Chapter: 1233

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1233 - Forty-times Dragon Elephant Force, the Real Dragon Elephant Embryonic Form

Even though the strength of the Demonic Spider Golden Armor didn’t directly increase, it was still being strengthened based on its physical appearance. For example, the stickiness and toxicity of the spider threads had been increased by threefold, meaning that the ability of the spider thread to stick to its opponents had also gone up by threefold.

With the Seven-headed Demonic Spider’s current strength, it could achieve almost seven hundred thousand nimbus of attack prowess by unleashing the Corrosive Poison Web. If it used the Poison Silk Entanglement, the attack prowess would be around 1.1 million nimbus.

The Demonic Spider Golden Armor, on the other hand, helped make it possible for the Seven-headed Demonic Spider to easily deal with opponents around 3 million nimbus in strength. The controlling ability of the Seven-Headed Demonic Spider was also really powerful, so much so that it could even control an entire area. If it paired up with the Thunderous Beast, its power would definitely be even stronger.

So far, these were Qing Shui’s most powerful demonic beasts. The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was still outside. Qing Shui planned to leave it there for two more days. After all, it had just broken through recently. Later on, he planned to make it absorb all of its strength within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Actually, it could already do so now. After all, the strength had come as a result of the fusion and felt like something which it already possessed on its own. Besides, its time had also become more available now. All Qing Shui planned was to let the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant stop for a few days. Converting the number of outside days into time in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, that would mean a few years. That time would be sufficient.

Spirited Snake Turtle!

Qing Shui had a lot of demonic beasts, but it didn’t necessarily mean that he was able to look after all of them. For example, the Gold-Silver Colored Butterfly, Jade Emperor Queen Bee, and even the Ten Thousand Years Poisonous Violet Sable. Qing Shui wasn’t planning to let them use the Ancient Demonic Fruit for now. As he thought about it, he would still have more fruits in the future. Furthermore, the Ten Thousand Years Poisonous Violet Sable was also a powerful beast. After thinking about it for half a day, he made up his mind to let the Ten Thousand Years Poisonous Violet Sable consume it.

The Spirited Snake Turtle had finished consuming a fruit. Its body size had increased by more than one fold. However, the current lake was wide and deep enough for the Spirited Snake Turtle to be able to swim graciously within it.

The giant python at the back of the Spirited Snake Turtle looked fierce and terrifying. The violet aura which it emitted made Qing Shui felt rather shocked.

The Spirited Snake Turtle, a spiritual being of Heaven and Earth with an Ancient Bloodline and Area Dominance. It could reduce the consumption of the owner’s spirit energy and physical divine force by thirty percent. It could also help decrease twenty percent of the damage dealt to the owner’s spirit energy and physical body.

As Qing Shui saw these, he felt really happy. The Spirited Snake Turtle was a spiritual being. The turtle itself was already equivalent to being one of Qing Shui’s powerful passive battle techniques. It helped reduce Qing Shui’s energy consumption and increased his resistance to attacks.

The physical strength of the Spirited Snake Turtle increased the least. Two thousand nimbus of physical strength.

Spirited Snake Movement: Increase physical strength by tenfold.

Area Dominance. Fourth layer: within a distance of a hundred meters, it could help neglect pressure caused by heaven and earth, atmospheric pressure, seal, toxic and deterrence up to a certain extent. Its efficiency was related to the owner’s strength.

The Area Dominance had upgraded, but Qing Shui would still need to feel the overall effects himself.

Other than that, the Spirited Snake Turtle had also played a huge role in contributing to the current size of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Without it, the realm itself would very likely be one third smaller than it was now.

Finally, Qing Shui called out to the Ten Thousand Years Poisonous Violet Sable. This tiny beast was very intelligent. Actually, prior to this, Qing Shui had seen the eyes of the beast, which gleamed as it had watched the others taste the Ancient Demonic Fruit.

That was why he had made up his mind to let it consume one of them. It didn’t matter even if it was unable to battle. After all, he had once relied heavily on this little guy when he had made his way to Southern Sea Country.

It ran to him enthusiastically when it saw that Qing Shui had summoned it. Qing Shui could clearly feel the excitement it was feeling. Without saying anything, he immediately made it swallow down the Spring of Life and Ancient Demonic Fruit.

