Chapter: 1201

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1201 - The Girl's Terrifying Trait, Eldest Princess, Seventh Princess

When Qing Shui came out he saw that the girl was still practicing the Taichi Fist outside. She must not have slept all this time. After all, when they arrived yesterday, it was already late into the night.

When Qing Shui saw the girl's Taichi Fist, he was astonished once again. She was waving her hands about gradually, forming a black and red whirlwind before her. It wasn't big, but it exuded a demonic power.


There were no evil martial techniques in the world, only evil people. He wasn't saying that the girl was evil but while Qing Shui’s version of Taichi was simple and unsophisticated, her version held a strong killing intent and the colors it presented also seemed demonic.

The effects of martial techniques would vary according to people.The same technique could be presented in ten different forms if it was performed by ten different people. Qing Shui looked at the girl. She seemed to be engrossed in a mysterious state.

Epiphany, or the State of No Conscious!

Qing Shui hadn't expected that the girl's state would progress so rapidly. Another thing was her abilities. Her body seemed to have undergone a complete change and right now, there was still a thick layer of scars on her body.

The scars had already existed before, but there hadn't been so many previously. She must have completely absorbed the powers of the Blood Terminator Bead or have inherited some kind of legacy. It was only now that Qing Shui felt that the girl must have either inherited a great family legacy or was the successor of a demon in the human world.

He thought this because right now, her level had already reached that of a Grade One State Master!

Qing Shui previous knowledge had been completely overhauled. An ordinary person without any knowledge in martial arts could suddenly attain the power of a Grade One State Master at the age of sixteen? Was this the legacy of the Blood Terminator or some kind of coincidence?

Qing Shui felt that in the future, she would continue to become stronger at a very rapid rate. However, Qing Shui could also sense a flaw in her body. When she goes through blood awakening and gets stronger, there would be no changes to her lifespan at all, or it could be possible that her lifespan would only be half of what ordinary people had.

This might be similar to Luan Luan's case and it was considered to be some kind of balance. However, this was the Western Oxhe Continent. Although the girl was stronger than Luan Luan, her condition might not be better than Luan Luan's.

If he hadn't used the gold needles to protect her meridian channels and consciousness, she might already have become a bloodthirsty demon who had lost her consciousness. She would be killed by some powerful experts. After all, she still wasn’t at the level where she could do anything she wished without a care.

The girl gradually came to a stop late in the morning. She turned and saw Qing Shui. Although her gaze wasn't as cold as before, the evil aura she exuded was now stronger. However, Qing Shui felt that there was an additional hint of vitality in her.

The girl twitched her nose and then looked at the bloody scars on her body, seemingly feeling a little uncomfortable. Qing Shui pointed to the far distance and then took out a set of battle skirt and other clothes, handing it to her.

There was a big stream in the distance. The girl accepted the clothes and went over to wash up.

Qing Shui had already washed up before he came out from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Right now, he went to prepare some food. She hadn't eaten anything for the entire night. Furthermore, her Blood Terminator Bead had awakened and she had practiced for an entire night. She must be very hungry.

The girl came back very quickly, wearing the battle skirt. She seemed to have grown quite a bit. If it wasn't for the aura she exuded, she could be considered quite a pretty lass.

Her aura hadn't changed but her expression had a hint of softness to it.

"Be my Master!" The girl stood next to Qing Shui and said softly.

The Blood Terminator Bead hadn't only increased her abilities, it also gave her a lot of knowledge in regards to martial arts. It even let her grow so much overnight.

"It's better that you don't!" The girl then quickly said again.

"You're afraid of bringing me trouble?" Qing Shui smiled and asked.

"No!" The girl replied calmly.

"Actually, there's no difference to whether I was to be your Master. To me, you're family, and you can treat me as you would your father. If you need anything, there's no need to stand on ceremony with me. This can be considered to be an affinity between us. Amongst the many people in the world, don't you feel that we have an affinity with each other?" Qing Shui smiled, reached out his hand, and patted her on the head.

Sometimes, there wasn't a need for reason. It was just like how sometimes people would be willing to become fools and be on the losing end regardless of what the other people's consents. Just a 'willing' would make any other reasons useless.

Qing Shui forged a new jade pendant and put it on her to conceal her evil aura. He also forged a pair of powerful gloves for her and started to teach her martial techniques and Taichi Kill.

The girl was undoubtedly a genius in cultivation. The world was fair yet unfair at the same time. In fact, there was actually no concept of fairness.

"Have a peach!" They cultivated till noon before Qing Shui handed her a beautiful-looking peach.

Peach of Immortality!

Qing Shui had collected quite a number of Peaches of Immortality in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. It was definitely good stuff and each one of them could increase a person's lifespan by 50 years. It was a pity that each person could only have one.

The girl took the peach, lowered her head, and started eating. Even Qing Shui didn't notice the changes in her eyes.

She knew of the Peach of Immortality. She wasn't ignorant and even knew how long her lifespan was and how strong she was. When her Blood Terminator Bead awakened, other than receiving the legacy for her cultivation, there were also all kinds of other information. This was also why she knew that she was eating a precious Peach of Immortality.

