Chapter: 1102

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1102 - Huo Sanxing, do you still remember me, Lin Zhanhan!

Golden Fragrance Jade?

Qing Shui didn’t expect the next recipe to be Golden Fragrance Jade. In his memory, Golden Fragrance Jade was not an medicine but rather a type of Jade. It was a beautiful jade which emanated an alluring fragrance. It was a sort of rare item which people had tried to find for a long time and was only recorded in historical annals. It did not have an extraordinary appearance but there have been sayings like “You wouldn’t be able to tell even if you see a Golden Fragrance Jade” or “You wouldn’t be able to buy a Golden Fragrance Jade even if you had money”.

The Golden Fragrance Jade with an alchemy recipe must meant that it was as rare as a Golden Fragrance Jade. Or otherwise, it could also refer to Golden Fragrance Jade who is an immortal. The medicine she created was extremely valuable. Thus, there is a legend that Golden Fragrance Jade could also cure illnesses.

500,000 experience points wasn’t considered a lot but that didn’t mean that it was not valuable. Medicinal Pills could be classified into two general types: one-time effect or permanent effect. A alchemy recipe for a one-time effect medicinal pill requiring 500,000 experience points definitely seemed rarer than a medicinal pill with permanent effect which required 1,000,000 experience points.

Shaking his head, he looked through the ingredients required for making Spiritual Drops. 10,000 Spiritual Limestone, Mysterious Fruit, Five Element Fruit, Feathered Spirit Grass and Spiritual Crystal. He already had Five Element Fruit and Mysterious Fruit. He could tell that Feathered Spirit Grass was a medicinal herb but he had never heard of it before.

Qing Shui heard about 10,000 year Spiritual Limestone before. It formed from the ceiling drippings of rocks in certain old caves where the accumulation of spiritual energy was high.

Qing Shui also had information about spiritual crystals. Spiritual crystal were very rare. They were a type of crystal which formed in a Spirit beast’s brain when their strength was higher than 10,000 stars. But its occurrence was by luck and if one was unlucky, it would not appear even after killing over 10,000 demonic beasts. Of course, when the demonic beast was stronger, the chances of it possessing a spiritual crystal also increased.

As there was no description about the effects of Spiritual Drops, Qing Shui felt a little dispirited but he wasn’t too concerned about it. He would know that once he created it. More importantly, the ingredients were all very difficult to obtain. After all, with Mysterious Fruit and Five Element Fruit in the list, he could already tell the value of the medicine.


After a few days, Qing Shui and his group finally reached the Sealed Northern Ice Emperor Region. Once they entered the region, the first impression that Qing Shui had was that it was cold but it had a sort of refreshing feeling ladened with energy. The cold air was filled with spiritual qi, even denser than that of the Eastern Victory Divine. This was also the reason that there were many expert cultivators here.

However, that was not the reason Qing Shui was in awe of this place. The thing that surprised him was that the effects of the laws of Heaven and Earth was at least 10% weaker. That was to say that people here could exceed the normal restrictions of this law by up to 10%. That was probably why this place attracted even more powerful cultivators.

Qing Shui remembered Qiu Feng’s warnings about other cultivators who could ignore the laws of Heaven and Earth but with his current ability, he wasn’t that worried. However, as long as that law existed here, Qing Shui was confident that he could eliminate all the obstructions before him. Even a large sect like Lion King's Ridge was nothing to him. With these thoughts, he unconsciously clenched his fists. He was doing this all for a woman and Yiye Jiange’s image surfaced in his mind.

She had a pair of resplendent eyes which shone like the luminous moon and her beauty was heart-stopping. Then, she had that incredible aura, with her hair bundled up using her ivory jade hairpin. Her jade-like body underneath those feathered clothes had the most perfect gentle curves. Her god-sculpted proportions were just right and put women with big bosoms and buttocks to shame. She was like an immortal that exuded purity, like one untainted by the secular world, one who lives in a valley hidden away from the vulgarity of common life.

Qing Shui was in a daze as he sat on his Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. His eyes drifted to Yiye Jiange who was nearby. He did not look at her with lust but with a sort of infatuation and a hint of something indescribable.

A person can feel someone gazing at them from the back, furthermore, Qing Shui was looking at her from her side. Yiye Jiange had actually noticed Qing Shui looking at her for some time. But when she turned to catch a glimpse of him, she was slightly stunned and felt a little nervous because Qing Shui was gazing at her with a longing expression...

The other women also quickly noticed this but Qing Shui realized this when he saw Yiye Jiange’s reaction so he shook himself out of his daze. Qing Shui’s face was a little red as he laughed awkwardly. Yiye Jiange was also blushing, she looked different, she seemed moved by him and there was an indescribable sweetness about her.

“Sister Jiange, I’m so jealous. That person has never looked at me like that,” Di Qing said half-truthfully, she was sitting in front of Yiye Jiange.

