Chapter: 1214

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1214 - Killing People Out of Rage. Dragon Elephant Might. Saint Child Band. Saint Child

“Will anything happen if I kill him?” At this moment, Qing Shui asked both Yan Jinyu and the Seventh Princess softly.

At present, he was also one of the disciples from Heaven Secrets Academy. Besides that, he was unclear about the truth strength of the Saint Child Band. Merely one Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant should not be sufficient to cause any havoc in Heaven Secrets Academy.

“Martial Sister Xun, do you think anything will happen?” Despite being shocked from what Qing Shui had said, the Seventh Princess asked the woman next to her who was slightly older than herself.

Qing Shui moved his sight to the woman whom the Seventh Princess was talking to. In terms of beauty, this woman could only be considered as a top tier. She wore a greenish-blue colored attire from Heaven Secrets Academy. There were lots of colors available for the attires in Heaven Secrets Academy. Furthermore, they also had lots of variations. It all depended on the preferences of the particular individuals.

“Nothing will really happen if you kill them. But if you don’t manage to do it without leaving any evidence, both gangs would truly turn against each other.” The woman called Martial Sister Xun knitted her brows and said. She looked a bit weird and unconvinced when looking at Qing Shui.

“They are already about to kill us. Is it still a question of whether we are enemies? I only fear that this may leave a burden to Teacher Sunu. Or else, I would have immediately killed all of these people. They deserved to be killed.” These people were from Heaven Secrets Academy, if he took this opportunity to show off his abilities, there would definitely be people coming after him.

It would have been great if he could refine the powerful energy within his body. This way, he would have attained assets for himself within the Heaven Secrets Academy. It should have been considered quite a grand asset. It’s just that for now, he didn’t really dare to try it as he feared that it might cause his body to burst.


Now, Qing Shui has made up his mind to kill. As a man, he must not be afraid of even the slightest things. Qing Shui who has reached a decision looked at the man opposite him who was just like before, looking full of himself. It didn’t matter who he was, today, the only thing which awaited him was death.


The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant suddenly made its move.

Instantaneous Diamond Evasion!

Ferocious Dragon Elephant Attack!

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant charged towards the man with golden light like a phantom. This was also the first time Qing Shui saw the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant’s powerful attack.

It was really fast, so fast that for a moment, a look of panic crossed the man’s face. Following that, even his voice got covered up by the terrifying aura. After that, everything turned silent.

Mighty Dragon Elephant’s Recklessness!

It attacked with three folds of its original strength. Striking twenty targets.

Since the massacre has already started, Qing Shui wouldn’t hold back. Previously, the expressions the people showed made Qing Shui lose his thoughts of holding back. Relying on their strength to bully the weak, overwhelming people with their numbers, and bullying the women. All of these acts, in Qing Shui’s eyes, were no different than behavior of vicious beasts.

The scene did not look that intense. It was more like a one-sided massacre. Not even the slightest screams could be heard. The attack was so powerful to the extent people couldn’t manage to scream. The majority of the people were in a state of shock and panic, so much so that they forgot to scream.

By the time the people from the opposite side reacted to it and was about to run away, everything was too late.

Over a hundred people, a hundred disciples, with a few strong warriors among them, died just like that.

In the span of a few breaths, the area turned quiet, leaving nothing but only a few traces of blood. Qing Shui managed to carry out the massacre quite effortlessly.

The entire place became so quiet that even the noise of pin dropped could be heard. Not even a person who breathed loudly was present.

“Alright, all of the people here are dead. I hope that everyone will help keep this as a secret. Since everyone here is from Breezing Wind Veranda, I am sure that all of you know what to do next. The Breezing Wind Veranda will become formidable. In the future, you guys will certainly be proud for being a part of it.” Qing Shui felt that it was necessary to inform them at least that. For now, he found it too early to provoke the gang of the crown prince.

“Also, don’t tell anyone about what I’m capable of.” Qing Shui added on.

The others nodded their head. They all looked at Qing Shui with fiery eyes. That was a kind of admiration for warriors. Qing Shui swung his hand, “Alright guys, lets spread out now. You guys should find a partner and be as careful as possible.”

Qing Shui realized that he was really calm after killing about a hundred people. These people were not small fry. He looked at both Yan Jinyu and Seventh Princess only to find them blankly staring back at him. In contrast to them, the girl looked really calm.

The others, including Martial Sister Xun left. But before they did, Qing Shui helped the injured cure their wounds. This made them really happy. The people who were injured also felt overcome with emotions.

“Qing Shui, I just noticed that this Dragon Elephant of yours looked different from before.” Yan Jinyu smiled while looking at Qing Shui.

The beautiful smiling face which she revealed out of nowhere, as well as those bright eyes and gorgeous white teeth of hers… For a moment, Qing Shui was stunned just from seeing them. In terms of beauty, this sworn sister of his was already considered to be a top tier choice. She was not in the slightest inferior to even the women from the Portraits of Beauty. She looked almost as beautiful as the Seventh Princess. What Qing Shui liked the most about her was the tranquil appearance of hers, and also, the concern she showed to himself.

Yan Jinyu blushed a little from sensing Qing Shui’s eyes. That only made her looked even more tender and beautiful.

“Oh yeah, Qing Shui, this Dragon Elephant of yours wasn’t this powerful before, was it? Oh yeah, what happened to the Fire Dragon?” The Seventh Princess asked curiously.

Qing Shui embarrassingly took back his sight, “I also don’t know what happened. I summoned the Dragon Elephant at the time when I was about to reach my limit. Who knows that it suddenly went crazy and swallowed the entire red dragon by accident.”

“It swallowed the dragon?”

