Chapter: 1199

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1199 - The Blood Terminator Bead awakened, Seven-Seven Divine Nebula Formation succeeded

After Qing Shui came out, he quickly got together with the group. The girl had also woke up. In fact, many people didn’t asleep. Now, they were all together, in the span of a few breaths time, they had already been surrounded.

These people didn’t seem young. Their movements were very fast and in order. They seemed to have extremely good coordination with each other. Even though it was now nighttime and the area was a bit dark, their vision wasn’t affected.

These old men all wore scarlet flame gowns. There was a raging scarlet flame sewn on top of their shirts. Qing Shui paid particular attention to the old man in the middle since the color of his scarlet flame gown was the darkest.

Furthermore, the aura emitted around his body was also the strongest. It was concealed well yet powerful, even with Qing Shui’s current ability, he felt that he was insignificant in front of him. This made him feel burdened in his heart. This old man definitely held a very powerful position in Scarlet Flame Sect.

“Haha, I never thought that I would run into the Yan Clan’s beloved sons and daughters. More importantly, there are two princesses as well. Almost all the people Young Sect Lord mentioned are here. Back then, he was so in love with the Eldest Princess, yet… This is good. I am going to kill off all the men and bring back the ladies!” The old man said calmly without any fluctuation in his heart.

Yan Yangchi and the others instantly activated their Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation. They might seem really calm but deep down, they were actually very worried. They weren’t worried about themselves but the women around them. Those were their sisters and their fiances.

“You guys took over Rong City by force and killed the innocent. Are you not afraid that the Great Yu Dynasty will eliminate you?” Yan Yangchi screamed out loudly.

“Haha, Great Yu Dynasty, do you really think that the Great Yu Dynasty can do anything to us? Even if they can, will they do it? There are many benefits with us being in the middle of the Great Yu Dynasty and Great Virtue Dynasty. Furthermore, if Great Yu Dynasty really wanted to eliminate us, I think it will only result in an immediate change of ruler,” the old man chuckled.

Actually, everyone was aware of that. It would just end with both sides suffering heavy casualties. This was why the Scarlet Flame Sect could survive within the Scarlet Flame Region. Furthermore, despite how crazy they were, they would not break out in all out war. In a way this also showed how powerful Scarlet Flame Sect was.

Move! Scarlet Flame Formation!

The old man shouted. Soon after, a faint layer of hot air spread into the surroundings, slowly getting hotter and hotter. Qing Shui shielded the girl, but noticed there was no change in her expression.

Qing Shui got nervous. But now, he had to fight, hence he shouted, “Set up formation!”

Qing Shui looked on as the crowd charged towards them from all sides. The old man from before on the other hand, didn’t make any moves. He should be the leader of this crowd. Qing Shui didn’t dare to fight him. He was not confident that he would win because the old man was too powerful.

Primordial Flame Dragon Whip!


Nine Palace Steps, Earth Rowing King!

Nine Continents Mountain!

All of these happened as swift as electric sparks. Not only were the attacks sudden, they were also incomparably fast and nimble. They immediately murdered two of the considerably powerful warriors there.

Undeniably, Qing Shui was really lucky. Under the effect of Big Dipper Sword, the Primordial Flame Dragon Whip just managed to activate the ability to double the attack in time. It immediately whipping one and crushing another to death.

Tidal Cloud Wave Seal!

Monstrous Wave!

In a short while, the surroundings were swallowed in huge waves. Qing Shui quickly told the others, “Don’t move, set up your formation and defend yourselves.”

This time, everyone felt completely unfamiliar with Qing Shui as they were totally unable to feel just how strong Qing Shui was.

The old man also squinted his eyes and looked at Qing Shui as his eyes sparkled. The people in the surroundings got caught up in the huge wave as well. Qing Shui took the chance and continuously thrust out his Big Dipper Sword.

Quite a few golden swords rushed towards them.

Emperor’s Qi!

Currently, Qing Shui couldn’t care less about anything going on. He wanted to seize the opportunity to attack, hoping that he would still be able to bring them and escape if he was really out of options.

