Chapter: 1255

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1255 - Spiritual Weapon, Explosive Increasing Strength, Reunion With Hu Yiya

Qing Shui really wanted to enter the State of No Conscious. Unfortunately, he was more conscious than anyone at the moment. Even though he dedicated all of his mind in smelting the sword, he found himself unable to enter the State of No Conscious.

Suddenly, Qing Shui felt a pain on his hand. Previously, he didn’t enter the State of No Conscious, but he suddenly got distracted. He lowered his head and for some reason, found his hand to have been cut by the Big Dipper Sword. Drop after drop, his fresh blood dripped onto the Big Dipper Sword.

Originally, this kind of small wound would be able to regenerate itself very quickly. Hence, Qing Shui wasn’t really concerned about it. He continued to hammer and smelt it. At this moment, he couldn’t afford to have any more distractions or allow himself to do other things.

Time passed by little by little. What made Qing Shui felt a bit upset was that little wound didn’t actually recover. He didn’t know if it had something to do with the aura on the sword. Regardless of whatever the reason was, Qing Shui still felt really weird about it.

He could still afford to lose this little bit of blood. Besides, this blood already blended itself into the Big Dipper Sword. This was his own blood that contained the Violet Gold Bloodline. When forging weapons, there was a method known as the Blood Sacrifice.

Qing Shui knew that there were two kinds of Blood Sacrifice. The first kind was known as the Death Sacrifice. A kind of Blood Sacrifice in which the blacksmith used his own life in exchange for the cost. This kind of weapons would normally be killing weapons. Killing weapons had very strong killing intent as well as resentment. Normally, people who used this kind of swords wouldn’t end well.

The other kind of Blood Sacrifice was by using his own blood essence as guidance to increase his and his weapon’s mutual understanding, or even turn it into a Spiritual Sword. Spiritual Sword was naturally a sword which could communicate mentally. It would even have a bit of its own thought, gaining sentience. Hence, Qing Shui’s strength would be able to increase significantly.

Qing Shui instantly came up with a lot of thoughts in his mind. But he knew that now wasn’t the time for him to think about these. He quickly focused once more and continued to forge.

Drop after drop, he was slowly losing his blood. Even though one drop wasn’t much, he still wouldn’t be able to hold on for a long period of time. Qing Shui realized that he was now already losing an excessive amount of blood. However, he was already at the stage where it was impossible for him to stop. If he was to bet on it, he might be able to end up with a Spiritual Sword. That way, he would be able to get even stronger. It might even provide a huge help as he tried to break through to the Eighth Heavenly Layer.

Qing Shui clenched his teeth and told himself in his mind to hold on a bit longer and only think of a backup plan once he reached his limit. That way, at least he wouldn’t regret even if it failed.

Qing Shui, whose face looked extremely pale, clenched his teeth and hold on bitterly. He was already at his limit. If this went on, the only thing he could do was to eat some medicinal herbs that could help to keep himself alive. Even if he eat them, he wouldn’t be able to replenish his blood immediately.

At that moment, Qing Shui felt astonished as a powerful dazzling light attacked him. A bright light appeared on top of the Big Dipper Sword. This meant that the process was a success. Furthermore, the Big Dipper Sword also shrinked at a really fast speed. It only stopped when it was about the size of a small finger. It was shining in gold and right in the center, there was an unadorned and simple flower pattern that looked really exquisite and astute. It immediately entered into Qing Shui’s Dantian.

Unfortunately, Qing Shui had now fainted. He didn’t had the chance to see some of the changes. After the small Big Dipper Sword entered Qing Shui’s Dantian, it began to slowly nurture his meridians to recover his qi and blood.

After about eight hours, QIng Shui woke up. Even though at the moment, his body still felt really weak, he already felt a lot better compared to before. He quickly went to have a look at the Big Dipper Sword only to find that it had vanished completely.

Qing Shui felt strange but just as was wondering where the Big Dipper Sword went to, his subconscious informed him that the Big Dipper Sword was already within his Dantian. Initially, Qing Shui was already extremely surprised by this. He quickly took a peek inside and got yet another shock of his life.

Now, within his Dantian, the Golden Pellet was located in the middle. The Nine Continents Mountain was on the left while the Seven-colored Pellet was on the right. However, below the Golden Pellet, there was the Big Dipper Sword. Its sword tip was pointing forward.

Spiritual Sword!

He had actually attained himself a Spiritual Sword!

