Chapter: 1148

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1148 - The Fearsome Strength of the Young Mistress of the Yan Clan

For a State Master level martial artist to be a chauffeur would be an incredible loss of face. Even members of the royal family would not demean a State Master by forcing him to be their chauffeur.

There was only one reason for this. This elder who was at the State Master level had willingly chosen to be the chauffeur of the Yan Clan’s young mistress. Otherwise, with the dignity of his martial prowess, it was impossible to force him to be a chauffeur for anyone.

Soon after, the White Draconic Horse came closer. One of the injured men from the Lei Clan was being carried to the side by his clan’s members to make way. The horse carriage stopped.

“Uncle Zong, why is there such a huge commotion outside?”

An indescribably elegant voice was heard. At this moment, everyone was silenced. This woman’s voice made everyone quiet down immediately. The people that were present clearly heard her voice.

Her voice wasn’t considered melodious and it had a tinge of roughness within it. It was dignified and powerful, giving off an elegant impression.

“Young Mistress, we have arrived at the Divine Weapon Street. This place has just engaged in a battle and some of the people are injured. People will leave soon.” The elder replied respectfully.

Then, the curtain on the car lifted. This carriage was like a small house, with doors in the front and back, and windows on both sides. These type of carriages were suitable for long term rides, but were more of a token of status. In Yan City, it was unlikely for anyone to not recognize the White Draconic Horse Carriage.

A pair of delicate hands lifted the curtains of the carriage and a tall figure walked out. In an instant, the surrounding people were stunned. Qing Shui was also caught up in the moment.

The woman wasn’t wearing any veil. Though it was difficult to tell how tall she was, she had a lean figure. Her green elegant dress wasn’t that eye catching but her peaceful expression, flawless fair skin and perfect pair of beautiful eyes were just like tranquil autumn waters. Her dazzling eyes sparkled as they blinked. Together with her hair that was tied up high in a ponytail and her exquisite sharp nose, she looked like a master artist’s finest work.

Qing Shui shook his head. He wasn’t amazed by the woman’s beauty, and was more mesmerized by her aura of elegance. It was an aura that was alluring to anyone. She was attractive, elegant, precious, quiet yet imposing.

What was most astonishing was that not that this woman’s beauty was comparable to Yu Ruyan and Tantai Xuan. It was that even Qing Shui was amazed by the lady’s strength.

He was unable to feel how formidable the Yan Clan’s Young Mistress strength was, but he could feel that it was way higher than the strengths of the Formation Immortal Sect’s black and white elders.

“How old is she to have such a level of cultivation?” Qing Shui was dumbfounded.

“She calls the elder Uncle Zong... for someone who she greets as Uncle to willingly be her chauffeur. This woman must be strong. Moreover, Uncle Zong should be a subordinate of her elders.”

This point further illustrated the formidability of the Yan Clan’s Young Mistress. If she wasn’t strong herself, it was impossible for someone of the State Master level to willingly serve her.

As the commotion continued, the Young Mistress of the Yan Clan walked down with a graceful posture and approached the man from the Lei Clan.

“Young Mistress Yan, you’re here, cough cough……” The man from the Lei Clan forced a smile and said respectfully.

“You’re from the Lei Clan? What’s going on here?”

The Young Mistress of the Yan Clan said calmly and took a final glance at Qing Shui. Her eye contact stunned him.

She was impressively beautiful and dazzlingly stunning, her spring-like clear eyes adding to her sereneness and elegance. It was as if she could see through a person’s soul. It was at this moment that Qing Shui felt that she had seen right through him.

It was the first time Qing Shui had ever felt this way and this implied either the formidable strength this woman possessed or the profoundness of her mystical skills.

The woman looked at Qing Shui and the expression in her eyes changed slightly before she averted her gaze. Qing Shui immediately turned his back and walked towards the blacksmith store. He didn’t like the way this woman was looking at him.

“‘Oh, it’s not a big deal, we’re just learning from each other. Young Mistress, you must be here to collect the weapons. Let’s go, I’ll lead the way.” The man from the Lei Clan did not dare to say much. He hadn’t expected the Yan Clan’s young mistress to be mad at him.

“It would be better you recuperate first, I am aware of where to go.” The Young Mistress of the Yan Clan said as she lifted her head to look at the signboard. In a split second, her eyes gave off a bizarre expression once again.

Anyone who saw this signboard would definitely compliment its craftsmanship. The drawing skills, the penmanship, the forging ability and materials were all top notch. All of this could easily be understood by experts of these fields.

“Did this Firecloud Blacksmith Store just open? This shop wasn’t open the last time I was here. The signboard also looks very new.” The Young Mistress of the Yan Clan said softly.

As she murmured to herself, she then smiled at the elder: “Uncle Zong, you can help me take the weapons and I’ll browse around. You can find me here later!”

The young mistress of the Yan Clan pointed to the Firecloud Blacksmith store. She wanted to ask who made this signboard. Another issue was that man who gave her a very bizarre feeling. She couldn’t exactly point out what was weird.

