Chapter: 1219

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1219 - Spiritual Liquid, Violet Gold Bloodline Pellet, The tragicness of lacking medical ingredients.

By the time Qing Shui came back to his senses, the Eldest Princess was already looking back at him quietly. He went on and said happily, “Thank you. Her whereabouts are all that I need to know. This will make it a lot easier for me to look for her next time.”

“Why don’t you go now?” The Eldest Princess was able to feel that Qing Shui wanted to see Di Chen really badly. Hence, she instinctively questioned him about it. Prior to this, she had never once asked anyone about their love affair. This was her first time doing so.

“It’s pointless for me to go. We will put this aside for now. Oh yeah, is there a Grade Five dynasty within the Western Oxhe Continent. Oh wait, clumsy me, I haven’t even asked about the strength of a Peak Grade Four State Master.” Qing Shui shook his head and laughed at himself.

“The strength of Peak Grade Four State Masters are around two million nimbus. Grade Four dynasties do not only have Grade Four State Masters, they also have a few Grade Five ones. The reason why I didn’t tell you last time was because of your strength. Now, although you acquired the dragon elephant, I still hope that you will be more careful,” the Eldest Princess smiled and explained.

The strength of the Golden Scale Dragon Elephant was now equivalent to a Peak Grade Four State Master. Now, Qing Shui had also came to know that the difference in strength between beginner and Peak Grade Four State Masters were like the difference in brightness between the light of a firefly to the sun and moon. It was almost an impassable chasm.

The Eldest Princess had broken through. That god-like aura emitted from her body, her godly charm as well as her extreme beauty made Qing Shui wondered if she had surpassed Grade Four State Masters and became at least a Grade Five State Master.

This was only Qing Shui’s assumption. But he was able to sense it really strongly. Despite this, he didn’t ask her about it, nor did he have time to be concerned with other people’s matters. Nevertheless, he still hoped that the Eldest Princess would become even stronger.

“I heard that there are people from Lord Sect as well some Saint Child whatever thingy who are trying to pick you up,” Qing Shui said casually. He only intended to inform her about it out of kindness. He meant nothing more than that.

“Yeah, I know. Thanks for your concern. Those people are not strong enough to threaten me.” The Eldest Princess looked at Qing Shui. When she said that, she revealed a kind of elegance, an elegance which belonged to that of a beautiful woman. It felt really heart-moving.

“That’s great!”


Not long after, both the Seventh Princess and Yan Jinyu also headed here. Qing Shui immediately gave each of them a Violet Gold Bloodline Pearl. Even though he didn’t have a lot of it, he still had quite a few of them, let alone now, he had also acquired its prescription. He was convinced that he would manage to get the things listed on it.

Qing Shui was a bit biased. He wanted to show the Eldest Princess that he was concerned about her. Ever since Qing Shui came here, they were the people who were the closest to him. Of course, Yu Ruyan was his wife.

Within the entire Heaven Secrets Academy, the only people on his side were the Eldest Princess, the Seventh Princess as well as Yan Jinyu. Tian Jiange was also considered quite a decent friend, at least he was different compared to other people.

In addition to that, Qing Shui had in a way, made enemies with Prince Fu from Saint Child Band. He knew that sooner or later, they would end up fighting each other. Qing Shui wasn’t really worried about this.

“Be careful of Saint Child Band. But I don’t think it will be a problem to you.” Before the Eldest Princess left, she gave Qing Shui a reminder.

After all of them left, Qing Shui and the little girl went on to go for a walk around the yard. It was already sunset. The yard was about five acres, which was more than enough for them to take a walk. During this time, Qing Shui would take the little girl out for a walk everyday. Firstly, it could help relieve her boredom, secondly, it also helped alleviate the baleful qi within the girl’s heart.

Do not underestimate such activities. Just like this, with their entire bodies and minds relaxed, they walked around slowly and breathed calmly. This kind of situation could help someone calm down their mind. If they were to think over other matters now, it could help them to make decisions which were more rational.

Walking leisurely about wasn’t just suitable for ordinary elderly. It played an essential role even in the life of warriors and experts. The same thing applied to couples, as well as husband and wife. Hence, walking brought about huge advantages.

During this time, Qing Shui would normally stay quiet and slowly walk side by side with the girl. He would also observe the scenery around him as well as the sunset. Of course, he would also look at the girl from time to time.

Qing Shui didn’t know when he could turn the little girl into an ordinary girl, like having aspects which normal girls would have instead of living with resentment against the people and the world.

“Little brat, if there ever comes a day when you want to leave here, I hope that you will tell me about it and tell me about what you plan to do,” Qing Shui said while letting out a sigh.

He knew that there would come a day when the girl would leave. The reason being that there were things she had been keeping in her mind. Though it may seem that right now, her baleful aura has weakened, Qing Shui knew that as she continued to get stronger, the baleful aura within her heart would, on the contrary, follow along and be amplified. Hence, he was aware that the girl would eventually leave. On that day, the girl would start doing her own things.

“Alright, I will. Can I call you my step-father?” The girl asked Qing Shui after pondering for a long time.

“Since the day when I bring you back with me, I have already started seeing you as my own daughter. This is our destiny.” Qing Shui walked slowly while holding her hand.

There were some things in the world which didn’t require reasons. Sometimes, one would also not need a purpose to do a certain things, it was just as people said, “Many things would grow in the garden even if they weren’t originally sown there”.

Unlike his previous incarnation. He was already able to calculate the value and the return of it before he started doing anything.

Today, Qing Shui also made the little girl take the Violet Gold Bloodline Pearl and other things such as the Hallow Pill. The girl’s strength once again rose sharply. However, what Qing Shui was happy about was the Violet Gold Blood. Merely one drop of it was already able to suppress the baleful aura within her. If he had known that this would happen, he would have made her take it earlier.

