Chapter: 1122

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1122 - Realm of Peng Meng Immortal, Scroll Fragment Seal of Xuantian Part One

Qing Shui walked forward following the familiar feeling. As he got closer, the pulling force felt stronger while the familiarity grew. It was an unexplainable feeling, the feeling was like a throbbing sensation in his heart and there was no way he could thwart it.

The ladies and several people followed Qing Shui and soon, they reached another side of the valley. This place had no beast presence, this made Qing Shui feel bewildered. Perhaps there were only two beasts guarding the area but according to his experiences there should be more beasts guarding Peng Meng Immortal.

A lake appeared in front of their eyes, it was small, probably a hundred meters in size, just like a pond in a backyard. The water was clear like jade while reflecting the blue sky, there were not many fish or plants in the lake and the waters were calm.

A lake of this size did not look like it would pose any threats, at least there would not be any large size beasts. Such a small lake could not possibly hide any giant demonic beasts, that was a thought he had.

“Could this be the entrance of Peng Meng Immortal?” Qing Shui looked at the small lake, puzzled.

The waters were very clear, the bottom of the lake was evident and there was no signs of any entrances? As Qing Shui was engrossed in his thoughts, the ladies, little fatty, Yi Yetian and Lin Zhanhan did not utter a word.

Suddenly, Qing Shui remembered two locations where he had to enter through the bottom of a lake. One was the Crystal Palace, while the other location was the Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp. Could it be that this worked the same way here?

Qing Shui took out some Partial Wave Water Repelling Pearls and told the rest “Let’s go, we shall go down and explore.”

In the presence of the Partial Wave Water Repelling Pearls, the surrounding water had disappeared. The crew proceeded to walk down into the lake. The size of the lake was not huge and it seemed deep but not overly deep.

It wasn’t long before they reached the bottom of the lake. The floor of the lake was not flat. There were sharp rocks and water plants but rarely any irrelevant items. Perhaps, this place was uncommon among people and hence there were no remains of anything special beside a few bones of beasts.

“Dad, Look what’s over there?”

As everyone was busy searching, Luan Luan pointed towards the left and said.

That was a wall under the lake, it was not visible above the water but now they could see it. It looked like an unadorned door and this “door” seemed like it was drawn. On the door, there were drawings of mountains, lakes, forests, bonfires and metal. This sight amazed Qing Shui, the door actually had a complete drawing of the five elements.

There was faint Spiritual Qi lingering around the door, although this Spiritual Qi was weak, it was peculiar. This force seemed diverse yet incomparably succinct, with a subdued majestic atmosphere.

Qing Shui tried to reach towards the stone door with his hand but when his hand was about half a foot from the door, a repelling force pushed his hand away. This surprised and baffled him.

As Qing Shui prepared to use brute force to force his way through the door, he suddenly felt some intense reactions from within the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal and stared blankly for a moment.

Treasure map…....

He had the treasure map from quite some time ago. Ever since he found it, he had not found the proper location to use it but suddenly it released an intense reaction. He was overjoyed, he could feel that the Realm of Peng Meng Immortal was the third location on the treasure map.

The moment Qing Shui took out the treasure map, the stone door glowed and a pathway appeared in front of his eyes. However, the treasure map disappeared.

Qing Shui did not hesitate and walked towards the pathway with the rest, even though everyone was astonished by what had happened, this wasn’t the time to be stunned. As Qing Shui continued to walk forward, the rest followed.

The tunnel was about a hundred meters in length. Qing Shui’s face lit up when he walked through the tunnel. The surroundings could only be described as an otherworldly utopia. Most importantly, the view was identical to what was imprinted on the treasure map.

This was indeed the third location on the treasure map, it was an unexpected find and definitely not a small reward. Previously, he nearly used brute force on that stone door, neglecting the fact that the door might not be able to be forced open, if he had actually used brute force, he might have never found the Realm of Peng Meng Immortal.

“This place is gorgeous!” Yu He exclaimed in excitement as she looked at the surroundings.

“Yes, if we could build a huge house and live here, it would be great,” Luan Luan giggled and replied.

Everyone exchanged their words and explored further.

This area was considered neither big nor small, it had everything, mountains, rivers and caves and of course this place was saturated with Spiritual Qi. They did not walk far before a huge stone tablet appeared in front of them, it was dazzling and more importantly, it had words carved on it.

Qing Shui and some of the others walked towards it immediately to find out what was written on the tablet.

Realm of the Peng Meng Immortal!

To the predestined people, those who are looking at these words now please remember, you have an hour’s time, the Realm of the Peng Meng Immortal will disappear in an hour. There’s no danger in here. However, once the time’s up, you will automatically be sent back outside, good luck.

An hour’s time, seven and a half minutes have already passed in a blink of an eye. Looking around, this place was actually pretty big, he laughed and said “Let’s split up and search, two people pair up and bring all of your beasts out. If there are any special situations, let your beasts roar. Everyone wear your Sacred Jade Divine Stone Ring, we will be able to rush over immediately.”



Soon after, Qing Shui and the rest parted ways to search, Qing Shui was searching in the northern part of the area, this place had higher terrain, as one went further, the topography got higher.

