Chapter: 1261

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1261 - Blackmoon Star, Swift Agile Pill

Basically, everyone in the shop would sort of examine the item. But once they asked about its price, they would leave immediately as the seller only wanted to exchange that item in trade. Furthermore, their demand for the exchange was very high. They demand for either a demonic crystal worth 1,000 sun or three cores with same level.

Upon hearing the price, everyone shrunk back. The only special thing about the black stone was that it looked quite nice. Hence, as soon as they heard the price, they lost the mood to even bargain for it. Even though the stone looked really beautiful but if it was only being sold for its appearance, one could already buy something similar by only spending very little money.

Of course, in between, there would still be people that came here to take a look at the stone to see what was mysterious about it. The conclusion they got was that there was a bit of spiritual fluctuation on top of it. However, this spiritual fluctuation wouldn’t be worth such a price. In fact, it was totally not worth the price.

Hence, only an idiot would exchange for it. Not any ordinary idiot, but an extremely wealthy idiot.

When Qing Shui saw them put it down, he operated his Heavenly Vision Technique and peaked at it. Upon doing so, he got incomparably agitated.

Blackmoon Star!

He had never heard about it before but he had managed to learn about it with his Heavenly Vision Technique. Qing Shui’s Heavenly Vision Technique was an outstanding technique which helped him evaluate things. Basically, through the Heavenly Vision Technique, he would be able to roughly evaluate any objects.

Effect: It could be forged with an object. Limited to weapons, armors, whips, shield, accessories and more. It could help to permanently increase the ability of the target by one level. There was also a fixed chance that it would fail. Upon failure, the Blackmoon Star would disappear.

Qing Shui’s heart throbbed at the time he finished reading it. All of the abilities of a particular object would go up by one level. This was such a powerful ability. If it wasn’t because his Big Dipper Sword was now a Spiritual Sword, he would definitely choose the Big Dipper Sword as his first pick. This would help to increase the possibility for it to turn into a Legendary grade weapon. Of course, upgrading by one level didn’t necessarily mean a similar rise in grade. For example, the Big Dipper Sword previously increased his strength by five times. Upon using the Blackmoon Star, it would end up increasing his strength by six times instead.

However, the Big Dipper Sword was already a Spiritual Sword now. He wouldn’t be able to forge it again. He now had an even better goal.

Nine Continents Boot!

Qing Shui immediately thought about the Nine Continents Boot as soon as he saw the ability of Blackstar Moon. In his heart, the Nine Continents Boots was an existence which was at the same level as the Arhat Rosary Beads, Big Dipper Sword and Nine Continents Mountain. To him, the Nine Continents Boots was already a small divine weapon.

“How is this sold?” Qing Shui pointed at the Blackmoon Star and asked the male servant from before.

“Nice to meet you sir. Our boss has informed us that this item is not for sale. It can only be used to exchange for other stuffs.” The male servant smiled politely.

“Oh, I wonder what I can use to exchange for it. Can I know it's rough value?” Qing Shui felt that he must get his hands on this Blackmoon Star. However, he couldn’t express himself to be so eager to get it, or else, if people with bad intentions were to notice, it would be difficult for him to take it.

For example, when buying something, if you were to tell the seller to state a price and that you would buy it regardless of the price, this would cause the seller to feel that the thing he owned was a priceless treasure. As a result, it might even lead to the seller to no longer desire to sell the object.

“The price was equivalent to either a demonic crystal worth 1000 sun or three cores at the same level.” The male servant smiled politely.

“Can you make the call?” Qing Shui asked after he thought for awhile.

“Yes, but my boss has informed me that there should be no bargain. As long as you pay according to the price, you can take it away immediately.”

“Erm, alright then, I am buying this thing.” Qing Shui responded after he thought for awhile.

“This thing is no longer for sale.”

At this moment, a melodious voice came through. Qing Shui turned around and looked only to find that it was a young girl. She probably haven’t reached her twenties. He was still able to tell at least that.

