Chapter: 1105

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1105 - North Sacred Country, The Terrifyingly Deep Foundation of the Lion King’s Ridge

“So you want to seek justice for the Yiye Clan over the incident back then!”

Qing Shui looked at the old man who questioned him. He appeared to be arrogant due to his position but was mostly trying to get a confirmation. Qing Shui saw that the two old men were also secretly surprised.

10,000 stars of strength. Or more like, nearly 10,000 stars of strength. He seemed to be slightly better than Qiu Feng. However, he had a feeling that he had an item that could neglect the laws of heaven and earth on him. Other than that, 10% of the laws of heaven and earth could be neglected here. With this, the old man’s strength wasn’t really that much higher than Qiu Feng.

“I only want to know if you all were involved in the incident with the Yiye Clan back then.” Qing Shui didn’t answer the old man’s question but instead a question of his own in a calm tone, which sounded more like a statement.

His attitude caused the old man to frown slightly. “What does being involved or not involved in the incident with the Yiye Clan has to do with anything?”

“For those who were involved, they will naturally have to pay their debt of blood with their own blood. For those that weren’t involved, it is still not too late to withdraw now. I, no longer wish to kill more people,” Qing Shui told the old man calmly.

The old man was actually very surprised right now. For a young man to be able to converse so casually in front of him and be able to utter such words, he surely had quite a lot of courage. Other than that, he was also wondering if this young man actually had any trump cards hidden up his sleeve.

But when he thought about Qing Shui’s age and the fact that they were in the five continents, the old man laughed as soon as he heard Qing Shui’s words while shaking his head. “Young man. Regardless of whether or not I participated, what kind of place do you think the Lion King’s Ridge is? You think it is something that can be toppled by only one person? If that was the case, then the Lion King’s Ridge would have been gone a long time ago. You will never be able to comprehend how powerful the Lion King’s Ridge is.”

“I have already given you all a chance. Sadly, you are the ones who didn’t know how to value it.” Qing Shui slowly raised his hand as soon as he finished his sentence.

Tidal Cloud Waves Seal!

Within an instant, waves came rushing in from everywhere. Terrified screams were heard very soon because these water waves were not ordinary waves. This was water that contained Qing Shui’s energy. Just like ordinary people who had fallen into a swamp, their strength was weakened to the point that they were at the ends of their ropes.

This was the power of the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal’s water entanglement!

The old man had only just realized how terrifying this young man was, who stood before him now, when he sensed Qing Shui’s formidable spirit energy. How powerful his spirit energy was.

“Although your cultivation isn’t low, this old man will still advise you to retreat. If this is all you have, there’s still a great disparity between you and the Lion King’s Ridge.”

Thousand Li Flow!

“Then what about this? See if there’s still a great disparity!”

Qing Shui flipped his hand when he finished his sentence. A gigantic wave of water came crashing down like a mountain!

Partial Wave Repelling Pearl!

A spinning, glistening, white pearl about the size of a fist appeared before the old man. Within an instant, the water within the radius of 100 meters around them disappeared!

Qing Shui was also taken aback. This thing was the strengthened version of the Water Repelling Pearl and it wasn’t stronger by only one level.

However, Qing Shui wasn’t even panicked in the slightest. His Tidal Cloud Waves Seal wasn’t perfected yet and still lacked in terms of maturity. On top of that, Qing Shui hadn’t even used half of his strength. However, he didn’t want to exhibit his full strength just yet. He didn’t have a lot of battle techniques, but he had enough to use for now.

Battle techniques could only exhibit powerful offensive power with powerful strength as foundation. Without strength, battle techniques were nothing more than mere decorations.

“Lion King’s Li Fire Formation!”

The old man bellowed right at this moment. Everyone around him quickly got into the formation. Qing Shui’s earlier display of strength had made them realize that this person across from them didn’t make it this far with sheer luck.

A gigantic fiery red lion appeared before Qing Shui!