She didn't ask, nor did she say anything. She merely ate silently. However, some changes occurred in her heart. She would remember people who treated her well. If there was an opportunity where she could repay their kindness, she would be willing to do so regardless of the risks she had to take.


In a room in an inn in Yan City, Seventh Princess was talking with another lady. The lady's figure was slender and her loosely fitted clothes couldn't hide her beautiful curves. Although her curves weren’t exaggerated, it was still hard for one to turn their head away. They were extremely beautiful.

Not only were the curves of her breasts, slender waist and beautiful butt perfect, her entire body exuded a very seductive feeling. If Qing Shui were here, he would be able to tell from her figure that this was Eldest Princess.

Eldest Princess wasn't wearing a bamboo hat this time around, and her beautiful hair was put up, revealing her slender, pretty and white neck, making it appear even more upright. The beautiful color and shape of her neck exuded a charming glow.

Her face had all the beauty in the world incorporated into it. Her deep eyes shone of knowledge and an indescribable feeling. Her beauty was one which would stop one in their tracks.

For ladies like her and those on the Portraits of Beauty, the description of them would pale in comparison. This lady had extremely beautiful features, especially her pair of pretty eyes. However, the most beautiful thing about her was her disposition and the charm she exuded. It was a kind of beauty which could only be felt and not spoken. It was one which would cause ordinary people to feel ashamed of their unworthiness.

"Elder Sister, I have something for you." Seventh Princess smiled then took out the Nine Yang Sword and handed it to her.

"Oh? What thing is it to be able to make you so happy?" The lady spoke in a soft and gently voice before picking up the longsword Seventh Princess handed to her.

When she picked up the Nine Yang Sword, a hint of astonishment flashed in her eyes. She looked at Seventh Princess, "To think that it's a legendary grade weapon and it's forged from yang stone. Could it be that you got someone to help forge the yang stone I gave you?"

"Mmm! You won't be able to guess who was the one who had forged it!" Seventh Princess said excitedly.

"Could it be that little boyfriend of yours?" Eldest Princess smiled and said.

"Ahhh, Sister, what rubbish are you spouting? How did you guess that he was the one who had forged it?" Seventh Princess was both embarrassed and astonished.

"I have also been in Yan City for over ten days and know that there's a Firecloud Blacksmith Store which is very famous. It was only later that I learned that it belonged to him. Since you guys are on such good terms with him, I was able to guess just by the look of your expression." Eldest Princess smiled and said.

"Then is this useful for Sister?" Seventh Princess asked softly.

"Yes, but this sword isn't suitable for me, so it's better for you to keep it for yourself. I'll be able to be at ease that way too. Your sentiments is what that counts." Eldest Princess happily handed the Nine Yang Sword to Seventh Princess and then pierced her finger, letting a drop of blood land on the Nine Yang Sword.

"It seems like that lad really has the rights to his temper. However, he is really good to you guys and is a true man." Eldest Princess chuckled.

"Sister, there's something I need your help for." Seventh Princess stored the Nine Yang Sword and said.

"Lass, you've never stood on ceremony with me before. Just say it. Is it concerning someone else?" Eldest Princess seemed to know Seventh Princess very well.

"Qing Shui asked for our help to look for his wife, so I came to ask for your help." Seventh Princess smiled and said.

"His wife?" Eldest Princess found it very strange, and looked at Seventh Princess with a strange expression.

Seventh Princess felt embarrassed by her gaze, "Sister, why are you looking at me like that? I only want to help him. He had helped me out a lot."

"What is his wife called? If it's an ordinary person, then there's nothing I can do either." Eldest Princess saw that Seventh Princess seemed embarrassed and felt a little worried for his younger sister of hers.

"She's called Di Chen. I have her portrait here." Seventh Princess took out Di Chen's portrait and put it before Eldest Princess.

Eldest Princess looked at the portrait and was taken by surprise, "She's called Di Chen and is that lad's wife?"

"Mmm. Sister, what's wrong? Do you know about her?" Seventh Princess asked excitedly.

"I've met her before but till today, I didn’t know her name. That was three years ago in Divine Might Dynasty. I don't know if she's still there."

"Then can Sister help to find out where his wife is?" Seventh Princess asked softly.

"Divine Might Dynasty is a Grade Four Dynasty and is of the same standing as the Heaven Secrets Academy. Moreover, the area is too big and it's very hard to find a person. However, she isn't a simple character, so it should still be possible to find her. It's just that it'll take some time." Eldest Princess gave it some thought and said.

"Lass, be honest with me. Do you like him?" Eldest Princess suddenly asked.

Seventh Princess was stunned and her expression became a little unnatural, "Sister, what are you talking about? He is a person who is worth befriending. I feel that he's so much better than those young masters from aristocratic clans."

"A person like him already has a wife. Moreover, you've already seen it for yourself. There's almost no one who can be more beautiful than his wife. Of course, lass, you aren't bad looking either, but he's not suitable for you." Eldest Princess let out a sigh.

Term Change: Blood Terminating Pill -> Blood Terminator Bead

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