Chapter: 1126

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1126 - The Warmth of Home, The Great Power of the Violet Golden Bloodline Pearl

Qing Shui revealed a pair of exquisite black boots that exuded a powerful Spiritual Qi. These boots could increase one's speed.

"What's good about a pair of shoes?" Qing Ming's eyes were filled with delight, but he just refused to admit that it was good. He reached out his hands to receive it. He then smiled and asked greedily, "Father, where's my dagger?"

"You're still too young. It'll be bad if you hurt yourself or your younger sister." Qing Shui smiled and said.

"Father, I'm no longer a kid. Would I be so ignorant? I know what I'm doing. Even if someone forces me to hurt one of our own with a blade against my throat, I'd rather die than do it." Qing Ming said angrily.

"Alright, that's my good son." As Qing Shui said this, a pitch-black dagger appeared in his hand. However, he handed it to Qing Ming without having ground the blade.

"You familiarize yourself with it first before I grind the blade for you, alright?" It wasn't that Qing Shui was overly worried but the kid was still young after all.

"Qing Shui, you can't always pamper the kid like this." Mingyue Gelou rubbed Qing Ming's head and said.

"Mingyue, I don't see him often. If I can't even agree to a few of his requests when I'm back, he'll probably break off his ties with me." Qing Shui smiled and said. Usually, Qing Shui would only call her Gelou when Mingyue Gelou and Canghai Mingyue were both around. Otherwise, he would usually just call her Mingyue.

Hearing this, Mingyue Gelou burst out laughing. "Then you can just do your best to pamper him, to the extent that he won’t know anything, not even manners."

"Who said that our Ming`er doesn't have any manners? He’s already so manly at such a young age. I feel that our Ming`er is very outstanding." Qing Shui didn't hold back with his praises. In fact, he was full of admiration for this son of his.

Qing Shui placed down Qing Yu and Qing Yan. Then he carried Qing Yin and rubbed Qing Zun and Qing Ming on their heads. Qing Yin placed her hands around Qing Shui's neck. She seemed very attached to him. At such a young age, she was already giving out a faint graceful aura.

"Yin`er, this is for you." Qing Shui took out an exquisite dress. Of course, there was a pair of boots for her as well. He made them for all of his kids. Qing Shui had forged many of them in his free time. The small pleated dress was a one piece and it was very soft. However, it was made from the best materials.

"Father's the best!" Qing Yin received it happily. The silvery-white pleated dress had golden rims and was similar to a battle skirt. It was very beautiful.

Looking at Qing Yin, Qing Yan, and Qing Yu made Qing Shui think of Luan Luan. He turned to see that Luan Luan was also smiling and looking at him while he was with the other lasses.

Qing Shui stood up and gave out the presents for the kids and then took Qing Long from Zhu Qing. The kid was only starting to make noises and was learning how to speak.

Seeing Qing Shui reaching out his hands towards him, the kid seemed to be a little resistant, tightly wrapping his hands around Zhu Qing's neck and refusing to let go. Qing Shui baited him with a small toy and then carried him, giving a hug to Zhu Qing at the same time.

Just like that, it took them about 30 minutes for them to walk from the entrance to the main hall despite it being less than 100 meters in distance. However, the family was very happy and harmonious.

His uncles and aunts were around as well. Basically, everyone from Qing Clan was here, even Qingqing. Her child was the same age as Qing Long. Guo Polu was around as well.

The hall wasn't small but it was now filled to the brim. There were over ten kids and it was very lively. Everyone wore satisfied smiles on their faces. The reason Qing Clan could achieve what it had today was all thanks to Qing Shui.

Qing Luo felt the most gratified. He was especially content when he looked at this grandson. He was already content to see Qing Clan reach this height and he would even wake up from delight even in his dreams. Thinking of the past, when Qing Village was still in Greencloud Continent, he recalled how hard their lives were and there were even many times when the clan had faced life-threatening situations. Right now, he was the one who understood the most how tough it had been for Qing Shui. Many people could only see his glorious achievements of today but not many people understood how hard it was for him and what great price he had to pay.

During this period of time, Qing Clan was very quiet. They had fully merged into Fair Wind City. As locals, Ming Clan had helped Qing Clan quite a bit. After all, Ming Clan was considered a big clan in his city and there were many things which were better if they were the one to step out.

Qing Shui would handle the relationship with Ming Xian and Ming Chen well. They were addressing each other as brothers now and he would extend some help to Ming Clan to maintain this relationship. Right now, Qing Clan was much stronger than Ming Clan and thus they wouldn't be scared that Ming Clan would try to do anything. The important thing was to let Ming Clan willingly take the initiative to do things for Qing Clan. It was necessary for there to be people supporting at the bottom of the pyramid.

Qing Clan's businesses were doing alright. Actually, these things weren't very important. The purpose was to just find something to do. Qing Clan wasn't short of money. Having businesses such as medicinal halls and auction halls was only a means for them to get a hold of rare medicinal herbs and other items.

Qing Shui introduced the Yiye couple to his family. He didn't give any explanation about Yu Ruyan since she didn't allow him to. However, Qing Yi smiled and changed the way she addressed her, calling her Ruyan directly. Yu Ruyan looked at Qing Yi hesitantly and smiled but didn't say a word.

Qing Yi didn't show any signs of ostracism. She would accept whoever and whatever Qing Shui likes without any conditions. She believed in her own son.

First, Qing Shui took out the Violet Golden Bloodline Pearl and gave one to each of the adults here. He told them to take it after they had returned to their rooms while he stayed here with the few ladies who had already taken it before. He then spent time with the kids.

