Chapter: 1277

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1277 - The change of the Sect Lord of Lotus Sect. Long-term, the royal clan of Divine Might Dynasty

“Also, forbidding love between men and women is something which is against the natural law. Don’t you think that Lotus Sect will be in danger if you do something like this?”

Qing Shui had involved the natural law in the things which he said previously. This caused the expression of Lotus Sect’s Sect Lord to change yet again. Human relations were also considered a natural law. Actually, she also felt the same about it, it was just that she was Lotus Sect’s Sect Lord. Lets first put aside whether her acts to privately change the rule of the sect would get approval, she would be criticized by others for deceiving her masters and betraying her ancestors.

“Qing Shui, you yourself are also aware that this has been a rule passed down for many years. It isn’t something that can be changed so easily. Even though I am the Sect Lord of Lotus Sect, I am in no position to make decision on a huge matter like this.”

Qing Shui was also aware that the old lady wasn’t the strongest in terms of strength in Lotus Sect. There were some things which could only be decided through a Sect Meeting. However, Qing Shui also wasn’t expecting her to change it right away.

“Senior, I don’t mean that you have to change it right now. I just hope that you won’t stop Di Chen and I. For now, I will avoid showing up nearby with Chen`Er so as to not make things difficult for Lotus Sect,” Qing Shui explained after a few thoughts.

“*Sigh*, I know Chen`Er quite well. Since you have already said it up to this point, I think I won’t say anything more about you guys. I reckon that I won’t be able to change the rule. When Chen`Er went out this time, her cultivation increased significantly. I reckon that it won’t be long until she takes over Lotus Sect.” After repeated thoughts and careful considerations, the old lady felt more relieved.

Deep down, Qing Shui also felt really happy. It was best if he could solve the things in Lotus Sect peacefully. Also, Di Chen taking over Lotus Sect was also the best option. This way, he could take down Lotus Sect without having to use any forces. Of course, Qing Shui would give the entire Lotus Sect to Di Chen. The most he would do was to help her increase her strength. Other than that, he would wait until when she was strong enough to change the sect rules of Lotus Sect.

Now, the only problem was Di Chen’s strength. This wasn’t something to be panicked about. Di Chen absorbed the Sacred Object, Lotus Platform. The energy within her body was still really sufficient. Her strength was currently at a stage where it would continue to improve quickly.

“Senior, don’t worry. Since you believe in Chen`Er as a person, you should do the same for me too. I won’t intervene in things regarding Lotus Sect. Furthermore, I will help it.” Qing Shui said this as a way to show his gratitude.

“Yes, since you have already said it like this, you should already know that it’s impossible for me to change the rules of the sect. When the time comes, I will support Chen`Er and help her draw in the forces within the sect.”

Qing Shui felt extremely surprised with what the Sect Lord of Lotus Sect said. After all, prior to this, Qing Shui had the impression that she was a stubborn old lady and that it would be impossible for him to persuade her. To his surprise, she was actually this open-minded. He wondered if it was because she reminisced about her past or because he had mentioned her weakness. This should be considered an unexpected surprise. If he was to force his way through, it would work just as well. But Di Chen was not yet capable enough. Most importantly, it’s human hearts. Solving things peacefully in this manner. Di Chen was also the Holy Maiden of Lotus Sect. In the sect itself, she still held quite a prestigious position.

Diwu Zhisha was half a Holy Maiden. She was also the eldest daughter of Diwu Clan. She would also support Di Chen (As for Diwu Zhisha addressing Di Chen as Sister Chen, this was somehow related to their status and cultivation. It was totally unrelated to age. Their relationships hadn’t been close to the point they would regard each other as sisters based on their age.)

No matter from which perspective Qing Shui looked at, no outcomes would beat the outcome of Di Chen taking over Lotus Sect.

The incident regarding Lotus Sect was considered to have ended for now. Like before, Di Chen still remained in Lotus Sect. Qing Shui on the other hand, he planned to travel to Divine Might Dynasty. He wanted to first take a look at the situation there.

