Chapter: 1293

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1293 - Preparing To Head Home Once? Headmaster Sui, Qing Shui's Powerful Medical Skills

Right now, Qing Shui did not know whether to cry or smile. He had not thought of what to say when a fragrance floated over and he felt something moist on his face.


The sound was not loud but was especially clear. Qing Shui looked at the lady who had snuck a kiss on his face and quickly took a step back. If they were to continue on, it might turn out to be trouble.

"Martial Aunt, even if you wish to take advantage of me, you can't be doing it this openly." Qing Shui really felt a little strange, but he could not pinpoint what it was. Subconsciously, he had the feeling that he did not wish to get too close to this lady.

The lady smiled happily. Qing Shui looked at her beautiful appearance that was like as charming as the starry night and the bright moon. He would never be able to associate that look with how daring she was. Moreover, Qing Shui felt that she was very wanton.

It could be because Qing Shui was subconsciously rejecting this behavior of hers!

Like earlier, when she had gone into his room. She had directly grabbed his penis and threatened him... Thinking about it made him feel aghast. What kind of lady was this?

"Alright, let's go and grab some food. After that, I'll return with Ruyan and Xuan`er. It's fine if you wish to return to the five continents as well. I won't be leaving the Western Oxhe Continent for a very long time. Therefore, when you feel like coming back, just come back directly." The lady did not persist further.


Qing Shui smiled and nodded. Right now, the Five Elements Divine Flags could only be used by one person. He did not know if he would be able to bring people along with him in the future, which did make him feel that it was a bit of a pity. In the future, if he could bring people with him, it would be good even if it had to reach a very high grade.

Yu Ruyan was not aware of what had happened last night, but the charm she exuded from her face still made it hard for the lady and Tantai Xuan to tear their eyes aware. Tantai Xuan clearly knew the reason behind that look. Even the lady had seen it.

"Ruyan is so beautiful today. Doing that will also make one more beautiful?" The lady smiled and looked toward Qing Shui and Yu Ruyan.

Yu Ruyan lowered her head. Tantai Xuan also lowered her head and ate her food. Qing Shui smiled awkwardly and said, "It doesn't only make one more beautiful. It can also increase one's lifespan and cultivation..."

"Qing Shui..." When she saw that Qing Shui did not seem to be planning to stop anytime soon, Yu Ruyan quickly tried to cut him off.

"To think that it has so many benefits? Ruyan, is it very comfortable?" The lady looked toward Yu Ruyan curiously.

Qing Shui had the feeling that the lady was teasing Yu Ruyan and thus did not say anything. He just felt that this lady was a very good actress, as if she was truly a naive lady who had not experienced that before.

That morning, they bade farewell to Qing Shui. Qing Shui gave Yu Ruyan a hug and said some words to her. After the two of them split up, Yu Ruyan pushed Tantai Xuan toward Qing Shui.

"Come, let me give you a hug. In this life, you can only be my woman," Qing Shui said as he gave her a hug. Sensing the warmth from her beautiful body, a delicate feeling, and the urge she felt. Qing Shui almost could not hold back himself.


"Mm!" Tantai Xuan softly hugged Qing Shui. It felt was very strange. She had never felt this way before.

Although Qing Shui and Tantai Xuan had confirmed their relationship, he would not want her immediately. Women must be slowly savored. He must first let her experience love and being in a relationship. Otherwise, both of them would have regrets in the future.

"Give me a kiss before you go!" Qing Shui said softly next to her ears.


"Then I'll do it!" After saying that, Qing Shui bit down softly on her beautiful ear.

At a speed that could be seen by the naked eye, her translucent and snow-white earlobe turned pink and the beautiful figure that Qing Shui hugged trembled.

"Alright, Qing Shui, Master is still around. You aren't allowed to go overboard." Tantai Xuan said, embarrassed.

"If Master isn't around, then I can go overboard a little?"

"No. Alright, be good!" Tantai Xuan said softly.

"Give me a kiss, otherwise, I'll take action."


The hand Qing Shui had around Tantai Xuan slowly traveled down.

"Don't move. You rascal. It's only going to be once. You must keep to your word." Tantai Xuan felt really helpless.

Qing Shui of course agreed.

Very quickly, a soft and moist feeling could be felt on his lips. It was a little cooling like the feeling of a quickened heartbeat.

It was very soft and short, as if their lips had only met for a short moment. In fact, it really was just for a short moment.

Qing Shui did not push her too much. This was already taking a step forward. What he wanted was for Tantai Xuan to take the one step by herself. It was already not easy for her to be doing this.

"Take care. Cultivate well. Let's head to the other three continents together in the future." Qing Shui let go of her and said softly.

Tantai Xuan blushed before she nodded and then left. She had the feeling like her soul had left her. This was the first time she felt this after so many years. It still felt like a dream to her. However, this was a realistic dream, and a feeling she never had before rose in her heart. It was an anticipation and a wonderful feeling.

Relationships between men and women were instinctive nature, and the reason she had not gotten into this phase was because she had never met the right person. The harsher a person was, the later the person would meet the right partner.

The lady did not come to hug Qing Shui. She called out her ride and left with the other two.

Qing Shui continued to watch until they disappeared out of his sight. He had wanted to use the Nine Continents Steps to send them off but decided against it. With the lady around, there were not many who would be a threaten them.

Nine Continents Steps!