Scarlet Flame Soaring Sky!

As the old man lifted up both his hands, an enormous scarlet flame wave covered both the sky and earth, immediately dispersing Qing Shui’s Tidal Cloud Wave Seal.

“Set up your formation and charge in! Everyone, be careful!”

Qing Shui’s hand trembled. Demon Binding Rope! He managed to bind one of them.

Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines!

The Nine Continents Mountain blocked one of the opponents whereas the Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines managed to bind another. They were instantly killed. To Yan Yangchi and the others, these old men might be really powerful but to Qing Shui, they were people whom he could still face relatively easily.

But they had the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation, hence the Bloodthirsty Demonic Vines was still more reliable.

At this moment, the old man made his move.

Scarlet Flame Wave!

A violent scarlet hot wave charged towards Qing Shi and the group like surging magma.

Qing Shui extended his hand and pushed away the others. He operated the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation all the way to its maximum. As he thrust out his sword, a huge water wall formed in front of him.

Area Dominance!

A white light spread out into the surroundings.

Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm, Seventh Wave!

Qing Shui spotted one of the old men who wanted to perform a sneak attack on the others. He immediately swung his Big Dipper Sword.


The Nine Continents Mountain smashed down with a loud bang!

Sometimes, things were just this simple. It was unlikely for the mountain to crush the old man. But right now, the thing in front of him was a piece of bloody mist which was extremely fragile.

Without noticing, Qing Shui had already killed four of them. Each of them were strong warriors. This massacre was caused by some sudden changes which took place amidst the battle adding on to the fact that their strength was also reduced by twenty percent.


Qing Shui’s enormous water wall got crushed by the surging scarlet flame wave. It continued making its way towards Qing Shui.

Ancient Secret Art of Yin Yang!

Qing Shui didn’t dare to delay. He operated the ancient secret art once again. Since the start, the technique he cultivated had always been Primordial Flame. He also mixed in the spirit energy attacks which could reduce the opponent’s strength by seventy percent, Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation and Area Dominance.

Area Dominance was able to calm his nerves.

Qing Shui controlled his mind to block with the Nine Continents Mountain. As soon as he managed to block the surging Scarlet Flame Waves, they were deflected to the sides. To one’s surprise, two of the old man’s comrades paid little attention to the surroundings and as a result, one of them got swallowed by it while the other one lost half of his body. Because they had just witnessed Qing Shui getting swallowed by the surging wave a moment ago, they didn’t manage to react in time.

The first thing which the girls as well as Yan Yangchi and the crowd saw was Qing Shui getting swallowed up. After that, their view was blocked by the Nine Continents Mountain.

The little girl also saw Qing Shui get swallowed. Suddenly, a solidified baleful aura emerged from her jet-black cold eyes. Following that, black qi could be seen coming out of her body. Soon after, a black aura shot out and went straight up into the night sky.


A sharp shouting noise pierced through the night sky. The girls and Yan Yangchi were all also in shock. They couldn’t accept the fact that Qing Shui was swallowed by the wave. But due to this scream, they saw an even more bizarre scene.

The little girl dashed out like a demon. On her body, she carried along a very powerful aura capable of devouring a person.

Although Qing Shui was being swallowed up by the surging fiery wave at this moment, he happened to notice that the forty ninth star had been coincidentally arranged. It was moving towards the correct position. Furthermore, it was moving at a very fast speed.

Actually, Qing Shui didn’t notice that the surging fiery wave was disappearing rapidly. The old man was in shock as he witnessed this occurrence.

Right at this moment, the girl appeared with intense killing intention. At this moment, the jade pendant which Qing Shui put around her neck was no longer able to resist the vicious and baleful aura within her body.

If Qing Shui had seen it, he would recognise that her Blood Terminator Bead has been awakened.

The girl charged towards the old man, her body was covered in black aura. Her speed was fast like lightning and in a flash, she was already near the old man. She extended her hand to grab the old man.

The dark vicious Qi was like a black snake and carried a gloomy and cold aura.

