Chapter: 1131

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1131 - Reunited, Yan Zhongyue's Tomb Is Empty?

"Of course it's real. Could it be that you often have dreams like this? Didn't you have your fill earlier?" Qing Shui smiled and said teasingly.

"You only know how to talk rubbish." Mu Qing said happily and let go off Qing Shui, her face filled with a blissful smile as she called the Golden Eagle King over.

"Qing Shui, I want you to accompany me to take a look around this place." Mu Qing grabbed one of Qing Shui's arm and said blissfully.

"I can't ask for anything better!"

After the Golden Eagle King got the Hallow Fruit and pearl from Qing Shui, it had gone through a reformation and strengthen up by a lot. When it spread out its wings, its size was close to 100 meters. Compared to earlier, the Golden Eagle King had truly become one of the top notch existences in the air.

"Mu Qing, if I were to ask you for something, would you bear to part with it?" Qing Shui sat on the back of the Golden Eagle King and asked Mu Qing, smiling.

"I'm yours now. Do you think that I'll be able to bear to part with it?" Mu Qing looked at Qing Shui.

"I want one of your Treasure Hunting Pigs." Qing Shui smiled and said.

"What's so tough about that? But just one by itself is too lonely. I'll give you half of them. I like these creatures as well. Otherwise, I'll give them all to you." Mu Qing said happily.

"Alright, then I won’t stand on ceremony with my wife." Qing Shui smiled and looked at Mu Qing who was in his arms.

Mu Qing smiled and called out one of her Treasure Hunting Pigs.

Treasure Hunting Pigs were treasure beasts and they were not very strong in combat. However, their bodies were tough as diamonds and their speed and endurance levels were very high. Their only unique trait was that they could look for treasures, thus the name Treasure Hunting Pigs.

Treasure beasts were covered in treasures all over. Take the Treasure Hunting Pig, for example, it had a golden-colored pearl in its body which had a tremendous worth. However, no one would kill a Treasure Hunting Pig to take away its golden-colored pearl since the greatest value of a Treasure Hunting Pig was its ability to search for treasures.

Earlier, Qing Shui had only mentioned this casually. He had planned on using a low grade Sacred Beast Pill to tame a Treasure Hunting Pig.

"Qing`er, how did you tame these Treasure Hunting Pigs?" Qing Shui was very puzzled.

"I didn't have to. When I met them, it was very strange. They followed me after I just gave them some food..." When Mu Qing said this, she looked at Qing Shui in a daze.

Qing Shui was stunned as well. Taming beasts could be very strange. There may be times when they would follow you even if you don't tame them. However, there would also be times where even if you defeated the beast, you might not be able to tame it successfully.

"You didn't plant Spirit Marks in these creatures' mind?" Qing Shui asked, astonished.

"I didn't!"

Qing Shui once again felt that this lady was truly lucky. He had thought that Mu Qing might have some good ways to tame them. She had told him to tame a few more earlier. Now, it seemed like he would have to use a low grade Sacred Beast Pill to tame one. Moreover, he would only be able to tame one, so it'd be hard for it to not feel lonely.

He wondered what other people would think if they knew that he had used a low grade Sacred Beast Pill to tame a treasure beast with no battle prowess. Was it worth it?

Treasure Hunting Pigs hunted for treasures but places with treasure tended to contain danger as well. If the person had no power, having just a Treasure Hunting Pig would mean that he would probably die very soon.

On the back of the Golden Eagle King, Mu Qing let Qing Shui attempt to tame the Treasure Hunting Pig. The Treasure Hunting Pig was only about one foot in size and was covered in a golden color. The small creature was very docile but when Qing Shui wanted to try and reach out his hand to touch it, it bared its teeth towards him.

In the end, Qing Shui had no other methods and had to use a low grade Sacred Beast Pill to tame one. The low grade Sacred Beast Pills were good stuff, causing the Treasure Hunting Pig which was originally baring its teeth at Qing Shui to follow him with attachment...

Unknowingly, the sun had already set. When a couple who was in love were together, the time always seemed to be very short. Although Qing Shui and Mu Qing were already husband and wife, the time they had spent together was very short. However, they were going to part again very soon. This time around, Qing Shui planned to let her stay in Qing Clan longer.

When they returned to Qing Clan the next day, the family could finally be considered to have reunited. Everyone saw the lady Qing Shui brought back. One was also his wife, a lady whose beauty wouldn't lose out to Canghai Mingyue and the others. When Mu Qing saw the other women, she was also astonished. All the pretty ladies had gathered around him.

When Qing Yi saw Mu Qing, she was very happy, holding her and talked to her with a smile. At the same time, she was amazed at her son's judgment. Now, Qing Yi no longer found it strange to see her son being able to get himself so many wives whose beauties were unrivaled.

The ladies didn't say anything and were very affectionate towards Mu Qing. It was only that they would appear to have a hint of blame when they looked at Qing Shui. This caused him to feel helpless. One's feelings couldn't be controlled.

Although the females were very accepting, it was impossible for them to not feel bad about this. However, since things had already arrived at this stage, they would still choose the most proper way to handle this situation, to treat her as family and as a close as sisters. There was no other way out since they all loved this man.

Qing Shui knew that very soon, someone would restrict him from getting involved with other women in the future, just like the past.