“Qing Shui, I am going to go into seclusion now. By the time my body finishes absorbing the Forces of Sacred Objects, my strength will take yet another huge leap. By then, I will be able to fight together with you.” Di Chen smiled while holding Qing Shui’s hand.

“Alright, I’ll wait for you. By then, if we work together as husband and wife, we will be unmatched across the world.”

“Oh yes, Qing Shui, I feel that it’s not necessary for you to conquer the large forces within Western Oxhe Continent. Actually, there is another method of doing it. When you have sufficient strength, you can work together with some of the forces just like forming an alliance. As long as you are strong enough, they won’t dare to betray you. This way, the difficulty of you accomplishing your goal will reduce significantly.” Di Chen smiled as she looked at Qing Shui.

“Ah, my Chen`Er is so smart. You actually shared the same thought as me.” Actually, Qing Shui really had the intention to do so. But since Di Chen has spoken up, he was all the more confident that his plan would work.

“You shameless brat. You are complimenting yourself, aren’t you?” Di Chen was really speechless.

“I’m leaving soon, will you miss me?”

“I will miss you.”

“I’m leaving soon, why don’t you give me some rewards!” As Qing Shui was speaking, he immediately moved closer to Di Chen’s mouth.

“Wait until the next time I see you, wait until you are done with your seclusion, I will eat you up and make you my actual woman.” These were the things which Qing Shui said before he left. At the moment when he finished speaking, he disappeared right away.

Since he was leaving, he would prefer to bid his farewell properly. He didn’t want to see any sad scenes.

Di Chen’s face looked completely red as she looked at the direction which Qing Shui vanished into.


Now, Qing Shui was inside the Imperial City in Divine Might Dynasty. This was his second visit here. Unknowingly, he found himself once again at the Imperial City Blacksmith Store. He entered the store and started randomly looking at the things there.

“Sir, you’re here!”

At the moment when Qing Shui was looking around randomly, a voice came through. He turned around only to find that it was the male servant from before. At this moment, he was looking at Qing Shui with a faint smile.

“Oh, is there anything you need help with?”

“The eldest lady has mentioned before that if you show up, she hopes that you can wait here for a while. She wants to see you,” the male servant said politely.

“Oh, alright!”

“Thank you, I will inform the eldest lady right away.” The male servant left quickly after he finished speaking.

Qing Shui never expected things to turn out like this. He was panicking over why he hadn’t seen any of the people from the royal clan within Divine Might Dynasty. To his surprise, someone actually gave him a pillow just as he was yawning.

(TL NOTE: someone actually gave him pillow just as he was yawning is an expression to say someone helping solve his problem.)

Less than half an hour later, Qing Shui saw Fu Rong. As usual, this little brat still looked really brilliant and gorgeous. Upon seeing Qing Shui, she walked here happily.

“You finally came. Didn’t you say before that you were going to come to my house? Why haven’t you shown up in such a long time?”

“Well, I came now, didn’t I?” Qing Shui said with a smile.

The male servant had already left.

“My family members want to see you. Are you willing to go meet them?” Fu Rong asked a bit concerned.

“You are a person of the royal clan, aren’t you?” Qing Shui didn’t answer Fu Rong’s question.


Her surname was Fu, it was already supposed to be the surname which royal clans had. Added on that this was the Imperial City Blacksmith Store, it wasn’t actually sudden for Qing Shui to ask this question.

“Is it that your clan is planning to recruit me in?” Qing Shui asked with a smile.

“I don’t think so. It seems like they have got something which they need your help with. But the reward is something which you will definitely be satisfied with,” Fu Rong said quickly.

“Let's go, I am also planning to meet the people from royal clan and discuss a few things with them. I wonder, are your clan members are able to decide things for the imperial household?” Qing Shui asked with a smile.

Fu Rong smiled, “Well, they can still do at least that.”

Qing Shui was stunned. It seemed like the little lass held quite a high position within the imperial household. She should be from the main branch of the imperial household. Otherwise, it was impossible that her family members would be able to make decisions for things.

