Chapter: 1206

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1206 - Problem solved, the distant Eighth Heavenly Layer

Originally, there was quite a huge gap between Qing Shui’s and Chi Limei’s strengths. But because of his exquisite use of martial techniques, he was able to draw out an extraordinary amount of strength and compete against him. But now, he knew that he could no longer hold back. Regardless of whether it was a fight or a massacre, he should use 100% of his strength, otherwise, everything would be done for.

Emperor’s Qi!


The enormous golden Divine Rod of Heaven and Earth was pushing down the Nine Continent’s Mountain like a divine rod of heaven and earth. In a while, it locked onto Chi Limei with a terrifying aura.

The fact that Chi Limei lost 20% of his overall strength added to the effect of Seal of Xuantian made him felt like crying. But now, he couldn’t care less about crying, both the enormous mountain and the rod which suddenly came rushing down towards him made him extremely panicked and stressed.

Fire Cicada Shell!

A scarlet halo suddenly burst out around Chi Limei’s body. It quickly enveloped Chi Limei within it. No one was able to see through it from the outside.

And at this moment, the Nine Continents Mountain landed heavily on Chi Limei’s body. In an instant, a loud and explosive noise came from the sky with red lights randomly shooting out of it. By the time the entire place turned quiet, Chi Limei was seen standing perfectly there. However, the Fire Cicada Shell on him was no longer present.

Fire Cicada Fly!

Chi Limei moved. His speed was more than two times faster than before. Qing Shui similarly also felt his opponent’s aura. That was a movement that rapidly consumed one’s energy.

Cicada Wings movement!

It seemed as if both of Chi Limei’s hands had become slightly longer. They turned red as he charged towards Qing Shui. Both of his arms were also shaking at a terrifying speed. They were just like the wings of a cicada. Waves after waves of energy was passing into his hands.

Qing Shui didn’t dare to be careless. He lifted up his hand and called upon the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal.

Water Binding Force!

Monstrous Wave!

Toppling Mountains and Oceans!

Qing Shui’s hands moved. Amongst this boundless sea, one moment there were monstrous waves, in the next a lot of water dragons could be seen swimming within it. The terrifying aura which it carried made people feel frightened.

At this moment, Qing Shui dared not hold back anymore. He passed the sword into his left hand and rapidly formed a seal with his right hand. Very quickly, an enormous and fierce golden beast appeared. The heaven-shaking aura it emitted had an ancient and dark mystical energy hidden within it.

The Seven-seven Divine Nebula Formation operated all the way to its peak.

Seal of Roc!


Whether he would win or lose all depended on this. If he still didn’t manage to stop him with this, it would be tough for him to defeat Chi Limei.

The enormous golden roc charged towards Chi Limei. At this moment, Chi Limei had already penetrated through the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal and destroyed the Nine Continents Mountain. He was rushing towards Qing Shui. It was just that in the instant he moved, he had already sensed a terrifyingly powerful aura. He also saw the gigantic golden bird, finally leading to a change in his expression.


A clear and powerful cry pierced through the sky, lunging toward Chi Limei.

The Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation on Chi Limei’s body was very sturdy. He shot out red lights which were three meters long from both of his hands. Following the swift movement of his arms, they quickly formed bloody red silks and spread out around the roc. The auras above the red lights were frighteningly sharp. That was a kind of sharpness, a sharpness which could pierce through even the sky.


Fire Cicada Shell!

As the roc came in contact with the substance which looked like red silk, it immediately shone with a golden light. At that moment, Qing Shui had a feeling that his spirit energy was bursting out madly.


The roc disappeared. The human figure in the sky was like a disconnected kite. He immediately got blown far off into the distance while spurting out lots of blood.


The entire place turned quiet!

At the moment when Chi Limei got blown far away, a few human figures flew there from the ground. It was very likely that they wanted to save the injured Chi Limei.

“Stop them!” an old man suddenly stood up and shouted.

“Forget it, today is a good day, let them go.” Eldest Princess’s voice came through, As it happened, the place turned quiet.


