Chapter: 1192

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1192 - Sirius' [1] Reincarnation, Large Success Stage for the Nine Yang Golden Body

Qing Shui walked slowly in the traffic and suddenly, noisy sounds rang out.

"Beat her, beat her! This jinx, get her to leave this place!"

"Don't let her remain here!"


Qing Shui continued on. He wanted to see what was happening.

Very suddenly, he could sense an extremely oppressive aura, causing him to be astonished. However, when he saw the source of that aura, he felt even more surprised.

It was because he saw a little girl in tattered clothes. This girl was the one who was surrounded and many people were throwing things at her, including rotting vegetables.

She should be a young girl who had yet to come of age. Her frame was very small, her clothes tattered, her hair messy. She was dirtied from all the things people were throwing at her and there were even some people who were throwing some slightly heavier stuff at her.

"Sigh, she is still a kid. You guys shouldn't be treating her like this. She hasn't done anything," an old man said with pity.

"She's the reincarnation of Sirius. If we don't chase her away, this area will end up being covered in corpses sooner or later. If some aristocratic clans were to know of her, they would kill her directly. We're doing this for her own good as well. Quickly leave and find a quiet place to live in."

"That's right, this will be good for everyone."



Qing Shui couldn't see what the girl looked like. The reason he was astonished was because that oppressive aura had came from her. Earlier, when he heard that she was a reincarnation of Sirius, he recalled Chi Ao and Chi Feng whom he had met in the Jade Mountain Village. He went over without thinking.

Being covered in rotting vegetables and stuff made did make Qing Shui frown a little, but he still walked up to the girl. That oppressive pernicious aura which attracted Qing Shui was different from what he had sensed from Chi Ao and Chi Feng. It was because this aura was even more terrifying. However, what made Qing Shui walk over was the girl's lonely silhouette.

At that moment, Qing Shui couldn't be bothered with anything else, even if it was the aura which she was exuding. He walked up to the girl, causing the people in the surroundings to be stunned and they stopped throwing stuff at the little girl.

The little girl had her head lowered and was shivering a little. She lifted her head and saw Qing Shui. Her eyes were pitch-black and cold, giving Qing Shui and indescribable feeling, making him feel that it was a little gloomy. Her eyes were too terrifying due to the lack of emotions in them. She should only be about 15 or 16 years old.

The girl saw Qing Shui being covered in rotting vegetables and met his calm gaze. She was young but had seen too many gazes. This person's gaze was one that only she herself had seen before.

"Do you want to come with me? I can help you fulfill your wish," Qing Shui smiled and said seriously.

Qing Shui's words caused a commotion to break out amongst the crowd.

"Young man, she is the reincarnation of Sirius. It won't be long before the powers in her are awakened and she'll kill you."

"Young man, I know that you're doing this out of goodwill but you mustn't be rash!" the old man from earlier sighed and said.


Qing Shui only looked at the girl. Earlier, he had subconsciously rejected such bullying behavior because of Qing Qing. At least, right now, this little girl was very weak. In a sense, for them to meet in this lonely place was fate.

"Lass, come with me first. You can leave whenever you want to. How about it?" Qing Shui said gently.

When the girl saw how Qing Shui was dirtied by the rotting vegetables, a hint of a weird look flashed in her gaze. As she looked at his warm smile, she nodded gently.

Qing Shui smiled and reached out his hand!

The girl was stunned for a moment before she reached out her dirty little hand to take Qing Shui's. They then turned and left, ignoring the surroundings' discussions, dissuasions and voices of pity.

An extremely disharmonious scene appeared. It was Qing Shui and that little girl!

A lady quietly looked at this scene from afar. She was wearing loosely-fitted dressed but was covered up well. She wore a bamboo hat as well, keeping herself wrapped up in layers of martial clothes. However, many people still looked in her direction. It was because even though she was covered in many layers, she was still as eye catching as a little sun amidst the crowd. Her loosely-fitted clothes couldn't hide her soft curves or how she walked; with a charm like flowing water.

The lady was slender and although Qing Shui had noticed her as well, there was nothing to feel strange about to find a lady like this amongst so many people.

Therefore, he didn't pay it much head and left with the little girl. As they walked, he brushed off the dirty stuff on their bodies.

The street was very clean and he didn't know where those people had gotten these things from. There seemed to be a vegetable stall nearby earlier.

Qing Shui brought the girl back to the blacksmith store and had bought her clothes on their way back. Upon reaching the blacksmith store, he got her to wash up and change her clothes.

The girl took the clothes from him and threw him a glance. There were still no fluctuations in her gaze and she hadn't spoken a single word since the very beginning. She didn't even make a single sound.

"Go on!" Qing Shui smiled and urged her on.

The girl walked in and Qing Shui went to clean up as well. It was just that he had done it very quickly and he got down to cooking after that. He'd had his meal but was now making some for the girl.

When the girl came out, Qing Shui was cooking. As she stood at the kitchen's door, Qing Shui turned to look at her and then was stunned again.

The girl's countenance was pale and her eyes were empty and void of emotions. Most importantly, she was exuding a terrifying and overwhelming pernicious aura. Qing Shui was surprised how she could have such a strong pernicious aura. As for the explanation that she was the reincarnation of Sirius, Qing Shui felt that it was bullshit.