Qing Shui had already witnessed the might of this formation when he was in the Ancient Ruins. Since they were in the five continents, this formation’s might had diminished by a lot under the influence of the laws of heaven and earth.

Nearly 40,000 stars of strength!

This could already be considered a devastating strength among the five continents. This was also the reason behind the old man’s confidence. There were simply too few people who could do anything to them after they had formed the Lion King’s Li Fire Formation in the five continents. Only a very limited number of people on that level could easily destroy them.

Li Fire Spark!

The gigantic red lion let out a loud roar and breathed a little fiery spark from its mouth. Despite looking like a fire spark, it was actually quite a lot bigger than his fist.

Qing Shui didn’t want to waste any more time. His consciousness stirred and the Nine Continents Mountain immediately emerged in front of him and blocked that fiery spark. He reached out and gave a hard slap on its surface!


The Nine Continents Mountain immediately flew towards the gigantic fiery red lion. With Qing Shui’s slap, it smashed the red lion even more aggressively.

The Nine Continents Mountain was not only terrifying for its ramming power but also the Shield Attack Energy on it. As long as there wasn’t a large disparity between strengths, it could knock its target back.

Unbridled carnage was best for solo battles. Every knockback was a fatal opening because aura was easy to be messed up when one was being knocked back. This was the exact formidability of the Shield Attack.

Knocking back each step at a time, step by step…...

Bang, bang…...

Qing Shui was no longer a stranger to the Lion King’s Li Fire Formation. Besides, Qing Shui didn’t even put it in his eyes this time at all as he endlessly bombarded it. The Nine Continents Mountain in front of Qing Shui was gradually becoming more agile. He was getting better at controlling it. This kind of thing was meant to be controlled by spiritual sense and could do whatever one wished it to do. But Qing Shui now discovered that he could use his hand on the Nine Continents Mountain as additional force and it worked extremely well. Just like how a carriage was going up or down a hill, an extra push could result in immense effect.

It could increase that qi aura with irresistible force!

After a few dozen rams, the gigantic lion was smashed into pieces. This wasn’t even Qing Shui’s full strength yet. He looked at each and every person of the Lion King’s Ridge who all seemed dispirited.

A man should strive to kill and kill without mercy!

The Nine Continents Mountain smashed down like a little mountain with great force. A bottomless pit was instantly formed from the impact. This pretty much buried them all.



Qing Shui put away the two Interspatial Silk Sachets that he managed to bring out with him. Battle loot like these were never too many.

“Let us go and hurry to the next city!” Qing Shui put away the Nine Continents Mountain and told everyone beside him.

The few ladies nodded their heads. The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was already in the air. Qing Shui extended his arm towards Yiye Jiange. Yiye Jiange had an unnatural smile on her face as she reached out to grab his hand while she held on to Yu Ruyan’s hand with her other. Then Yu Ruyan held on to Di Qing…...

Qing Shui’s other hand was held by Luan Luan!

They soared up into the sky and walked in midair towards the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. There were crowds around them, yet none of them dared to stop them. They stared until the enormous Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant vanished into the distance!

“Who was that? They are simply too powerful to be able to eliminate the Lion King’s Ridge of the Copper Pot City in Copper Pot City!”

“Didn’t you hear it? They are from the Yiye Clan!”

“Yiye Clan? That Yiye Clan from back then?” That person exclaimed in surprise.

“That’s right. Someone actually turned up from the Yiye Clan that was once rumored to have been wiped out and they have come to revenge on the Lion King’s Ridge.”

“That’s weird. I didn’t expect the Yiye Clan to take revenge on the Lion King’s Ridge. I only knew that the Beitang Clan of the Lion King’s Ridge and Yiye Clan were relatives by marriage. They were even talking about taking revenge for the Yiye Clan. Could it be that the Lion King’s Ridge was the one who eliminated the Yiye Clan?”

“You don’t say! Everyone actually knows about it anyway, it’s just that no one wants to point it out.”

“How hypocritical. I reckon that the Lion King’s Ridge is going to pay a hefty price.”

