Chapter: 1239

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1239 - Heaven Secrets Arena, Showdown Against the Saint Child

Under normal circumstances, Qing Shui should refine that formidable energy. After all, the Saint Child would definitely not hold back against him. Furthermore, the Saint Child also had extremely formidable strength.

However, the main issue now wasn’t that Qing Shui didn’t want to refine it, rather, his body was currently in a saturated state. He recently just had a lot of increase in strength. For the time being, his body was unable to absorb more powerful energy within. After all, the gap from the last time when he refined the energy was still too recent.

It was also because of this that Qing Shui set his sight on the realm of the State of One with Elephant and made himself coordinate with the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant. Despite so, he was still the one who took the lead. His familiarity with the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant was undoubted, and they could communicate through their consciousness.

Qing Shui managed to increase 100,000 nimbus of his strength in merely one visit to the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. He still had one more day left. He didn’t know if he could increase a bit more of his strength. Even increasing a tiny bit more would mean a greater chance of victory to Qing Shui.


On the next day, the rumors had long since been spread around the entire Heaven Secret Academy. Qing Shui challenged the Saint Child to a battle. Its location and more all become the main topics around the Heaven Secret Academy. The teachers and elders, as well as other high-ranked people from the academy, already knew about it.

The Saint Child was a famous figure in the academy. It could be said that almost everyone knew him. After all, the Saint Child himself was already the Saint Lord Custodian to begin with. Even some Grand Elders or Custodian would give the Saint Child face. The reason being that, it was very likely that he would become the support for the Heaven Secret Academy in the future.

This kind of person was someone who might not be seen even in a lifetime. Furthermore, he would definitely have a formidable force behind his back. Hence, Qing Shui felt that he need to be really careful. If he died, he would die for nothing. If things would end the other way around, he still need to be prepared for some emergency situation.

Saint Child had always been someone who was really proud and arrogant. To think that he would also fall in love with a woman. If he couldn’t manage to succeed in pursuing the Eldest Princess, even his future cultivation would be affected. This was also the reason why he lost his self-control last time.

Originally, the Saint Child had never once feared how many people were after Eldest Princess. Even though he didn’t have much interactions with her, he knew that the woman he like wasn’t someone who would be taken away by others so easily. Even if it was the leader of the Lord Sect and others who liked Yu Sunu, he was never worried.

However, he never expected that a brat, who came out of nowhere, would be able to hold her hand. This felt just like a sharp sword that pierced into his heart. Deep down, the Saint Child had already regarded Yu Sunu as his own exclusive woman. As if he would let other people dip their fingers on her. On that day, he already had the intention to kill Qing Shui. However, he felt too surprised and complicated inside, so he needed calm his heart down. This was the reason why he decided to leave quickly that day.

The matter was being discussed all over the academy. However, most of the topics were about how Qing Shui didn’t know about the immensity of heaven and earth. After all, throughout these years, it was as if the Saint Child had put an enormous rock deep down in their heart. They were all chained by the reputation of the Saint Child. It was just like Tian Jiange, but except compared to his, it was more widespread.

“Brother Sui, do you think the challenge match this time is something to look forward to?”

At an isolated spot within the manor, two old men were playing chess. One of them wore a yellow gown. On top of the gown, there was a picture of a golden dragon. The old man seemed a bit old. He looked really elegant and possessed the temper of a king. The aura he emitted on the other hand, felt especially thick and immense.

The other old man on the other hand, wore a purple gown. There was the picture of a Sky Consuming Lion drawn on it. In comparison, this old man had a slightly taller and sturdier body. He had thick grey hair that resembled that of a lion’s mane, and he emitted an oppressive pressure.

The man who spoke was precisely the old man in purple lion gown.

“Do you know the young man who challenged Little Fu well?” The old man in gold dragon gown asked.

The old man in purple lion gown on the other hand, looked at the chessboard as he spoke slowly. “That young man just joined the Heaven Secret Academy not long ago. But he seems to be really close to that little lass Sunu. Furthermore, ever since he came, Sunu’s cultivation has been increasing constantly.”

“You are indeed well-informed. Then I suppose you should have an answer by now.” The old man in gold dragon gown smiled and lifted up his head.

“Unless he is an idiot, no one would play a joke with their life. This young man might not be an idiot. It’s just that he is still too young, it would have been unbelievable if he could be a match against Little Fu.” The old man in purple lion gown slightly knitted his brows as he spoke.

“We will see by then. No matter who wins or loses, we shouldn’t make a big deal over it. One day, this very young man might just become the support for my Heaven Secret Academy.” The elderly man in gold dragon gown chuckled.

“Brother Sui, is the young man really this daring?” The old man in purple lion gown looked at the elderly man in gold dragon gown in awe.

“Brother Cao, in any case, we still have time. Why don’t we just observe him slowly?”

“But how about the strength of the Fu Clan?” The elderly man with the surname Cao asked gently.

“The Fu Clan is a prosperous clan. However, it is still going to depend on Little Fu. If Little Fu didn’t manage to take hold of the entire situation, this will only put an end to the golden age of the Fu Clan.


Heaven Secret Academy, Heaven Secret Arena!

This was the largest arena in Heaven Secret Academy. It was also the most popular place within the Heaven Secret Academy, the reason being that only important battles would be held here. Normal people weren’t allowed to battle here.

Today was the day Qing Shui challenged the Saint Child. Its location was at the Heaven Secret Arena.