Qing Shui flew toward the direction of the Heaven Secrets Academy. He should head back to have a look. If he had sufficient time, he would choose to make a trip back to take a look at the five continents. His family was there, his kin was there, his women and children were there... Even if he could not be there, with the Five Elements Divine Flags, he would be able to return and stay for three to five days each month.

Heaven Secrets Academy!

It did not take Qing Shui many days to arrive at the Heaven Secrets Academy. After all, his Nine Continents Steps were still considered to be very powerful.

Yan Jinyu, Qing Sha, and the Seventh Princess were all around. Yu Sunu had not exited her seclusion yet. When the ladies saw Qing Shui, they were very happy. Qing Sha hugged Qing Shui. This was her special right as Qing Shui's daughter.

"Have you guys been well?"

"Yes. You've been well too, right?"

"Of course. Father, are you going to be leaving again?" Qing Sha asked.

"I still need to head out. Lass, this is an eventful period. Work hard on your cultivation. We'll think about the other things in the future, alright?" Qing Shui patted Qing Sha on the head and said.

"Mmm, I know. I'll work hard to cultivate." Qing Sha said with determination.

After cultivating for quite a while in the courtyard, Qing Shui headed to the Heaven Secrets Courtyard. Since he had returned, he should visit the two old men. No matter what, the two of them had helped him quite a lot. In the future, he would still need to rely on them while he ran about outside. With them around, the place would be tough as steel.

The moment Qing Shui arrived at the Heaven Secrets Courtyard, he saw the two old men coming out. When they saw Qing Shui, their eyes lit up and they broke into happy smiles.

"You're back? It seems that you've gotten quite a huge gain this time around!" Headmaster Sui—who was the old man in the golden dragon robe—smiled happily and said.

Headmaster Cao also looked at Qing Shui in great astonishment.

"It's okay. Have the two of you been well?" Qing Shui also said happily. The feeling the two old men gave Qing Shui was that of kin.

"Good, good. Come, come, let's sit down and have a chat." Headmaster Cao got Qing Shui to take a seat.

"Qing Shui, your cultivation has gotten a lot stronger again. What astonishes me is that you've actually attained the Heavenly Dao," Headmaster Sui said with great emotions.

Hearing Headmaster Sui's words, Qing Shui looked toward him in astonishment. With one look, Qing Shui was stunned. It was because Headmaster Sui was actually a cultivator who had attained the Heavenly Dao. His strength was also clear now. It was at 10,000 suns.

No wonder he could become the Heaven Secrets Academy's Palace Lord. It was a pity that due to the impacts from his lifespan, it was hard for him to gain any further progress in his cultivation.

"Sir, do you know of Putuo Mountain's head?" Qing Shui thought of that lady and asked Headmaster Sui.

"Putuo Mountain isn't as simple as they appear to be. It's said that their head is from the other three continents and came to train herself. When the time comes, it's likely that she'll leave." Headmaster Sui gave it some thought before he smiled and looked at Qing Shui.

"She has also attained the Heavenly Dao." Qing Shui looked at the old man and said.

"Sigh, what a monster. Although she is one with great seniority, her age isn't that old. Since she has already attained the Heavenly Dao, she should have the ability in the future to get back everything that belonged to her." Headmaster Sui's words made Qing Shui feel a little muddled.

Qing Shui did not ask further. He knew that the reason the old man did not go into the details was not because he was unaware of them, but because he knew it was hard to make everything clear. However, he knew one thing. That lady might not be just what she appeared. From the very beginning, Qing Shui had a feeling that he had never understood a single bit about that lady's heart.

A facade. Everyone lives while wearing a mask and one's appearance is a mask in itself. In life, everyone has to wear even more masks in order to lead a better life.

Life is like a show. Everyone puts up an act. For some, the shows are never-ending. For others, the shows are very pitiable...

"Sir, let me apply acupuncture on you again. There are no more problems with your lifespan and you can try to let your Heavenly Dao flow," Qing Shui gave it some thought and said.

Headmaster Sui was stunned as he looked at Qing Shui in great disbelief. It had not been many years since he had attained the Heavenly Dao but he knew that he did not have that many years left in his life. This made him feel that it was a great pity.

Although cultivators would gain greater lifespans at their level, it was a pity that before they had spent half their lifespans, the impurities and hidden illnesses in their bodies would explode as time passed.

The other time, Qing Shui had helped to increase his lifespan by quite a lot, but he did not say how much exactly. The old man had also never thought of what would change after he gained a little bit more lifespan. However, now that Qing Shui had said this, the situation would be different.

"Is it really possible? If you have such medical skills, then you'll be able to establish a stand even if you were to head to the other three continents. It's because each powerful cultivator would be faced with the same problem." Headmaster Sui looked at Qing Shui in disbelief.

"Let's give it a try. The two of you will know very soon." Qing Shui had also attained the Heavenly Dao and with the increment in his strength, he had the confidence.

Nine Yang Gold Needle!

This time around, it took a little longer, and was about four hours. Although he still was not able to completely remove the impurities in their bodies, at least two-thirds had been removed. Furthermore, he had also given them the Plum Blossom Wine previously. Although he could not fully recover their lifespan, it would not be a problem for them to live up to 1,000 year old...

1,000 years... Even Qing Shui was full of admiration for himself. The 1,000 years had belonged to the old man to begin with but was something he had lost due to his body's conditions.

After four hours, Headmaster Sui looked at Qing Shui in disbelief. It was because he realized that most of his vitality had completely restored. He could not believe what had just happened to him.

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