Hai Dongqing and Yu He joined in, laughing, throwing a few fake bitter glances at Qing Shui. Actually, Yu He was rooting for them and Di Qing liked teasing Qing Shui but there was definitely a tinge of woman’s jealousy in their expressions.

Luan Luan chuckled gleefully as she sat beside Qing Shui.


Little Fatty, Lin Zhanhan and Yiye Jiange were sitting at the tail of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant so they were about ten meters away so they couldn’t really hear his conversation with Luan Luan.

“Little Lass, what do you want to say?” Qing Shui asked his grown-up daughter.

“I was wondering when you will get married to my mom,” Luan Luan laughed cheekily.

“Children shouldn’t interfere with grown-up matters. I am already preparing the gifts for my proposal.” Qing Shui rubbed Luan Luan’s head.

“Daddy, I am already an adult. Could you not rub my head like this.” Luan Luan pouted.

“No. Even if you’re an adult, you’ll always be my daughter. I’ll rub your head even more!” Qing Shui laughed.


After they reached the Sealed Northern Ice Emperor Region, they advanced forward with Qing Shui’s Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant so that they could be more familiar with the terrain. They continued north and saw that the buildings in this region were all very tall and majestic-looking! The people who lived here also had a sort of wild, hardy aura. All of them looked unaffected by the climate.

“Grandfather Lin, let’s go to the Lin Residence to have a look. It shouldn’t be far,” Qing Shui suggested to Lin Zhanhan.

“Okay, though I’m not hopeful. I am the only one left in the Lin Clan,” Lin Zhanhan lamented as he sighed and shook his head. Even if those events happened so long ago, it was still painful for him.

“Grandfather Lin, don’t be too sad. Maybe, the people from Lion King's Ridge didn’t kill everyone. Perhaps, there are still survivors.” Qing Shui consoled with a smile.

“Hopefully!” Lin Zhanhan could only return a bitter smile.

Dongxiang City...

The name of this place had already changed to Dongxiang City. Lin Clan was once prosperous so their residence was situated at Sealed Northern Ice Emperor Region, even though it was at the outskirts.

They quickly reached the place where the Lin Residence once was. There was another manor in its place. It was rather large and seemed to have been built in the past few decades. As most of the buildings here were over a few centuries old and even some which were over a few millennia, the building was comparatively new. It looked very normal and sturdy and the interior seemed to be decorated based on the owner own preference. Qing Shui and his companions got down from the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. They stood in front of the manor, the land belonged to the Lin Clan once but now ‘Huo Residence’ was carved outside.

Qing Shui quickly noticed Lin Zhanhan’s furious face. Lin Zhanhan glared at the two words with his reddened eyes, trembling slightly with anger.

“Grandfather Lin, who are these people?”

Who else could make Lin Zhanhan so angry? Qing Shui already knew the answer but he still asked that question.

“The people from the Huo Clan are Elders in Lion King's Ridge. They are the ones who used the name of Lion King's Ridge to drive my Lin Clan to such a state. They wanted to get the techniques of Heavenly Talisman from our Lin Clan. They knew that it was our pride.” Lin Zhanhan continued trembling with fury as he stared at that board with those two words.

Qing Shui lifted his hands.


The huge signboard with the words’ Huo Residence’ fell to the ground, stirring up a cloud of dust. It split into pieces upon hitting the floor.

“Grandfather Lin, you can vent your anger today! We will start with the Huo residence!” Qing Shui exclaimed shortly after the signboard fell.

“Bastards! You don’t know who you’re dealing with! How dare you create trouble at our Huo Residence! I’ll get my brothers to get you!” the leader of the guards at the gate shouted when he saw the signboard on the ground but he did not rush forward. Instead, he instructed his men to attack.

Qing Shui and his companions did not move. Lin Zhanhan released his Shadow Demonic Panther.

The large Shadow Demonic Panther was like a demon, its large body moved stealthly like a fleeting shadow and erased those men from existence.

This was all part of Qing Shui’s plan. Carrying this grudge for so long, he knew that it was best for Lin Zhanhan to do this with his own hands. The reason he fed Lin Zhanhan’s Shadow Demonic Panther low-grade Sacred Beast Pills was not only for the old man’s protection and the safety of his Qing Clan. The main reason was so that Lin Zhanhan could use his own demonic beast to kill his enemies and vent his pent up frustration.

In a split second, all the men were killed. For now, the man who shouted previously was still alive, that man ran toward the main building yelling desperately. Suddenly, they heard multiple footsteps heading their way and quite a few people flew down from the air.

There were young and old men, there were guards wearing armor and also Elders from the Huo Clan who were clad in lavish clothes with lion emblems.

They were from Lion King's Ridge!

“Huo Sanxing, do you still remember me, Lin Zhanhan?!” Lin Zhanhan hollered, the anger in his voice was on the verge of insanity. His eyes glowed furiously as he stared at an old man in embroidered clothes, who was floating in the air.

That old man had a Lion emblem from the Lion King’s Ridge sewn on his clothes. He frowned when he saw Lin Zhanhan but once he heard that name, he relaxed his brows.

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