Chapter: 1273

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1273 - Start To Take Action, Fu Clan First

Since he could still see hope, Qing Shui still remained hopeful. He trusted that he would definitely be able to reach the 8th Heavenly Layer and by then, his abilities would soar tremendously.

Qing Shui suddenly had the feeling that if he were to attain the 8th Heavenly Layer, he would be able to enter the state of False God. It was the group who would seem to be immortals in the mortal world!

Retrieving his gaze, Qing Shui closed the Puppet Marionette Encyclopedia. At the very end, the encyclopedia was even more mysterious, creating puppet marionettes and giving them souls. They would be able to help you in battles, just like the marionettes from the Marionette Sect.

However, the prerequisites for one to be able to giving them souls were very high. Level of drawing souls... Qing Shui hadn't thought that he would need to bring the mastery of his drawing skills to such a level. Drawing souls and giving them to the puppets, he would then be able to use his spirit energy to control them.

As for how powerful the puppet marionettes were and the ability of one to be able to draw souls, these were related to the owner's spirit energy. Of course, it was also affected by the material used to make the puppets. The materials used must definitely be plants and thus the requirements were very high. Thankfully, there were also quite a number of powerful plants, such as plants like the bloodthirsty demonic vines. It wasn't bad to be using such plants for making puppets.

Qing Shui planned to study the Puppet Marionette Encyclopedia in detail in the future. It was because it was said that puppet marionettes had unique abilities. Made under such high requirements, they shouldn't be bad. However, the thought of him having to reach the level of drawing souls in his drawing, he felt a little helpless.

Qing Sha still had yet to join the Heaven Secrets Academy. However, she now had quite a cordial relationship with the few ladies. It could be because of their age. When faced against others, the cold and violent aura she exuded was still very powerful. However, Qing Shui and the other ladies had felt that it was very normal now.

The new year was over. Qing Shui felt that there were things that he would need to deal with now, for example, Fu Clan and Tian Clan. The people who had took action against him still hadn't shown anything from their side. Since they didn't know any better, there wasn't a need for Qing Shui to keep them alive.

He also knew of the idea of killing to make an example for others. In the past, he felt that it was beyond him to do something like this. However, the situation now was different and it was suitable for such an action. It would be a pity for him to not take the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Fu Clan had a unique spot in the Heaven Secrets Academy. Fu Clan was a great clan in the Heaven Secrets Academy with a long legacy. It was a pity for Fu Clan. They had a turning point in Fu Yantian's generation, for Fu Yantian to get more powerful and then to take over the Heaven Secrets Academy. This would bring Fu Clan up a great notch. If Fu Yantian didn't rise up, Fu Clan would degenerate and it would be harder for them to rise up in the future.

It was a pity that Fu Yantian had been crippled and it was hard for Fu Clan to rise up again. They could only slowly decline. Initially, Qing Shui wasn't thinking of going all out to kill them but to think that Fu Clan would commit such an underhand act to assassinate him. Since they showed him no signs of righteousness, they shouldn't blame him for showing them no mercy.

Qing Shui rode on the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and arrived in the air above Fu Clan with the Fire Bird flying above him.

He didn't say a word and merely awaited them. Since Fu Clan had done something like this, they should have been prepared for this. He knew that there would definitely be people from Fu Clan who would come out.

In about less than 15 minutes, three old men flew up from Fu Clan. They appeared to be very old and were all wearing plain white clothes as they looked at Qing Clan with a solemn expressions.

"Why have you come to Fu Clan?" The old man in the lead had triangular eyes, broom eyebrows [1] and a red nose. He had a tall and strong build and hair like that of a lion's. This could be considered an inborn anomaly. The old man was glaring at Qing Shui, making no attempt to conceal the killing intent in his eyes.

"I'm here to ask for payback for a debt. Are you guys ready for it?" Qing Shui got straight to the point. He knew that the other party would understand what he was saying.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I'm telling you that Fu Clan isn't a place for you to behave atrociously. Don't be thinking that you're the best just because you are a little talented." The old man looked at Qing Shui calmly. Of course, he would not admit it. Even if there was evidence, he would also push it onto the person who had committed the act, saying that the person had done it on his own accord and the blame wouldn't be on Fu Clan.

"I'm not here to talk it out today. No matter if you were to admit it or not, I'm here to kill today." Qing Shui spoke each and every word clearly.

"You really think very highly of yourself. This isn't a place for your atrocities. Even if the head of the Heaven Secrets Academy is backing you up, I'm going to seek justice today." A hint of viciousness flashed in the old man's eyes.

"With people like you guys around, it's no wonder that Fu Clan is going into decline. Today, I'm only here to ask for payback. Make your move, stop all the crap."

With that, Qing Shui activated his Demonic Beast Armor Manifestation and then the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant under him launched out a Vajra Subdues Demons!

When dealing with these people, what Qing Shui needed was to get everything over with quickly. Therefore, he used the Emperor's Qi immediately.

Seal of Xuantian!

Mighty Dragon Elephant Stomp!

The surrounding air became a whirlpool of explosions. Even when he was bare-handed, Qing Shui was actually already at the prowess equivalent of one holding onto a legendary grade weapon. Other people wouldn't be able to understand how powerful Qing Shui was.

Underworld Fireball!

The three old men's abilities were only at around 5,000 suns. It was already considered quite powerful. Even the Lotus Sect's sect lord was only just over 6,000 suns. Of course, the sect lord might not necessarily be the strongest person in the sect.

At their level, they were already the strongest existences in Fu Clan. There was also another old man who kept himself in seclusion. As for whether he was still alive or not, no one knew. These three old men from the Fu Clan were considered the ones in power in Fu Clan. This time, they were out to eradicate Qing Shui. Otherwise, Fu Clan would be plagued with endless troubles in the future.