The temple!

After walking up, he realized there were many temples here and a myriad of hall entrances into the temples. Qing Shui casually walked into one of the halls.

Stone drawings and statues littered the hall. The temple hall was not huge, it was about the size of ten houses. However, this place was very tall, there were three pillars. Qing Shui explored for a short while and left. There was nothing of worth for him to bring away.

He searched thoroughly through the ten halls and they were all empty. What made Qing Shui depressed was his spiritual sense was repelled whenever he entered the halls, he could not feel the fluctuation of Spiritual Qi.

It was depressing, if he couldn’t feel with his spiritual sense, he could only depend on his luck. Moreover, an hour’s time was way too short.

He tried to extend his spiritual sense to the surroundings, whenever it spread towards the walls of the halls, the spiritual sense would be repelled. This time, Qing Shui thought about using Emperor Qi’s Pellet.

Channeling Emperor Qi into his spirit energy, a spurt of energy spread to the surroundings.

Pu Pu…...

As though opening a seal, in a burst of movement, Qing Shui’s spiritual sense managed to trespass into the halls. He could feel a huge drain in spirit energy, luckily he had the Vital Essence Pill, he could utilize it again. Finding the treasure was going to be worth it.

The halls of the temples were all empty or rather Qing Shui could not feel the existence of any Spiritual Qi fluctuations. This place was a mess, it was hard to know if there were any treasures around, not to mention finding the treasure’s whereabouts.

As time passed, Qing Shui explored around the halls as he tried to feel using his spiritual sense. In this way, ample time could be saved. Qing Shui started to miss Mu Qing and her ten Treasure Hunting Pigs.

However, he should not be missing the beautiful woman now, at least for now. He had to look for the treasure in the halls and find it as soon as possible.

Half an hour flew by, Qing Shui was obviously disappointed, he had almost finished searching the halls and he was left with the last three. By this time, he felt numb, he just wanted to finish his search and leave immediately.

Once again, Qing Shui stepped into the middle halls, as he was extending his spiritual sense throughout the two sides of the halls, he was stunned. This time, he could feel a different feeling as he entered the hall, which he did not feel previously when he was there.

There was a fluctuation of Spiritual Qi but it was mild, he could barely feel it with his spiritual sense. This time, he couldn’t care more, he headed straight towards the sword stone drawings.

Eh? Scroll Fragment? And two of them…….

Previously, Qing Shui had one part of the scroll fragment in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, it was the second part of the Seal Of Xuantian Scroll Fragment. He took a step forward, he was thrilled, there were two scroll fragments, could it be the first part and third part.

When he saw the first scroll, his face lit up, it was indeed the first part of Seal of Xuantian Scroll.

He was astounded when he saw the other scroll, it was not the scroll fragment of Seal of Xuantian. There were three words, Gale Scroll and it had a drawing of a snow white Giant Gale Fox Beast.

Qing Shui was not feeling a sense of loss but it was a pity he could not complete the Seal of Xuantian Scroll. He was unsure of how many copies of the scroll fragments there were out there but to complete the scroll, it would perhaps not be much tougher than finding the twelve Portraits of Beauty.

Qing Shui put away the scrolls and left the place immediately. He started to search for more treasures in other parts of the area, it would be great if he could find more treasures. Moreover, his mentality was good, the rewards from ancient ruins and Dragon Qi made him have better stamina.

It would be perfect to bring back some rewards, even if there were no gains in the end, there was nothing to feel very upset about.

As Qing Shui was about to leave, his eyes glanced at a corner coincidently as he turned to step out. At the corner was a box that looked old fashioned, it wasn’t huge but there was a thick layer of dust on top of the box. The details of the box were not clear but on top of the box was what looked like a talisman seal, the seal was very clean and the patterns were distinct. Qing Shui could figure it out right away.

Spirit Sealing Talisman!

Qing Shui moved, why was there a need for a spirit seal? If he had not coincidentally looked at it, he wouldn’t have noticed. He brushed away the dust but he could not see what was in the box, he promptly put the box into the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal.

Qing Shui estimated that there was barely any time left, they should leave the place quickly. This time, he found several medicinal herbs that were rare and precious and then he was sent outside.

At the same time, the ladies, little fatty, Yi Yetian and Lin Zhanhan were sent out as well and their faces were glowing, it was obvious everyone had gains. Especially Luan Luan, she could hardly contain her joy. It was as if her “tail” was wagging way up in the air.

“Girl, what have you gotten that made you so happy?” Qing Shui looked at Luan Luan in amusement.

“Beast King Medallion!”

Luan Luan stretched out her hand, a piece of mauve metal appeared on her hands. Such appearance showed that the medal recognized its owner and was connected with Luan Luan through flesh and blood, just like Qing Shui and Nine Continents Mountain.

The medallion was about one foot in size, with a glowing purple ray and radiating a sense of formidable deterrence. The top part of the medal was the malevolent head of a beast that looked a little like a dragon and the formidable power was unleashed from there.

“Girl, what is the power of this Beast King Medallion?”

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