If it was in the past, he would have to rely on the Taichi Fist to suppress the baleful aura within her. But now, even if she didn’t cultivate the fist, she would still be able to maintain her own composure and be unaffected by the baleful aura. As Qing Shui saw this, he let out a sigh of relief.

The Violet Gold Blood had more advantages for girls. Baleful aura paired up with tyrannical aura, the two auras were a type of existence which was almost like they were resonating with each other. The eyes of the girl glowed with a faint violet light. The nature of her body was faintly undergoing slight changes.


At night, Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He already had all the materials needed for Spiritual Liquid and was already able to refine it. He didn’t know what function it had. For some reason, the prescription didn’t state the use of Spiritual Liquid when it first came out.

Though a bit upset, the kind of feeling of not knowing what to anticipate was also quite exciting.

The 10,000 Year Spiritual Limestone was a precious stalactite. It could only be discovered in certain mountains. Merely one drop of it was already extremely precious. Princess Chang gave Qing Shui as much as one bottle of it.

The Feathered Spirit Grass may look really normal but the aura emitted from it was still very powerful. Even an ordinary person would be able to feel that this was no ordinary grass.

This was all considered spiritual grass. Normally, medicinal herbs with more than five thousand years of age would have been considered to be Spiritual Grass. As for those that were above three thousand years, they were considered top quality medicinal herbs.

After doing all of this, Qing Shui started refining the medicine.

This time, Qing Shui added in the Golden Snake Grass while refining the medicine. Despite the fact that the success rate was high, he was still afraid of failure. These medicinal herbs were all things which could only be come across very rarely. Furthermore, he had very few of them, hence, he couldn’t leave any room for failure.

This time, to Qing Shui’s surprise, the process of refining the medicines went on unusually smoothly. Furthermore, the entire process didn’t take really long. He managed to successfully refine it after only seven days. At the moment when the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron cooled down, Qing Shui quickly went on and opened it.

There were nine snow white colored spherical medicinal pills in the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron. They were the size of marbles and were all shining with brilliant light. Furthermore, they were also in liquid state. Medicinal pills in the state of liquid.

Spiritual Liquid.

They looked just like sticky and concentrated liquid pearls. Qing Shui took out a few medicine bottles and put them in.

After that, Qing Shui proceeded to look at the last drop of Spiritual Liquid inside the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron with his Heavenly Vision Technique. He had high expectations for the function of Spiritual Liquid.

Spiritual Liquid, loosen tendons and washes bone marrows. It washes and strengthens one’s bones and helps cleanse as well as strengthen organs. It also washes and strengthens blood, greatly improving the quality of the consumer’s body and triggering the hidden potential within it.

Qing Shui was in a daze. Even though the Spiritual Liquid didn’t technically increase one’s strength, it would still be regarded as an existence at the same level as a holy medicine. The reason being that it was a medicine which increased the quality and changed the nature of one’s body. Basically, it was a well rounded medicine which helped raise one’s hidden potential.

Every individual was limited to only taking one drop.

Without any hesitation, Qing Shui took down the drop from the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron. A faint and refreshing sensation began to rapidly spread around his entire body. That was a feeling couldn’t be described in words. It felt really, really comfortable. After that, Qing Shui’s little finger turned black.

Qing Shui calmly picked up the Gold Needle and immediately pierced it through his little finger. A jet-black dirty blood immediately spurted out of it. Those were the impure substances within his body that were being released.

Merely this was already enough to prove just how formidable the Spiritual Liquid was. The reason being that it had been a long time since Qing Shui last removed the impurities within his body. This time, he managed to release a lot of them in just a short while. These were the more concentrated impure substances which hid deeper within his body.

Even though Qing Shui’s strength didn’t increase immediately, both the hidden potential as well as the physique of his body experienced a significant boost. This was just like a pail that was already full with water. The Spiritual Liquid turned the pail into a tank. Even though the amount of water didn’t increase, the amount of water that could be contained within it did.

Qing Shui was really satisfied. In any case, this was already considered Qing Shui putting up bricks and tiles for absorbing the energy within him in the future. This was considered quite a significant step, so much so that it made Qing Shui feel the urge to refine energy right away.

Nevertheless, he forcefully tried to hold back that urge. Unless he was forced to the end of the line by someone else, he wouldn’t want to take on such a risky bet so fast, let alone that he also felt it wouldn’t be long until he could refine it, what was the point of rushing?

The Spiritual Liquid was a good item. Unfortunately, he only had a very little of it. Hence, it was best to leave it for now. Qing Shui planned to first take a rest before starting to refine the Violet Gold Bloodline Pellet.

This time, surprisingly, it took him forty nine days to do it, which was a lot longer than before.

This made Qing Shui really speechless. So long as an alchemist was refining a top-grade medicine, it would take them at most ten or more days. If they failed, not only would the medicinal herb be wasted but also the time he invested to make it.

The better a medicine was, the lower the success rate of it getting refined. This was precisely also why the Eldest Princess kept these all along.

Even though Qing Shui knew that he could succeed, he still felt a bit agitated by it. After all, this was the Violet Gold Bloodline Pellet, an existence which was the same kind as the Violet Gold Bloodline Pearl. It was something which could be compared to something left from ancient times.

Upon opening it, Qing Shui was surprised to find that there were thirty of them. This was already considered quite a decent amount. In fact, even Qing Shui felt that this was beyond normal. Unfortunately, the medicinal herb could only be used to refine once. If it was enough to be used twice, it’s very likely that the Eldest Princess would look for some famous alchemists to refine it already.

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