The people that were present left and about ten people came from afar. These people looked like martial artists. Attending to the White Draconic Horse, they seemed like followers from the Yan Clan.

The young mistress of the Yan Clan took another glance at the signboard and walked towards the shop that was considered the smallest blacksmith store. She could already hear sounds of forging coming from the store.

As she stepped into the place, everything seemed new open, without any customers. Afar was one person forging ironware and what astonished her was the man forging was the man she had seen previously.

Previously, she had already sensed the man’s formidability. He could defeat the Lei Clan’s people and leave with no injuries. This showed that the man had great power, but never had she thought that he would actually be a blacksmith master.

The reason she could confirm that this man was a blacksmith master was because she saw the charm in Qing Shui as he was forging. She had seen many blacksmith grandmasters but at this moment, she could see the astonishing aura from this man once again.

The Great Yu Dynasty had never heard of such a young blacksmith grandmaster. The woman watched Qing Shui forge and hammer from nearby.

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

Qing Shui did not stop his work or turn his head as he asked as he could feel the aura that could only come from this woman.

“This Firecloud Blacksmith store belongs to you?” The woman asked lightly.


“May I look around the store?” The woman smiled as she glanced around.

Qing Shui could feel that she was laughing, but he was unsure if she was laughing at him.

“Of course, Miss, feel free to look around. You may call me if you have any issues.” Qing Shui replied calmly.

The woman gave Qing Shui a weird look. From the moment she had entered and talked, she realized that his aura and his heartbeat rate had not fluctuated. This shocked her.

She looked at the weapons on the shelves. There were over ten different types, some of which were types used by only a few. She reached out to the Greenedge Sword and her face glowed as she held the weapon. However, soon after, she shook head.

Next were the armors, but she also shook her head and went off to the accessories section. There were many accessories here and most were catered for women. The moment she held up one of them, her eyes glimmered and she smiled.

Hairpins, bracelets, jade pendants, necklaces, earrings…….

In the main continent, forging was a difficult task, and what was most challenging was making accessories. If they were only for decorative purposes, such as handmade crafts or simple accessories, there were ample numbers. However, accessories made by forging grandmasters were rare, and those with formidable power were even harder to find. It was so rare that even the young mistress of the Yan Clan only had a few of them.

She never imagined this place would have what she wanted, those earrings and hairpins. These items were so rare and much better than nothing. How could she miss this chance to own them when she finally found such rare items?

Five hundred taels for one wasn’t cheap, but to the young mistress of the Yan Clan, this amount was nothing. Since there were not many of them here, she intended to buy all of them.

“Mister, the accessories you have are all here? I want all of them, but are there even more of?” The woman turned and asked Qing Shui.

Qing Shui’s forging hand quivered from the way she spoke. It was just like a rich person speaking with an imposing manner. He did not know why the young mistress of the Yan Clan wanted so many of them, but he was more than happy to sell them.

“Leave a few of them for me to keep up the appearance of my store!” Qing Shui thought and replied.

“I want these but I wonder if it’s possible to give me a discount?”

The woman’s statement stunned Qing Shui. He had thought that this woman was super rich and based on her character, he also had thought that she would not bargain.

“I’ll give you one for free then.” Qing Shui knew she was a young mistress from the Yan’s clan and this amount of money was not a big deal. Although he did not bother about this amount of money as well, he felt a sense of satisfaction from being able to sell these items.

“Sure, do you have even better ones?” The young mistress of the Yan Clan looked at Qing Shui and asked.

“Yes!” Qing Shui replied without hesitation.

“Really? Why didn’t you display them?” The young mistress of the Yan Clan seemed really happy to hear that and this was the first time her tone had changed from the moment she had stepped in.

“That is because I don’t intend to sell them!” Qing Shui replied as he shook his head.

The young mistress of the Yan Clan was stunned by his reply and did not know how to reply in that moment. It’s impossible to insist on buying them or beg him to sell them. She had never begged anyone before and even if someone wanted to give her a present, they even had to queue to do that. Besides, if she did not have an item, it was likely because it was very rare.

The forging grandmasters she knew in Yan City did not make accessories, and even in the whole Great Yu dynasty, those accessories with special powers were so rare there were barely any.

She loved them, especially those that were here. Not only were they beautiful, they had useful powers. Hearing there were better ones, she wanted to buy those but unfortunately, he did not want to sell them.

She felt there were room for negotiation, If he didn’t intend to sell them, he could have just said he did not have any better ones. Why did he choose to say he still had more?

“Young man, let’s negotiate. Sell them to our young mistress and you can ask for any price.”

At this moment, the elder walked in and overheard their conversation.

Qing Shui lifted his head, looked at the elder and smiled as he shook his head, “I am definitely not selling them. There aren’t many and I still have use for them.”

“What if I forcefully snatch them from you, what will you do?” The elder frowned and looked at Qing Shui, as he sent a formidable spiritual pressure towards him.

Qing Shui shook his head and did not seem to be affected by the elder’s formidable spiritual pressure. He smiled and replied, “Nobody can snatch my items because I do not have an Interspatial Silk Sachet.”

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