Qing Shui found it hard to believe. The Spiritual Sword was a mystical existence. Its strongest ability was that it was able to communicate telepathically. It shared the same thought with its master, and they could communicate telepatically. The legendary Divine Weapons were precisely this kind of weapon. It was just that Divine Weapons were a lot stronger than Spiritual Weapons. However, despite so, Spiritual Weapons also had the chance to evolve into Divine Weapons, but the chances for that to happen was fairly small.

Regardless of the chances, QIng Shui still felt unusually happy. Spiritual Weapon was almost equivalent to Legendary grade weapon. Hence, it could be said that Spiritual Weapon was at Legendary grade. However, it was a Legendary grade weapon which could mature.

It was just like last time when he helped the Seventh Princess forged the Nine Yang Sword. That was as far as it could go. It would stay that level permanently until it was ruined. But of course, Legendary grade weapons weren’t something which would break so easily.

However, Qing Shui’s Spiritual Sword was able to grow! Once the time was right and the condition was fulfilled, its strength would increase. Speaking of strength, Qing Shui quickly looked towards it. Until now, he still didn’t know what the strength of the current Big Dipper Sword was.

Big Dipper Sword, Spiritual Weapon. Smelted with Blood Essence. Connected to the owner’s mind.

It could increase the user’s raw strength by ten folds and Spirit Energy by three folds. There was a 10% chance that the attack prowess would be doubled. The amount of consumption when using any battle techniques would be cut down by half.

It was not necessary to be held in hand. There would even be strength increase even if you used other weapons. User could condense the sword with his Qi. He could also attack immediately barehanded. For now, the the Big Dipper Sword couldn’t leave the Dantian.


Qing Shui felt incomparably excited. The Spiritual Weapons were also divided into two groups. One which could mature, and the other one which couldn’t. The latter meant that the weapon would permanently stayed the way it was. The former on the other hand, had a bit of hope to become a Divine Weapon. There was a high hope that its strength would flourish once again.

This time, Qing Shui once again managed to significantly increase his strength. His physical strength had reached almost a 1,900 sun. When using the Nine Continents Mountain, it could reach almost 3,800 sun. If he was to combine it with the strength reduction provided by Vajra Subdues Demon and Emperor’s Qi, he would be able to immediately push back expert warriors with a strength worth around 5,000 sun with his Nine Continents Mountain to the point they couldn’t resist.

Furthermore, his Spirit Energy had also become more terrifying. When he unleashed the Seal of Roc, he would be able to achieve a strength worth more than 5,300 sun. Even if he was to randomly use the Primordial Flame Dragon Whip, he would also have a strength near 2,700 sun.

His Controlling Ability was even more fearsome. Merely a Spiritual Sword could already push him all the way to his peak. There were now even fewer people in the Western Oxhe Continent who was capable of trapping him.

Qing Shui realized that not only did the ability of the Spiritual Sword to double his attack prowess didn’t increase, it was even reduced to 10%. However, Qing Shui didn’t feel unhappy, he even felt delighted when he learnt about it. The reason for that was because now, he felt that the 10% chance would definitely be more accurate. In fact, it might even be have a higher proc chance than the previous 20%.

Ten percent. The 10% chance meant that every ten times he unleashed an attack, one of them would had the opportunity to double in prowess. It only took an instant for experts to exchange blows ten times. Hence, 10% was still something really terrifying.

If this opportunity was met, Qing Shui’s Spirit Energy Attack would still be really terrifying. Even if he didn’t use the Seal of Roc, it would still contain a strength worth 5,000 sun and more.

If Qing Shui was to run into that ten elderly men from before with his current strength, he would be able to crush them.

Spiritual Sword. A spiritual sword which could grow. It was equivalent to being a False Divine Weapon.

As Qing Shui looked at the medicinal herbs within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he hoped that he could refine the Three Yang Pill, or even the Four Yang Pill as early as possible. In the future, if he had the intention to head towards the three other continents, he would still need to rely on these to increase his strength. Most importantly, he needed to break through to the Eighth Heavenly Layer.

Qing Shui was already standing at the foot of the mountain of Eighth Heavenly Layer. However, it was a tall mountain which penetrated through the sky. It was so sharp that there was not even the slightest slope along the way. How could a normal people climb up the mountain?


Within two months time, Qing Shui finally managed to enter the area of Divine Might Dynasty with his Nine Continents Step Effect, as well as the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant’s flying ability. Maybe because it was near the dangerous and desolate area of the other half of Western Oxhe Continent, the culture here was relatively more doughty.