All the way until evening, the guests gradually departed.. Of course, there were still a lot of people. Qing Shui treated Yan Yangchen’s and Yan Leng’s wounds, once again demonstrating his medical expertise to the people around, especially that miraculous acupuncture of his.

Eldest Princess was also there. She might seem the same on the surface but she had very powerful observation skills. She could tell that Qing Shui’s acupuncture was very mystical. She was totally unable to figure out how he did it. One talent was all a person needed to be outstanding and be above others. But this young man on the other hand, martial arts, forging skills, medical expertise and drawing skills…… She even heard from her sister that the alcohol and teas he made tasted incomparably good.

Everyone sat down together and started talking. Of course, Yan Yangchi, Yan Yangchen and Yan Leng were absent. But Yan Jinyu, Seventh Princess, Yan Yangzhao, Yan Hu, Qing Shui and the girl were there. So was Eldest Princess.

“Eldest Princess, can I ask you a question?” Qing Shui looked at Eldest Princess and asked.

“Don’t be so formal. I will tell you whatever I know,” Eldest Princess smiled and said

“I’m not really clear about how the strength of Grade Three and Grade Four State Master is distinguished. Can you explain it to me?” Qing Shui was very curious about this.

“This is nothing. Plus, they don’t really have a standard to it. Beginner Grade Three State Masters have strength worth around ten thousand nimbus whereas those at their peak would have strength worth around a hundred thousand. Those that exceed a hundred thousand would be considered beginner Grade Four State Masters. But I know that warriors with eight hundred thousand nimbus of strength are still considered Grade Four State Masters. In other words, they possess the strength of a peak Martial Emperor.” Eldest Princess smiled and looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was astounded. To think that this was the difference between Grade Three and Grade Four State Masters. Or rather, it could be thought of as the difference between beginner Grade Four State Masters and Grade Four State Masters at advanced level. Even the strength of a peak Grade Four State Master was yet to be known!

“Eldest Princess, are there a lot of Grade Four State Masters in Western Oxhe Continent? I mean, those high level Grade Four State Masters, those with strength of more than five hundred thousand nimbus,” Qing Shui asked after thinking for a while.

Eldest Princess smiled, “In this world, there are a lot of talented individuals in hiding. There were two Grade Four Dynasties in Western Oxhe Continent and also, Heaven Secret Academy. It is because there are Grade Four State Masters in Grade Four Dynasties that they can be known as Grade Four Dynasties. The difference between Grade Four and Grade Three Dynasties is like a chasm. This is because Grade Three State Masters are unable to withstand even one blow from Grade Four State Masters.”

Qing Shui could now also feel that he was still a Grade Three State Master. It would only be when he achieved the attack double effect, which he couldn’t control, that he could barely reach the strength of an early Grade Four State Master. In reality, he couldn’t achieve it on his own. He wasn’t even considered to be a peak Grade Three State Master.

The endless road of cultivation, it was incomparably tough.

Qing Shui didn’t ask Eldest Princess how strong she was as that would be a bit presumptuous. He had already found out the things he wanted to know. For example, the Divine Might Dynasty was a Grade Four Dynasty. In a Grade Four Dynasty, there were quite a lot of Grade Four State Master supporting it.

Eldest Princess was undoubtedly a Grade Four State Master. But he didn’t know her exact strength or which level of Grade Four State Master she had achieved. She was a young teacher in Heaven Secret Academy. Since there were so many teachers in Heaven Secret Academy, it could already be seen just how scary they were.

Other than the teachers, the Heaven Secret Academy also had a few old monsters. He wondered if there were warriors at the False God’s level of strength. Existences at the False God level are all terrifying existences which was only heard of in legend. It was equivalent to being a god of the land.

Qing Shui was thinking about his own Eighth Heavenly Layer, the tough Eight Heavenly Layer had yet to show any changes. But Qing Shui wasn’t surprised by it, he wouldn’t feel surprised even if he was not capable of breaking through to it in his lifetime. This kind of thing required an enormous amount of luck.

