Chapter: 1181

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1181 - The Other Four Names, Reserves? Arrival of People from Yu Clan and the Royal Family

Qing Shui had just finished his morning practice when he saw Yan Yangchi and the others coming. This time around, there seemed to be slightly more people than previously.

"You've come out from your seclusion. How does it feel? Shall we have a meal together?" Qing Shui smiled and greeted them.

"That's the reason why we've come. It has been almost a month since we last had the food you made. Just thinking about it makes us feel excited." Yan Yangchen grinned.

"Mmm, Brother Qing Shui, your cultivation level is now unfathomable!" Yan Yangchi looked at Qing Shui and said seriously, smiling.

Yan Yangchi's words caused everyone to look at Qing Shui seriously. Many of them weren't able to tell the depth of Qing Shui's prowess at first glance. He would just appear to be like an ordinary person. This was what was strange.

Amongst them, Yan Yangchi was the strongest. In great aristocratic clans, even one like Yan Clan, one would already be considered a topnotch existence to become a Grade Two State Master before one reached 100 years old. And this was when the person had received the clan's legacy. Otherwise, this would be something that was hard to imagine.

Right now, Qing Shui's cultivation had soared to be double what it was before. The cultivation he had gone through during this period of time made Qing Shui feel that even his own speed had increased by quite a bit. In the future, even if he were to cultivate by himself, his speed would be about the same. If he were to achieve a breakthrough to his martial techniques, then his strength would be increased.

"I've made some breakthroughs during this period of time!" Qing Shui casually brought them away from the topic and looked toward the other four young men. However, compared to Yan Yangchi and the others, these people were relatively weaker, by quite a lot.

"Qing Shui, I've forgotten about it. Come, let me introduce you. This is Yan Yangxing, Yan Yanghong, Yan Yangsong and Yan Yangliu. This is Qing Shui," Yan Yangchi introduced them.

Qing Shui had already heard previously that the four of them, together with the five people from Yan Yangchi's side would form the nine people participating in the competition. He didn't know what the rules to this competition were.

"Hello!" Qing Shui greeted them politely. It was just that the four of them didn't seem to be that willing to meet Qing Shui. This made him feel a little strange.

Qing Shui let it be and didn't show anything on his face. He welcomed the group into the room. The three ladies requested to be the ones to cook and Qing Shui smiled, letting them be. Primarily, Yan Jinyu was the one who had brought this up, Yan Huoyun went along with it. Yan Jinyu had probably not wanted to see her being the only one who was taking action while the others were resting.

After all, as long as they had the spices and could cook the food, there would be no real problems.

Qing Shui and the others waited in the hall. Yan Leng didn't pay much heed to the other four. Yan Yangchi was the eldest and the other four were their younger cousins.

Yan Yangchen seemed to not pay them much heed either. It was clear that the people here were split into two factions.

Qing Shui didn't find things like this strange. It wasn't strange to see such things happening in a great aristocratic clan. Although the clan's head was Yan Dingtian, the bigger the clan, the harder it was to make it such that everyone was united as one. At least it would be impossible for the entire clan to be fully united. Every family has their problems and such situations weren't strange. Everything was due to benefits and interests.

"You're Qing Shui? I heard that you're sworn siblings with Jinyu and that you've even set up a blacksmith store." Yan Yangliu looked at Qing Shui and asked casually.

"Mmm, that's right. I'm a blacksmith," Qing Shui smiled and said.

"Oh, being a blacksmith is good. If you're able to forge a divine artifact, you'll be able to soar in fame. You won't need Yan Clan to give you a blacksmith store then. It makes one feel that you seem to have some motives in becoming sworn siblings with Jinyu," Yan Yangliu smiled and said calmly.

"What rubbish are you talking about? He is Jinyu's benefactor. We gave him that willingly. Why, is Jinyu's life not comparable to a blacksmith store?" Yan Yangzhao spoke out loudly at Yan Yangliu, clearly displeased.

"I'm just saying. Why is Brother Zhao so fired up? If you're angry, direct your fury toward Yu Clan. Why don't I take your place for the battle?" Yan Yangliu looked at Yan Yangzhao calmly and said.

"You, you...." Yan Yangzhao was so infuriated that he couldn't say a word.

"Yangliu, aren't you going a bit overboard? We're all a family," Yan Yangchi spoke up, also slightly displeased.

"What is this? It's just participating in a competition. What's the big deal?" Yan Yangchen shouted.

"Yangliu just said something. Do you guys have to go to this extent? Since we're not welcome, then we'll leave!" Yan Yangsong smiled and said.

The four of them left and Yan Yangchi didn't stop them. However, his countenance was very dark. He was the eldest of their generation and there were things which he couldn't show too clearly. It was just like how he couldn't say anything today. These people were from the faction he belonged to.

"Brother Qing Shui, their faction has never been able to accept that father took on the role of clan's head. Therefore, I hope that you won't hold it against them," Yan Yangchi said, feeling bad.

"I'm fine. This is nothing." Qing Shui shook his head and smiled. He really didn't think much about it. He was already very happy to be able to see Yan Yangzhao and Yan Yangchen standing up for him.

At that moment, the three ladies walked out with the food.

"It's good that they're gone. I knew that this would happen. Qing Shui, don't think too much about it," Yan Yueyin came out and consoled Qing Shui.

Yan Jinyu didn't say anything but her gaze when looking at Qing Shui had a hint of apology in it.

"If I can't even take something so minor, how will I be able to survive? Honestly, I don't really feel anything toward them," Qing Shui smiled and said. At this moment, he exuded a powerful aura, causing even Yan Yangchi to be a little astonished.

