Chapter: 1227

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1227 - Skyrocketed, formidable strength

Qing Shui immersed himself into his Sea of Consciousness. The Sea of Consciousness was like a very impressive looking small world. There were sixty four stars which looked just like spiritual seeds arranged there. The brightest golden star was located in the center of it.

There were still a lot of spiritual stars in the surroundings. The break through this time had caused the stars in the surroundings to increase tenfold. As he activated his consciousness, the boundless spirit energy started moving gracefully. Qing Shui really enjoyed this kind of feeling.

The Golden Pellet within his Dantian had gotten slightly bigger. It wasn’t any significant increase in size, instead, it looked just like when a fruit ripened. It looked really solid and contained a terrifying amount of Divine Force.

His Spirit Energy had spread across his entire body. In just a short while, he could already feel his current strength.

His raw strength had achieved a terrifying amount of around three thousand two hundred nimbus. This seemed to be a bit beyond his expectations. In the past, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant gave him 10% of the total strength increase which it experienced. After that, it went up to 20%. Until just a while ago, Qing Shui’s raw strength was worth around a hundred nimbus. But now, it had gone up to three thousand two hundred nimbus. That was not 10%, nor was it 20%, instead, it was somewhere in between 10 to 20%.

Qing Shui remembered the danger he experienced from before. Could it be that this was the maximum amount of strength which he was capable of absorbing before he reached his limit? Actually, he was already extremely lucky to be able to avoid his body bursting earlier. With his raw strength, which was only worth a hundred nimbus, he was already able to absorb as much as three thousand one hundred nimbus worth of strength. Hence, with his current three thousand one hundred nimbus worth of absorbed strength, did it mean that he would be able to absorb even more in the future? Was it that his body was unable to absorb so much of the strength that it didn’t manage to absorb up to 20% of it?

Qing Shui operated his Divine Force to experience his current strength. His raw strength was worth three thousand two hundred nimbus. The Seven-colored Pellet helped multiply his raw strength fifteen fold. The Big Dipper Sword helped increase it by five fold. Along with the help provided by the Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation and other things like the Golden Pellet, Qing Shui’s physical strength managed to achieve a terrifying amount which worth as much as 2.5 million. If it was to be doubled, his strength would worth around 5 million, which was also the current offensive strength of the Nine Continents Mountain.

Five Million nimbus. Qing Shui was stunned for quite a long time. He was already at a level where he was capable of levelling a mountain by merely swinging his hands.

Under the effect of Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation, Golden Pellet, Big Dipper Sword, Divine Nebula Formation as well as the Arhat Rosary Beads, Qing Shui’s Spirit Energy managed to achieve a strength worth almost 3.3 million nimbus. When he used the Seal of Roc, his spirit energy would once again double in strength. And when that happened, its strength would definitely be really terrifying.

However, there were a lot of limitations in the Seal of Roc. Qing Shui wouldn’t be able to use it a lot of times within a day. The percentage of it getting doubled was also relatively small. Hence, at the moment, Qing Shui found the Nine Continents Mountain to be the most steady in terms of strength. It was not that the Seal of Roc wasn’t steady, it was just that it couldn’t be used for a long period of time. On top of that, every time it was used, it also consumed a huge amount of energy.

Qing Shui skyrocketed in strength. At the moment, he had a feeling that no one but him was able to achieve these kind of things. That tremendous increase in strength triggered a huge change in his heart. His entire state of mind had gone through a complete change.

No matter where one was, only strong warriors would give people the impression that they were able to do things with ease. No matter what they did, they could do it relatively easily. Furthermore, this would also make them look charming and composed.

The reason why he could be like this was because no matter what kind of accidents happened, they would still be capable of dealing with it. In the eyes of the majority, it may seem like a disaster but in the eyes of the strong, it was nothing worth mentioning.

Qing Shui didn’t know what grade he was in with his current strength. Was he a Grade Five State Master? Or was he an existence which was already beyond that? But one thing that Qing Shui was certain about was that he still hadn’t managed to break through to the Eighth Heavenly Layer.

