Chapter: 1179

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1179 - Date of the Competition, Opening of the Blacksmith Store, Reputation Spread Far and Wide

After doing everything, it was about time for him to head out. He'd give them to them in a few days time. He could say that those were things he had made previously. Although he must say that the weapons were just made, the armor and other things could be said to have been stock he had left aside in the past.

Of course, they might not ask, since everyone had their own secrets. Even if they were to ask, he wouldn't say anything. This was why clever people would know what they should ask and what they shouldn't. There were some things that you won't get to know just from asking.

It was about time that he was able to eat the second Heavenly Secrets Pill. This was a huge favorable opportunity Yan Jinyu had given to him. She definitely wouldn't have expected that he would be able to finish all ten Heavenly Secrets Pills within 40 days and allow his strength to double. For others, the strength increment brought by ten Heavenly Secrets Pills weren't considered a lot but for Qing Shui, it was a monstrous existence, at least, for the current phase he was at.

Doubled... His physical strength had doubled. Moreover, with the cultivation he had been doing of late, it was even more. This wasn't something that the additional increment brought by weapons could compare against.

Strength, one's physical strength was the most important. This was something that was closely related to the unleashing of their prowess in battle techniques and control of their mind. Weapons, armor and the temporary effects medicinal pills brought were just plain increment of overall strength and would pale in comparison. For these, unless one had gotten used to it over time, the initial effect wouldn't be good. This was especially so when there was a large increment, such as when taking medicinal pills to boost strength tremendously, while it was terrifying, the individual's control wouldn't be perfect. The person would only be able to unleash 70-80% of the actual prowess in such a situation. However, when the increase was in the individual's physical strength and mastery, there would be times when he would be able to unleash 120% of the prowess.

The next morning, Qing Shui came out very early and casually went about with his morning practice in the courtyard. They had agreed to take a look at the blacksmith store today. He forged another huge signboard which still had the words 'Firecloud Blacksmith Store' written on it.

He hoped that he would be able to hang it up today!

For breakfast, other than Yan Dingtian and his wife, the others had all come, even Yan Leng. However, Yan Leng continued to not like to talk much.

The group of them went to the "business district", which wasn't far away. That place was the most prosperous area, in the entire Yan City. After all, this area was where Yan Clan was located.

When he saw the blacksmith store they had gotten for him, Qing Shui was still a little taken aback. He knew that the one which Yan Clan would prepare for him would definitely be very good. He just hadn't expected it to be this good.

It was splendid and majestic looking, taking up a huge land space and was very grand. The violet golden glazed tiles exuded an indescribable dignified aura. In the vicinity, this was considered the building that would stand out the most. Many people would turn to have a look when they passed by. There was a large manor behind the main hall. In this prosperous area, this manor would have a sky high price.

"Qing Shui, are you happy with this place?" Yan Jinyu smiled and asked.

"I am but is it too good? Actually, just a small place will do," Qing Shui smiled and said. What he said was the truth. The blacksmith store was only for appearances.

However, this was good as well, since it'd be better able to spread his reputation far and wide. When the reputation was there, chances of Di Chen hearing about it would be higher and thus, he wasn't against it.

Moreover, this was given to him by Yan Clan. There would probably be no one who would come and create trouble here. Moreover, in another month, he would undergo tremendous progress in his strength. When that time were to come, unless it was some great clan, otherwise, with his State Master level strength, he should be respected.

Everything here was brand new and all he needed to do was to move in. Upon entering, he noticed that the forging platform, forging stove, weapon racks and many other things were all brand new.

"Sister Yan, thank you guys for the trouble."

Qing Shui smiled and said to them and then took out the signboard he had readied previously. He floated up and hung it up above the huge door. Thank goodness his signboard was large enough and it was very suitable.

"Firecloud Blacksmith Store? Qing Shui, this name seems very strange?" Yan Yueyin looked at Qing Shui curiously. What she heard yesterday that the reason he was opening a blacksmith store was so that he could look for his wife.

"Haha, I come from the five continents. Back there, I have another wife by the name of Huoyun Liu-Li. Her family manages a blacksmith store with this name," Qing Shui gave it some thought before saying this.

"Seems like the wife you're looking for also knows about this Firecloud Blacksmith Store. It's really hard to tell that you already have a few wives," Yan Yueyin teased.

"I really do have quite a few. It's a sin for men to be too outstanding." Qing Shui smiled and then went around to check out the place.

"Oh, I give you an inch and you ask for a mile." Yan Yueyin smiled charmingly.

Yan Jinyu didn't think much about it and just looked around with the others, smiling. They didn't ask about the five continents. It seemed that they knew that Qing Shui was a "foreigner".

"Qing Shui, when are you going to open the store?" Yan Yangchi asked as he looked around.

"Maybe tomorrow. Shall we have a drink here today?" Qing Shui smiled and asked. There were tables here ready. In the courtyard, there was a stone table and a pavilion. Everything was readily and conveniently available.

The others weren't against this idea and went to take a look in the courtyard. There were several pavilion buildings here and Qing Shui entered the nearest one. Even the interior decorations were luxurious and were all brand new.

"Eldest Brother, when do you think the competition will be?" Yan Yangchen's voice was comparatively louder.

"If it's fast, maybe half a month; if it's slow, it will probably be two months later. Just wait for it. We should be able to get some news in three days," Yan Yangchi smiled and said.