The old man’s face turned serious, raising a hand and struck out.. A stream of red gas clashed against the black gas.


The girl’s body got blown backwards. However, she seemed like she was totally fine. She turned around and shot out a similar black qi towards an old man on the left side a few steps away from her.

This old man tried to quickly deal with her. It might be because he was also shocked at the little girl’s baleful aura which caused his heart to immediately get pierced through by it.

The Yan Clan and the others were unable to believe what they were witnessing.


As the old man from before made his move, a scarlet flame about two meters long resembling the fire dragon wave appeared. As a result, the air in the surroundings was also ignited. It even resembled red lightning.

When Qing Shui’s stars were arranged into place, a powerful spirit energy burst out. He immediately rushed out of the wave and saw the old man charging towards the girl.

This was bad, it’s been awakened!

Qing Shui moved, Nine Palace Step, Yin Yang Reversal!

Qing Shui immediately switched places with the girl. He didn’t switch place with the old man because he was scared that it wouldn’t work as he wasn’t as strong as the old man.

Divinity Protection!


Qing Shui took a hit. The Divinity Protection disappeared just as he was about to dodge!


Qing Shui felt a sensation as if his bones were broken apart. A boiling hot sensation went along his throat and spurted out.

His mighty spirit energy prevented him from fainting. He happened to land beside the girl. At this moment, the girl once again attempted to charge towards the old man.

Qing Shui immediately extended his hand and stopped her.

“Listen to me! Don’t go there!”

This was something which Qing Shui did instinctively. He knew that she was currently awakening the Blood Terminator Bead. It would be very easy for her to lose her mind and lose her original character.

Qing Shui took out a few Gold Needles and quickly injected them into his own body.


A gold needle pierced into his acupoint. It was so stimulating that it caused him to throw out a mouthful of blood.

He extended his hand and took a few more gold needles. He swiftly inserted them into the girl’s solar plexus, Tianzhu, Fengchi and Tianling Acupoints!

The girl looked at Qing Shui and calmed herself down. It was just that her eyes were shining with a terrifying fierce light. It seemed like she was suppressing it. At the same time, the vicious Qi within her body was also spreading out little by little as it surged vigorously within the meridians in her body.

“Little brat, let me see how many times you can help them block my attacks!”

The old man quickly charged towards Yan Jinyu and the Seventh Princess. Qing Shui similarly made his move. At the same time, he used his Spiritual Sense to control the Nine Continents Mountain and block the path of the old man.


The old man took out an additional scarlet flame stick in his hand and within a short while, broke the Nine Continents Mountain.

Qing Shui was rushing over because of Yan Jinyu.

This was something he did subconsciously. Regardless of whether it was the Yan Clan or any other people, since he had already became sworn brother and sworn sister with Yan Jinyu, he would treat her as his own, blood-related sister.

He felt that he was a bit foolish. If he was to escape by himself, he would be able to make it. This was because he had the Sacred Jade Divine Stone in his hand. The problem was that he couldn’t convince himself deep down. If he really did so, he wouldn’t find peace in his heart. It would feel as if he was getting torn apart.

The Big Dipper Sword barely managed to block it.

His body’s hidden potential had already been triggered by the gold needles inserted into his acupoints. Furthermore, his Nine Yang Golden Body was at its large success stage. He actually didn’t hear any bone crushing noises, but his organs had already suffered great damage.

“Qing Shui, go, I know you can escape, go!”

Yan Jinyu was screaming anxiously. Tears could be seen dripping down her face.

The Seventh Princess’s expression on the other hand, seemed really calm. It was just that at the time when she heard Yan Jinyu’s words, she was startled. He could actually escape, but he chose not to.

Qing Shui still had one Sacred Jade Divine Stone Ring in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal which was meant for Di Chen. He still had a small piece of Sacred Jade Divine Stone. At most, he could forge another two or three more of them. But now, he only had one in his hand. It was useless. He still needed a bit of time to use Nine Continents Steps. Even though it was short, it couldn’t be interrupted. However, he was truly out of chances.

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