Chapter: 1270

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1270 - Heart of Demonic Beast, A Little Difficulty

Just like this, the rush of impact which Qing Shui gave the two old men were quite enormous. Upon drinking one jar of Plum Blossom Wine, although the benefits weren’t instantaneous, its effect was still considered quite decent. It was something which could be noticed fairly easily.

“To think that I’ll still be able to drink something like this while I’m still alive. It’s a good alcohol, this is how a true good alcohol should be.”

As the sect lord of the Heaven Secrets Academy, it could be said that he had tasted a lot of good alcohol. Even alcohol that had been left for more than a thousand years was something which he could be tasted quite commonly. But for Qing Shui’s Plum Blossom Wine with age of more than a few thousand years, it was his first time tasting it. Furthermore, not only did it taste good, it also had godly effect.

Qing Shui had accumulated a lot of them within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. The majority of the Plum Blossom had been brewed into Plum Blossom Wine by Qing Shui. Hence, there were quite a lot of them which he could take out now. He gave the old man more than ten jars of it at one go.

There were also the Nv`er Hong (wine) and a small quantity of Pearl Revealing Wine. It was troublesome to brew the Pearl Revealing Wine, as the Pearl Revealing Droplets were collected in a very small quantity from medicinal herbs. There was just too little of them, even after he added some unique spring water. However, there was also a scale to it and Qing Shui must not add too much water. Hence, he could only brew very little of them for now.

Qing Shui didn’t know how to express what he wanted. Hence, he showed it by taking practical actions. For men at their age, the old men naturally would be able to see Qing Shui’s effort. Furthermore, they were also really willing to do so and would still give him a hand even if Qing Shui didn’t do all of these.

However, they were naturally more willing to help him now as well.

“Old man, from now on, drink a small cup of it every morning. As time passed, I may not assure you that your lifespan will significantly lengthen, but a hundred years shall be no problem. I figure that you two old man will also want to see the achievement of the Heaven Secrets Academy!”

The two old men would also be able to figure out its effect even without Qing Shui explaining it. Today, they had drunk quite a lot of it. They were also able to sense the effect of Plum Blossom Wine, or rather, the coordination of it with the Spring of Life. Its effect could be considered to have brought forth quick results.

“This is our wish. Seeing the Heaven Secrets Academy flourish is our wish.”


“Old man, how’s the Desolate Sect hanging on?” Qing Shui felt that it was getting a bit late. He went on to ask the old man.

“Desolate Sect, it’s a very ambitious sect. Actually, they have always wanted to swallow us up before swallowing the entire Western Oxhe Continent.” The old man answered Qing Shui after careful consideration.

“Swallow up the entire Western Oxhe Continent? They have such a huge appetite, but I wonder if they have the capability to do so?” Qing Shui was stunned.

“Maybe not yet at the moment. However, two disciples with outstanding talent appeared within the Desolate Sect. Furthermore, they’re directly related to the people with surname Lu. They’re waiting precisely for the two geniuses to be powerful first before they carry out their plan.” The old man knitted his brows. Obviously, he was really concerned about the two geniuses.

“Are those two people really fearsome?” Qing Shui was curious. If it was someone who could cause the old man with the surname Sui to attach such importance to, they were definitely no ordinary genius.

“They’re both beast tamers. They have the physiques named the Heart of Demonic Beast. Legend has it that they have already tamed quite a lot of demonic beasts from the Desolate Mountain Regions. Added to that, they also possessed fearsome strength. They’re around the age of 100 years, but now, they already have the strength worth 4,000 sun. Tell me, are they fearsome? Not to mention that at the moment, their body’s hidden potential also seemed to be still developing. The Desolate Sect treats them like treasures, it’s impossible for us to assassinate them.” The old man with the surname Sui had never mentioned this to Qing Shui before. However, he now felt that the time was appropriate to tell him. Furthermore, he spoke bluntly without any euphemism that he planned to assassinate them.

“Beast tamers?” Qing Shui was stunned. Among warriors, beast tamers were absolutely terrifying. After all, no one knew what kind of demonic beasts they had and demonic beasts were often stronger than their owners. It was equivalent to a few ten warriors battling against only one of them. Hence, powerful beast tamers could sometimes dominate an area.