Qing Shui took out a jade pendant and gently put it around her neck. Qing Shui could smell a light fragrance coming from her and he smiled and patted her on the head, "Go wait in the hall. It'll be ready soon!"

There were no changes in the little girl's expression. However, she looked at Qing Shui again, nodded and then headed toward the hall.

Qing Shui brought out two vegetable and two meat dishes, as well as a soup...

"You must be hungry. Have some food!" Qing Shui sat opposite her and said gently.

The girl didn't start eating but looked at Qing Shui, speaking after a long while had passed, "Why?"

When she spoke, her beautiful snow-white teeth were revealed. However, her voice was a little coarse and rigid. It should be because she hadn't spoken for a very long time.

"Why are you treating me so well?"

The little girl seemed to be afraid that Qing Shui might not understand and asked again. This time around, she was more fluent than her first attempt but her voice still sounded coarse and cold. Her voice gave others the feeling that her heart was filled with darkness.

This made Qing Shui think of the Demon Lord. She was also cold, without any hint of emotions in her. However, it was different for this girl. Other than being disheartened and void of emotions, she had a strong killing intent.

"You're afraid that I'll deceive you?" Qing Shui smiled and asked.

The girl shook her head and looked at Qing Shui, "If there's anything on me that you want, you can feel free to have. But I don't think there is."

"For some things, there's no need for any reasons but yet one would still feel willing. Are you able to understand a situation like that?" Qing Shui looked at her and said.

"I don't!" The girl replied honestly.

"I know that you won't say even if you do. However, I feel that we have an affinity. Don't worry. I won't do anything that would hurt you," Qing Shui said very seriously.

"What can I do if I were to follow you?"

"I'll let you become happy!"

"Happy? What is happiness? Even if you were to pluck down the moon from the sky, I won't feel happy," the girl said softly. Her tone was very cool and calm like water.

"Have some food first. If you don't eat, it'll get cold," Qing Shui smiled and said.

After dinner, it was already late and Qing Shui told her to have a good rest in her room.

At night, Qing Shui called out a few demonic beasts to stand on guard outside while he entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. When he looked at that yang stone, he was reminded about the matter of him having to forge a sword. He really didn't have confidence but decided to give it a try.

The greatest difficulty in handling the yang stone was to melt it!

After making the necessary preparations, Qing Shui started to melt it. Primordial flames, Nine Yang Golden Flame, Heart of Roc...

Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation, Buddha Form Reveal, Buddha's True Eyes!

Qing Shui circulated his powers to their limits and then willed the movement of the nebula and Yin-Yang Image in his consciousness. He then used his spiritual sense to lock the Yang Stone on the flames.

One day, two days...

In the process, Qing Shui would take the Vital Essence Pill to hang on!

A total of 81 days!

Just as Qing Shui was about to give up, the first drop dripped down. As the saying went, the start is always the hardest. At the very start, it would always be in drips. Qing Shui knew that he had succeeded!

Qing Shui only managed to completely melt it on the 90th day. The other materials had already melted long ago and were confined in the air in a liquid state. Qing Shui didn't dare to drop them, otherwise, the earlier ones would have been condensed by now.

The next part on was the malleability!

Everything to follow would be controlled by spirit energy. Of course, the meridian channels, structure and other aspects of the sword won't be achievable just because the individual was powerful.

Next, he took out the Violet Star Thunder God to hammer with. The only equipment he used was a hammer. He didn't even use a forging platform. It wasn't because there wasn't a need for it but because ordinary forging platforms couldn't be used.

The entire process was very smooth. When the familiar glow lit up, Qing Shui heaved a sigh of relief. The sword was basically completed and all he had left to do was to engrave Seal Formations or to mount some mysterious gemstones or things like that.

Qing Shui looked at the shimmery sword that was three feet long. When he held it in his hand, a faint warmth was exuded from it but a mysterious surge of power gushed straight down to his bones.

In that instant, Qing Shui's body emanated brilliant golden light. Even the sword he was holding was shining out with a bright golden light. At the same time, the Buddha image once again appeared behind him.

Qing Shui submerged himself in that mysterious feeling.

Suddenly, the Buddha image behind him turned into a stream of golden light and entered the nebula in his consciousness, becoming a unique golden star. It was more than ten times bigger than the other stars and was extremely dazzling.

Next, an intent appeared in Qing Shui's consciousness.

Nine Yang Golden Body at the large success stage, Buddha's True Eyes at the large success stage!

Qing Shui couldn't care about anything else. He quickly put down the sword to sense his abilities. His physical strength was now at 35 nimbus and it was the great benefit the Nine Yang Golden Body had brought him.

At the small success stage, the Nine Yang Golden Body only increased his strength by one nimbus. To think that at the large success stage, it provided an increase of about ten nimbus...

This impact was tremendous. Qing Shui suddenly recalled that the Buddha image had appeared and then disappeared, before turning into a golden star in his consciousness. It seemed that the Buddha's True Eyes had reached the great perfection stage.

Qing Shui probed with his spiritual sense to see what changes there were.

Qing Shui's spiritual sense probed into his consciousness and he was greatly taken aback. It was now as if a mountain valley had collapsed, increasing the space of the area in the surroundings. The seven-colored pellet in his consciousness began to spin rapidly, as if slowly increasing the energy. The golden pellet's energy was also increasing...

[1] Referring to the Sirius star

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