With Qing Shui here, he gave each of the kids one of the pearls as well. The effects of the Violet Golden Bloodline Pearls were better when taken at a young age since adults would still have to refine the powers. Kids wouldn't show any reactions. Instead, all of their bodies' abilities would just become a little stronger.

The kids didn't show any outward changes. The faces of children tended to be flushed to begin with but it wasn't the same for adults. When Qing Luo came out, he seemed to be a little younger. The blood was a very important component of the body. Water was the source of life and to humans, blood was like their source of life. Their lives and energy were all supplied by blood and there were also many nurturing techniques which nurtured one’s blood.

Maybe it was because the ladies had unique physiques and were unrivaled beauties to begin with but they only had slight changes to their appearances which weren't very obvious. On the other hand, Qing Yi and Qing Shui's aunts appeared to be much younger after taking the pearls.

Qing Shui didn't find this strange. What he felt was strange was that he had sensed that the limits on the people who had taken the Xiantian Golden Pellet before were slowly dissipating. This was the power of blood lineage. It would slowly break through the confinements of one's body.

"The Violet Golden Bloodline Pearl is really good stuff. It seems like this should have been left down from the ancient times. Thank goodness that I have the Heavenly Vision Technique." Qing Shui happily thought of the item which he had chanced upon.

The Violet Golden Bloodline Pearl would slowly change their blood lineage and slowly strengthen their blood. When the purple spots in their blood slowly increased, they would also slowly become stronger. This was the power of blood, the most basic of powers.

Everyone in Qing Clan was overjoyed to receive such a great surprise right from the start. The prowess of the Spiritual Liquid was something that one could only understand after taking it. It wouldn't show in their appearances.

After all, Qing Shui's mother and the others still had a very long lifespan. Even if they were to just train casually, the Spiritual Liquid could allow them to gradually improve and they would grow to become strong enough to reach a level that they would never dare to imagine.

The children refused to be far apart from Qing Shui and they all gathered around him. At home, what they heard of the most was about Qing Shui and their father's image in their heart was very great. This was the case for Qing Ming as well. It was just that he refused to admit it.

"Come, let me see what level your training is at right now." Qing Shui carried Qing Long and smiled as he said to them.

The few ladies had all come out and Qing Shui brought the children and his women to the backyard, wanting to see the progress his sons and daughters had made. Primarily, it was to assess Qing Zun, Qing Yin, Qing Yan, and Qing Ming.

As for Qing Yu, she was extremely playful and was still too young. She hadn't reached the age where she could start cultivating. It was even more so for Qing Long.

Qing Zun's Back Connecting Fist was already quite decent and it had some imposing aura. The most important part was the flair he displayed, one that was righteous and strong!

Qing Shui nodded. His eldest son's talent was inherited from Canghai Mingyue and his mental state was quite strong. To think that he would have such a righteous character at such a young age. He had the aura of a great leader and he would be able to take on responsibilities. However, the aura still it wasn't very strong yet.

Qing Shui also took a look at his Nine Palace Steps, Ghostly Steps, Free Spirit Steps, and other footwork skills. They were all average and Qing Shui was quite satisfied. A person's habits would also reflect a person's character.

Qing Yin was next. Back then, Qing Shui had let Qing Yin focus on training Taichi Fist, Nine Palace Steps, and other footwork skills. Qing Shui was also stunned by her performance.

The lass' mastery in Taichi was already very high, and was a step into the Truth Realm. Qing Shui hadn't expected her to have such a peaceful and calm disposition at such a young age. She didn't have a strong competitive nature nor was she possessive. She was unlike other children who would want everything, or at least, think about wanting everything and not knowing how to feel content. Children were the same as adults.

Her character was excellent for Taichi, to get the better of the opponent by striking after the opponent has struck, not being competitive but ending up as the one to gain the most.

Amongst her footwork, her Free Spirit Steps was the best, and then the Nine Palace Steps was next. She basically didn't know the Ghostly Steps. She had a calm disposition and there was an aloof feeling in her footwork. Qing Shui thought of her attachment to him earlier as he carried this daughter. She wasn't very old yet and was still a kid.

"Yin`er, do you have any wishes? Your father will satisfy them for you." Qing Shui smiled and said.

"I hope that our family—everyone in our family—can be together." Qing Yin smiled and looked at Qing Shui before planting a kiss on his face.

"Father promises you, but I'll need some time. Can you promise to give Father a little time?" Qing Shui rubbed his nose against the lass' small and upright nose, saying as he smiled.

"Of course. This is just my wish. No matter when it is fulfilled, I'll be very happy." Qing Yin's laughter rang out.

Qing Yan looked at her father with some unfamiliarity. When the children were all together, she also liked to get close to Qing Shui, but when she was ‘facing’ him alone, there was more distance between them. Qing Shui carried her and talked to her while Qing Ming pouted, appearing to carry himself with great arrogance and superiority.

"Lass, do you want to tell Father what you're learning?" Qing Shui smiled and asked.

"Drawing!" Qing Yan looked at Qing Shui while blinking her big eyes seriously.

"This lass is only interested in the Nine Palace Steps and drawing as well as music. However, she doesn't show much interest in other martial arts." Shi Qingzhuang smiled and said.

Qing Yan was only three days younger than Qing Ming but it felt as if Qing Ming was much older...

"Let the children learn whatever they like. I'll teach the lass drawing and the Nine Palace Steps during this period of time. Lass, can you show Father how you use the Nine Palace Steps?" Qing Shui patted her head.

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