The Divine Might Dynasty was very windy and had a lot of snow. In comparison, the weather here was slightly poorer in quality, but the air here was still fresh. Furthermore, the four seasons here were distinguished very clearly.

Yet again, he arrived at an unfamiliar place alone. However this time, Qing Shui arrived with hope and expectation. The reason was there was a woman here whom he was familiar with. He hoped that he would be able to see her earlier.

By the time Qing Shui arrived at Divine Might Dynasty, he wished that he could have met Di Chen right away. It was as if he couldn’t wait for even one second. He tried his best to take in some air to calm himself down.

He didn’t know what this place was. In any case, this place was just incomparably crowded. There were continuous streams of people along the street. Qing Shui also didn’t really feel hesitant. He didn’t feel cold, nor would he starve or get bullied by other people. In fact, he felt quite relaxed here.

The sect Di Chen was in was called the Lotus Sect. He didn’t know how the Lotus Sect was like, nor did he know where it was. He had already inquired a lot of people along the street. He even paid them money to ask about it. Nevertheless, his attempts still ended in failure. There were some people who just randomly pointed into a direction upon receiving the money. Even though Qing Shui didn’t head into the said-direction, he still knew that it was fake. They only did so for the money.

It seemed like the people at the bottom were not aware of the existence of the Lotus Sect. The world was boundless. One small sect just wouldn’t be so noticeable. Even if they had heard about it, it would still be useless. To them, it would only be something which existed in legend. How would they know about its location?

It was way too big. Qing Shui made up his mind to head towards the Imperial City.

Within the Imperial City, there were talented individuals in hiding. In comparison, things would be easier for him.

This time, Qing Shui right away made some inquires about the direction to the Imperial City. He didn’t hesitate to spend money to ask about it from a few warriors. He only used his Nine Continents Step Effect to travel into the direction towards Imperial City once he got an unanimous answer from each of them.

The Divine Might Dynasty was very huge, but there were even more low grade dynasties under their control. Originally, Qing Shui already felt that the Great Yu Dynasty was already really huge. But compared to Divine Might Dynasty, they were just too far apart in size.

It was winter here. By the time he arrived at the Imperial City, the sky was already filled with snowflakes. Qing Shui preferred snowing over raining. With snow everywhere, the entire place turned white with snow covering the ground and pines very quickly.

Qing Shui stood on the land of snow and let the snowflakes landed on him. He felt unusually calm, calm like deep water.

Even though it was already snowing, there were still a lot of people along the street. In fact, there seemed to be even more people than usual.

Suddenly, there was an uproar in front. A group of people was walking towards the direction where Qing Shui was. These people were wearing luxurious clothes. Just with one glance, people could already tell that they’re disciples from wealthy clans. They were all youngsters. At least based on their appearances, they looked really young.

At the moment when Qing Shui looked at the person, the person also seemed to be looking right back at him. Very quickly, she already made her way towards him. The person leading was a clever-looking woman wearing a fox fur coat. Qing Shui already found her a bit familiar at the first time he saw her.

“Why are you in Divine Might Dynasty?” The woman seemed surprised when she saw Qing Shui.

“Hu Yiya?” Qing Shui felt that he was a bit bad at recognizing people. Normally, once a woman changed into a new cloth and put on a new kind of make-up, it would be quite energy-consuming to try and recognize them.

“You still remember me? This is great. Since you’re here, let me do the honors and treat you.” Hu Yiya seemed to be particularly happy. There was a faint fox charm between her brows. However, it also felt innocent.

“Are you still in touch with him.” Qing Shui was talking about Tian Jiange. He only knew that she shared an extraordinary relationship with Tian Jiange. He didn’t know how things had turned out for them as of now.

“Of course, he told me that he will get married with me when he is more capable.” Hu Yiya looked at Qing Shui and smiled.

“Oh, don’t worry about it, he will definitely be able to achieve a lot.” Qing Shui smiled and responded.

“Let’s go, let me bring you around.”

“Sister Ya, who is he? He seems so unfamiliar.” The young men beside Hu Yiya asked.

“A friend from far away. He is really powerful.” Hu Yiya answered them casually.

“Oh, if you are Sister Ya’s friends, that means you are also our friend. Let’s go and walk around together. This way, things will be livelier.” It was obvious that Hu Yiya was their boss. Among the twelve people including Hu Yiya, there were only four females.

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