Even though he hadn’t achieved the Eighth Heavenly Layer, Qing Shui felt as if he was already able to see the doorstep which led to the Eighth Heavenly Layer. It was the same situation as when he needed to hike up a mountain to go over it. But this mountain was rather tall. Nevertheless, he was still able to see the mountain. Unlike in the past when he wasn’t even able to see it.

In a way, he was already considered to have come in contact with the entrance into the Eighth Heavenly Layer. It might have had to do with his strength increase.

Unknowingly, the time to exit the realm was near. Qing Shui had managed to finish refining it. He didn’t have enough time to go look at the conditions of other things. Most importantly, merely one refining process already took him nearly a hundred days to finish.

It was good to have the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. If this had happened in the outside world, Qing Shui would have had to seclude himself. That was about three months time without being interrupted. On top of that, he wasn’t a core disciple in some sort of aristocratic clan, he wouldn’t be able to be at peace even if he was to seclude himself. With the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, not only was he able to do it within a day, his safety was also ensured.

By the time Qing Shui came out, it was already morning. Yesterday, when he was refining the energy within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he purposely went in only at the latter half of midnight. Now, Qing Shui wanted time to pass faster. This way, he would be able to enter the realm again to do things which he hadn’t finished doing.

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was in the manor. Even though the five acre manor wasn’t really considered that big, it wasn’t that small either. The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant which was about a hundred meters was still really obvious in the manor.

When it saw Qing Shui, it happily greeted him. Qing Shui patted it before putting it back into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. By the time he went into the backyard, the girl was already doing her morning exercise.

The moment the little girl saw Qing Shui, she was a bit shocked but she didn’t really express it. Qing Shui knew the reason for it. Even he himself wasn’t used to his current skin.

Luckily, it didn’t happen too suddenly. Only people familiar with him would be able to realize the change in him. Outsiders wouldn’t be able to notice it. They would only feel that this man had a very good appearance.


Ever since the last time when the little girl recognized Qing Shui as her foster father, she was already used to calling Qing Shui that. Naturally, he wouldn’t have any objections to it. This was in a way also considered an improvement. It came to show that his relationship with her was improving. His intention was to let the little girl feel the kind of warmth between parents and their children.

Qing Shui smiled and gestured for the girl to continue. He on the other hand, also looked for a place and started practicing his Taichi Fist. Now, Qing Shui felt really special while practicing Taichi Fist with his current strength. Both of his arms felt really strong and solid. There was a kind of smoothness that he was unable to describe in words when he swung his hands. It felt just like when a person was swinging a stick with moderate weight with his strong body, at that moment when he was swinging it, he felt as if it was capable of cracking open mountains and crushing rocks.

Taichi Golden Qi!

Qing Shui slightly closed his eyes as he felt the abundant amount of divine force within his body. The Roaming Dragon Steps seemed to have completely merged itself with his Nine Palace Steps. Now, he was unable to tell which steps he was using. That was a really mysterious kind of fusion. As soon as he moved, his footsteps would automatically turn into the Nine Palace Steps.

Qing Shui was engrossed in this kind of mysterious state. While practicing his Taichi fist, he was shuttling around one square meter of the ground where he was like moving clouds and flowing water. When the Taichi Fist was performed, a strand of faint golden qi followed along and circled around the surroundings. In the qi, there was a profound and pressuring aura mixed within it.

Qing Shui only came to a stop when the sun was at three poles high. He noticed that the girl was watching him from the side. He lifted up his head and looked into the sky before smiling and saying to the girl, “Little brat, you must be hungry. Let’s go eat something.”

The little girl smiled and nodded her head.

It should be a smile. Qing Shui could feel that the little girl was smiling despite it being not so obvious. One would need to look very carefully in order to be able to see something.

“Daddy, you look a bit different today.” The little girl turned her head and looked at Qing Shui.

“Which part of me looks different?” Qing Shui asked with a smile.

“The kind of aura you emitted and that expression of yours. Daddy, has your strength increased yet again?” The little girl asked Qing Shui while blinking those jet black eyes of hers.