Qing Shui would very much like to assure them but he knew that it would be useless. There were some things which he would still go with his heart to make a decision. It was just like how he felt very happy now and they should be feeling the same. He would do his best to let them feel happy. Just like in the case of Mu Qing. She knew that Qing Shui was married in the first place but she still chose to step forward. It was because they all knew that for someone like Qing Shui, it would be abnormal for a person his age to not have a soulmate or wife.

Everyone then spent the time that followed on their cultivation. Qing Shui had quite a lot of formations and martial techniques now and also had more time and energy for cultivation. Therefore, he told them the easiest way to cultivate.

Qing Shui worked hard on his own cultivation as well. He still wanted to head for the other Four Continents and thus had never slacked in his training. Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation, Nine Continents Mountain, Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm, Tidal Cloud Waves Seal, Lion King's Imprint, Lion King's Roar, Hidden Weapon Technique, Primordial Flame Dragon, Vajra Buddha Devil Rod, Seal of Xuantian, and many parts to the Nine Animals Mimicry Technique...

Qing Shui was very busy but felt very fulfilled. Most of the time, he would guide the kids and other members of Qing Clan. When he was in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he would work hard by himself.

Happy times would always pass by very quickly. In the blink of an eye, over two months had passed by. During the past two months, everyone went through a tremendous change, especially in terms of their understandings. Only by increasing their exposure and experience, would they be able to go through rapid progress in the future. He could not let them keep themselves cooped up in a cage. What Qing Shui wanted was for them to break through the cage that they had locked themselves in. It was just like how they wouldn't dare to think of attaining Xiantian in the past, since to them, it was already an extreme limit.

They had progressed in a lot in many areas, including their formations and the Nine Palace Steps. For most of these things, he would let the stronger people familiarize with the techniques first and then they could slowly guide the rest. Qing Shui could no longer stay in Qing Clan for much longer.

The time when the Ancient Great Formation would be activated was getting closer. Qing Shui would probably be able to stay in Qing Clan for another week.

After coming out from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal that morning, Qing Shui headed to his mother's room. It was the late afternoon and the manor was quite quiet. There were people who were busy with their cultivation and the kids were out playing in the streets.

When Qing Shui entered his mother's room, he saw that Qing Yi was seated next to the bed, holding up and looking at a beast parchment. From his angle, Qing Shui could tell that the drawing was of himself, his mother, and Qingqing. This was the family portrait they had drawn after Qingqing had returned.

When she saw Qing Shui, she put the painting aside and smiled, indicating for Qing Shui to sit next to her.

Qing Shui walked over and sat down, looking at Qing Yi. "What's wrong, Mother? You have something on your mind?"

"Are you going to head out again?" Qing Yi asked calmly with a smile on her face. However, there was a bit of reluctance reflected in her gaze.

Hearing his mother's words, Qing Shui didn't feel good either. For the past few years, they had been apart more than they had been together. He had initially thought that after the matters with the Lion King's Ridge was settled, he would be able to live the life he wanted and be relaxed. However, sometimes, things just won't go as planned.

Di Chen was in the other Four Continents and he was worried about her. There was no way that he wouldn't feel worried. Thus, he decided that if it couldn't be helped, he would just go look for Di Chen and bring her back. Afterwards, he would stay in the Five Continents.

"Mother, we still have a lot of time before us. I have to bring Di Chen back." Qing Shui smiled and looked at Qing Yi.

"Mmm, It's worrying for her to be outside alone. Mother is just nagging a little. You can decide your things for yourself. A man must have great ambitions. Which capable man would keep on staying at home?" Qing Yi patted Qing Shui on his head, she seemed to have cheered up.

"Just wait a little longer. I'll try to think of a way to let us all be together and have a lively life." Qing Shui had been enjoying a life like this during this time.

"Qing Shui, if you have time, go take a look at Yan Clan. Qingqing said that his tomb is empty." After some hesitation, Qing Yi said slowly.

Qing Shui was stunned. What Qing Yi said struck him like thunder. It was even more astonishing than there being thunder in a clear sky.

"Qingqing was still young back then and would offer incense at his tomb every year. There was once when she went early and before she could offer incense, she heard sounds underground and hid out of fear. A few masked men dressed in black came up from the ground and said that there was no one in the coffin. Those people were grave robbers. " Qing Yi looked at Qing Shui but still decided to finish the story.

Qing Shui looked at his mother's hopeful gaze and something tugged at his heart. He no longer hated that guy. From the moment he heard that he was dead, he didn't hate him anymore.

However, back then, he was in great agony. He knew that his mother still loved that man. If that man was dead, then his mother would always have a regret in her life.

Now, hearing that the tomb was empty, it was still considered good news. It would be best if that man was alive. Qing Shui held Qing Yi's hand. He could sense that when his mother said what she had earlier, she felt a little agitated.

Therefore, Qing Shui had always hoped that that man was still alive. It wasn't for anything else, but for his mother.

"I'll head to Yan Jiang Country to take a look tomorrow. Don't worry, as long as he is alive, even if I have to comb through the entire world, I'll find him." Qing Shui said seriously.

"Qing Shui, your matters are more important. It has been so many years and it wouldn't be that easy to find him. Put this thing aside first. I'm only telling you this so that you can keep a lookout." Qing Yi shook her head, as if it was not agreeable for Qing Shui to head to Yan Jiang Country.

"I'll go ask Qingqing later to see how much she knows. If there's no need for it now, I won't go there. But if there is a need, I'll go take a look. There's enough time." Qing Shui gave it some thought and said.

The mother and son had a chat and Qing Shui told his mother that he no longer hated that man. He knew that man must have been in great pain too.

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