The two girls looked at Qing Shui in shock with their mouth open. They seemed totally unconvinced with what he said.

Qing Shui did not mention anything about him Refining Demons, particularly the part where he carried out the Demonic Fusion Refinement by fusing two demonic beasts into one. This method of Refining Demons had huge limitations. It had to contain the same bloodlines. Furthermore, it also came with huge risks.

Thinking back about it now, Qing Shui also felt a bit scared. He wasn’t worried about himself because he knew that his life wouldn’t be in danger. What he was worried about was the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. Luckily, the Fire Dragon got poisoned and its eyes blinded. Or else, he wouldn’t have dared to try it.


“You liar!”


“Let’s go. It’s already quite late. We should first look for a place to rest before continuing our journey tomorrow. With the Dragon Elephant here, it should be enough for me to hunt for enough contribution values.”

At this moment, the two girls were also really happy. With the powerful demonic beast with them, their safety would have been ensured even more. It’s just that they didn’t know about the true strength of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. If they had known about it, instead of just thinking about them being much safer, they would definitely have gotten so shocked that they dropped their jaw.

They left. In any case, the bloody smell there was too heavy. The four of them set up camp at an empty space. This place had high altitude and wide field of views. Furthermore, the place was also accompanied with fresh air. They simply prepared some food and started eating them while chatting with each other.

“What’s up with the Saint Child Band? They seem to be against the Eldest Princess.” Qing Shui asked while eating.

“Saint Child Band was one of the huge gang within the Heaven Secrets Academy. It’s said that they have as many as a hundred thousand people within their gang. Saint Child was the leader of Saint Child Band. In terms of position, his was even higher compared to teachers and a few elders. It’s already been said that he was a genius who wouldn’t be seen even after a thousand years. Apparently, he is after my elder sister.” The Seventh Princess explained while eating.

Women was the source of all troubles. The more powerful and beautiful a woman was, the more capable they would be. There were only two types of people in this world, either men, or women. Almost half of the strong warriors would have strong desires for women.

Some people desired power, some desired money. There were a few others as well, for example, some would desire long life. But as one became stronger, their lifespan would also increase. Hence, in the end, it still went back to having the desire for more power.

The more someone was, the stronger their desire would be. A lot of strong warriors would have a lot of wives. This was already a very normal thing, some lonely warriors in particular, they would have even stronger needs for women. Something worth noting was that making love could help one eliminate his or her loneliness.

Of course, there were exceptions for people who weren’t interested in these and the people who had seen through the secular world. However, so long as one was a normal person, he or she would feel emotions. Even if they had been really powerful and have seen through a lot of things, there would still be things which they found reluctant to let go. Desires had no boundaries.

He couldn’t help but think about Di Chen. She was able to see through the secular world. What realm was she in now? Qing Shui was really puzzled. She was in Divine Might Dynasty… The Eldest Princess has also seen her before and said that she was really strong. But she was unable to sense it clearly… This just showed that she was as strong as the eldest princess.

Why would she be this strong? Was the Lotus Platform Inheritance this frightening?

He proceeded to think about the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. A lot of strange things were already happening across the continent everyday. It wasn’t all that surprising. It’s also because Qing Shui found out that Di Chen was almost as strong as the Eldest Princess that he didn’t feel rushed to go to Divine Might Dynasty.

Besides, he wasn’t even sure if she was in Divine Might Dynasty at the moment.

“Wake up, who are you thinking about? You seem so focused.” The Seventh Princess saw Qing Shui lost in his thought. She couldn’t help but asked him that question.

Qing Shui slightly shook his head, “Then is the eldest princess able to handle Saint Child?”

“Elder sister is not someone to be trifled with. He isn’t the only one who likes sister. Naturally, there will be people going against him. Hence, no one actually dared to do anything to sister. Other than that, sister’s teacher is also a terrifying person. As long as her teacher is here, it’s unlikely that anyone would dare to touch her.” In the past, the Seventh Princess used to be worried about the Eldest Princess. It was also at that time when the Eldest Princess told her that she has no need to worry about her.

Qing Shui smiled. He couldn’t help but think about the Eldest Princess. That woman was already no simple character. She was not only smart, the charm and temperament of hers were also something which no ordinary people could blaspheme. Just like some women, with just one look, they could already arouse men with high sex drive to instantly do inappropriate things.

Upon learning the situation, Qing Shui felt relieved. He planned to wait a bit longer. Once he refined the energy within his body, even that Saint Child should be no match for him.


At night, Qing Shui let out the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant while he went into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. In there, he could cultivate as much as he liked. At present, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was a lot more intelligent than before. It could communicate very well in its mind. Qing Shui however, was still not so used to that weird feeling.

Even though he was yet to get used to it, he really enjoyed it. With this kind of communication, Qing Shui no longer felt as lonely inside the realm. He could even let it help him do a few stuffs on its own. If it had been QIng Shui in the past, he wouldn’t have dared to do it, the reason being that humans were more dangerous than demonic beasts. But now, at least the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was quite strong at this aspect. Adding it up with its current strength, it was almost definitely an unbeatable existence.


Qing Shui looked at the unadorned and grayish Crimson Pellet within his Dantian. This thing was almost as attractive to Qing Shui as a woman of unmatched beauty. If Qing Shui managed to absorb it, he would instantly be like a carp fish which had leaped through the dragon’s gate. He would become many times more powerful than the current Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

But now, the only thing he could do was to control such desire. He was really fearful. If his body was to really burst, he wouldn’t even have a place to cry.

But seeing it as it was, Qing Shui felt even more upset. If it had been a bit lower, for example, around a hundred clouds or something, Qing Shui wouldn’t have hesitated to absorb it. But now, he didn’t dare to try it recklessly.

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