The Heaven Secret Arena had long since been crowded with people. A lot of people already came even before the sky turned bright. Now, the sun was already rising gradually. There was still a bit of time left until the fight started.

“Do you guys think that Qing Shui will dare to come?”

“Most likely yes!”

“I wonder how long he will be able to hold himself for on top of the arena. Will the Saint Child kill him?”

“At least he wouldn’t kill him on the Heaven Secret Arena. He still need Qing Shui to cure Fu Yanting’s injuries.”

“Do you guys know that this young man is very close to the leader of the Breezing Wind Veranda?”

“Ah, this match will be exciting then. A lot of people is aware that the Saint Child is after the leader of the Breezing Wind Veranda. I wonder who the woman will cheer for.”


Very quickly, the sun was already at three poles high. This was also the promised time for the battle. Soon after, a man appeared from afar. He slowly approached the arena and skywalked. His movement looked elegant like an immortal fairy.

“Saint Child!”

“The Saint Child is here!”

“He is so handsome!”


The Saint Child slowly walked up to the arena. After that, he stood there quietly, not moving even an inch.

“Saint Child!”

“Saint Child!”


A lot of people was screaming ‘Saint Child’. These were all the people from the Saint Child Band. This moment already showed just how powerful the Saint Child’s connection was. He was a mysterious yet powerful man. Normally, very few people would get to see him.

“That Qing Shui is being so pretentious. Don’t tell me that he doesn’t dare to come for the match!”

“Exactly, it would be no fun if he doesn’t come.”

“Yeah, even if he doesn’t come, the Saint Child will still have the right to kill him. Not just him, even other people shares equal rights to do so.”

Everyone was discussing about the match. Time went on little by little. Qing Shui only have another fifteen minutes to show up. If he didn’t, it would be considered that he had given up on the match. But right at this moment, he made it.

He was really fast, like a meteor catching up with the moon. At the moment when the crowd noticed him, he had already appeared on the arena.

Qing Shui let Qing Sha attended the fight. They didn’t actually come together, as Qing Sha came earlier than him. She was at an empty spot below, very few people actually recognized her. In addition to that, she was now also with Yan Jinyu and the Seventh Princess.

Eldest Princess had just arrived. She came slightly earlier than Qing Shui. Her appearance once again brought up discussions among the crowd.

Qing Shui stood on top of the arena as he looked at the Saint Child. He looked at his indifferent expression and also his intermittent powerful arena. A wave-like pressure constantly charged against Qing Shui.

An elderly man acted as the eye-witness. He had already announced the rules on top of the arena. Hence, the match was already considered to have begun.

“You are the one who challenged me. Other than matters over life and death, why don’t we bet on other things?” The Saint Child looked at Qing Shui and smiled.

“Sure!” Qing Shui wasn’t surprised. This was already within his expectation.

“How about this, if I win, you have to cure my brother, and you can never meet Sunu ever again.” Saint Child looked at Qing Shui.

His words once again caused an uproar below the arena.

“Saint Child is indeed a good brother!”

“He’s not just a good brother, but also a very passionate man.”

“If it isn’t because of Fu Yanting’s injury, Saint Child wouldn’t have accepted Qing Shui’s challenge.”


“Of course, it’s fine for me to cure your brother. But what will happen even if I left Sunu? Women aren’t something that can be given to other people. Besides, Sunu and I are just friends. Don’t you find the condition which you offered useless?” Qing Shui would never be at a disadvantage in a verbal arguement.

To Eldest Princess’s surprise, she heard the two talked about her on the arena. However, she could do nothing but only listen at the moment.

“Well, then I’ll go with what you said! Let’s begin!” The Saint Child responded in his usual calm tone.

“Wait, are you people with the surname Fu all so shameless? If I need to do something if I lose, how about you? Don’t you need to promise me a few things if you lose instead?” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“Lose? As if I will lose?” Saint Child looked at Qing Shui in shock.

Qing Shui knew that he was doing it intentionally. Nevertheless, he still said with a smile. “There are just too many people with undeserved reputation.”

Merely these few simple words already made the Saint Child upset. He could only helplessly say: “Say it, you can suggest anything you want.”

“It’s very simple. Next time, keep that cocky pride of yours back to yourself. Also, don’t think that Sunu is your woman just because you think you look handsome. Oh, and stop shouting Sunu’s name. Do you know how disgusting she finds it? She wants me to tell you that you suck and that she doesn’t like you.” Qing Shui said with a smile.

These words struck the Saint Child really hard. Even though he said that he didn’t believe it, deep down, he was a bit convinced by it. The reason being that he had seen this brat hold Yu Sunu’s hand with his own eyes. For him to be able to hold the hand of a woman like this, if they didn’t share any blood relations with each other, it was already enough to speak for everything.

Yu Sunu was really upset. This little brat was being too nasty. Since when did she ever said things like these? Even though some of the things which he said were real, but she herself had never spoken about it before. How would he know about some of her thoughts?

Even the Saint Child’s formidable heart had been struck by it and as a result, he slightly shook. He smiled: “I have said before, as long as you win, I can promise you anything.”

“You arrogant brat! Get lost!”

“As if Saint Child is someone you can compete against.

“Exactly! Lets see how you will die later! Who do you think you are! The reason why Saint Child promised to fight you today is because he pitied you. Or else, you wouldn’t even be qualified to challenge him!”

“Saint Child, I support you!”

“Saint Child, finish him off within seconds!”


At this moment, the people from the Saint Child Band started to spit their saliva at Qing Shui.

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