“Yes. Hence, Qing Shui, if you’re to ever run into them, you have to be careful. They’re also thinking about ruling the Western Oxhe Continent before planning to make their way into the other three continents.” The old man looked at Qing Shui with eyes filled with hope.

“Don’t worry. I have my own ways to deal with them. I am also considered a beginner beast tamer. Maybe for now, I’m not as good as them, but in the future, just one of my demonic beast is already enough to beat more than ten of theirs.” Qing Shui thought about his Heaven-shaking Drum, Spirit Gathering Lamp and the Coiled Dragon Statue. If they would able to ascend a grade, they could definitely bring forth an enormous effect.

By then, merely the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and Fire Bird were already enough to give a terrible time to the opponent’s demonic beasts. Let alone Qing Shui still had the Soulshaking Bell and the Treasure Hunting Pig. Do not underestimate the Treasure Hunting Pig. If it was to work together with Qing Shui and the rest of his demonic beasts, it would definitely be extremely powerful and fearsome.

The other thing was that the Treasure Hunting Pig had finally learnt the Gale Scroll.

This thing was precisely used to increase the speed of demonic beasts. The only thing which the Treasure Hunting Pig needed was speed. The Gale Scroll was a good stuff, Qing Shui could immediately imprint it within the brain of the demonic beasts which belonged to him and let them learnt it right away. Hence, basically all of Qing Shui’s demonic beasts had learnt the Gale Scroll.

Qing Shui didn’t know when he would be able to learn the rest of the ‘Heavenly Scrolls’ . It was also an extremely powerful stuff. Furthermore, it wasn’t an object which could only be used once and he could let all of his demonic beasts to learn it.

Merely one Gale Scroll was already really powerful. Originally, Qing Shui’s beasts already possessed terrifying speed. With the further boost provided by the Gale Scroll, it just made them all more fearsome.

“We believe in you. Hence, we feel really relieved now. We can finally end our work and rest. We can help you nurture Sunu and at the same time also guard the Heaven Secrets Academy for a while.”

Judging by the formal speech the old man just gave, Qing Shui knew that his goal had already been accomplished. He smiled and replied to the old man: “Old man, you indeed have a big heart. In the future, you will definitely receive ten, or maybe a few ten times of rewards in return.”

This was also a guarantee made by Qing Shui. The old men with the surname Sui and Cao respectively weren’t lonely old men, they had their own clan too. Even though the juniors from their clans were decent, they weren’t qualified enough to take over the Heaven Secrets Academy. Anyone would have biased hearts, it was just that if it was something which they didn’t have the ability to own, it would only turn out to be a disaster if it was to drop in their hands. Hence, the two old men had never considered letting their own clan members take over the Heaven Secrets Academy.

Upon hearing Qing Shui’s words, the two old men laughed.

Only when one was willing to help someone wholeheartedly would they be able to provide the best aid. It was said that one would only know who their true friends were when they were in trouble. Only at time of crisis, would they know true comradeship.

Upon learning the things about the Desolate Sect, Qing Shui bid his farewell to the two old men. The Desolate Sect might possibly be slightly stronger compared to the Heaven Secrets Academy but it was just superior by a bit, perhaps, one might even be able to say that they were equivalent to each other. Just that small bit didn’t have any deciding factor. The hopes which they relied on were their two prodigious disciples. Furthermore, they had already reached a crucial height now. A hundred years or less was all they needed to emit bright and dazzling light. By then, dominating the Western Oxhe Continent would also become a lot easier.

A hundred years, or maybe they might only need a few ten years. If they were to experience any unusual encounter, they would have even more time. By then, by relying on the Heart of Demonic Beast, they could possibly tame demonic beasts even more powerful than himself.

At the moment when he returned to his own yard, the ladies were all there. They happened to be chit-chatting happily. After Qing Shui came in, he went on to sit down between Di Chen and the Eldest Princess.

It was almost new year. The entire Heaven Secrets Academy was filled with a festive mood. The culture of celebrating new year was even more prosperous than Qing Shui originally expected. Basically, new year would be celebrated everywhere. It was one of the grandest moment.

Tomorrow night would be new year's eve. They always had dinner together and at the moment, Qing Shui felt really calm. He even found preparing dishes as a kind of pleasure.