“Qing Shui, I’m heading back to Heaven Secret Academy tomorrow. You should rest in Yan City for a while. The latest time for you to enter the Heaven Secret Academy is after new year. If possible, it should be earlier than that. I am not sure if it’s possible as I will need to ask them for instructions. I need to see if I can use next year’s place in advance,” Eldest Princess stood up and said.

“Well then, thank you Eldest Princess!” Qing Shui stood up and thanked her.


Actually, Qing Shui now still had a tough question - what about the girl around him? Actually, he could bring his wife and children along to Heaven Secret Academy. This was also the special right of every disciple in there. It was just that he could only bring a total of maximum five of them. Not only that, the freedom of his family members would also be restricted, they are not allowed to walk about casually.

Would it be too boring for her if Qing Shui brought her along? After all, she wasn’t a disciple, she couldn’t go wherever she wanted. Normally, disciples would bring along either two of their slaves or women. After all, all men had emotions. In a nutshell, they were the people the disciples brought along for them to release their stress. Of course, they could also choose to go alone.

The people who could enter Heaven Secret Academy were normally older than Qing Shui. Hence, it wasn’t weird for Heaven Secret Academy to have rules like these. It was said that they would only know about its extraordinary features once they went in.

“Little brat, what do you plan to do next? Follow me to Heaven Secret Academy?” Qing Shui asked on their way back.

“I will go wherever you want me to go,” the girl said in her usual calm tone.

Qing Shui let out a sigh. He felt worried about letting her leave now. She would still be able to learn other things following him. In roughly three to five years, she would definitely achieve great things.

Finally, Qing Shui planned to bring her to Heaven Secret Academy for a while. He thought that he would let her leave after she grew older and more mature.


Qing Shui had been staying in Firecloud Blacksmith Store for two months. He didn’t leave the blacksmith store within these two months. Now, he was also a famous person in Great Yu Dynasty. At least a lot of people would know about it. He was a person whom even Eldest Princess from Great Yu Dynasty was looking after.

Throughout these two months, Qing Shui’s strength was also improving very rapidly. He had increased his raw strength by almost two nimbus. He noticed that ever since his body underwent a change last time, the time when the golden star appeared in his sea of consciousness, he was once again able to make flying progress in the pace at which he cultivated his raw strength. In the past, it seemed to have reached a saturation point and for a long time, he didn’t really manage to make any progress.

This time however, Qing Shui felt as if his body was a bottomless pit. Every day it was absorbing the energy from outside. Both his bones and blood were also undergoing changes. He was becoming more powerful and sturdy. Other than that, every day he could use acupuncture on himself to trigger his hidden potential.

He felt very enriched. The talk he had with Eldest Princess last time made him realize that the sea across the continents was still very deep and unmeasurable, so much so that there were existences of some demons.

This was also one of the points which she casually mentioned the other day when they talked. The existence of demons. Demons were actually still considered demonic beasts. But they possessed even higher intellect than the beasts. Not only that, a lot of them were existences which resulted from an unusual change. They had terrifying strength. Up to a certain extent, the dragons and phoenixes could actually be known as demons. From there, it could be seen how terrifying they were. These were kinds of powerful demonic beasts which exceeded normal demonic beasts.

These demons existed in water, sky and even on the road. Normally, they would have ancient bloodlines. They were existences which hailed from the primordial era. Normally, they lived in places where humans would rarely be seen.

Thinking about this, Qing Shui had an even stronger feeling that he was still very weak. If he really wanted to make himself exponentially stronger, the only way to it was by breaking through to the Eighth Heavenly Layer.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Qing Shui had yet to find the conditions to break through to the Eight Heavenly Layer. This made him a bit upset. However, he sensed that there might be a way for him to do so, and that was through upgrading his violet jade immortal realm up to its eighth grade.

Maybe only by upgrading the Realm of the Violet Jade to its eighth grade would he be able to find the conditions for Eighth Heavenly Layer!

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