In comparison, there was very little movement to the Ten Thousand Years Poisonous Violet Sable. The only thing seen was a violet aura fluctuating across its body, and it all happened quite quickly. Furthermore, its presence couldn’t even be felt.

Physical strength worth three thousand nimbus!

This still gave Qing Shui quite a shock. After all, the Ten Thousand Years Poisonous Violet Sable relied on poison. He never expected for its physical strength to be even stronger than that of the Spirited Snake Turtle. Hence, Qing Shui was already quite satisfied.

Five Colored Poison Passive: Increase the physical strength and toxicity by tenfold. Passive battle technique, zero consumption.

Five Colored Poison: Its attack contains five colored poison.

Spiritual Sensitivity: Increase speed by tenfold. Passive battle technique, zero consumption.

Poison Physique: Passive battle technique, zero consumption, doubles toxicity. The opponent being attacked has a chance of being poisoned. Neglect twenty percent of attacks, returning twenty percent of the damage inflicted on the sable back to the opponent. While doing so, there was a chance that the opponent would be poisoned. Its body was incredibly tough like hard metal.

Qing Shui never expected this little thing to have decent innate talents. Not only did its strength increase significantly, it even managed to learn the powerful battle technique Poison Physique. Taking all of these into account, the Violet Sable could now neglect forty percent of the attacks dealt by its enemies.

Despite the fact that the Ten Thousand Years Poisonous Violet Sable didn’t possess high attacking prowess, its body’s resistance to attacks was quite decent. It could neglect quite a lot of the damage dealt by its opponents. It also had fast speed and most importantly, poisonous attacks.

Qing Shui didn’t know if the Ten Thousand Years Poisonous Violet Sable could take part in battle, but he felt it should more or less be able to do so now. Most importantly, he would still need to look at the speed of the sable. Once its speed reached a certain extent, it might be a great help. He could also let the Ten Thousand Years Poisonous Violet Sable stand on his shoulder or let it coordinate with the other demonic beasts. It had a small and agile body, which meant it would be the best at launching poisonous sneak attacks.

With this being the case, Qing Shui already felt really happy. His demonic beasts had managed to grow stronger and could aid him in battles.

QIng Shui took out the Demonic Beast Token which sealed the Golden Ni Lion. He never intended to tame it because the strength of the Golden Ni Lion was no longer able to catch up.

Maybe upon using both the Spring of Life and the Ancient Demonic Fruit, it would reach the same level as the current Fire Bird. After all, the bloodline within the Fire Bird’s body was still not that pure.

This Golden Ni Lion wasn’t the kind of Golden Ni Lion which came straight away with dragon bloodline. Even though its body contained said bloodline, it was very thin. Nonetheless, it still had huge potential to develop.

Halfway through, Qing Shui released the Seven-headed Demonic Spider and returned the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. Originally, Qing Shui planned to let the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant swallowed the fruit a few days later. He never thought that the dragon elephant would tell him that the demonic fruits could be consumed by demonic beasts with any strength. Even a normal wild beast was capable of taking it. Furthermore, their lives wouldn’t be put in danger. It’s just that the amount of strength increase would be very little. The stronger a beast was, the more tremendous the increase would be.

The Ancient Demonic Fruit could only be swallowed once every one hundred years. Furthermore, upon taking it in again in the future, its efficiency would be decreased. Of course, there were also exceptions. It might be that the decrease would be smaller.

Qing Shui thought about it for a while and concluded that it would be better if he let the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant swallow it. In the future, it needed to rely on its own bloodline to cultivate, so it would also be considerably faster. With high cultivation, even a small increase would still be many times more powerful than a low grade breakthrough.

As long as there was improvement in the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, the strength that it would return back to Qing Shui would absolutely be very impressive. Hence, “Strike the iron while it’s hot”. Qing Shui made the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant swallow both the Spring of Life and the Ancient Demonic Fruit.

What shocked Qing Shui was that this time, there were huge movements within the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. It resembled a bright, small golden sky standing in the middle of the sky.

The neck of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was growing longer. Furthermore, its tail had turned into the tail of a dragon and was similarly also growing. Its enormous body in between was also starting to look thicker and tougher. Simultaneously, all four of its limbs were also becoming thicker yet sharper.

This was a real dragon elephant, at least it was what Qing Shui imagined a real dragon elephant to look like. Its dragon’s head and long neck together were about sixty meters long. Its enormous tail was also about sixty meters. Its middle torso was about eighty meters long.