The woman, or rather, the girl, was wearing luxurious cotton cloth. Her hair was tied in ponytail, brimming with youthful aura. The five organs on her face looked exquisite. Particularly her small nose. It was straight like a jade sculpture.

Her body had already matured completely. She had a slender body with womanly curves, especially the two peaks in front of her chest. They looked unusually upright and plumped, as if they were almost able to tear off her shirt. Qing Shui didn’t know if she was considered a loli. A loli with the face of a child yet had huge breasts.

He felt that this little girl shared a bit of resemblance with Xiang Bao from the Hundred Miles City. But as of now, Xiang Bao should be older than her by half her age now.

“Mistress, you’re here.” The male servant bowed down and greeted her.

“Alright, why don’t you go and look after other customers? I’ll handle this.” The little girl chuckled.


The male servant smiled before he turned around and left.

“Why is this not for sale anymore?” Qing Shui felt a bit regretful now. He should have bought it immediately and left. Now, a little girl showed up out of nowhere. Furthermore, she was the mistress of the Imperial City Blacksmith Store. If she was to say that it was not for sale, what could he do? Could he possibly snatch it away from her?

“I want to use it myself. Of course it’s not for sale.” The little girl held the Blackmoon Star in her hand and said with a smile.

Qing Shui realized that the girl wasn’t actually planning to leave. In fact, she was testing him from time to time. He felt that the girl seemed to know him and seemed as if she purposely came for him. He couldn’t do anything but shook his head: “Since that’s the case, I think I’ll just look for it at some other places then!”

At the moment he had finished speaking, he turned around to take his leave. However, as the little girl saw this, she quickly shouted: “Mister Qing, don’t rush on leaving.”

Qing Shui stopped, it seemed that she really did know him. It was just that he didn’t really know how she learnt about him.

“You know me?” Qing Shui looked at the little girl puzzled.

“I have seen a portrait of you before. I never expected to see you. I don’t plan to exchange things with you. If you can help me with something, I will give it to you.” The little girl blinked her eyes craftily.

“Forget it. It’s only because I think that this thing looks beautiful and that I have useless demonic crystals with me that I plan to exchange for it. Since you feel reluctant to do so, I also don’t want it anymore. It’s useless.” Qing Shui waved his hand. He knew that the more he thirst for something, the more he shouldn’t express it.

“Hmph, based on the way you look at this object previously, I am already able to tell how you feel about it. No matter what, I have a feeling that this thing may be really useful to you. Mister Qing, I wonder if I am right?” The little girl looked at Qing Shui and said as she pretended to be calm.

“There are a lot of stuffs which can be useful to me. As if I can get all of them. What do you think?” Qing Shui smiled casually.

The girl was stunned. “Hasn’t that always been the case? Everyone has a lot of things which they liked. To everyone, the things which they liked are important things. Even if they only managed to get one of the things they liked in their hand, it will also be considered as a kind of blessing. Heck, it might even be considered as an unreasonable request.”

The little girl quickly rolled her eyes, “Mister Qing, this is different. It’s something you can get just by putting out your hands. Won’t you try to fight for something you would like to have?”

After much thought, Qing Shui responded: “This is fine too. Then say it.”

“Join the Divine Might Royalty!”

Qing Shui immediately took a step forward and left.

“Hey, don’t go. Alright alright, I’ll stop talking about this and change another condition.” The little girl quickly caught up to him and said. She felt really upset. Unknowingly, she had already been put at a disadvantage.

Qing Shui stopped and looked at her. “Now, I realize that I no longer hold much interest in this black stone. Say it, one last time. If we really cannot come down to a deal, I’ll leave.”

“Hmph, you stingy man. Help me refine a medicine once.”

As she saw Qing Shui was about to say something, she quickly interrupted: “Alright, I know you’re an alchemist. I don’t know much about this. But I am aware that you are very good at refining medicines. This shouldn’t sound too harsh, should it? Plus I have already prepared all the medicinal herbs.