After two hours, Qing Shui looked at the vast garden in front of him which belonged to the imperial household. The land here was really wide. It was also located beside a mountain. A lot of the manors were located on top of it. There were stone stairs along the way. They seemed to extend all the way up to the top of the mountain far away in the distance.

Qing Shui sensed some of the powerful auras around him with his Spiritual Sense. They soared up high into the sky towards the mountain in the distance on a type of Cloud Deer.

It’s very likely that this was a checkpoint for imperial households. There should be a palace within Imperial City. Actually, that place wasn’t actually the actual palace. That place was just made for normal citizens to look at.

Along the way, Qing Shui saw a few guards. They were all powerful warriors. Of course, from his perspective, they were nothing. But when they were left outside in the world, they would be targets for people to admire.

This place was a relatively more hidden and standalone part of a manor. Furthermore, the views here were very unique. They were able to see the majority of the places nearby here. But other places on the other hand, would find it really difficult to notice this place.

There were two guards in front of the entrance. Qing Shui was quite astonished when he saw both of them. The reason being that they both had strength worth a 1,000 suns. Furthermore, they were considerably young. If things about them were to spread out, they would definitely be regarded as prodigies. Yet, they were here guarding an entrance. But considering that this place was the royal clan of Divine Might Dynasty, this was quite a normal sight.

“Uncles, please help me pass a message! I want to meet father. Also, just tell him that Mr. Qing is here.” It’s likely that Fu Rong was very familiar with these two people. She sounded really relaxed talking to them.

“The master is in there, princess, you can just go in straight away,” the man on the left said with a smile.

Fu Rong smiled and nodded. She stepped in along with Qing Shui.

They passed through the courtyard and reached another compound where they saw two slightly old-looking men and a few middle-aged and young men gathered together talking about something.


Fu Rong shouted out joyfully upon seeing the person opposite her looking towards her. An old man in the middle who was wearing a white jade dragon gown smiled and nodded his head.

The man had quite a slender body. The slight bit of white hair which could be seen at the temples of his head made him looked somewhat elegant. He emitted a sort of abundant and dignified aura, giving people the impression that he was extremely noble and graceful.

The man smiled and took two steps forward, “So you are Mr.Qing, you indeed seem like a promising young man.”

Qing Shui smiled as he looked at the slightly old man, “Senior, I reckon you know that I am a member of Heaven Secrets Academy. It’s indeed my pleasure to be able to meet you.”

It’s necessary to mention some words of politeness. Flattery would only work if it was done mutually. The reason why Qing Shui spoke like this was to state his identity clearly.

“Yes, if not, I would have thought of all kinds of methods to draw you in,” the old man who looked slightly old said blatantly.

“I really enjoy talking to someone as big hearted as senior.”

“You flatter me!”

“Senior, why don’t you address me as Qing Shui!”

“Well then, Qing Shui, if you don’t mind, you can address me as Uncle Fu. Old Man Fu sounds fine to me too.”

“Nice to meet you Uncle Fu! Are you not going to introduce the others to me?”

“Alright, come here, this is the person who always follows me and looks after me, Jiang Xia,” said the old man while pointing at another older-looking man whose aura was completely retracted.

“Old Man Jiang, nice to meet you! Uncle Fu doesn’t actually need someone to look after him with his current cultivation. There are very few people who are actually able to stop Uncle Fu.” Qing Shui smiled and responded. He also took the chance to greet the old man.

“Erm, Qing Shui, do you find telling me about my cultivation?” Fu Tongsheng looked at Qing Shui casually.

“As for this, it’s something which I’m still able to sense. Uncle Fu, I reckon that your strength is worth around seven thousand sun.” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“Huh, you are actually able to see through my strength…..” Fu Tongsheng looked at Qing Shui in shock. After that, he noticed that from his viewpoints, Qing Shui’s strength felt really obscure. This made him feel really astonished. In fact, not only him, even Jiang Xia looked at Qing Shui stunned.

“Uncle Fu, why don’t you start off by introducing them to me first? They should be the outstanding younger generations of your bloodline, yes?”

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