From its head all the way to its tail, it was almost two hundred meters.

It was still a lot different from the enormous green dragon which Qing Shui had seen within his sea of consciousness. That enormous green dragon was about a thousand meters long. In comparison, the body of the dragon elephant was slightly thicker. It looked incomparably tough and fierce.

It’s very likely that it had thoroughly evolved this time. Qing Shui was sensing the fluctuation of the powerful aura within the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. That kind of fluctuation made even Qing Shui feel terrified.

Its raw strength was fifty thousand nimbus…

Qing Shui felt astonished. Even though thirty thousand nimbus of raw strength was already considered to be a lot. It even managed to achieve this kind of grade without going through any risks this time. What made Qing Shui a bit puzzled was that if its strength was to increase by only thirty thousand nimbus, it shouldn’t possess such a powerful aura. He quickly took a peek at the abilities of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

Dragon Elephant Force, passive battle technique, permanently increase forty times of the dragon elephant’s own strength.

Qing Shui’s mouth opened up slightly. This was how the true Dragon Elephant Force should be. It seemed to have gone through a very complete evolution this time. It reminded Qing Shui of those genuine dragons. By how many fold could their own physical strength be increased by due to their True Dragon Force? A hundred fold?

Qing Shui didn’t care about any of that. Now, he only knew that he was so excited to the point that he wasn’t able to express his feelings in words. The change in body size of the dragon elephant this time had also shown that it had already reached the Embryonic Form of the dragon elephants. The genuine Dragon Elephant Embryonic Form.

Mighty Dragon Elephant’s Recklessness: Threefold of the same attack. It could attack at most thirty targets.

The number of targets had increased by ten. This was the group killing area of effect tactic of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant.

Dragon Elephant Stomp, Great Perfection Stage. An attack with attack prowess four times that of the user’s strength. It had a fixed chance of causing the targets in the surrounding to be immobilized.

Qing Shui felt very excited. The Mighty Dragon Elephant Stomp had finally broken through its limit. This was very likely the state it reached as a result of its complete evolution this time. This was how the real Mighty Dragon Elephant Stomp should be. Four times its own attack, which was worth 8 million nimbus. Even putting the stunning effect aside, the opponents might even be shaken to death merely from the attack prowess of this ability.

Instantaneous Diamond Evasion: Instantly jump to any spot within a range of three thousand meters.

The distance has also been slightly increased. After all, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was now two hundred meters long. Fifteen of its bodies together would equal three thousand meters.

Diamond Sword Qi: Instantly breath out core qi to attack opponents. It contains powerful wounding power and can weaken twenty percent of the target’s speed, lasting for two hours.

This stayed the same!

Vajra Subdues Demon: Upon being unleashed, the strength of the targets within thousand meters would decrease by ten percent. There couldn’t be more than fifty targets. The effect lasted for two hours.

This too didn’t change. but Qing Shui felt that in the future, if he was to combine it with Emperor’s Qi, it would together be able to weaken nearly thirty percent of the opponent’s strength. This was already really terrifying.

Ferocious Dragon Elephant Attack: An attack instantly unleashed upon a single target with five times of the dragon elephant’s own strength.

This stayed the same, which made Qing Shui a bit upset. Could it be that this time, only the Dragon Elephant Force had managed to awaken? Logically speaking, both this and the Ferocious Dragon Elephant Attack should also increase. Unfortunately, they both stayed the same. Nevertheless, Qing Shui didn’t dare to make extravagant demands as the current Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was already powerful enough.

Dark Infernal Flames: The dark flame below its legs enabled the attacks of the dragon elephant to contain twenty percent of armor breaking attack prowess. Simultaneously, it also helped raised the dragon elephant’s speed in the sky by twofold.

Its speed had increased by quite a lot.

Dragon Scaled Armor: Passive battle technique, enabled the defense of the dragon elephant to increase tremendously. The strongest ability of the dragon elephant was its powerful physique.

The Dragon Scaled Armor may seem to be the same, but since its strength has increased, this just meant the same thing had also happened to the strength of the Dragon Scaled Armor. It was the same as the Ferocious Dragon Elephant’s attack. Even though it still relied on five times its own strength to violently attack its opponent, its own strength had increased by a few fold. Hence, compared to before, the attack prowess of the Ferocious Dragon Elephant Attack had also increased by five fold.

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