He hesitated for a while and responded: “Let me look at that stone and see if it is worth it.”

Qing Shui didn’t have a choice. He purposely did this because this little brat was just like a little fox.

The little girl hesitated for a while before she handed it over to Qing Shui. Now, she was really scared that he would say no.

“There are so many alchemists in the royal family. Are they not able to refine it for you?” Qing Shui felt puzzled.

“Their success rate are less than 50%.”

“Don’t tell me the royal family don’t have the Golden Snake Grass.” Qing Shui asked, confused.

“The Golden Snake Grass could only help double the success rate. Even if the success rate had been 10% before this, it would only manage to reach 20% with the Golden Snake Grass. It’s just too low.” The girl explained in an upset tone.

Qing Shui was stunned. It seemed that he had misunderstood some stuffs. All along, he always thought that the success rate in refining would be 100% by using the Golden Snake Grass. Actually, his success rate of refining was 100% when he used the Golden Snake Grass.

This was because no matter what medicine Qing Shui tried to refine, he himself already had more than 50% of success rate in refining them. If he was to add in the Golden Snake Grass, he would naturally have a 100% success rate. So long as the success rate exceeded 100%, success would be guaranteed.

Despite so, the Golden Snake Grass was still a very valuable thing. Furthermore, it also sounded more logical now. It seemed like prior to this, he had truly misunderstood its function. It was also because his success rate in refining medicines itself were already high. If not, he suspected that he would have figured out that his assumption was wrong a lot earlier. For example, if he really came across a failure in between, he would automatically come to understand that the Golden Snake Grass didn’t guarantee a 100% success rate.

“Alright, I promise you. But even I can’t manage to guarantee a 100% rate. Hence, even if you’re to ask me to help you refine it, you still have to be mentally prepared. Let me have a look at the prescription first. This is only way I’ll be able to roughly guess the success rate.”

The girl quickly handed over a Beast Parchment which resembled a crystal to him. It was said that this kind of beast parchment was made with the skin of crystal beasts.

Swift Agile Pill!

As soon as Qing Shui started to look through the prescription, he realized that all of the medicinal herbs stated on it was precious medicinal herbs. However, after he looked through it, he felt that it shouldn’t be a problem for himself. Even without the Golden Snake Grass, his success rate would still be quite high.

Its effect also gave Qing Shui quite a shock. It increased the offensive speed and overall speed of the consumer by 50% and there was no restriction for strength.

Each individual could only consume one of it.

Qing Shui felt really amazed as he looked at the effect of the medicinal pill. It might have only be 50%, but this kind of medicinal pill was specially prepared for high ranked warriors. If low grade warriors were to use it, it would just be a reckless waste of natural resources.

“If everything goes on smoothly, it shouldn’t be a problem for me to succeed in refining it. But I can’t guarantee you 100%. Decide it for yourself.” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“Will there be 60% chance of success if we use the Golden Snake Grass?” The girl asked.


“Alright then, let's refine it. If it fails, I’ll only count it as me having a bad luck.” The girl said firmly.

“This is for you.” The girl handed over the Blackmoon Star to Qing Shui.

“What’s wrong? Are you scared that I may only refine the medicine half-heartedly?” Qing Shui smiled and said.

The girl blushed and smiled. “Isn’t this for helping you calm down your mind in advance? If you really succeeded in refining it, I will share a bit with you. If there is only one of them, I won’t give it to you.”

“How about if I managed to refine two?” Qing Shui realized that this girl had quite a decent personality.

The little girl was in a dilemma for quite a while. “If there are two, I’ll share one with you.”

“Alright, if there are only two, I won’t really demand any of them from you. Don’t worry about it. Once I succeed in refining them, I will deduct them from from the fee. We will meet here again tomorrow at the same time. I just live there.” Qing Shui pointed at the Imperial City Inn which was located not so far away.

The girl should be someone from the Royal Family. Hence, she should feel really safe staying in the Imperial City Inn.

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