At their level, being one grade stronger would allow them to crush their opponents. They felt that Qing Shui would at most have a strength of 3,000 suns or he might not even be at 3,000 suns. The difference between 2,000 and 3,000 suns was tremendous and the difference between 3,000 to 4,000 suns was yet another huge barrier. This was also why they were so confident.

However, they soon knew their folly, their utter fully. They were instantly weakened to be at a strength of only about 3,500 suns...

A strength of over 5,000 suns was brought down to slightly over 3,500 suns... They were unable to accept the sudden change. Before they could react, the Seal of Xuantian smashed down on them. At this moment, they panicked. Because of their carelessness, it was probably over for Fu Clan today.

The powers from the Mighty Dragon Elephant Stomp extended out toward them but didn't cause them to feel dizziness. However, at that moment, the Fire Bird attacked.

Underworld Fireball!

An attack with a strength of 4,000 suns!

It was still considered easy to deal with the three old men who were only left with a strength of about 3,500 suns. Right now, in terms of both speed and impact, the Fire Bird had the absolute advantage.

Hell's Inferno!

Underworld Fireball!

One of the old men was only able to fend it off the first time, got injured on the second and suffered from heavy injuries on the 3rd attack. Each attack only took the Fire Bird a quick flash of moving its huge wings and a powerful Underworld Fireball exploded on the old man.


The old man was destroyed to the extent that there was nothing left of him. Everything happened in less than the time required for one to take a breath.

In less than the time required for a single breath, a great cultivator with a strength of 5,000 suns was gone just like that...

This was the first time he had seen how powerful the Fire Bird truly was. Working together with his Emperor's Qi and the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant's Vajra Subdues Demons, to think that a cultivator with a strength of 5,000 suns wasn't even able to hold on for the time required for a single breath.

It was a great surprise for Qing Shui while a terrifying one for the remaining two old men. The three of them were of similar level and if that huge black bird wanted to deal with them, there was no way that they would be able to fend off its attacks.

The two old men exchanged a glance and then swung the sabers in their hands. Two Ice Armor Giant Bug Kings appeared next to them. These two demonic beasts were like two blocks of ice that was shaped like a gigantic bug. They were 100 meters long and their thick bodies were like a small mountain. The moment they appeared they sent out ice fog. Everything that the ice fog came into contact with were sealed in ice.

Ancient mutated beasts!

Qing Shui looked at the two huge worms and realized that they seemed to be slightly stronger than the current Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant but yet weren't a match for the Five Elements Golden Flames. However, in terms of the five elements, fire's weakness was water and ice also came under the classification of water.

However, even though ice was considered to be of the water element, their abilities against the Fire Bird had too big of a gap and they were only able to fend off for a short moment before they were burned to ash. If they were of the same level as the Fire Bird, Qing Shui would probably have to help out since there were two of them and the element traits clashed. By this time, the two old men could already see the future that Fu Clan had in store for them.

Suddenly, one of them took out a colorful rock. To Qing Shui, it looked like a rock. At that moment, the old man tossed it into the air and with a huge boom, it exploded.

The moment it exploded, a piercing sound scattered out far away.

A signal to call for help?

Qing Shui was taken aback. He had already killed one and there wasn't a need to keep the other two. With a vicious gleam in his eyes, he used the Great Golden Buddha Palm to confine them.

The Fire Bird unleashed its attacks!

After the old men had been weakened, it was the equivalent of Qing Shui, the Fire Bird and the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant were killing three cultivators who each had a strength of 3,500 suns. This made it a lot simpler. Without the Emperor's Qi and the Vajra Subdues Demons, Qing Shui wouldn't have the confidence to be able to deal with Fu Clan.

At that moment, the other members of Fu Clan came out as well. Both Fu Yantian and Fu Yanting were around. Right now, Fu Yantian spurted out a mouthful of blood and became unconscious.

Fu Yanting looked at Qing Shui, his eyes flashing with a vengeance gleam. Qing Shui landed slowly. "I won't kill you guys if you were to cripple your cultivation. Otherwise, you'll be just like him."

As Qing Shui said this, with a wave of his hand, he slashed down toward Fu Yanting with his palm. Qing Shui saw the vengeance gleam in Fu Yanting's eyes. Although he wasn't scared of Fu Yanting, Qing Shui didn't like to remain in another's person mind in such a way.

Fu Yantian probably wouldn't be able to wake up anymore and thus there wasn't a need for Qing Shui to take any further action.

Qing Shui didn't approve of wiping out one's roots entirely but he didn't like to be excessively soft hearted either. When he must kill, he would definitely not show mercy. There were people which mustn't be left behind. For example, Fu Yanting. Moreover, Fu Yanting deserved to die.

Qing Shui's viciousness stunned everyone. After all, even the three old men were wiped out. What could they possibly do?

Every member of Fu Clan trembled. Without their cultivation, they would forever be cripples. For many people, once they were crippled of their cultivation, they wouldn't have many years to live.

"Can I pledge my loyalty to you instead?" A man asked, trembling.

With a punch, Qing Shui sent that man flying, killing him.

Fu Clan had no rights to negotiate.

"Kill him! Let's attack him together! We're members of Fu Clan!" An old man suddenly shouted and dashed out toward Qing Shui.

Qing Shui let out a cold laugh as he looked at the close to 20 people who were charging out toward him


The Fire Bird glided past them, sending down Hell's Infernos. The group of people disappeared just like that.

"Stop it." An aged voice rang out, exuding a tremendous pressure.

[1] Thick at the beginning, then become scarce at the end like a broom.

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