At night, the others left. But before leaving, the Eldest Princess gave Qing Shui a strange look, which made him feel as if there was a thorn in his back. It was a kind of feeling that couldn’t be expressed in words. It wasn’t really fear. Instead, from the Eldest Princess’ look, it felt more like she was holding a secret grudge. But at the same time, that also didn’t seem to be the case, which made him a bit puzzled.

Qing Shui bid her farewell and went back to her pavilion. Yan Jinyu and the Seventh Princess on the other hand didn’t really showed much response at the moment when they left. The reason being that, the Seventh Princess realized that her love for Qing Shui was not able to undergo any trials.

After he sent them off, Qing Shui grabbed Di Chen’s hand and immediately began strolling around the courtyard with her. The moon in the sky looked big and round, it shone upon the land and made it really bright. The woman beside him was like a fairy who came down from the moon palace. She looked so beautiful that Qing Shui felt like he was in a dream.

“I can feel that even though your mind seems really calm, your blood is boiling.” Di Chen said while she walked.

“My beast blood is boiling. This is the result of holding back my lust.” Qing Shui explained with a smile.

“Are you really this eager to talk about all these rogue words to me.” Di Chen turned around and gave Qing Shui a skeptical look.

It was an incomparably flirtatious look. It made Qing Shui almost turned into a Moonlight Wolf King. (ultimate lecher)

“Yes…….” Qing Shui remembered that the Eldest Princess from back then was precisely like this. Actually, this was considered quite normal. By talking about these things, he could see the other beautiful side of the woman he love dearly.

Di Chen was a bit speechless, but she wasn’t mad. In fact, she felt relieved.

“Chen`Er, I plan to gather up the forces across the entire Western Oxhe Continent, how do you feel about this?” Qing Shui asked tactfully.

“You plan to rule the entire Western Oxhe Continent?” Di Chen looked at Qing Shui in shock.

“I have this plan in mind. But for now, this plan seems to be a bit difficult.” Qing Shui looked at the surprised Di Chen and responded.

“A bit, is it only a bit difficult?” Di Chen looked at Qing Shui and calmed down. She smiled and asked.

“For now, the difficulty somewhat seems to be a bit higher. I figure I’ll wait for a while longer. By then, it’s likely that I’ll be just a little bit away from doing so. The main thing that I’m thinking about for now is whether I shall let you take over the Lotus Sect or make you stay in the Heaven Secrets Academy.” Qing Shui looked at Di Chen with a complicated look.

“If possible, I think I’ll stay in the Lotus Sect. Sunu alone should be enough here.”

“We’ll see after new year. Let’s talk about it only after you finished negotiating with the sect lord and see if you guys can reach a peaceful solution. I think it’s a bit inappropriate to start a war.”

“You… The sect lord is actually a nice person. She is also a miserable woman.” Di Chen explained as she let out a sigh.

“The pathetic man certainly deserved to be despised. Maybe it’s something which she brought upon herself.

“Women are all miserable.” Di Chen looked at Qing Shui grudgingly. “Alright, my bad.” Qing Shui surrendered as soon as he saw her gloomy eyes.

At night, Qing Shui would naturally want to be in Di Chen’s room. Di Chen also felt really helpless. Even though nothing major could really happen, he could still embrace her smooth jade-like body with his shirt on.

Qing Shui greedily kissed her like a gluttonous child. Both of his hands also travelled around her entire body. He felt both pleasured as well as tortured.

Di Chen embraced him as she felt the burning lust within his body. It was a like that she didn’t feel moved. She softly whispered by Qing Shui’s ear: “If you find it really difficult to hold in, just take me. I don’t want to see you suffering like this.”

Qing Shui was stunned. He looked at Di Chen and smiled. “I’m perfectly fine. Nor am I suffering even the slightest bit. I feel that you are not ready yet. Let’s wait until you break through this realm first. After that, I’ll take you to the highest heavens and make you give birth to my children. How does that sound to you?”

“Alright, stop randomly touching me then. I’m scared that I may not be able to control myself.” Di Chen said softly.

When tempting words like this came out of her mouth, even Qing Shui almost lost control over himself.

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