"Alright, let's have our meal. We shall see if the three beautiful ladies' cooking is as nice!" Qing Shui got them all to take a seat.

Now that everything was over, it was as if they were only able to smell the tempting fragrances now. Of course, they all knew that it was thanks to the spices. However, regardless of whether it was thanks to the spices, there was still a great sense of satisfaction for one to be able to cook a meal so fragrant.

"Eldest Brother, I keep having the feeling that something is amiss this time. Did you guys sense anything strange with Eldest Uncle's faction? I'm even suspecting that they hope to leave Yan Clan," Yan Yueyin gave it some thought and said.

"Eldest Sister, don't be spouting rubbish," Yan Yangchi spoke softly.

"Mmm, I won't spout rubbish, but we must take early precautions. There are nine rounds of competition. We can't afford to lose. The prowess of Yu Clan's younger generation is also very strong. We must be fully prepared. The few of us must definitely not lose," Yan Yueyin said seriously.


Yan Yangchi let out a sigh. The atmosphere was a little tense. It was because they felt that the situation wasn't an optimistic one. What they were worried about was for all four from their Eldest Uncle's faction to lose.

Although this guess was ridiculous, it wasn't impossible. Yan Yangchi knew that his Eldest Uncle's faction had always been against his father's faction and wanted to have his father replaced.

"Come, come. If we don't dig in, the food will turn cold! Let's fill up our stomachs first!"

"I wonder if there's anyone on reserves?" Qing Shui smiled and asked.

"Yes and there's quite a number of them."

"Then count me in as a reserve. I'm confident that I'll help you clinch a victory," Qing Shui gave it some thought and said.

Yan Yangchi and the others all had a hint of happiness reflected on their faces. They knew that Qing Shui was stronger than Yan Jinyu and could be much more so. If Qing Shui could take part, their chances of winning would be much higher.

"For real?" Yan Yangchi looked at Qing Shui.

"Of course!"


After the meal, it was already late in the morning. Yan Huoyun smiled and said, "The weather is quite nice today. Why don't all of us go out and have a walk around? I heard that quite a number of people from the royal family have come to Yan City as well. Eldest Brother, I wonder if your fiancee has come?"


None of them had any objections. For the past month, Qing Shui had not left his place. He always wanted to go out and take a look.

The group headed out the door of the manor. The door to Firecloud Blacksmith Store was closed, indicating that it wasn't open for business. The public had gotten used to this. However, Firecloud Blacksmith Store didn't receive any negative impact because of this. On the contrary, its reputation soared even further.

The group of them, all of them being either handsome men or beautiful ladies, were especially eye catching. Yan Huoyun had a lively personality and was the most active amongst them.

It wasn't that they wanted to buy anything, so they just randomly looked around. After a period of seclusion, Qing Shui enjoyed such a lively atmosphere. When a person is cooped up in a room for too long, he would be very willing to head out for a walk. Even if there wasn't anyone one recognized, even if one didn't talk to someone else, just taking a look around would feel very comfortable.

What Qing Shui thought more about was Yan Yangchi's fiancee. How old was Yan Yangchi now? The fact that he was able to participate in the competition would mean that he wasn't over 100 years old but should be at least around 80 or even older. It seemed like when one reached their cultivation level, their mindset would go through a tremendous change.

In a clan like Yan Clan, such things were very normal. Another thing was that Yan Yangchi's fiancee seemed to be a member of royalty. It seemed that the royal family still valued some clans from powerful cities very highly. Only by joining forces with these clans would they then be able to have a stable position in the dynasty.

Qing Shui understood this as well. It was just like how in the ancient times of his previous life, princesses would be married to the sons of important court officials in a bid to strengthen ties. Usually, the court officials involved would definitely be the more prominent ones in the court, whose smallest actions could cause the entire dynasty to shake. Political marriages were considered a very effective means and both parties would feel at ease, thus being able to dismiss certain plots from forming.

Suddenly, Yan Yangchi stood there and looked ahead. A few young masters dressed in luxurious clothes were smiled and chatting as they walked over.

Qing Shui saw them as well. From Yan Yangchi's expression, he was able to guess that these people should be from Yu Clan. However, Yan Yangchi wouldn't have such a reaction if they were just people from Yu Clan. Therefore, Qing Shui guessed that there must be other people amongst the group.

They should be people from the royal family!

Qing Shui had just guessed this when Yan Yueyin spoke up, "Since when has Yu Clan been so close with the 3rd Prince and 7th Princess?"

The other party seemed to also have noticed Yan Yangchi and the rest by now. Yan Yangchi smiled and walked over, "3rd Prince, 7th Princess, when did the two of you arrive? Why didn't you let me know?"

Qing Shui saw that one of them was a man in violet colored clothes. The man wasn't considered handsome, but he had an indescribable domineering aura, one that was like a dragon. It gave him an indescribably noble aura and Qing Shui felt that this must be because the man should have cultivated the martial techniques passed down in the royal family.

The 7th Princess wore a phoenix dress and was very beautiful. She had bright eyes, beautiful teeth and exuded an aura of nobility and youth. She wore a faint smile and had an indescribably poised demeanor to her. The feeling that she gave off was that nothing was of any concern to her. Right now, she looked at Yan Yangchi and the others with great interest.

"Brother, is Eldest Brother's fiancee the 7th Princess?" Qing Shui asked Yan Yangzhao softly.

"No, it's the 5th Princess."

Qing Shui replied with an ''Oh" and then looked toward the men from Yu Clan. They should be about the same age as Yan Yangchen and the others and their cultivations were on par as well, at least on the surface. He felt that these people should also be the ones participating in the battle. Otherwise, they wouldn't be the ones to be coming into contact with the members of the royalty.

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