Shui was the first to take the spot where the Dragon Qi was coming out from was not just so that he could be the first to absorb it. It was mainly because his body was strong and he wanted to sense if there were any dangers to this Dragon Qi. He didn't want to let the ladies take the risks first.

The pure Dragon Qi dashed into his body. Qing Shui didn't feel any discomfort. It was like the feeling of being in a hot spring and yet it was also like if one was in water with slightly higher temperatures. It was a little hot but still very comfortable.

All the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique gradually circulated in his body. Most importantly, the golden pellet in his Dantian started to spin rapidly as the surging power in his body moved slowly along his body.

His internal organs, the Central Palace Blood Essence Pool, and the Crimson Pellet in his Niwan Palace were all circulating. Slight changes that could be seen with the naked eye was happening. His blood, which had a hint of violet to it at first, now had a hint of gold. The most important change was to his bones. His bones had completely turned into a faint golden color and only Qing Shui could see it. After all, they were located deep in his body.

In the past, there were only hints of golden light on his bones but now, his bones had turned into a faint golden color. This surging power and tenacity made Qing Shui astonished. What a powerful Dragon Qi.

Qing Shui sensed that it was a power that came deep from his soul. Very quickly, Qing Shui sensed that his body was no longer absorbing any Dragon Qi and earlier, Qing Shui had sensed a spiritual intelligence in his consciousness.

Stimulating the Nine Yang Golden Body to the small success stage!

Could this be the reason why his bones had turned completely into a faint gold color and that he had acquired the Nine Yang Golden Body?

Qing Shui didn't have the time to sense this and quickly left. The one who took the baton from him was Luan Luan. Qing Shui remained at the side, ready to take action in case anything were to go wrong.

Thank goodness everything proceeded very smoothly. After the time it took for an incense to burn, Luan Luan also left rapidly. She wore a happy and delighted smile, unable to hold back her emotions.

Then the few ladies took their turns and so did Little Fattie. The ladies generally didn't last the time it took for an incense to burn but it wasn't a very big difference in the amount of time. What astonished Qing Shui was that Little Fattie stayed in there for the same amount of time.

Luan Luan's physique was good, the few ladies were also very powerful. However, thinking of how Little Fattie was also very talented, Qing Shui no longer found it strange.

After Qing Shui, Little Fattie, and the few ladies absorbed the Dragon Qi, the demonic beasts were next. Everyone called out their demonic beasts and quickly let them take their turns.

"Haha, father, I've the most demonic beasts, so I get the most benefits out of this!" Luan Luan looked at Qing Shui happily, then at the demonic beasts who were absorbing the Dragon Qi. Right now, the Dragon Qi was almost all used up and what that came out was very fine. However, there were no more demonic beasts who could absorb it anymore.

"Although the Dragon Qi that is coming out is very low and fine, it's too much of a waste to let it be." Yu He couldn't help but say this after seeing Luan Luan call back her final demonic beast.

"That's right, since it's going to go to waste anyway..." Qing Shui waved his hand to call out the Jade Emperor Bees!

Qing Shui had not planned on letting them absorb the Dragon Qi at the start since he felt that it was a waste. However, everyone else had already had their turns and he was the only one left with some demonic beasts which could absorb the Dragon Qi.

The Jade Emperor Bees now mainly produced Jade Emperor Queen Bee Nectar. Qing Shui didn't plan on letting them participate in battle anyway but it was too much of a waste to let the Dragon Qi dissipate just like that.

Each of the Jade Emperor Bees could stay about the time it took for a breath. However, Qing Shui had many of them. Right now, there were about 800 of them.

When there were two hundred bees left, the Dragon Qi had disappeared completely. Qing Shui felt that it was a pity that the remaining two hundred Jade Emperor Bees hadn't manage to get a chance, since it would mean that they had lost a chance to change their fate.

Qing Shui saw that they were all wearing extremely satisfied expressions. This included all of the demonic beasts around them, the ladies, and Little Fattie. Luan Luan grabbed one of Qing Shui's arm and occasionally broke into a crisp laughter.

"You seem to be very happy. You must have gained a lot out of it!"

"I'm not sure either but I feel that I've grown a lot stronger and need to familiarize myself with this new power." After Luan Luan said this, she left with her demonic beasts. Demonic beasts were unlike humans and they seemed to have already gotten used to the explosive increase in their powers.


These demonic beasts had grown to become twice as powerful as before. How horrifying was this? This was much stronger than some of the demonic beasts with the dragon's lineage.

It was because the lineage of the dragons was too messed up. It had gone through too many generations, with each generation having only a hint of blood lineage. However, the Dragon Qi was different. It was the essence of a dragon.

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