"Mmm, it's better for it to be slower. It'll be good if it can be after Brother Qing Shui is able to forge my weapon for me. I'll have a higher chance of winning then. Oh, right. Brother Qing Shui, shall we have a spar?" Yan Yangchen asked excitedly.

"2nd Brother, I'll spar with you. Brother Qing Shui still has to forge weapons." Yan Leng looked at Yan Yangchen and said seriously.

"Uh, we often spar. Forget it, it's boring." Yan Yangchen grinned.

"2nd Brother has never beaten Brother Leng before," Yan Huoyun smiled and said.

"What does a kid like you know? 2nd Brother is just being broadminded and letting him win. Fearing that it'll affect his desire to advance, I can only bear with the humiliation," Yan Yangchen quickly defended himself.

Everyone else laughed, so did Qing Shui. "Shall we wait until I have completed forging the weapons and other stuff for 2nd Brother before we have a spar?"

"Alright, alright. Little Leng, wait till my weapon is forged then we have another spar. This time around, elder brother won't give way to you," Yan Yangchen laughed and said.

Qing Shui had a good impression of this straightforward and funny 2nd Brother. Amongst the siblings, he was able to get along with everyone.

Yan Leng was very calm. It seemed that this wasn't the first time something like this had happened. Moreover, he seemed to like these two. There was a rare hint of warmth on his face.

There was a ready supply of wine and the kitchen tools were complete as well. In addition, Qing Shui had his Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal as well. Everything was quickly prepared. Yan Yueyin, Yan Huoyun and the others had their eyes wide-agape in disbelief to see Qing Shui getting everything prepared.

It wasn't strange for cultivators to cook since they would often have to cook for themselves when they travel outside. What they were astonished about was that Qing Shui could actually do it so well and with such great familiarity. Most importantly, they were already greatly astonished just from the fragrances coming from the dishes alone.

They were as astonished as Yan Jinyu was back then or even more so. However, everyone was full of praise for him and said that in the future, they were going to let Qing Shui help to improve the quality of their meals at a later time. They would even be willing to him out with odd jobs here.

Very quickly, another two days passed by and Qing Shui's Firecloud Blacksmith Store was open for business. He didn't have much to do here but the reputation of the Firecloud Blacksmith Store spread out with rapid speed.

The swords that Qing Shui put up for sale were those ordinary swords he had made when he was practicing to forge the Four Elements Greencloud Sword. They all brought a threefold increase to one's strength and there were also Seal Formations engraved on them.

There were diamonds amongst the forging materials Yan Dingtian had gifted to him. Although there weren't many, it was sufficient. Qing Shui only added a little into a few of the swords, raising the quality of the weapons by a lot. It was made from tempered metallic essence to begin with and now that diamond was added, it was considered quite good.

These few weapons were the ones which spread Firecloud Blacksmith Store's reputation very quickly. The weapons which Qing Shui had put up were actually a little weak. Powerful cultivators wouldn't fancy the materials they were made from, while low grade cultivators won't have the use for it nor would they be able to afford them. Qing Shui wrote that they could only be traded for forging materials.

The traffic flow was great. There were people who came from aristocratic clans or even powerful experts patronizing. Many of them wanted Qing Shui to help them forge their weapons but were all rejected.

It was because there was a written sign stating that the requests he had received of late had reached the limit and he would not be accepting any requests temporarily.

Because of Yan Clan, no one dared to do anything to Qing Shui either. Moreover, the power of a powerful blacksmith was huge. Therefore, Qing Shui's status soared rapidly without him knowing. People who met him would have to address him as Master.

This was the effect that Qing Shui wanted. These people were the aristocratic clans and the people and information he would come into contact with were things that what he could have access to would be comparable to.

Today, Yan Yangchi and the others came again.

Qing Shui just closed the shop.

"Brother Qing Shui, is my weapon ready? The time for the competition is already set and I want to get used to my weapon and battle techniques." Yan Yangchen rubbed his palms together, appearing to be a little anxious.

"It's ready. When is the competition going to be held? I'll go show my support then." Qing Shui smiled and asked as he handed him the pair of World Demolitions as well as his battle armor and battle boots.

"Exactly one month from now." Yan Yangchen said as he received the items in great anticipation. He first picked up the double hammers and sensed them, his eyes wide-agape as he shouted out excitedly.

"2nd Brother, you're exaggerating!" Yan Huoyun said, dissatisfied.

Yan Yangchen seemed to not care for these. He then put on the battle armor and let out another shout. Lastly, he put on the battle boots and then looked at Yan Leng, stunned, "Come, come, let's have another spar."

After Yan Yangchen put on these, the aura he exuded as well as the profound runes on his weapons, battle armor and boots caused many people to be stunned. His strength had increased by more than a little. The powerful aura caused everyone to be taken aback.

Yan Leng looked at Yan Yangchen in a daze and seemed to be going to agree when Qing Shui said, "Brother Leng, your speed won't be faster than him now. Why don't you put on these first before you compete with 2nd Brother?"

Qing Shui smiled and handed Yan Leng his share. When Yan Leng received the items, his expression which had never changed before started to twitch uncontrollably. It was with excitement. He looked at Qing Shui gratefully and said, smiling, "Thank you!"

It seemed that there were a lot of emotions placed into these two words. Qing Shui shook his head and said, smiling, "Since we're brothers, there's no need to stand on ceremony."

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