“Hard to say since the Lion King’s Ridge has passed down many generations. Their strength is immeasurable.”


Northern Sacred Country!

This was the final country. The final destination of this country was the Lion King’s Mountain. The enormous Lion King’s Mountain!

Qing Shui and the few ladies arrived at the Northern Sacred Country. Crossing over the Northern Sacred Country in a straight line took about three days’ time. Full exploration of the Northern Sacred Country’s main cities would require a week.

The Northern Sacred Country was also considered to be the Capital Country of the Northern Sacred Lu Continent. The most powerful division of the Lion King’s Ridge was here. Qing Shui knew that the only way to topple the Lion King’s Ridge was to collapse the entire Lion King’s Ridge power in the Northern Sacred Country.

After leaving the Bronze Pot City, Qing Shui had eliminated a few hundred people. Some of these people were the ones who came forward to him. They were here to intercept him and of course, had the intention of killing him. They even tried to ambush him.

These people were all killed by Qing Shui within a flash, without showing any mercy on any of them!

He was in the sky above the Northern Sacred Country. He was already stopped by some people after entering by less than 100 li!

This time, there were no less than 500 people…...

500 people weren’t too many either. However, it was extremely terrifying when all of them were of the Martial Emperor realm. Although many of them were Martial Emperors of lower level, many of them were also extremely powerful cultivators, especially the dozen or so old men who stood in front of them.

“They’re here. So I’m finally being taken seriously and they know they have to take care of me. It seems like I’ll only be taken seriously here at the Sacred Northern Country. If I knew that sooner, I would’ve come here directly instead.” Qing Shui thought inwardly while looking at the crowd that had appeared in a distance.

In actuality, Qing Shui was being taken seriously because he had already exterminated more than three powerful cultivators of the Lion King’s Ridge on his way here. Although the Lion King’s Ridge could bear this loss, they couldn’t allow this to go on any longer. The only way the Lion King’s Ridge could gain their honor back was to kill all these people.

“Young man, for you to be able to come all the way here, even if you die here today, you have done enough for your name to be circulated among the five continents,” an old man dressed in a silver robe stepped forward and laughed.

The silver robe was embroidered with the image of a shiny golden lion. This lion had a slight resemblance to the legendary Suanni Lion.

One of the Dragon’s nine sons, the sixth son, Suanni Lion (Golden Ni Lion). It bears the resemblance of a lion. Fond of smoke and fire and likes sitting. Its image can be found on Buddha’s seat and carved on top of incense burners in the temples.

So it was possible that lion also possessed the Dragon Bloodline, especially powerful lions like the Golden Ni Lion!

Qing Shui had a hunch that the embroidery on the old man’s robe was the Golden Ni Lion. This species of lion possessed the Golden Ni’s Bloodline. More than 9% of dragon’s blood flowed within the body of the Golden Ni…….

“What if all of you died?” Qing Shui looked at the old man with a smile.

The bearing of the old man was calm and refined. He was neither too tall nor too short and lithe. The wrinkles on his face were very fine despite his silver tresses. His eyes, that looked like they had seen the vicissitudes of life, shone with wisdom.

“If we die, then you may march towards the Lion King’s Mountain. Even if you all die in the end, the past incident with the Yiye Clan is still considered to be perfectly settled while all of you shall become the spiritual belief of younger generations. Your achievement shall be widely known in even the other four continents.” The old man gave Qing Shui a gentle look, the admiration on his face was totally unconcealed.

“All of you take a break at the side. Remember the ring on your finger. Take good care of yourselves. I will try to cut this as short as possible,” Qing Shui told Yiye Tian, Lin Zhanhan, Little Fatty and the few ladies.

“Daddy, I want to fight alongside you!” Luan Luan clenched her jaw.

“Do you see all those people standing behind? All of you stand further away. If they approach you, then take care of them. Remember not to fight with those old fellows who are in front. Stay away from them if they come near to you. I will do my best to not let them come anywhere near you all. But all of you will still have to be cautious,” Qing Shui warned them seriously.

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