“Little brat, not only do you look gorgeous. You are also good at observing things. Daddy has indeed broken through. I am going to give you a present after we finish our meal. I am sure you will like it.” Qing Shui smiled and pulled the little girl to the front yard.

Actually, since the beginning, Qing Shui had already been thinking of fighting for a place in Heaven Secrets Academy for the little girl. Even until now, he still had the intention to do so. It’s just that until now, hadn’t managed to talk to the girl about it.

Previously, it was mainly because Qing Shui was faced with great difficulties in making progress for himself within the Heaven Secrets Academy. Like even just recently, he was being bullied by other people. But now, everything had turned in his favour. He broke through, meaning there would be very few people who could actually bully him. Furthermore, he also felt that very quickly, he would be able to refine this kind of strength yet again. As long as the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant could break through, Qing Shui would be given countless benefits.

The refining process this time was in a way considered to have helped Qing Shui pave the way for his future in the continent. So long as the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant remained alive, Qing Shui wouldn’t have to worry about his strength. The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was a Heaven and Earth Battle Beast. Even if Qing Shui had to consume his time within the realm, he would still benefit in a lot of ways.

The Divine Marionette which he got by accident at that time, when he first tamed it, it was still only a Diamond Demonic Boar. Despite this, it was still a mutated beast. He never expected that it would actually possess the Dragon Elephant Bloodline. On top of that, it awakened little by little. It had truly come a long way to be able to accomplish so much today. It could even be said to be unimaginable.

Normally, there would only be Qing Shui and the little girl here. Both the Seventh Princess as well as Yan Jinyu too didn’t come everyday. The Eldest Princess on the other hand, it goes without saying that she wouldn’t come on normal occasions. Hence, normally, it was really quiet here.

The breakthrough this time had made Qing Shui completely give up on his plan to be a core disciple and then the elder’s disciple before finally becoming a teacher of the Heaven Secrets Academy. Right now, he didn’t have the mood to get promoted step by step.

Now, he was thinking about some other things. For example, the Eldest Princess’ Breezing Wind Veranda, or maybe the Lord Sect which Tian Jiange was in.

And now, Qing Shui’s strength has already been increased. It was about time he went to visit Di Chen. This was the thing which Qing Shui wanted to do most. The Qing Shui at the moment was very calm. So long as he had sufficient strength, anything could easily be talked through.

“Father, didn’t you tell me before that you were going to give me a present?” While the little girl was helping Qing Shui wash the dishes after their dinner, she noticed that Qing Shui had no intention of talking about the present. Hence, she decided to ask him herself.

Actually, Qing Shui had been like this all along. In the past, he would take the initiative to speak. But now, since they had already gotten fairly close to each other, he would think of ways to make her talk on her own to slowly help her develop the way of thought and emotions which normal humans would feel to make her more rich with emotions.

Qing Shui took out a small porcelain bottle. This was purposely prepared by him. A drop of the Spring of Life was contained within the porcelain bottle. Qing Shui would only put it within a bottle if he was planning to use it within a short period of time. Or else, he would have left it in the spring well. That was the best place to keep it.

“Try it and tell me how it tastes,” Qing Shui said with a smile.

The little girl first looked at Qing Shui and smiled before swallowing the drop of Spring of Life. She didn’t show any sign of formality to the guy who she already regarded as her father. Only he would treat her well in this world.

Qing Shui looked at her from the side. Normally, no accident would occur when someone swallowed the Spring of Life. Furthermore, he also sensed that the Spring of Life could be used to cleanse one’s life. Cleanse everything about a person. Hence, he felt that it would have even more effect on the girl.

A faint white halo emerged around the little girl and surrounded her within it. But he very quickly noticed that a layer of black light appeared within the white one.

Qing Shui knew that the Spring of Life was suppressing the little girl’s vicious qi while the baleful aura was trying to resist it. Despite this, it was still unable to break through the white halo produced by the Spring of Life.

If ever, the baleful aura managed to break through it, at least half of the effect of the Spring of Life would have been reduced. The Spring of Life managed to suppress the baleful aura within the girl, this just came to show that things were already developing in a good way.

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